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Applejack [ready]

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Name: Applejack


Gender: Female

Age: Mare

Species: Earth Pony

Eye Color: Green as a young apple on a limb.

Coat Color: AJ’s coat is soft peach, about the same color of the sun risin’ over Sweet Apple Acres.

Her mane and tail are natural golden blond. Her locks are long and healthily, infused with sun from a hard day’s work on the farm. She makes sure to bind up the ends of her mane and tail with crimson bands. This keeps it out of the way when working hard or training for the next big rodeo.

She is average height for a Ponyville gal but because of her work, she also has very toned muscles. She is stronger than most ponies making her fit for top competition. She can sling bales of straw with ease, jump high fences, and put her hind hooves “Bucky McGillicuddy" and "Kicks McGee” to good use buckin’ apples.

She usually keeps herself looking neat and well groomed, though her forelocks have a slightly unkempt look to them. This is often not noticed as she is rarely seen without her trademark Stetson. He cowgirl hat has a cut back front brim and sits neatly between her ears on almost all occasions, even fancy gala affairs.

AJ’s freckles give her that down home country filly look. They are sprinkled over both cheeks and give an extra charm to her emerald eyes.

AJ has been faithfully working the farm since the day of her return from Manehatten. It is her business, her livelihood, and her home.

This pony belongs down on the farm. She’s a country girl who lives where she works. She is chief in charge of operation and sales at Sweet Apple Acres. AJ helps look after the farm especially when it comes to bringing in and selling the crops that her apple trees produce. She’s been known to try her hoof at growing carrots and corn as well. Depending on the seasons she is either caring for apple trees or going about one of her favorite tasks, apple bucking! She is also involved in the making and selling of sweet apple cider and other appletastic treats!

Applejack holds a side job as leader of the plant group during winter wrap up. She tells the other ponies in this group what to do. From clearing snow off the fields to sowing the seeds, Applejack helps to get the land ready for spring!

Cutie Mark:
Applejack’s cutie mark appeared immediately upon her return to Sweet Apple Acres from Manehatten. Her flank is decorated with three plump red delicious apples, ripe and ready to be eaten. They are complete with their freshly bucked green stem. The apple signify her destiny to run Sweet Apple Acres.

Unique Traits:
Applejack has many talents and she takes pride in them all. She’s got a knack for farm work of course. Down at Sweet Apple Acres she works the apple trees with tender lovin’ care. She even goes to the extent of naming some of the best. One of these trees, Bloomberg, ended up being a present for her cousin Braeburn out in Appaloosa. She is also a regular ringer when it comes to buckin’ apples.

She also works well with her pet collie, Winona. The two are good friends and they make a great team. They can corral any critter, though rabbits do seem a bit of a struggle. Applejack can wield the lariat with trained ease. From her muzzle to her tail she’s a roper gal. This comes in useful for entertainment as well as for stopping stampedes.

AJ has a knack for selling products produced on the farm from Zap Apple jam, to apple fritters, to sweet apple cider; ponies will line up for miles for a tasty treat from the good ol’ farm.

One of Applejack’s favorite hobbies is performing in rodeos. She has entered various local events as well as traveling to Canterlot to perform. She has collected numerous ribbons for various rodeo events and remains the top rodeo pony in Ponyville along with being one of the brightest rodeo stars in all of Equestria.

Another favorite pastime for AJ is proving her skills against other athletic ponies. Rainbow Dash has always been up for the challenge of showing Applejack up when it comes to athletic prowess. They enjoy pitting their skills against one another and though things can sometimes heat up between them, they remain good friends.


Applejack was raised by loving parents. The two had met at a rodeo that was passing through Ponyville and Applejack’s mother decided to stay on at Sweet Apple Acres. It turns out that farming and rodeo are a perfect match and the two earth ponies were married at Sweet Apple Acres a few months after they had met. Soon after a foal was born and not too long later a filly!


AJ was born and lived out her filly days on Sweet Apple Acres with her Granny Smith and her older brother Big Macintosh. She lead a charmed fillyhood being taught the ways of the farm by her father and the ways of the rodeo by her mother. Though her sibling was entirely caught up in learning the life of farming from her father, Applejack found herself with a hoof in both corners. The life of the rodeo was one big exciting adventure but she just couldn’t get enough of seeing those sweet apples grow and that feeling of satisfaction that comes from a hard day of field work. Her parents were happy to indulge her with sowing both their talents into their little filly.  


As is often the way of life, AJ ran into a hard spot when she was still a filly. Just after the birth of Apple Bloom, AJ’s loving parents were taken from her in a tragic accident. They will always be dearly missed by the Apple family. Though she has healed over time and become stronger from going through such a tragedy Applejack still declines to talk to other ponies about this time in her life. Her father’s strong hoof and her mother’s adventurous heart will always be a part of Applejack’s life.  


When enough time had passed and AJ was old enough to strike out on her own she decided to venture forth in the world! She decided on visiting the Big Apple herself, Manehatten! Her aunt and uncle Orange gladly took her in, gave her a place to live in the hub of city life, and introduced her to the mannerisms and ideals of a city pony. At first she took to it like a duck to water but the more she learned, the harder it was to fit into her new life. Haughty ponies, small food portions, and no roosters to wake her up in the morning soon had her missin’ the farm.


One special day she found herself reminiscing and missing home while gazing out her apartment window when a rainbow appeared in the sky and ended right in Ponyville! Right then she knew where she belonged! She sniffed back tears, packed up her things, and hit the road after thanking her aunt and uncle for having her.

Granny Smith and Big Macintosh were there to meet her at the front gate when she came back home. She rushed into her granny’s open arms for a teary reunion. Sometimes it takes leaving your home to find it’s where you truly belong.

Once she settled permanently into her position on the farm she was able to branch out her life. She took to the rodeo circuit for the first time since her young filly days. None of her training had been lost in the time she had taken away! Applejack regularly returned home from the rodeo with medals, ribbons and trophies!


As she grew she also was able to make some closer friends in Ponyville. Of course a pony as honest and true as AJ would have lots of good friends. When Twilight Sparkle first came to Ponyville, Applejack found out more about how special her friendships really were! Her closest friends include Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Twilight Sparkle. Though she has had run ins with some of these ponies, pointedly her athletic rivalry with Rainbow Dash and her misunderstandings with Rarity, she loves them all through thick and thin.

Her relationships with her closest friends only went deeper upon the arrival of Twilight Sparkle and the subsequent adventures that followed. Because of her connection with Twilight Sparkle she was able to discover that she carried one of the elements of harmony, honesty. Applejack now has connections with the royalty of Equestria due to her position as a friend of Twilight Sparkle and a carrier of an element of harmony.

Character Personality:
Applejack is “The loyalist of friends and the most dependable of ponies” as she herself readily states. She is hard working and not afraid to get dirty in the process. She cares little for the details of the matter and would rather just “get ‘er done!”. She often takes on lots of responsibility, sometimes more than she can handle. She can be headstrong and does err on the side of being prideful. She is incredibly determined and believes wholeheartedly that a little horse-sense and some elbow-grease can get a pony through all kinds of situations.

AJ has little concern for the finer things of life and for ponies who think of small details. This country filly sees a whole world of opportunity before her and is just itchin’ to get out and live in it! This go getter attitude fires AJ’s passion for life but it can sometimes get a pony into trouble too. It can even end up with a lassoed tree in a friend’s house! Once she sees the outcomes of not thinking through the details AJ is can just barely swallow her pride enough to see things from other another perspective.

She does not like to be “girly”, preferring tasks in the dirt and exerting herself physically. Her personality is more suited to a Stetson hat and some good ol’ apple buckin’ than dressing up fancy and having a hooficure. When she does give into helping with hooficures she makes sure to use the good ol' spit shine much to some ponies dismay!


One of AJ’s greatest highlights and biggest down falls is her pride. Her prideful nature runs deep and true and comes out in various ways. It can sometimes cause sticky situations in her friendships, especially ones where her ability to excel is challenged. Of all her friends, this comes out the most with Rainbow Dash. Though the two have had many minor run ins, they always seem to patch things up in the end. One of the most intense of these rivalries was expressed in the founding of the “Iron Pony” competition.


AJ would do anything for her family, and the Apple family is nothing to wag your tail at! The nearest members of this clan include Big Macintosh, Red Gala, Fiji, Granny Smith, Apple Bloom, Braeburn, Apple Cinnamon Crisp, Caramel Apple, Applesauce, Apple Tart, Apple Chips, Baked Apple, Apple Fritter, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Apple Strudel ,Apple Brioche, Apple Bumpkin, and Apple Tart… to name a few! Though there are almost as many members of the Apple family as apple on their trees, AJ is closer to some than others. The three that she is closest to are her brother Big Macintosh, her sister Apple Bloom, and her grandmare Granny Smith.

Character Summary:
Applejack’s main motivations are as follows; family, friends, and the farm. She is a proud pony but she is also as honest as the day is long. This honesty runs deep and true and it’s a good way to see AJ’s heart for those she loves.

AJ is a spunky southern country girl. She has an honest demeanor and a good down home nature. She is a wholesome friend and a competent worker. She does have her flaws, but we all do, and they are part of what makes AJ special and unique! You’ll never find a truer friend than this hard workin’ mare!

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The dog's name is Winona, not Fiona, silly.

Anyway: Character history needs more information regarding what we haven't seen already in the show. A lot of the character summary is better suited to the personality section as well, so I'd parse it out better. The summary should definitely not be longer than History and Personality combined.:P

You're on your way! Lookin' good!

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How can you make the character unique, interesting, and expand on them beyond what we've seen in FiM? What happens after the episode ends? That is a question cast players are asked to answer. For your RP prompt, please give us a short example of the character doing what they do best. Be as creative and detailed as possible, and play them how you would in a live, opening roleplay. Be sure to finish your prompt with an opening for another character to realistically reply.

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Applejack had been up far before the rooster’s crow on this very special morning. She trotted through the kitchen and winked at Granny Smith who was seated in her favorite rocking chair. A huge smile showed off her pearly whites as she munched an apple.


“Mornin’ Granny! It’s a fine day on the ol’ farm ain’t it? The first day of the official beginnin’ of apple buckin’ season!”


 She gulped down the rest of the apple and stomped her hooves in anticipation of the season. It was by far her favorite time of year. All those big juicy apples just waiting to be bucked from their branches into baskets. It was enough to bring a shine to the eye of every member of the Apple family, young and old. From Granny Smith to little Applebloom, the whole family had their part in the famed traditions of Sweet Apple Acres.


“Well, it’s time to get things ready for showin’ my little sister the ropes of proper buckin’. Wish me luck!” She pecked a little kiss on Granny Smith’s cheek before heading out the door towards the barn.


Applejack moved with an enthusiastic gait. She could hardly believe the time had come. It seemed like only yesterday she and Big Mackintosh had started preparing the apple trees for the growing season. They had done their job with the practiced ease of farm raised ponies. From mulching, to weeding, to proper limb care, the brother and sister had gone to great pains to prepare their trees for an excellent yield. And excellent it had turned out to be! She could hardly wait to get started. Her buckin’ legs were twitchin’ to get at those trees!


The orange and blonde pony pressed her hoof down on her Stetson, making sure the hat was on good and tight.


“No sense riskin’ you getting’ lost out there now is there.” She rolled her eyes. “Now here I am talkin’ to my hat when there’s preparation to do. Gotta show that lil’ sis’ of mine what real apple buckin’ is all about!”


After sliding open the crimson barn door, she stepped inside and breathed deep. She loved the smell of the barn. It smelled like dust, hay, and good old fashioned down on the farm tuck in yer tail work. The only smell she liked better was a fresh baked apple pie from Granny Smith’s oven!


“Time to get this place ready!” She spoke loudly enough that if Big Mac had already made it to the barn he would know she was there. She wondered if her brother would want to take part in training their little sister. If he did, Applejack would be more than happy to have his help.


“Here we go!” She launched into setting up with a will!


Soon Applejack had set up all that would be needed to get Applebloom started buckin’ on the right hoof. There was a kick practice target, baskets for practicing gathering technique, and of course a whole pile of apples. This all would make sure that when the little filly took to buckin’ an actual Apple family apple tree, it would be done properly.


She was sure her sister would progress quickly. They would both be working together in the south field by early afternoon. Applejack’s mind began to wander to a sunny afternoon, time with her family, and working on the farm doing what she loved best! Apple buckin’!


Her ears perked up as a shadow appeared in the barn doorway. That was probably Applebloom. She had told her sister to meet her in the barn bright and early. Applejack’s heart skipped a beat with excitement! 


She shouted out to Apple Bloom. “Welcome to yer first day of apple buckin’ lil’ sister!”

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