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The Everypony Chat Thread #2

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12 minutes ago, LostSanity said:

Now's your chance.

Argue your case to me to possible embrace the GlimGlam.

Yes I just said that. Don't have a heart attack.

I just ask you do it via PM.


Contemplating Things LostSanity.

*Reaches Out To The Truth?*


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4 minutes ago, Lyipheoryia said:


I thought that was the popular nickname for Starlight Glimmer?

Eh. Well there you go. Hopefully you understand now.

*goes back to contemplating things*

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Yo Kai Watch is now finished. Expect a new thought/experience blog soon.







Or is it? :unsure:

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Read my status update but I'll summarize:


After I was done and went to bed it felt like my heart was beating really hard in my chest. I thought it would go away but it kept me awake. I fell asleep eventually but woke up 2 hours later with it still occurring. Eventually I told my mother but by that point it wasn't as bad as it was last night. She wanted me to go to E.R. to be on the safe side.


So I did this morning.


Got discharged a little after 8 a.m.


It's just wonderful knowing that this game is trying to kill me IRL. Not that something like this is going to stop me from finishing it consider how freaking close I am to being done with it once and for all.

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Here's a theme for all of you participating in the 'Grand Galloping Gala' event to dance/rave/have fun in general to.





Use wisely.




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Welp... now that EQG4 is out...

I guess I'd better start thinking of my next 'challenge' to do so I can complete it and not watch it EVER.





It'll likely be Final Fantasy XV. :kissy:



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