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Pinkie Pie [Readyroo!]


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Name: Pinkamena Diane Pie though she’s more commonly known as Pinkie Pie, Pinkie, Super Duper Party Pony, or “the one who can always make you smile”.


Gender: Female


Age: Mare


Species: Earth Pony


Eye colour: Sky Blue


Character color: Pink, pink, pink! Woo! Is there any color that can bring more smiles than bubble gum pink?


Mane/Tail/Other: Dark pink with a likeness to a super carnival treat, cotton candy! Pinkie’s mane and tail have a bouncy quality that goes right along with her personality. Her locks are a darker pink than her fur and resist most attempts to straighten them. The only instance known for making her hair go straight is a case of unusual disappointment or sadness. That hardly ever happens though as this mare could find a way to make light of even the darkest of times.


Physique: Though it totally not a major goal in her life to be extra super physically fit, Pinkie’s antics during a day keep her well toned. She does work out at times, mostly to train for babysitting the Cake twins, but most of her figure can be due to her bouncy way of moving from place to place. This mare is able to consume massive amounts of sweets, rock candy being a top favorite, without receiving the tummy that most ponies would. She’s certainly not a skinny pony, or really buff like some of those farm ponies, but she has the strength and poise to pull off the most amazing party events for any occasion.


Residence: She has her own totally fun room on the second floor of Sugar Cube Corner in Ponyville! What better place for a pony like Pinkie to call home? She can be around sweets, bake cakes for special events, and spend all the time she wants with the Cake twins when she’s at work!


Occupation: Super Duper Party Planner! Well, she wants that to be her main  profession however a the time she still supplements her income with work at Sugar Cube Corner. She would bake for the Cakes even if she didn’t get paid though because it’s really really super duper fun! She’s also known around Ponyville as a giver of smiles and the drier of tears. The fabulous mare that can bring a smile to any pony’s face!


Cutie Mark: Three party balloon float about on Pinkie’s flanks. One of them is light yellow with a light blue string and the other two are light blue with light yellow strings!   


Unique Traits: 

Pinkie Pie has a special ability to assess what will happen in the near future! She calls this odd trait her “Pinkie Sense”. Tail twitches, ear flicks, eye blinks and other small movements comprise bodily reactions to this sense. Depending on the order of the reactions Pinkie is able to predict what will happen! Pinkie Sense has been proven time and again to be accurate!


This mare doesn’t always seem to follow along with the rules of reality that most ponies in Equestria follow. She can appear and disappear in a moment, fit into spaces that are much too small for her, and even take on the exact behavior and voice of a chicken! Pinkie also has a party canon that she pulls out from time to time…just in case an instant party is needed. All of these special attributes just add up to being even more prepared to make a party happen anywhere!


Pinkie has a pet alligator named Gummy. This little guy likes to spend time in the kitchen helping Pinkie out. She also takes him out for pet play dates with the other pony pets. Gummy’s name is given as he has a lack of any of those sharp alligator teeth!



Pinkie grew up on a rock farm in the countryside not too far from Ponyville to a loving mother and father. She had three sisters and shared a close relationship with each of them. Though she loved her family, she soon realized her personality was a little different from that of her closest kin. Her idea of fun was nothing like that of her sisters. Though she has always appreciated the appreciation her family shows for rocks, they just don’t get her attention like streamers, or confetti, or balloons, or any of that other great party stuff does. Though she grew up happy, she always felt a hole in her heart. She often tried to express her longing for something more than long days in the rocks fields but nopony really understood that part of her.


One days while she was working on the south granite fields a flash of brilliant rainbow colors boomed out across the skies. Pinkie had never seen anything like it or felt anything like what happened in her heart! As her spirit soared her mane and tail poofed into their now permanently Pinkie state. Her eyes sparkled in the colors of that rainbow and her muzzle turned up in the biggest of smiles. In that instant Pinkie Pie knew what she needed to do. She had to let her inner party out! The young mare galloped to the rock farm silo and got to work. It didn’t take her long to throw together her very first party! She was so so so excited to share this super amazing extra special talent with her family. Soon she had them all at the entrance to the slio. Pinkie dashed inside, turned up the music and began to dance! It felt so right she didn’t even think it wouldn’t be accepted by her parents and siblings. And she was right! Before long they were all smiles and partying away with Pinkie Pie!


That was the day she got her cutie mark and discovered that her destiny would always be to put laughter into lives and smiles onto faces. It was a destiny she was more than happy to take on since nothing in the whole wide world gave her more fulfillment than to make others happy! Though she still needed to complete her duties at the rock farm, Pinkie began to spend more and more time developing her stash of party supplies. She found almost anything could be used to throw a party and soon the silo was totally packed! During this time she had many amazing successes but also some tremendous failures at throwing parties. It turned out that ponies liked to have a birthday party, a surprise party, a balloon party, and even a pickle party! It also seemed ponies didn’t like pepper parties, which lead to sneeze parties, and which turned out by ponies leaving the party a bit abruptly. Through lots of success and some party flops, Pinkie trained herself to be the party planner she is today! She knows she owes most of her early training to her family who, because of their love for her, allowed her to indulge her whims on them.


When she was grown up enough to seek her own fortune her parents knew they would need to help her move away from the rock farm. Though she loved the farm Pinkie would need to move away to seek out a way to put her skills to use. As it turned out Mrs. Cake was an old friend of Pinkie’s mother. What better place for a pony like Pinkie to have her first shot at life outside the farm than at a job with a family friend? Pinkie packed up and after a slightly teary farewell set out for Ponyville. It wasn’t too hard to leave her sisters as she knew she wasn’t going far and they could always visit.


Life in Ponyville was so much fun! She loved her new room on the second floor of Sugar Cube Corner. She soon learned she had a knack for baking. After sharing her favorite rock candy recipe with Mr. and Mrs. Cake they were able to teach her lots of new recipes. It wasn’t long before the bakery was turning out all sorts of new flavors due to Pinkie’s creative nature. Cotton candy cupcakes, cherry and chocolate creams, and even some more exotic blends like cinnamon cilantro swirl cakes were new best sellers. Well all but the cinnamon cilantro…only Pinkie can stomach those.


Pinkie loves her life in Ponyville even more since meeting all of her good friends. She has formed great relationships with Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Princess Twilight Sparkle. Since meeting the purple alicorn Pinkie’s life has had all the added adventure and excitement she can handle! Going on adventures, meeting the royal sisters, and even saving Equestria form time to time. All this with a bounce and a smile!


Character Personality: 

Pinkie’s personality can be summed up in one word; bouncy! She has a bouncy nature and a bouncy spirit. She is cheerful to a fault, finding happiness even in the darkest of times. She works extra hard to make other ponies feel cared about. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, first time to Ponyville, first time flying, or just a special sort of day Pinkie will make note of it and send smiles their way in one form or another. Though the form is usually in a song or a party! Pinkie takes it to heart that her goal in life is to make others smile smile smile!


She will try her hardest to make everypony she meets into a friend. Sometimes it takes a little longer than others for a certain pony to warm up to her but she always seems to find a way. If there’s one thing that can bring Pinkie down it’s the thought that somepony might not want to be her friend. If this happens she will continue to try to her utmost to make a friendship happen. This has lead close to disaster on a number of occasions but since this is Pinkie we’re talking about things always seem to come ok as smiles at the end.


Though she is able to drum up lots of enthusiasm in her life, Pinkie is still driven by the moods and attitudes of others. Just the thought of somepony not liking her or her parties can put her into a little bit of a funk. If she thinks she is being left out on purpose Pinkie will go to the most extreme of measures to find out why. She us actually quite driven by the actions and responses to other ponies. When Pinkie feels emotions, she feels them to the extreme. A bout of sadness may even be enough to take the poof out of her mane and tail. She’s also known to get upset or obsess over certain aspects of life. She does work through these feelings though, usually with the help and guidance of a good friend or two, and resumes her characteristic bouncy nature in life.


Character Summary:

Pinkie lives most of her life in the fast lane. She is hardly ever seen moving at a walk, preferring to bounce, trot, swing, or even cartwheel from place to place. She can be serious about certain aspects of life such as her friendships, but she spends most of her time living with an upbeat if not eccentric at times nature. She is a fun loving mare that will do what it takes to make sure everypony she knows and comes in contact with leaves with a smile on their face and happiness in their heart. Pinkie has a big heart, hoping the best for those around her and helping them when she can. There’s not a lot down time when Pinkie is around which can be tiring for some ponies however most see her as a positive pony to have in their lives. She dearly loves her family and her friends and would go to the ends of Equestria for them at the drop of a hat!


Whether she is baking, party planning, singing at the top of her lungs with half of Ponyville, or out on a wild adventure with her friends Pinkie is a pony that will bring a positive spirit and a smile to any situation!


RP Prompt Response:


“Woo hoo!!!!! It’s game day! Finally!”


The pink mare jumped out of bed, rolled across the floor in a perfect tumble, only to finish in workout outfit. “The big hide and seek game has begun!!” She glanced this way and that. “I would ask you if you’re excited Gummy…” A big grin formed over her muzzle. “But you’re not here! You’re hiding and I’m gonna seek you out!”


It was the biggest hide and seek game of the year! Pinkie always managed to set aside the entire day once a year to spend playing hide and seek with her favorite little reptile to one and only Gummy! Of course she wouldn’t be seeking all on her own!


“Good thing I invited a ton of friends to help me out on this one! Last year it took us like three whole hours to find the super duper secretist of secret hiding places, this year we are going to break that record!” She pumped her hoof in the air to emphasis the last few words. “Let’s stretch it out!”


Pinkie jumped down the stairs in one bound to the bakery level of Sugar Cube. She proceeded to work in a few leg stretches as she made her way over to the cereal cupboard.


“One and two, three and four!” She counted as she spooned down a few gulps of cereal. “Ok! Let’s get going!”


She jumped out onto the road, a pair of binoculars appearing in her hoof. She put them up to her eyes and looked around. “Before I find Gummy, I better find the hide and seek party group!”


Pinkie had set up a day long party to travel around Ponyville to look for Gummy. It was going to be so much fun! They would seek out the little alligator while celebrating  friendship the whole time! She trotted towards the starting point, a gazebo near the gardens not far from Fluttershy’s garden. It was a beautiful day outside, a nip of in the air but no snow on the ground. The sun was shining brightly on the wonderful winter day. A perfect day for an adventure!


“I wonder who is going to bring their pets along?” She smiled and started to bounce down the road. “This is going to be the most fun day! Friends and pets and games and partying!”


She bounced right up to the gazebo wondering who would show up first!

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