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Starlight Glimmer [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Starlight Glimmer

Sex: Female

Age: Young Mare

Species: Unicorn

Eye Colour: Persian Blue (#5540CB)

Coat: Pale Heliotrope (#EDBBF3)

Mane/Tail: Purple (#622489) with Lighter Purple (#802DAD) and Pale Aquamarine (#9EEFD9) highlights kept in a high, slightly curled ponytail with a part in the front. Tail same colours and slightly curled.

Physique: Average pony height, though her mane adds a few inches of height. Slimmer build, built for distance rather than speed.

Residence: Currently residing in Ponyville.

Occupation: Former 'Mayor' of Our Town. Twilight Sparkle's Student in Friendship.

Cutie Mark:A Purple (AE55B3) and White Star with Magic Mint (#9DF0D9) and Tiffany Blue (#0abab5) Streams above it. EC8i4wc.png

History: As a young filly, Starlight Glimmer was your average pony. Fairly happy, playful, and generally a sweet foal. While some ponies had a hoofful of friends, Starlight had but one. Sunburst. Starlight and Sunburst spent most of their days together, there was hardly ever a time when they were apart. If one of them succeeded in something, the other would share their reward. If one of them got in trouble, the other would take the fall with them. They were practically joined at the hip!

But one fateful day—a day that would be Sunburst's happiest—turned out to be Starlight's worst. On this particular day, Starlight and Sunburst were playing with a precariously tall stack of books, taking turns pulling one from the stack and placing it on top. When Starlight's turn came to pull a book free, the tower wobbled wildly before toppling in her direction. In a moment of panic, Sunburst's magic flared and caught the books, shunting them quickly back onto their shelves and earning the colt his very own cutie mark!

Filled with excitement, the young colt ran out the door to show his family, leaving Starlight behind and forgotten in his exuberance. Dejected, Starlight wandered off to her room to sulk and do her best not to be hurt. He was just excited was all, tomorrow would be like any other day! They'd play and hang out, just like they always did.

Though when the sun rose that morning, young Starlight found that this wasn't the case. After finding out about their son's amazing aptitude for magic, Sunburst's parents made quick for Canterlot, enrolling him in Celestia's School of Magic, leaving Starlight and their friendship behind with neither goodbye nor letter.

Feeling betrayed by the only friend she had ever known, Starlight vowed to never let herself get close to another pony for fear of a cutie mark tearing them apart. Instead, she devoted herself to the only thing she could—the study of magic. For days and nights she would practice spell after spell, read every book on spell craft she could find, anything she could to fill the bitter and growing void in her heart.

As she studied and learned more, her magical prowess grew and grew. Soon she had learned and perfected long-range telekinesis, dazzling displays of light, magical barriers, things most ponies in Celestia's school spent years learning. She was even capable of performing self-levitation, a feat even some of the most talented unicorns could never hope to accomplish. During one of her nightly practice sessions, Starlight dug deep within herself and unleashed a spectacular display of magic and earned herself a cutie mark of her own.Though the filly hadn't even realized it was there, only when her father saw did its existence come to light. Her parents were elated, but Starlight herself was less than happy. Rather, she was disgusted by the mark, a constant reminder of something that drove a wedge between a perfectly good friendship.

Rushing to a nearby store, Starlight purchased a brush and a bucket of paint in the colour of her own pelt, painting over the brand with an angry glare. Ever since Sunburst left, the filly had never seen cutie marks as other ponies did. She saw how 'different' they made ponies. If you didn't have one, you weren't as good as everypony else. If you had one, you were better than everypony else! It wasn't fair. It wasn't equal.

It was then that Starlight knew what she had to do. Cutie marks only hurt ponies. It distanced them from one another. But if nopony had a cutie mark, surely then they would all be equal. No one would ever feel left behind or better than somepony else ever again. It would take years of study, but she knew it was for the good of all of Equestria.

It wasn't until she was a young mare that her spell was finally perfected. A spell that could rip the cutie marks and differences away from a pony. Setting out from her home, Starlight once more painted over her cutie mark, adding a black equal sign atop it to symbolize her true destiny. Eventually she found the perfect spot to begin, out far away from any prying eyes who couldn't understand or accept the good work she was going to do for the world.

With her new home settled, Starlight knew that she couldn't begin without first bringing ponies in. And so she set about finding downtrodden, disenfranchised ponies. Ones who were hurt by others, or questioning their self-worth. With a silver tongue and honeyed words of equality and freedom of the oppressive cutie mark, Starlight's town soon grew into a prosperous little village. One of smiling faces, never-ending happiness, and real friendships. But most importantly, one of true equality. No pony was better. No pony was different. Everypony was the same. Just as it should be. No pony would ever leave. Never again.

Once more, though, fate would conspire against Starlight and her happiness. The unexpected arrival of none other than Princess Twilight Sparkle herself, as well as her friends, surprised Starlight and emboldened her. Should she be able to 'convince' a Princess to stay and give up her cutie mark, it would show the whole world that equality was the only way to real happiness and friendship.

Even though she stole away their cutie marks and locked them within the Equalization Chamber, nothing was able to dissuade the six from their misguided notions of 'real' friendship. And in the end, Starlight's cutie mark was revealed to the villagers she had lied to for so long. The townsfolk were furious, but the mare refused to let herself be swayed. She brought them equality! She brought them friendship and harmony! Tore them away from lives of misery and heartache! And how did they thank her? Betrayal! All over cutie marks once again.

Even her last ditch effort to flee with Twilight and her friends' cutie marks was foiled by her former 'friends'. Though she was able to make a getaway, Starlight knew she could never rest until revenge was hers. Twilight Sparkle would pay. And pay dearly.

With weeks of work and planning. Stalking, spying, and learning of her enemy. Starlight devised a plan that would end Twlight and her friends' friendship before it could even begin. Finding a way to alter the spell of a pony such as Starswirl the Bearded may have been difficult for anypony else, but Starlight was able to do so with ease. With his time travel spell manipulated to serve her own ends, all she had to do was wait.

And when the time finally arrived, with the spell cast, Starlight found herself at the most pivotal moment in Twilight's past. The day Rainbow Dash completed her Sonic Rainboom. The day that set their destiny in motion. A day that she would ruin, so that Twilight might feel the pain that she had for so long now.

Her victory seemed close at hoof. Try as Twilight might to stop her, Starlight was always one step ahead of her. Interrupting the race, stopping it before it could even start, even Twilight herself messed it up a time or two. Her plan was flawless, she felt. There was nothing that the Princess could do to take this away from her.

Except to play on Starlight's last glimmer of good inside her heart. After being shown the horrible future that could play out and showing Twilight her heartbreaking past, the Princess was finally able to convince her that maybe, just maybe, a second chance at making friends was what she really needed all along.

Finally allowing the timeline to fall back into its rightful place, Twilight and Starlight returned to the present. And while Twilight and her friends convened with one another to decide the mare's punishment, Starlight paced nervously outside of the room. It had been years since she had even thought of friendship, at least in this light. But first, she would have to accept the punishment she was sure to come. Only then could she even try to make amends.

Much to her surprise though, in place of punishment Princess Twilight opted instead to take Starlight on as a student, to teach her the magic of friendship. After a short meeting with the ponies of Ponyville and a brief, but long overdue apology to the citizens of Our Town, Starlight now takes her first steps into a new life of friendship. The road will be rocky, but at least she isn't alone any longer.

Character Summary: Starlight Glimmer is an exceedingly smart and talented magic user, rivaling or possibly even surpassing Princess Sparkle in magic power. Though her lack of experience in friendship leaves her awkward and clumsy in life aspects. While she can be kind and genuine, her past of lying and manipulation won't wash away very easily, but that doesn't stop her from trying.

Her free time in Ponyville is mostly spent learning the ins and outs of the town, the names of the ponies, and places of interest. Or spent in her room at the castle reading books on magic as she did in the past, but now reading them alongside books on friendship recommended by Twilight herself.

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