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I'm making a song, inspired by the Madness animations made by Krinkels, and music producer, Cheshyre.

The song is incomplete, however, it is almost finished. I'd like your thoughts on how it is so far, guys.

My legs feel weird from sitting most of the day. I worked on this like crazy, it took me all day.


Criticize, please. I won't bite!

Pinkie Promise.

Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye-- OW!! IT HURTS, I THINK IT'S BLEEDING! SOMEONE CALL A DOCTOR, PLEASE!!!

See? Won't bite at all!

Also, (not so)seriously... call a doctor, please. I think I went a little too far on the pinkie promise ritual...

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I really, really like it, especially the future bass tinge and futuristic sounds.  A clever piece indeed!

Thank you, Lyipheoryia!

I'm looking forward to finishing this sometime. May not be today, I'm busy this during week days. I'll have more time to finish this on the weekend.

Hopefully. It's kinda hard to tell right now. Heh....

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