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  1. Holy crap this thing is still here. It's been so long since I've last visited LPW.
  2. Where did you find that beautiful profile picture, QuickLime?

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      You're asking the wrong person. She posted in Rosie's "Post if you dare" thread in the spam stables, wherein Rosie will change your profile pic at her whim. So... Best ask Rosewind. :P

  3. hoi, welcome to canterlot. i dont like dogs as well, but not as much as u do. hav a gud tiem here, boi.
  4. "Understood." Noedig responded. "Then that's that." Gale Storm said, "I hope my powers will recover soon. Otherwise, I'll just have to make the best of it..." "You won't need it." Noedig said. "I'll be that power for this case. Keep your princess's soldiers safe and sharp. If your powers ever come back, stick to the soliders; that means better security for them to handle when we get the boy." Gale Storm thought for a second and nodded. "Fine." he said. "I'll do that. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some things to prepare in our cargo cab." Gale Storm got up and left to do just that, leaving just Noedig and Zed to themselves. Noedig crosses his arms like Zed did, though at a later time, to think. He isn't sure with himself; on some occasions he would sigh or quietly groan. He is disturbed about something...
  5. "I've never seen her place." Gale replied. "We will need to lay out her place and system from the surface-perspective before we do anything." "Yes. I can only give you this strategy; Do some reconnaissance first, then incapacitate her army as simultaneously as possible." Noedig said to them. "It would have to be initiated as a stealth attack, but they would be alerted after that happens. So, while they're distracted with that, one or two other persons capable of covert ops will locate the boy and retrieve him from a different entrance. What happens after retrieving the boy is up to you people to decide." he then says his next words to Zed. "This isn't my son, so it's clear that it isn't my place to judge her, Zed."
  6. "... Let's think about what we're going to do on getting your son back." Noedig suggested. "So," Gale said coming by to sit next to Zed, to talk with them, "I have multiple plans in mind, but I'd like to hear your plans first."
  7. Noedig having seated parallel to Zed, he heard him beating himself. He has heard many fathers beating themselves like this, including himself apparently. He detests the ignorance of their situation. "A bad father is man who intentionally abandons his family." he said to him. "A bad father is a man that exploits his family. And a bad father can also be a man that regrets having a child." Noedig softly shakes his head at him. "You are nothing like these men, so don't beat yourself for it. You only have the queen and her wyvern to blame for that." he then says something which could have sounded remorseful or simply a statement. "I failed to get your son back. I shouldn't have failed, but I did. Does that make me a bad man?"
  8. Well done on the background and the atmosphere! It's very warm.
  9. Haven't seen you in a long time! How you been?

  10. "Hmm. I'd like to see him try." Malagog scoffed in a sinister tone. "So, thank you for your hope on our preparedness. I'll put it to good use." With that said, he closed the door quickly. Very quickly. "Grah!" He grunts. He crawls on his four legs back down the stairs with great distaste. "I'd better not be anywhere close to any boiling damnation for months after this!" He monologues. "I'd demand compensation... but my cursed allegiance makes that impossible!" Frustrated and finished, and resumes his work. Gale Storm had also finished his preparations for the Frozen North, but he won't be able to put his special abilities to as much use than usually, due to recent issues which only he, his grandfather, and Celestia understand (which isn't old age). He will help out with plans and guidance, flight, physical combat, and nothing more. "Rrrgh!" Gale Storm growled as he entered the main hall. "Of all the times to be in this condition..." Noedig was curious about that statement. "Condition?" "I can't use my powers." He said. "They're disabled for now." "That's a shame..." Noedig said. Sincerely. Gale Storm's powers go off for a long while due to over-exhaustion. A really long while. "I'll live." He said. "Let's get going. The train is ready for departure." They went to the train station to get to the Crystal Empire, the closest empire to the Frozen North. They all got on board, and the train went off with its passengers of three dozen soldiers and the three. The train ride will take three hours to get to its destination.
  11. Malagog listened his submission and put him on the ground. He did not prod or even poke him to go, he only waited for him to go inside. "This door will not be locked. You are welcome to leave your room to do other things, if the Queen thinks it is acceptable." Malagog said to him. "But keep in mind: Any attempt to escape will be futile--even through that small window. There is no clever way out of this. Understood?" "All the more reason to use something that is only weak against extreme heat." Noedig pointed out. "Anyway, you do that... meanwhile, I'll just be around with the princesses until we leave." And so he walks out of his room, heavily stepping with ease with his sword on his back. He arrived at the main hall, where the Princesses were at. "Ah, sir Noedig. Good to see you again." She said to him, unaware of the knowledge of his recent dilemma. "Are you well, though?" "Peachy." He replied. "For the most part. I've come to discuss something with you." "What do you want to discuss about?" Celestia asked. "I want to discuss about royalty." He said. "The kind that currently exists in Equestria, that is. Specifically, who is Queen Diana Frostmere? Aside that she resides in the Frozen North, and commands an undead army of skeletal horses and a massive, undead dragon-- a wyvern--named Malagog." He comes closer slowly with two steps toward her, not with any hostility, but with curiosity. "Who is she?" "... Are you curious about your opponent because of what her subjects did to you?" She asked. "No." He said. "Being as old as I am now, my intuition is disturbingly sharp. This queen has something to do with you. Was Involved with you. At least... in the far past." He steps away. "I'm not judging you. I can't criticize what's been done in your past because I think you already understand that." "That's correct." She said. "I'm impressed that you'd think she has anything to do with me on a such personal level." "I won't explain how I came up with that deduction. So instead, I'll ask again." He said, and then asks, "Who is she?" Celestia sighs. She's never spoken to anyone about this, to anyone who isn't preferably family to her. She has written it down, but that was different. She's only met him since yesterday, and he already got this much information without touching a sensitive subject to anyone until now. "Alright." She said. "I'll tell you about her as briefly as possible: "Long ago, Diana Frostmere, among us three, was a part of the making of Equestria. My sister ruled the Night, I ruled the Day and Summer, and Diana ruled the Winter. It was our responsibility to take care of our inhabitants. After some time, Diana Frostmere, however, questioned her role in our world. She questioned that winter is resented by life, and that she shouldn't have to do her part because she believes she does not get accepted. My sister and I dismissed her questioning and scorned her for that. And in response, she turned against us by attempting an eternal winter in Equestria. Using all our powers, my sister and I fought against her plans and succeeded. We banished her to the Frozen North. So, she has been living there ever since." Noedig listened carefully and acknowledged this. He believed that their dismissing her and scorning her only made things worse for Diana, but he did not wish to speak this. This is what he suspected from her and she understood this. So, he kept it to himself. "I see." He said. "Thank you for telling me, Princess Celestia." "It wasn't a pleasure, but it felt necessary." She replied. "So, thank you for not feeling less of us." "Certainly." Noedig said to her.
  12. Malagog was now doing as told. He used his right clawed paws to gently pick the boy up. He was being gentle enough to not hurt him, but strong enough to not let him loose from his grip. "You heard her Highness, little boy." He said. He began moving to the side of the hall, to an entrance of the spire, where his room is. "Let's get you warmed up in your room." After entering the entrance, they were met with spiraling stairs. Malagog swiftly snaked his way up the stairs to the top, at the top was a reinforced door, made of ice-cold metal. Malagog opened the door with his spare claws, and opened it. "This is the warmest place you'll get in the Frozen North." He said to Alex. "So, get in there. Or would you rather freeze yourself to death, and break not only Queen Diana Frostmere's heart, but your parents' as well?" He mentally smirks at himself. Either way, He thinks, if things go well, you'll break your parents' hearts regardless. Listening till his request, he finally responds with a grunt, "Hmm." He then gets off his bed to check something in his bag. "One moment..." He said. "I need to get something from this for you and me to use." Taking out the item from the bag. He hands it over to him. They're four small little round things, with two others that have something sticking out, fit for human ears. "These are ear-phones." He begins explaining. "They're absolutely elemental-proof except for extreme heat, up to seven hundred kelvins." He splits one of each things in both hands, one round and one pointy-round. "You know what kelvins are, yes? Anyway, this one round piece will allow you to hear what I can say, and this other pointy piece will allow you to speak to me." He reaches his right hand out to Zed. "Wear them on either ears. Like this." He demonstrates the procedure to wearing them for Zed. "Currently, they're off. To turn it on, gently press on the round item. Then you may hear and speak, if mine are on as well." He walks off to reload his revolver, he's already carrying enough bullets for whatever comes. He then picks up his sheathed sword and puts it on him. Since he is wearing the sword's weight, his steps are heavier. He walks back to the bed, and fetches something else in his bag. He takes out what appears to be a foil-wrapped food-bar. He unwraps it half-way, lowers his face-mask, and then eats a part of it. He then lowers himself again to pick up his glasses with his spare hand to put it back on him. Swallowing his food, he then says. "Let's get Alex back, Zed."
  13. Having been told what he should be doing with that glare, Malagog silently winced with repressed rage. He is very prideful of himself, it's rare that he is criticized for something like this, for someone so... seemingly weak. He can't talk back, he wishes to, but her hold over him makes it impossible to do so. It holds him down in a deep pit, where the only other thing is light, and that light is Diana Frostmere. The only light which he can see, feel, and live on, and no other. "Yes, my Queen..." He said. "I'll be more... gentle." It is pitch black, void of anything but one... Noedig. He is sure that he can sense, there's just nothing to sense. Unless you count that small chuckle somewhere in the void."Ah... he's back in limbo, I see." The voice speaks. It speaks without a body to hinder its voice and thought. It doesn't sound very intelligent, but it does sound old. Ancient, perhaps. "But not for long." "Not for long?" He asks the voice. "But I just got here. How can I return to reality as of now? My... whatever it was that brought me here, it did it again." "Not exactly..." the voice speaks. "You didn't do this to yourself, not EXACTLY, but you did leave an opening for someone." "Someone, you say?" Noedig replied. "Was it the sad man?" "No, not the sad man. He can't even get to your head like he did to the sweet thing." It replied. "It was someone new. You just confronted it not too long ago. It likes to mess with you." "Hmm..." Noedig hummed. "Confronted someone new... it likes to... Ah, the bloody horned one!" "Correct!" It says, proud of silly Noedig's deduction. "Would you like a treat for that?" "I'd love one, please." He says, eagerly wanting one. The treat... whatever it was, it appeared before Noedig for him to grab. He does so, and consumes it childishly. "Mm! Gud shtuff." He remarks, rudely too. "Hey, master father taught you better about eat-y things!" The voice reminds him gently. "Mm!" Noedig hums. He then swallows, clearing his mouth to say, "Sorry, it was just so delectable." "Dee-leck-able? Funny word." It says. "But enough treating! The bloody horned one did this to you. You know, yes?" "Yes, yes, I recall a bit of it. How'd he do it?" Noedig asked. "He caught you when you were most take-able!" It said. "You failed to get the wingy boy." "Poor wingy boy!" He exclaimed. "Yes! That's what you want." It said, applauding Noedig for finding his motivation. "But... reality sucks, pal." Noedig said, doubting the voice. "If I managed to get in here, then I don't deserve to go back conscious." "C-conscious? What's that?" It said. "It's been so long since I heard hard silly-bills." "Awake, pal." He said, making it simpler. "To do things restricted to reality." "Re... restricted?" It asked, worried about thst word. "That sounds like something I don't like..." "Never mind that, we can just do stuff here, yeah?" Noedig said. "So let's do stuff! Show me something you can make, pal!" "Oh, sure! Just let me... wait, no. No, this is wrong!" It said. "You're forgetting about relativity!" "Reality." Noedig corrected it. "How do you know that word?" "Don't worry! Just get back out there!" It said, worried for Noedig. "Why? What good can it ever do being awake for whatever it did to me?" Noedig questioned it. "Because you're not a weak-minded pal, buddy." It said, slightly frustrated. "You're the Antiquis!" Noedig fell silent at the word for a long while. "... Antiquis." "Yes! Antiquis!" It exclaimed. "Hard word, but worth the time spent here!" "I... I'm remembering things now. But... how?" He asked. "I'm in limbo, aren't I? I shouldn't know exactly when I repress my memories in limbo." "Pal, even if you know now, you'd still have to find a way out of here, unless someone else wakes you up!" It said. "Who'd ever want to..." Noedig faltered, he hears something else in the void. A voice he's heard before. Someone recent, hopefully good. He speaks his name. Actually shouting at him to snap out of it. "... Is that Zed?" "Don't care, too much knowing. You're leaving now! Have a good time being con-suss!" It says, happy to see him leave. "It's pronounced--" A hard slap suddenly shocked his head, which shifted his brain-cells to start working again. "CONSCIOUS!" He shouts. He groans at the severe headache he's experiencing. "Oh, God... You literally knocked out my limbo... that's supposed to be virtually impossible, you know?" "Sweet Celestia! He's come back to life again!" The guard yelled. "Are you a sarcastic zombie this time?" "No!" Noedig said strenly. "Get out, you paranoid creature!" The guard does just that, even resuming work. Noedig sighed. "Okay... how much of what's been said did you hear me scream about? Be honest."
  14. Malagog sees the boy using fire magic. "Fire!" He exclaimed. He snatches Alex's hand with his left fore-paw, then using weak ice magic to snuff out the fire before it grows any hotter. "Don't you dare attack Queen Frostmere!" Feeling the weak fire extinguish from his ice, he released his hand. He quietly growls, "Listen to her..." Noedig's body being shaken did not make Noedig react at all. Actually, it caused his shades to fall off from the shaking, revealing that his eyes are slightly open. He is breathing, but he's not responding. A guard comes in to check out the disruption, noticing Zed and the other human. "What has happened, prince Zed?" He asked him. He then got concerned with the human's dead-like appearance. "Is the human dead?"
  15. "I said we'll be there shortly..." Malagog said. "So you'll see very soon..." With that he chuckles and drops the body bag, which was merely four feet from the ground, in Diana Frostmere's castle grounds. Malagog commands two minions to carry the bag for him. Two minions from the sides approach and do just that. Malagog quickly walks to her doors as they open for him and his prize. They enter the building and walk down the hall until they are close enough. "Put it there." He said, aiming his left claw two feet in front of him. They dragged the bag there with Alex inside. "Begone." And the minions trot away, going back to where they used to be. Malagog then kneels before his Queen. "Your Highness..." He says, he then opens the bag and pulls it to expose Alex. "I bring you the boy." Noedig could hear something-- someone outside of his hellish memory lane. Some man calling his name, asking what's going on. "Nngh... God-damned losing my mind! I can't... Make. It. Go. AWAY!" He screams at whoever it was. Noedig can't fight his mind's permanent memories, and worse, he can't fight this nightmarish version either. He almost feels his mind reaching the end of its rope. There's too much trauma to take in. He can't fight it, but he can surely try to lead himself to anything but being brain-dead. "Going... into limbo! LIMBO!" He shouts in agony. He found himself in a safer place, he mentally opens the door to asylum from hell. He then quietly speaks, "... Limbo." With that and stop moving, and has gone into limbo... for apparently the second time.
  16. "Keep struggling, and you'll fall seven hundred feet from the ground, you wretched biped! That will be your own doing, not mine!" Malagog warned him, telling the truth. "Cooperate and things may go your way..." Now that is a lie. "We'll be there shortly... so keep still, shiver all you want, and stay QUIET!" "And you will, Zed." Celestia said to him, trying to assure him they're not being helpless. "But we need to consider letting Gale Storm go out to do some reconnissance in the Frozen North. He will be leaving shortly." Princess Celestia sighs, worried and stressed. "Dear Zed, everypony here would have felt worse than now if it weren't for Noedig's noticing. He and the others tried to get Alex back, and it costed one of our guard's life in that attempt..." She approaches Zed and places her right hoof on his right shoulder. "For now, go and see if you can visit Noedig. I heard he fell over seventy feet in the attempt to save Alex, ask him if he's alright, please?" Noedig was already in his room, on his bed, splayed out in a mental stress. Already, he can feel himself recalling his worst memories... but it felt more chaotic than it was like living a life. It felt like hell. Fifteen minutes in, what felt like a burned-in memories now feels like it was repeatedly burned-in. The first time he went through this, he fell into a limbo, which he almost never made out. This is worse than anything he's experienced and he's not sure why it's happening. "Is it guilt?" He asked himself. "Could I have done better in my rescue?" He's not sure if he could have. "Oh, God... I can't handle this!" He exclaimed. He cannot keep quiet. "Not again! Stop it... stop it... God, stop it, help me, please! I can't see her dead worse than before again!" Her? A woman? "Agrí... oh, God... you didn't paint like this... this isn't what I remembered! Why is this so different?!" He's losing himself in this cursed mind of his. "No, you never danced like this! N-no! Stop it! Agrí, you're not supposed to be dead yet! DAMN IT, NO!! STOP IT!" The images he's seeing are too graphically appalling to be told... it is worse than what he remembers. It's wrong for sure. "AGRÍ!!! PLEASE!!! YOU'RE HURTING ME!!!" Noedig is so close to losing himself. "MY LITTLE GIRL, I'M SORRY!!! I'm sorry! I am so sad, Agrí... I couldn't be there for you in time... I'm sorry... my little girl... my mind... i-it's not going to stop... I... ... no... don't go there... don't go in her house! Don't go upstairs! DON'T GO TO THE ATTIC! DON'T TURN ARO-- AAAAAAUUUUGHHHH!! NOO!!!" He can't manage it like he used to. In his conclusion while in the midst of chaotic hell, limbo would be the best case scenario, and the worst case scenario would be to go vegetable. How will he survive? Who could really save him from himself?
  17. The special dust is doing its work, now they plan to place the boy in a body bag, designed to be cold-proof, fire-proof, and breathable inside. Quickly, they placed the boy in the bag and closed up the bag with strings attached which close the end of the bag, then they immediately smash the window near his bead and began leaving one by one. Noedig heard a smashing, it was nearby and just ahead behind that door. He approaches the door attempts to open it, but it was locked. With no time to pick its lock, he kicks it down with enough force to make it swing open. At this point, what he saw was unsettling; Skeletal ponies with an icy appearance leaving the room through the window with a large bag. He doesn't know who is in that bag, but that doesn't matter. This is wrong. "Drop it or I'll drop you!" Noedig said. They ignore him, but not because they choose to. They cannot listen to anyone or anything but Malagog and his Queen. So, they continue to leave, the bag is about to exit, and three minions stay behind to prevent any intervention of their mission. The two guards caught up with Noedig and attempted to restrain him, but something caught their sights inside that room. "They're taking the boy!" The second guard said. Noedig looks at the guards with surprise. "Alex?" He said, to be reassured. The three minions growl and grow to screech, and began to attack the three opponents by tackling them. Noedig looks back and notices their offense and gets ready to put them down, but the guards had less reaction time, so they weren't ready to take them on. With the situation understood in a mere blink of eye, Noedig pulls out his revolver and fires three shots at them in a single swipe in one second before those minions made contact. Three thunders, three falling. It all happened so fast. The guards were shocked to the bones by the noise, caught in confusion. Meanwhile, Alex in the bag had already left the window and was taken above the rooftops. "No!" He yells, he holsters his gun and runs to the window to catch up. The guards came out of confusion and realized Noedig slain three skeletal, undead ponies, in clutters of bone and foul wisps emanating from it. "He told the truth after all." The first one said to the second and then said, "Alert the guards, I'll assist the human!" The second guard ran off to do just that. The first one followed Noedig. Noedig was already out of the window and quickly began climbing up the wall to get to the rooftop, where Alex was supposedly being taken. The guard happened to be a pegasus, so he simply unfurled his wings and flew out. "Where is he?" The guard asked Noedig. "Up the rooftops. Stay sharp!" He responded briefly. The guard took note and went up ahead quickly. Noedig had little difficulty climbing the wall, he was moving faster than a squirrel would on a tree. It took him six seconds to reach the rooftop. He just made it to the top and brought himself up. And just as he thought they were right where they should be, something else was there. A humongous something. "A dragon?" He blurted out silently. "An undead one at that." The minions were busy fastening the bag's handle onto Malagog's feet claws, clearly to take the boy to the sky where most wouldn't reach. The guard that is ahead of Noedig was already attempting to intervene them. "Unhand that boy or it's death!" He shouts. "This will not go well..." He said with concern for the guard and went on to help him. The dragon notices two opponents coming at them. With no hesitance, the dragons instantly inhales and shoots icy flames at the closest one, which was the pegasus guard. The pegasus guard couldn't make time to dodge, the fire overwhelmed him and covered him in fire. He cries out in pain, yelping and whimpering as he crashes down. Noedig stopped running and stood still, stunned by the sudden attack. He splits his attention between the dragon and the guard on fire. "IT'S BURNS! THE ICE BURNS!" The guard wails. He tries to roll around to put it out. "AUGH!" The ice burns? He's clearly on fire! But soon, the guard started to struggle moving while the flames dissipated... he guard stopped moving mid-tantrum, his body turned into an icy statue. His face expressed in pain and horror. The wyvern roars with cackling. "Death it is, then! Stupid horse!" Noedig put his full attention on the dragon. It's clearly aware, sentient of his own actions. "Who are you and what do you want with the boy?" Malagog stops cackling and retorts. "I could ask the same thing to you, but I won't... you're not worth my valuable time." He then turns his attention to his minions. "That's good enough, take the living pest out!" They do as they're told and go after Noedig, intent to kill. Noedig counts seven coming at him, and three bullets remaining in the revolver. Should he risk using his powers? No, he thinks. If he escapes, he'll know what I can do. But he may more likely be taken down if I do... so let's take the grunts down with no powers, and see what happens next. With that plan settled in another blink of an eye, he takes out his revolver once again and fires his first shot at the one from the right. Thunder struck and the first went down. Malagog was stunned for a brief moment by the sound and what he did. Noedig resumes and shots the next two down from the right. Two more thunders struck them down. The remaining minions were still at him with no hesitance. Noedig was prepared to crush their skulls and charged at them. The four minions charged at him in a line, and this gave him an idea. He jumps, flipping forward 320 degrees, and plants his feet at the two middle minions, pushing them back and down the ground. Meanwhile his hands gripped the other two, pulled backwards from moving forward. The two middle crash on the floor, his arms swing forward to collide each skulls in each hands. They're instantly crushed, turn to dust. He then instantly stands, curb-stomps the left one and then pounds once and hard at the right one with his right fist. All un-undead in three seconds. "Don't play with me." He said. "Who are you and what do you want with the boy?" Malagog so wanted to beat the living being out of him, but he had no time to risk his mission. He does not respond and takes off. Noedig goes after him, now attempting to use his powers to take him down with ranged attack. Malagog sees him coming after him, and briskly blasts a huge, icy fireball at him. Noedig sees that big ball of death coming at him. He can't outrun it or dodge sideways, he can only stop moving or move back. He stops mid-runnign and jumps back. The projectile made impact and created a big force of shockwave, which made Noedig fly even further. Further to the point which he cannot stop hurling over the edge of the castle. Malagog smiled in wicked pleasure and began to fly away to the sky, back to the Frozen North. Already over the edge, he was now seventy feet away from the ground and closing in. Sixty. Forty-five. Twenty-five. Five. Heavy thud in the ground. He is faced up, arms and legs spread out like he's laying there. Most of the alerted guards noticed the dragon flying away and chased it, others noticed the human falling and went to go check it out. Just so as it happens, the second guard from earlier went to check out Noedig with the others. "This is the human who tried to get the boy back from Malagog!" The guards look at Noedig and then back at the second guard. "Well, the guy died trying..." That one guard said. "Rest in peace, you Celestia-damned hero." They got closer to move him, suddenly Noedig raised his left hand to stop them. "Please... don't call me a hero." The guards move back. "He's turned undead!" Said one guard. "Stay back!" Noedig, behind his shades, rolled his eyes at that one. "Oh, absolutely..." The second guard tried to get them to relax. "Don't listen to him, he's not dead!" He then asked Noedig, "How did you survive a fall this high?" Noedig got up slowly, groaning a little and then slowly turns his head to that guard. "By keeping my butt aimed at the ground... with determination." They all murmured. That one guard asks, "Determined for life?" "Determined for that boy." He said, now getting up. "Does his father know?" "We told him and the Princesses." The second guard replied. "They're trying to get him back... but by the looks of it, the dragon is too long gone." "Damn that dragon!" Noedig exclaimed. "Malagog-- that's his name? What does he want with the boy?" "He doesn't want anything for himself..." The second guard replied. "What he wants is what his queen wants. Diana Frostmere." "A queen... 'Frostmere'... must use ice as well." Noedig deduces. "Malagog headed to what appeared to be north. Is it cold there?" "More than that." The second guard said. "It's called the Frozen North." Noedig begins to walk quickly, slightly stomping in an upset manner. "Where are you going?" The second guard asks. Noedig holsters his revolver. "To my room." He says bitterly. "And nowhere else." "Wait!" The second guard said to him, trotting head to follow him by his side. "I need to ask you about Corporal Ri--" Noedig interrupted him. "Your friend is dead. A-blazed by Malagog's fire, which somehow gradually froze him in ice like a statue." Noedig said. That guard lost his stern face, it became horrified and sad. Noedig saw his saddening reaction and then decided to reply, "I said earlier not to consider me a hero because that title belongs to him. I'm sorry you lost your friend. Now please, leave me alone..." The guard tried to, but he had something else to say. "His name was Hammer Rivet." He said to Noedig, and that made Noedig sigh heavily. "My best friend. He was always fixed on getting things done, never keeping any problem out of his hold... he held onto courage to save that boy, didn't he?" "You hit the nail on that one." Noedig replied to him. The guard gradually slowed his pace of movement to a halt. "Thank you." He said with sadness. "If I ever see that monster again, I'll be sure to send your regards..." Noedig then stopped and turned around. "What's your name?" "My name is Bellow Yell." He replied. "You make him pay." "I will." And with that, he went back to his room. To think. To meditate. To recall his worst memories once again. It will be hell in his mind for a long while...
  18. After listening with great care, Malagog bowed his head and says, "Understood, your Highness. I will take the boy while he sleeps, he would surely need to rest like many would, unlike us..." Malagog stood back up and turned round to leave, but not before saying, "... But soon, he may never need to rest again after I bring him here." Malagog assumed the boy will be just like him if he's taken here-- undead. But he has no pity, no remorse, nor passion... only obedience. And he's fine with that, unnaturally. The doors that which remained open now close behind Malagog, who has already lifted himself to the blizzard heights, and headed to Canterlot... gradually spawning his minions as he flies. His minions and himself make noise like you'd never heard before... the crying winds and the bellowing roar of a soaring avalanche. Winter is coming, and no pony will see that until it's too late. And it was. --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- The Present... Noedig had returned to his quarters by now to check his things, and discovered that they're all still where they've been left. Putting his tablrt and stash out of the way, he picked up his revolver and its ammunition qnd headed toward the closest location of the castle which where the silouhette crept into. He knows it's likely not his place to be concerned by this, but then that wouldn't make him a friend to those he has acquainted to. The guards are unaware of the shadowy invader, but they are aware of the human Noedig running towards them. They attempt to intervene, ready to take him down. Noedig understood their intention and respected their action, so he decided to take them down and quickly grab ahold of both of them in his arms, locked and unable to escape. "There's something invading your castle-- and it isn't me! Follow me or go after it." He releases them go and continues running to locate it. "Your choice!" Both guards looked at each other in confusion. "An intruder? Why should we trust him?" The first one said. "Truth or no truth, I'm going after him." They nodded once and ran after Noedig. Unsure of whether he's tricking them, or telling the truth. Regardless, they'll soon find out. Malagog had his minions go into covert ops to retrieve the boy. For now, he waits for his minions to get back, so that they can get the hay out of there as quickly as possible. His minons sucessfully infiltrated the castle, unaware of a certain character going after them. They head to the boy's bed chamber, and found him sleeping soundly... Malagog instructed one of them to put him under a deep slumber with some special dust, and so the carrier and his four comrades quietly approach him. One will put the dust on him first and the other four will hold him down in case he retaliates. Th carrier initiated and spread dust over his face for his nose to breathe. It only had Malagog's minions to briefly wonder... what happens next?
  19. Noedig

    Lightning Bliss

    I try to seperate every single detail of my art to as many layers as possible, it's quite tedious to keep track of your layers unless you're experienced. Vectors front, base colors below, and then shading/shining above the color or vector layers. Is this something you'd do as well?
  20. Noedig

    Lightning Bliss

    Ive been gone for a while. Your drawing's certainly improved quite a bit. Keep it up!
  21. Gale Storm had taken him to some quarters appropriate to his size and physique, much like Zed's but simpler and less decorated. Noedig humbly thanked Gale Storm and bid him good night, Gale Storm said the same back and left to do his duty as Duke. Noedig had placed his things under the bed, and his sword carefully placed on the floor next to the bed on the right. Hoping no pony will invade his things, he left his quarters in good faith that his room will not be trespassed. He brought a tablet with him from his pack-- a personal tool, looking to write down information. Unlocking his tablet, he already began writing down his first experience and his first encounter from visiting alternate realities. It was mostly good, and slightly disturbing on occasion. He kept walking, not looking where he's going but totally aware of his surroundings as he is using his tablet. Eventually by the time he got out, he already finished writing his last experience which was with Gale Storm and the boy, Alex. As usual, it triggers a recall of all his memories of this certain someone in a mere split-second. As much as he's used to it, he still does not take it well in thought. Noedig began traveling in the shadows of Canterlot's city, recording information of their culture, all of which took him an hour to do so. He then went off outside of Canterlot to look for any natural spots. There are many of those, and many more than the cities he's from. As fortunate as it is for him to take in, he does not want to spend too much time with nature, as there is more than enough proof to show that this planet is rich with life, so he decided to spend one hour on this. Finishing his records of Canterlot's nature, he began looking in the distance for any other inhabited locations. He found one far away, worth a train ride's distance. And it has a railroad of it's own to get to Canterlot and that place, which we know as Ponyville. Many things have been written down so far. For now, he's satisfied with what he got and decided to return to his quarters after two hours of research. But just after he turned back, he saw something unusual moving into the castle... it was dark, so he couldn't really see what it was, but it definitely looked unnatural. This had him very worried. Stashing his tablet away, he dashed back to the castle with astounding agility and speed and subtle discretion. --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- Six hours earlier... In the harsh blizzard of the Frozen North lays the dark, cold castle of Diana Frostmere. And from the castle a great wyvern is heading towards it, intent to land at the tall doors of Diana's hall. After landing, the beast approached the doors, and with Queen's minions at the door, they open with no hesitance. The beast growls with affirmation and moves forward, into the dark hall of her castle. Ice and snow is everywhere as aesthetic decor, the detail is fine and horrifying. Icicles that splay beautifully everywhere can just as well kill a normal creature. Thankfully this beast is not normal-- rather undead. The wyvern approaches to whom appears to be a pale, icy-blue alicorn mare, sitting on a throne... she's expected this beast, and waits with an elder's patience for the beast to get close. The best got close enough and then kneels before her. "Your Highness. Your servant, Malagog, has come and awaits your command." The beast said to her. "What will you have me do?"
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