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Skyhaven [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria

Name: Skyhaven

Sex: Female

Age: Mare

Species: Pegasus

Eye color: Deep turquoise

Coat: Pearly white

Mane/Tail: Mainly the same turquoise as her eyes with two stripes of dark purple running throughout. Her mane is quite long and she keeps it plaited so it stays out of the way during work. Her tail is almost floor length with a wavy texture.

Physique: Lithe and in tip top shape for her work in the REA. Being a precision flier has trimmed and toned her wing muscles to a level few pegasi achieve. She also has a great deal of control and reflex which has served her well as a first class medic in the REA .

Residence: In the REA barracks when she is working back to back shifts. When not on duty she lives in a nice rented apartment above a cafe in north Canterlot.

Occupation: Her foremost role in the REA is as a first class medic. She has seen time serving to aid the injured on the battlefront and also holds a permanent post in the infirmary at the REA base. She is also a reserve specialist flier in the REA, and as such has been used on special missions for recon and has also been a member of a few elite information gathering missions. She is also a Wonderbolts reserve after having passed her entrance requirements upon moving to Canterlot and before becoming a member of the guard.

Cutie Mark: Crossed long spears over a Unyasian traditional healer's mask. The story of the acquisition of her cutie mark can be found in the history section.


Sky's parents were renowned pegasi botanists. They met because of their similar career path. During their time together both traveled the lands of Equestria and far beyond finding plants with properties that could help pony kind. Autumn Leaf and Willow were overjoyed to learn of there soon coming foal. After Skyhaven's birth the two stayed in Canterlot to raise their young one. As soon as she was old enough to carry in a special saddle bag they began taking her with them on their scouting missions. They would roam far into the wilds, sometimes for many days in a row. Skyhaven was too young during this time to have any specific recollection of it now.

When she was a year old her parents took her with them to Unyasi. During their time in unknown regions of the continent they and their young filly became ill. The small family was found in very poor health by members of a local zebra tribe. Though the zebra healers worked long and tirelessly they were unable to save Skyhaven's parents. They did however manage to save the little filly. It was decided by the zebra tribe to raise the young filly as their own. She was given to the tribe's head healer and her assistant to raise as their own.

Skyhaven continued to grow with her adoptive family. An even deeper love for the natural world was implanted into her life by the zebra mares. The two healers taught the young one on all they knew, treating her as an apprentice as well as their daughter. It was not long before the healing art of the zebra tribe was instilled in the young Skyhaven. It would take more time for her to learn all the secrets but she was a fast learner.

When she was nearing the end of her filly age Skyhaven also began to take an interest in the worrier arts of the zebra tribe. This particular tribe had many notable warriors including a very talented spear stallion. After repeated asking she was granted permission from her parents to the train in the way of the long spear. They knew that being a worrier also offered a way to peace as is the way of the Unyasi warrior. They were happy to see their daughter learn the healing arts from them and the art of the spear from the tribe's warriors.

Under the training of the spear stallion Skyhaven progressed quickly. She could be found in the sparring arena as often as at the healer's side in the medicine hut. This was a very satisfying time in the filly's life, she felt fulfilled by both the endeavors she had undertaken. It was during a rather intense spar with the spear stallion that Skyhaven receive her cutie mark. The traditional healer's mask crossed by twin long spears. Showing her love both for the healing arts and the art of warriors.

Skyhaven knew from a very young age that she was not a zebra. She was not colored as they were and she possessed wings. She had seen ponies like her many times, mostly tourists from a Equestria. As is often the case she wished to know of her original heritage and culture. Though the tribe was saddened by her choice to leave they knew it was not forever and that Skyhaven deserved to know where she had come from.

After making her way to a Equestria she settled on Canterlot as the place of her residence. She quickly learned of the Wonderbolts and soon joined their Academy. She was an excellent flyer as she had used her wings in the wilds of Unaysi as well as training in the art of the spear while in flight. This helped her make her way through preliminary Wonderbolts training. She spent two years with the Wonderbolts as a cadet in training and was asked to tryout as a reserve flyer after her cadet years were finished. Though the tests were rigorous she was able to pass and holds a reserve flyer rank on the Wonderbolt squad.

Though she enjoyed flying as a Wonderbolt she also desired to pursue her passions of healing. She was directed toward the REA and enlisted with them soon after. She was admitted as a understudy medic pony and was able to quickly advance through her first year training. She had the skills and innate talent of a healer and was also gifted in the use of the REA issued long spear.

She now serves as an active duty first class medic and reserve specialist flyer for the REA. She hopes to continue moving up within the ranks of the famed Royal Equestrian Army.

Character Summary/Personality:
Skyhaven has a very open mind, coming from a very diverse background. She has lived and worked among many different types of ponies and had learned much from many different perspectives. She does not impose her opinions on others and will only give advice when asked by close friends. She can be quite serious and pointed but is also able to loosen up and have fun. She takes her role as a healer to heart not only because she is skilled but also because she cares for others. She loves to see the sick become well. This is all part of the soft inside of this mare.

She also has a hard exterior as needed. She is skilled in the use of a few weapons but none more so than the long spear. She is able to combine her agile flight tactics with the spear to work with accuracy. She would never use her skills as a worrier to bully or fight unnecessarily. She follows the orders given to her by superiors as long as they do not conflict with who she is .

Skyhaven is quite a charming mare often times attracts the attentions of others. She can be coy and something of a flirt when the mood takes her. When this does happen though she never loses her cool or her level head.

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