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  1. Holy crap this thing is still here. It's been so long since I've last visited LPW.
  2. Where did you find that beautiful profile picture, QuickLime?

    1. starswirlthebearded


      You're asking the wrong person. She posted in Rosie's "Post if you dare" thread in the spam stables, wherein Rosie will change your profile pic at her whim. So... Best ask Rosewind. :P

  3. hoi, welcome to canterlot. i dont like dogs as well, but not as much as u do. hav a gud tiem here, boi.
  4. Well done on the background and the atmosphere! It's very warm.
  5. Haven't seen you in a long time! How you been?

  6. Noedig

    Lightning Bliss

    I try to seperate every single detail of my art to as many layers as possible, it's quite tedious to keep track of your layers unless you're experienced. Vectors front, base colors below, and then shading/shining above the color or vector layers. Is this something you'd do as well?
  7. Noedig

    Lightning Bliss

    Ive been gone for a while. Your drawing's certainly improved quite a bit. Keep it up!
  8. Team Rocket or prepare for trouble, m9.
  9. Noedig

    GGG Theme Image

    "Hey, look at what I have! You want one? Give me all your books, I need them to build my fort out of it after this event is over!"
  10. Hah! I posted a welcome reply before Alex did!

    ... *Ahem* Not that it was important to say... I mean, welcoming people isn't a game, for crying out loud!

    Forget I said anything, this never happened.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. AlextheAngel


      But I don't like Mario Kart. :o

    3. Noedig


      Ahh, how about Super Smash Brothers?

    4. AlextheAngel


      Super Smash Brothers will do...

  11. This actually looks depressing. What if that tea is bottomless, and she's stuck with pouring that tea, incapable of moving a voluntary muscle, always smiling, incapable of expressing her suffering, endlessly staring at butterfly suspended in time? Eventually, she would stop thinking. Never thinking again. Just a living, vegetable statue, just smiling at what used to be nice, but now became an unexpected curse. A curse she never understood why she has. The reason is simple: She endorsed Robin's coffee.
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