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    Kala (Warmheart, due to her marriage)
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    Taffy Warmheart
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  1. QueenCerali


    that looks awesome sounds fun to have in an RP too =3
  2. oooooh, neat! ....I'm actually around to praise your art on the right day again x3
  3. see, Angie understands x3 besides, it's maaaagic. logic need not apply, though it's appreciated
  4. so have I. I lurk. I have lurked here since the dawn of time.... for millenia, I have taken the shape of a wall
  5. I..... exist. Ponies of Canterlot.com, I live once more....

  6. ...I have stopped lurking almost entirely because I realized I need to look at your art x3
  7. ....why am I not RPing on here right now? why am I not using Kala and Taffy? I should really be using them.

  8. *strives to stop being a lurker* seriously, I'm really bad at that
  9. teach? I'm not sure I'm the best choice for that. it will be free, though
  10. click link. it's in FFA, so no need for the application that's for WOE
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