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IPB4 is live!


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For real this time!

Thank you everyone for your patience going through the database problem and two installations of IPB4.  I know it's been kind of nuts this past week, but now that we've finally gotten the software sorted out, we can get back to roleplaying and community building!

As before, please report any bugs in the Official Bug Report Thread.

Just a few of the changes we've made:

  • Display names and usernames have now been merged.  You will need to log in first with your username to gain access to the site, but after that you may change your display name.  Please remember that after changing your display name, you will use that new name to log in to the site.
  • Users can edit their display names freely for the next 30 days (until 25-March-2016). After the period expires, you will keep whatever display name you have. Choose wisely.
  • Sections of the site will now be single serving, ie: the Forums tab will only have forums on them and the Gallery tab will only have the gallery on it.  The default page of Canterlot is now a "Home" tab with snapshots of each of the sections of the boards: a gallery ticker, and a Discord widget among the things that are now shown there.
  • Users may now edit their cutie mark image URLs manually. Cutie mark images must be a GIF or PNG file of dimensions no larger than 75x75 px. Please host images off-site as per image policy.
  • RP log links have been simplified. Just copy and paste the URL of your log into the field and IPB will take care of the rest. Those who used the old abbreviated method of linking will need to re-enter your log URL into the appropriate field.
  • A user's content is now collected by their profile so you can tell at a glance where and how often you've been posting. Also status feeds can now accept HTML tags.
  • BBcode is no longer officially supported.  I've modified the editor to parse BBcode markup when you past or write it in, but you will not be able to edit source code in the editor pane once you've posted.
  • Previewing should now be much faster, as it opens previews in an overlay instead of loading a fresh page.
  • We have our own Discord server now!  Download the desktop app from the Discord site or click on the Connect button on the Discord widget to hop in and chat.  No signup necessary!


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