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Military Rp interest check

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As the Title says, im kinda wanting to start up a military based Rp. Im looking for a group of max 4 people, no more. As for what the Rp will have in it, well, thats the reason this is a interest check. 


The kinda stuff i think i might throw in is going to be sort of a large varity. We soemtimes might be on the frontline, dealing with hostage situations, basically anything a military team would be sent to handle. 


I would like people who at least have a basic understanding of real life military. doesn't need to be extensive, just realistic. 


Anyway, yeah. Not much, i know, sorry, just hoping to find a group :) Good day to all!!!



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Will the pony characters be anthropomorphized?

And can human/non-canon species be involved in this RP?


1. Yeah, probably. To me it just makes Rping in a environment a little easier. 

2. And probably not for humans, but depending on what non canon species maybe. 


And so far two def, one questioning... That was fast :P

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Actually we will just treat this as the OOC, its easier then having another thread which fills up the forum. 


For the app form, its going to be a little big.... Sorry, but it just gives info that lets us make a good team!!!





Specialty(Medic, Assault, Sniper, Demo):




Primary(One weapon): (Attachments allowed)

Secondary(One): Attachents allowed)

Item 1:
Item 2:
Item 3:
Item 4:

Armor(Can be custom, though NO OPness, light armor protects less but you move faster, and vice versa)



For limits on what you can use, basically any weapon that is actually a real gun, doesn't matter what. If its on our planet, its usable. 

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Name: Gale Storm

Age: Stallion (Aged like a 30 year old human.)

Gender: Male

Specialty(Medic, Assault, Sniper, Demo): Sniper, Assault, and Medic.

Appearance: Full cyan skin, white/silver medium messy mane and tail, and golden eyes. Eyepatch to cover his special left eye. He looks like this, but not with those clothes. Also, a Pegasus.

Rank: Colonel.

Personality: Off the battlefield, he is usually affable, serious, and unwillingly funny. In the battlefield, he is dark, serious, and rarely funny.

Primary(One weapon): .50 Cal BMG Windrunner M96 Magazine-fed (5-round) bayonet-able

Secondary(One): Five Seven Handgun with a default laser pointer and switchable pistol silencer

Item 1: First of two wakizashi blade.
Item 2: Second of two wakizashi blade for dual weaponry purposes.
Item 3: One timed flash-bang.
Item 4: A cartridge of magic bullets for his rifle.

Armor: Military-grade clothes with hoodie, shoulder pads for ballistics and a left-armed, deep-ridged arm-guard for blocking blades-- plus shades for very bright days, and a light backpack for mission necessities.

Other: He doesn't bother with bossing lower ranks. Actually, he'd like someponies below his rank to boss him. So that he can judge their abilities and help improve potential candidates for future leadership. Also, he would work worse than the average inefficiency with other lone wolves. He is a team player, but essentially a loner if his job is to snipe from afar. He is a leader on last resort.




How is it?

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