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Loresong [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Loresong

Sex: Male

Age: Young Stallion

Species: Unicorn

Eye Colour: Dark Brown (#370100)

Coat: Dark Orange (#CE7809) coat, while his hooves are an off-white colour. Often wears a Purple (#1E2967) and White stripped vest.

Mane/Tail: Black wavy mane, coming down to the shoulders. Short wavy black tail. Also wears a pair of thin rimmed glasses, for distance vision.

Physique: Above average height for a stallion, but also a bit chubby. Carries his weight well however.

Residence: Manehattan

Occupation: Writer for Mages of the Bay. Also writes for the comic Changing Tides from Golden Age Comics.

Cutie Mark: A piece of parchment with a quill scribbling a d20 on it.

History: Roleplaying! The pastime of many young ponies. Be it gallivanting about pretending to be knights and wizards, or sitting around the table and rolling dice with friends, roleplaying has always given those who chose its path an escape into worlds of fantasy and adventure. The greatest example of this was, is, and always shall be Oubliettes and Ogres.

Nopony knows this better than Loresong. As a young foal, Loresong's father would sit him at the table as he and his friends would play. For hours every week, they could create intricate stories set in far away lands, fantastic beasts that would strike fear into the hearts of your average pony, and even history for everything. Nothing they created ever went to waste, and these fonts of imagination and creativity inspired the little unicorn.

Every chance he had, Loresong would write, new characters, new creatures, new lands or worlds. He never stopped creating. In school, during lunch and breaks, he would break open his notebook and begin to scribble and scribe ideas and images that came to him, losing himself in his work. This did, however, make him a rather easy target for less than kind children, who marked him as a nerd or geek or any myriad of names.

While this may have been true, he would often just shrug it off and continue his writing. Words only hurt if you let them, and he refused to let them win. With this attitude, he eventually managed to make a couple of close friends, ones he shared his ideas and worlds with, and before he know it, Loresong had a playgroup of his own.

Every weekend they would get together and play test Lore's newest ideas. Sometimes his father would be their dungeon master for the week. Though most of those games would end in failure, they still had fun regardless. It helped them learn and grow as players and do better and better next time.

One Summer, Mages of the Bay, creators of Oubliettes and Ogres, Sorcery: The Conclave, and many others announced a contest. The challenge was to create a new adventure for OnO, it required at least one dungeon, a well written plot, as well as stats for any monsters, NPCs, and items. Everything that would show up in one of their campaign books. The prize? An internship at Mages of the Bay headquarters in Manehattan!

Loresong was eager to jump at the opportunity, needless to say. And for days of his vacation, he worked and wrote and planned. Harder than he ever had for his friends or family. By the time he was done, he had made enough for a campaign in and of itself, even drawing illustrations for some of the creatures! Before he could set out to mail off his entry though, something caught his eye.

In the midst of his fervent writing, Loresong had missed the newly branded mark that sat on his flank! A scroll with a feather quill drawing a twenty-sided die on it. Elated by both the work he had completed and his new cutiemark, Loresong rushed to show his parents. Both of whom were immensely happy with their son. Thanks to this, hope flew high in his heart, and with a spring in his step, the foal filled out the contest form an mailed if off.

As the days slowly passed with Spring turning to Autumn, and Autumn to Winter, Loresong tried his best to contain his excitement and worry. Had it gotten lost in the mail? Was he too young to actually win? Or worse still, did they hate it? Were they laughing at the work he had done? Try as he might to ignore the nagging doubt at the back of his mind, it just wouldn't go away. He even canceled some of his weekly games to ruminate.

Though one cool day, as Winter Wrap-up passed, and Spring broke through the cold Winter chill, a letter arrived for Lore from Mages of the Bay. Stealing away with the letter into his room, the colt stared at the envelope with trepidation. Would his fears prove right? Was this a letter saying that all his hard work was for nothing?

For a time, silence fell over his home...before being swiftly broken with a shriek of joy and the blur of the colt rushing through the house in joy! When finally his father could get him to stand mostly still, though still bouncing in place, Loresong explained that he had won. That he earned an internship in Manehattan.

With Loresong's father swiftly writing a letter to his brother in Manehattan, and his mother helping him pack, it wasn't long before he arrived in the busy city. His uncle and cousins were more than happy to have him over and show him around the place, before he finally made his way into the building that housed the MotB headquarters.

His first day was much as he expected it to be, a tour of the building, getting to meet the big names that he had always seen in the books. Even the CEO of the company himself. It was a lot more relaxed than he anticipated, some of the crew were even playing OnO just for fun during their breaks! It eased some of the nervousness that was lingering in Loresong's head.

The colt fell into his work rather easily. Most of his duties were errands, fetching snacks or drinks, passing messages along, taking mail hither and yon. But now and then he'd get to sit in on a brainstorming session, which was where he really got to shine. Not every idea he threw out stuck right away, but every one sparked conversation, back and forths on how it could be tweaked or improved. The experience as a whole was a dream come true for Lore.

But when the time was over all to soon, Loresong was none too eager to pack his bags for home. Not only would he miss the job he had, he'd miss getting to see his aunt, uncle, and cousins, who he didn't get to see very often.

As luck would have it though, a knock came to his uncle's door as he was finishing the last of his packing. Vignette, one of the head writers and the pony that Loresong worked under the most, had come with some news. After talking with the crew and the CEO, they decided to offer Loresong another year of internship, paid this time, if he wanted to.

The young unicorn was understandably excited about this, but stayed collected enough to say he would first have to ask his parents. Which Vignette was understanding of. With the letter written and sent, it was only a few more days before he received a reply. Which mostly boiled down to 'Duh. Go for it!'. Which go for it he did.

With time slowly ticking away once more, Loresong found himself with different responsibilities from his first go round. Helping play test, more brainstorming sessions, even helping with some writing. After some time, Vignette brought Lore another surprise. The company wanted to hire him. Not as a temporary intern, but in a permanent capacity. That they had already talked to his family, both parents and aunt and uncle, and that choice was up to him.

As exciting as the prospect was, Loresong was torn. If he stayed it would mean leaving his friends and school behind, but if he left he would miss out on his dream job. In the end though, he knew that his friends would want him to go for it and so he agreed. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Character Summary: Today Loresong still works for the Mages, with Vignette as the new CEO, and while his name may not be on the tongues of your average pony, ask any fan of Oubliettes and Ogres or Mages' tabletops and you'll catch their ear for sure.

Being a writer for such a prolific company is a greatly satisfying job for the young stallion and while most ponies would think it would eat into his free time, they'd be greatly mistaken. He always seems to find the time to host a game or two with his new friends in Manehattan, and occasionally heads back to Fillydelphia to visit his family and old friends.

Lately, Loresong has started dabbling in other writing avenues as well, after a meeting between Mages of the Bay and Golden Age Comics, the stallion found himself working on a comic. A new villain for an existing series, one he had a great interest in for a long while now.

Personality wise, Loresong is a genial pony, though when he gets deep into his writing it's next to impossible to pry him away. He'll find himself lost in his creative zone and tune everypony and everything else out until he gets his rampant inspiration down on paper. And even after all this time, and the convention's and meetups he's been to, he's still just as eager and surprised to meet a fan of his work. It's a surreal feeling to him, that he's the kind of pony that he once looked up to as a child, with ponies looking up to him.

Text Colour: (#CE7809)

Poison Joke Reaction: Extreme Writer's Block. Makes it difficult to write even simple things.

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Well, seems everything is insanely well written, and that history, gonna say i relate with it, roleplaying is fun!!!!


Anyway, that aside, great job!!! Recommending for evaluation, Congrats!!!

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