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The Everypony Chat Thread #2

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Considering how the last one was locked due to some clear reasons, I have decided to start a new one.  With rules.


Don't spam the thread.  Double-posting is okay, triple-posting?  No.

Keep your comments relative to the topic.  If everyone is talking about video games, do not suddenly begin talking about politics.

If you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything.  Expressing your opinion is okay, sinning on others is not.

Respect everyone's opinions.  Everyone has their own opinion.  


I might add more later when I see fit...but, for now-Cheerio!

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I'm getting beat up a lot by enemies in Radiant Garden in Birth By Sleep.


Mostly those exploding ones. Guess I'm back to sucking again...



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... never played Radiate Garden. Let me know if it's worth a look.

I'm upset. For the longest time, if you googled 'Puzzlebeat' my tumbler, my canterlot and my league of legends stats would all appear at the very top. Now if you google it, a cheep android puzzle app appears instead.

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The Braig boss fight went pretty much how I expected it too. :twisted:


Now it's time for what seems to be the worst world in the game. The one with all the annoying and ridiculous hard mini-games.


Disney Town.





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