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Scootaloo (ready)


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Name: Scootaloo aka "Scoots"

Gender: Female

Age: Filly

Species: Pegasus

Eye color: Various shades of purple

Character color: Tangerine orange

Mane/Tail/Other: Scootaloo's mane and tail are kept short and look wind blow due to her fast pace lifestyle. She lets her forelocks curl up over her forehead which keeps them out of the way. Her mane is super short in the back, almost resembling a mohawk. This cut goes well with her slightly tom-colt personality. Her tail is a little on the long side compared to her mane and it has a bit of a curl to the end of it as well. 

Physique: She is built like most of the other fillies in her class with plenty of perk and bounce in her stride. The one difference she sports is that her wings are not yet fully developed. She doesn't know if they will eventually catch up or if they will always remain on the small side. She doesn't let this deter her spunk however, and often takes to her scooter to fly through the air!

Residence: She lives in a house in Ponyville with her parents.

Occupation: Currently Scootaloo is a school pony and a full member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders!

Cutie Mark: Scoots sports a fresh cutie mark that she received part way through she school career. It is a tri-colored shield (red, light purple, and a darker purple. On the shield is a pegasus wing with a lightening bolt inside of it.  

The wing represents much more than the ability to fly, especially since Scoots can't actually fly. This young mare has a heart that soars and a spirit to reach the skies! The bolt inside the wing shows Scoots' intrepid nature. She is willing to add her spark to any adventure and has the adventurous energy in her to carry other ponies along when needed and give them the courage they need to be the best they can be!


Unique Traits: 

Scoots has many unique qualities and the most noteworthy will be mentioned here!

She adores her friend Rainbow Dash! Scoots is the president and founder of the Rainbow Dash fan club. Along with this she looks for any excuse to spend time with Dash. The two are often seen practicing flying, talking and laughing, and basically just being awesome! Rainbow is totally impressed with Scootaloo's abilities both in over coming obstacles in her life and standing up for what she believes in. One of the very first ponies to congratulate Scoots on her new mark was Rainbow Dash. Scoots sees her as a big sister and a trusted friend.

Scootaloo's scooter is always near by. She loves to hop on her favorite ride and get those wings flapping! Though she can't fly she has been preformed tricks on the scooter that are even more cool they flying on her own! She uses the scooter by powering it with her fast flapping wings to take off into the air! She can also pull her friends along for the ride!

Her closest friends are the other members of the Cutie Mark Crusaders! This was originally a club designed to help three little fillies gain their cutie marks. Over the course of a couple years and the heart felt effort of Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo is more than just a little club. They have members all over and are in the business of helping other ponies be true to themselves so they can find their cutie marks!

The members of the Crusaders are also Scootaloo's best friends forever! Apple Bloom and Sweet Belle mean the world to Scootaloo. She loves to adventure with them and learn valuable lessons about being true to oneself along the way!


Scoots was born to loving parents that reside on the outskirts of Ponyville. they raised their little filly with love and support especially in teaching their offspring what it meant to believe in yourself! This was important for Scoots especially since it appeared her wings were not developing as quickly as other young pegasi. Though this was upsetting for Scootaloo at times her parents continued to build into her the mentality of being strong and believing in herself. 

As she grew Scootaloo noticed she really enjoyed living an adventurous life! Her parents got her a scooter for her birthday and ever since that day she enjoys getting from place to place even faster than she could on wings! She loved to scoot on her scooter, play hoofball, and generally have a good time getting dirty and playing hard! Of course she was a bit of a tom-colt but this was never a problem. She has always had lots of friends and made her best friends not long into her school pony years.

About the same time as making friends with Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle at school, Scootaloo saw a rainbow streak soar across the sky! Scoots eyes bugged out in awe as the sky blue pegasus Rainbow Dash swooped in for a landing! From the day she met Rainbow Dash Scootaloo admired and respected Rainbow. She was fast, and adventurous, and lived life on the edge just like Scootaloo wanted to! Rainbow was exactly what Scoots wanted to be, free and full of life! She idolized Rainbow to the point where she even started a fan club to let other ponies know just how awesome Rainbow Dash was!

The one thing that keeps the older filly from being able to join Rainbow for even more adventures is her wings. They are still not totally developed and she can't hold herself off the ground for more than a few moments at a time. though she can flap her wings super fast, almost like a humming bird, they just don't have the lift she needs to really fly. Scoots is not sure they ever will grow in all the way but she has decided not to focus on this part of her life. There are lots of ways for her to experience flying aside from having wings that work like other pegasi. This does of course attract the attention of bullies at time but with the strength of her friend Scoots has been able to overcome this time and time again!

Scoots gained her cutie mark in a recent event with her two closest friends. Though not many, if any, ponies can say they got their mark to match their friend's simultaneously. She stood up for a friend as they have done on multiple occasions but at the end of this particular venture, it became apparent that the three were not helping just to get to their marks.  They were helping purely to help another pony achieve their dreams! Pipsqueak was able to become class president and Diamond Tiara was able to become the pony she really wanted to be from the influence of the cutie mark crusaders. This change of heart may be what triggered the cutie marks to appear on the three crusaders! All three were caught up in the magic at one time and receive very similar marks!

Her next steps will be to walk out her role as a member of the cutie mark proclaimed trio! They will step out into life on behalf of others. Helping ponies to make choices that will help them live their best lives and discover their unique and amazing qualities. This will hopefully lead many ponies to discovering their cutie marks!

Character Personality: 

Scootaloo had a nature that seldom gives up! She has inner strength just like the lightening bolt in her cutie mark! She has a heart that soars and spirit that just won't quit!

Even though she is a really strong filly she certainly needs her friends. Like most ponies she does have her down days and needs to be reminded on occasion that she does have the strength she needs to go on. Even if she doesn't have it all on her own, she can't get it back from having friends that believe in her. She used to feel a bit grounded because of her wings but since recent events this has effected her less and less. 

She does really want to be cool and that is one of the reasons she looks up to Rainbow Dash. However, especially since gaining her cutie mark she has come to realize that she already has what she needs to be proud of herself. Rainbow Dash is proud of her and even admitted that she has learned from Scootaloo! Since the time of gaining her mark Scootaloo has felt like she is beginning to grow up. She still has a few years left in school but she will be a full grown mare before she knows it!

For now she will continue to love adventure and playing outside with her friends. However, she has recently come to terms that she is growing up and soon there will be more to do than ride around on her scooter, run the Rainbow Dash fan club, and enjoy life in Ponyville. There are bigger adventures out there and she won't be facing them alone!

Character Summary:

Scootaloo is a filly that lives from her heart! She is full of life and energy, ready to go on an adventure even if it does scare her a little. Scoots can be intimidated but she is learning more and more about overcoming intimidation as she goes along. Recently her life has been taking some turns towards growing up. Growing up could be considered a main theme in her life right now, stemming from receiving her cutie mark.

She is strong but can also be quite dependent on her friends. Especially now that she has a mark that matches two of her friends it comes naturally that the three of them will step out on this next phase of life together.

This filly is becoming more confident by the day! There was a time in her life when lots of things scared her and she found herself on the run more than once. In the past she was able to overcome these obstacles with help from her closest friends and from her idol Rainbow Dash. However, as time goes on Rainbow has become more a close friend and less of an untouchable idol, and her friends are becoming teammates with direction and purpose in investing in the lives of others!

Even though she may not ever be able to fly with her own wings, the sky is the limit for this spirited young mare!


RP Prompt Response:

Scootaloo's wings were a blur as the filly sped down the streets of Ponyville towards the crusader's club house. She narrowed her eyes, scoping out a section up ahead where she could really catch some air!

"Oh yeah!" She flipped the scooter around under her, completing a sweet three sixty before landing the move and speeding on! 

"Can't be late to the first big meeting!" She spoke to herself as she continued on her way.

The plan was to meet up a few minute before the rest of the crowd was scheduled to arrive. The three original members of the Cutie Mark Crusaders were about to have their first meeting since receiving their own marks! This time would be different from every time before. Not only did they not need to plan ways to get their marks, but the club house would be packed with new members! Fillies and colts that were all too eager to discover more of their true identities and their own cutie marks!

Scoots had been in discussion with her friends various times over the past couple of weeks. They had agreed that these meetings would not focus on actually gaining marks. Instead they would encourage their members to discover more about what they were good about and where their true passions in life lay. They didn't have too much of a real plan outside of just getting every pony talking and then they would see where things went.

Her scooter ground to a halt outside the club house and she trotted inside. After setting down her saddle bags she trotted over to her friends. She smiled at them, her mind turning to the fact that they really were growing up. With their new marks they didn't look so much like little fillies anymore. She was so proud to have the two ponies in front of her as friends. Apple Bloom had such a big heart, she was going to help so many ponies by letting them know somepony cares. Sweetie Belle was so very kind, and so sweet! Her name fit her really well. Scootaloo could hardly wait to see where their marks would take them!

"Hey guys! I brought some snacks...I hope there's enough room in here for everypony! I'm so so so excited for this!" She looked around. "I wonder who is going to show up today! I had a bunch of ponies at school tell me they were going to show up, even Diamond Tiara said she'd be here!"


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To avoid confusion, the age should probably say Filly instead of Young Mare (which essentially means young adult). Other than that, I'd say this app is ready for second review. :)

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