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  1. Kala shook her head as Discord began to speak. She wasn't being a very good host - and he hadn't even really done anything wrong! Her train of thought was suddenly interrupted as she saw the chart the Spirit was holding begin to cover. She stared at it for a moment, before forcibly reminding herself of what he did to Taffy's wrench. This might have been strange, but it was nothing to gawk at. Taffy, meanwhile, was nodding cautiously, still not trusting of the discordant deity who had intruded upon their peaceful lives. Kala thought about it for a moment, then shrugged, and smiled again. This time, her smile wasn't quite as forced - she was actually looking forward a little to seeing what he'd do. "Okay, Discord!" she said. "What shall we learn first?"
  2. Taffy scowled at Discord as Kala nodded. "Yeah, we grew up in an orphanage" she said, waving a hoof in place vaguely, not sure what else to say. They both blinked as the wrench reverted to its original state, and the olive-coated mechanic eyed it suspiciously for a moment before removing the bow and setting the tool on the table. "Well, hello Discord!" Kala said, her voice containing a forced cheerfulness as she stared at their strange visitor. She stammered for a moment at the explanation he gave his presence, though Taffy raised an eyebrow. Taffy had already decided she didn't much care for Discord: he'd messed with her tools. "We are fairly new, I guess." the mechanic said. "At least, to the world outside the orphanage. And.... we don't get out all that much, other than for shopping. We prefer to stay here, with each other." Kala sat at the table, thinking about the Spirit's statement that he was "offering his services as lord of chaos". what did he mean by that? (1. I'm rusty 2. They're both still rather stunned at the appearance of a draconequus in their house x3)
  3. Taffy stared at her wrench. "...fix it or I will do far worse things to you than smack you in the face" she assured the anarchic entity. That wrench had been expensive! The things she did for quality tools... Kala cleared her throat. "We, ah, recently moved in." she explained, guessing that threatening a being like this one might not be the brightest idea - though she didn't doubt her partner's tenacity in a fight under such circumstances. "We used to live at the orphanage. I'm Kala, and that's my wife, Taffy Warmheart" she said, waving a hoof at her spouse as she introduced them. "And you are...?"
  4. Taffy spun around, the wrench she'd been pulling out of a bag swinging towards Discord's face as she responded on pure instinct to the intruder. Kala just stared, stunned by the appearance of a draconequus in their home. "H-hi..." she said in a dazed voice, then squeaked as she saw Taffy's wrench about to collide with the Lord of Chaos's skull.
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    that looks awesome sounds fun to have in an RP too =3
  6. oooooh, neat! ....I'm actually around to praise your art on the right day again x3
  7. see, Angie understands x3 besides, it's maaaagic. logic need not apply, though it's appreciated
  8. so have I. I lurk. I have lurked here since the dawn of time.... for millenia, I have taken the shape of a wall
  9. As the sun rose, shedding its warm light across the land, an earth pony mare with an olive coat trotted down the path from Ponyville to the little cottage she shared with her wife, the sunlight reflecting off of the purple streaks in her mostly brown mane. Taffy hummed cheerfully, her saddlebags bulging from her shopping trip. Her wife, a pegasus with a purple coat and black mane, stood on their porch waving a hoof to welcome her. As she trotted up, Kala opened the door and helped her carry the bags inside. "what'd you get?" the pegasus inquired as she set the bags on the counter. Taffy shrugged, unpacking a few of them and taking out a box of peaches. "...figured I could try baking a cobbler!" she said, then frowned as Kala winced. "I'm not that bad at cooking. besides, I'm getting better. I promise you, you'll enjoy this one!"
  10. I..... exist. Ponies of Canterlot.com, I live once more....

  11. ...I have stopped lurking almost entirely because I realized I need to look at your art x3
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