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Princess Twilight Sparkle [Ready]

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Name: Princess Twilight Sparkle, often referred to as Twi by her close friends, Twily by her brother

Sex: Female

Age: Young Mare

Species: Alicorn

Eye Color: Various shades of purple

Coat Color: Lavender

Mane and Tail: Twi’s mane and tail are shimmering dark blue with bright purple and pink streaks through the middle. She keeps her hair rather well groomed, brining a lustrous shine to them. Her locks are cropped sharply at the ends, keeping them perfectly in line.

Physique: She is a little bit taller than the average young mare, but not by much. She is also a tiny bit on the slender side, a figure maintained from being selective in what she eats and in time spent studying in her library. The features that truly make her stand out are her horn and wing combination. Being an alicorn is a rare occurrence in the Equestrian world. She also has a slightly longer horn than an average unicorn.

Residence: The castle of friendship in Ponyville.

Occupation: After a few years of growth and learning in Ponyville, Twilight has found herself as one of the princesses of Equestria. She will forever remain in a student/teacher relationship with her mentor Prinecess Celestia though she is technically no longer a student of Celestia. She is also the bearer of the Element of Magic.

Cutie Mark: Twilight’s cutie mark has a pink six pointed star at its center. Under the pink star is a slimmer white six pointed star. To the sides of this center piece are five smaller six pointed stars. This mark symbolizes her raw talent and aptitude for magic along with her dependence and having good friends to allow her to rise to who she truly is.

Image result for twilight sparkle cutie mark

Twilight had the honor of being invited to attend Celestia’s school for gifted unicorns when she was quite young. To secure her place in her classes the little filly needed to perform magic that would test her abilities in front of an audience. Twilight was super nervous when she went to take the test even though her loving parents were right there to cheer her on. There were teacher from the school there, ready to judge her based on her raw abilities. Twilight reached deep into herself to try to pull out magic enough to hatch the dragon egg she had been presented with. Though the little filly struggled and gave it her all, the most she was able to produce were a few small sparks from her still forming horn. Her heart sank is disappointment since being a part of this special school was what she really wanted for her life. She just couldn’t bring forth the magic. Twilight turned to leave in shame and then suddenly, an amazing event occurred!

A sonic rainboom moved across the sky in a glimmering streak! The magic of the moment caused a spike in her magical abilities and she was off! Twilight produced unheard of levels of magic that day! She hatched the ting dragon and grew him into a giant! She levitated the ponies around her and even transformed her parents into cacti! When it was over Twilight was left in a shocked state, not even knowing what had really happened. Princess Celestia was drawn to the scene and instantly recognized the talent within the filly. She came to Twilight’s side, fixed all the magic that had gone awry, and asked little Twilight if she would like to be her magical protégé. Twilight accepted, regaining herself almost instantly at the offer. It was a wonderful opportunity! Her parents were so proud and even more so when Twilight’s cutie mark appeared! At the time it seemed it was due only to her magical abilities but it would be revealed over time how much friendship also had to do with the mark.

Unique Traits:

Twilight is an alicorn, an extremely rare sight in the lands of Equestria. Her horn is just slightly longer than most unicorns her age. Since she is a princess of Equestria Twilight has grown slightly taller than other young mares her age since her alicornification.

She has a #1 assistant, the baby dragon Spike and a second assistance an owl named Owlowiscious.

This Princess has the ability to wield magic like no other pony in Equestria. She has an innate talent with all types of magic and picks up on various spells and magic incantations at a more rapid rate than any other unicorn or alicorn.


Twilight was born to loving parents and had a happy and uneventful upbringing. She had a big brother who looked after her like a good brother should. Her parents instilled in her a love for reading and growing her mind in many ways. Her mother had a love for history and instilled an intense desire of accumulating knowledge into her daughter. Her father was also a learned individual and many were the nights he would take his daughter out to gaze at the heavens above. Twilight grew up with an insatiable desire to gain knowledge. Her time with her muzzle in the books set her apart from other fillies in her class and because of such she grew up a tad socially awkward. When most of the little ponies were out on the playground, little Twilight could be found in the classroom, re-reading text books with a smile on her face. Later when all the young colts and fillies were excited about school dances and social events, Twilight could be found cozied up in a corner, a mug of hot chocolate close to hoof and her mind engrossed in whatever story her newest book brought her way. Though she was socially awkward, she was never quite labeled as an outcast. She wasn’t present enough for others to notice when she was gone. The one pony that really spent time with her was her big brother. Shining Armor always had a special bond with his sister “Twily”. Twilight loves and looks up to Shining, the colt that was always there for her. The other pony that invested a great deal in her besides family members was Cadence. A bond between the two developed early in Twilight’s life when Cadence was her filly sitter. They had so much fun together and Cadence was happy to join in the imaginative games Twilight loved to play. It was such a wonderful day for Twilight when she found our two of her very favorite ponies were to be married!

After her youngest filly years, the next big event in her life was when Twilight attended her first Summer Sun Celebration. It was her first time seeing the great Princess Celestia in action! The magic produced in raising the sun widened the eyes and enlarged the heart of the young filly. From the moment she saw Celestia’s outpouring of magic in all its glittering glory Twilight knew what she was aspiring towards. She would learn to harness magic and wield it like the Princess. She would be able to use it to help her friends and make life better for others. Plus she would be able to expand her mind more and more as she learned new spells. She went home after the celebration and put her mind to work! She read cover to cover any book on magic she could get her hooves on. She would sit for hours on end, devouring the pages of multiple texts. Long into the night she would read, until the candles she read by burned low and she fell asleep with her face in the last tome she had cracked open. Many days she could be found screwing up her face in concentration until sparks emitted from her budding horn and magic began to flow. Eventually she began to master various spells and her skills were more than most unicorns. Her proud parents decided they would enroll their young daughter into Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns. They wouldn’t have done so without the obvious love Twilight showed for anything of the magical nature.

Twilight passed the entrance exam with the flying colors of a Sonic Rainboom!  She began studying under her beloved Princess Celestia the very next day. Years passed with Twilight surprising even the most talented of unicorns in the royal palace. She was able to master spells that other practiced for years and still could not perfect. Her passion for learning and research was enough to launch her far beyond the reach of other unicorns practicing in the school. Twilight rocketed through her classes, skipping all intermediate and even many advanced lessons in her eagerness to wield even more magic. All of this learning was never to gain power or strength of anything but the mind. Though she was an extraordinary student she seldom let it go to her head. Having the highest of learning ambitions often left her feeling as though she was not enough, even when she was the best by a long shot. This conundrum furthered her isolation from her peers. She learned many amazing skills in school but few of these were in friendship outside of a few loose connection friends and Spike. The little dragon developed an instant attachment for the pony that hatched him and dedicated himself to being an assistant and friend to the magical unicorn.

Eventually she was exported to the town of Ponyville. Twilight was all too excited but also nervous to make this move. She was given her own home in the Golden Oaks library in town. Once she had moved into her new home Twilight as able to meet five extraordinary ponies. These five would become her closest of friends and help her learn the lessons she had been missing her whole life. What true friendship is all about! Through a course of events involving the Mare in the Moon, once thought to be legend but proved decidedly otherwise, these six formed a bond of friendship that would never be broken. Twilight and her friends became the keepers of the elements of harmony, with Twilight harboring the element of magic that holds the six together. The bearers of harmony became the center piece of many exploits including defeating Nightmare Moon, ridding the lands of Discords, and helping the save the Crystal Empire. All of these events bonded Twilight and her friends together and helped Twilight to learn lessons she would never have discovered otherwise. These are not lessons that can be gleaned from a book they must be experienced first hoof.

Celestia kept close tabs on her finest student during her time in Ponyville. Spike often sent messages to the palace that Twilight dictated. The mare made sure to keep her teacher abreast of all her learning both from books and from experiences with her friends. Finally the time arrived when Twilight was able to master a spell to help her friends discover more of who they really are. The most powerful and wonderful magic of all is the magic of friendship and it takes friendship to discover who a pony really is. Once she had helped each friend sort out their cutie mark Celestia transported her to a magical realm and through the course of the magic of Equestria Twilight was transformed into an Alicorn!

Twilight’s first season as an Alicorn was exciting at times but also troublesome. It took her quite a long time to become an adept flier and even more time to become adjusted to not really knowing why she had been chosen and a Princess of Equestria. After more time and life events passed by Twilight discovered that she was to be the Princess of Friendship. She is a shining example of friendship, especially since she has learned from many mistakes. She is still far from perfect but she is a perfect fit for the role of Princess. She as an avid learner knows there is always more wisdom to gain. Mistakes will be made but these too are learning experiences.

Character Summary:

Twilight is a plucky pony who strives to think the best of others. She tends to be on the positive side though she can become stressed fairly easily. She is a pony willing to lend a helping hoof. Twilight thinks the best of other ponies as much as she can and is quick to forgive when a pony is learning to change their ways. Most recently this quality was seen in her demeanor towards Starlight Glimmer. In this situation a pony that was once an enemy is now under the wing of the Princess of Friendship learning the qualities it takes to be a good friend.

She still enjoys a good book but Twilight has learned to be just as pleased to spend time with her friends. She is a quick learner and capable of changing quickly to suit the situation as needed. Her magical powers are unmatched in all of Equestria though she is still learning to master the far reaches of her abilities. She has the talent to immerse herself into study until a solution is found and has an extremely high intellect to match all of her study and magical attempts. Though she will always look up to and respect Celestia the relationship between the two has changed since Twilight became a princess. Celestia herself has stated that the two will now learn from each other. Twilight is still not completely settled on her roles as a princess and so she learns as much as she can from all the other Princesses along with as many other sources as possible. International relations, socialization and cultures across Equestria, and many other points of Princess duty now hit the top of her research list. She wants to be prepared for whatever callings she may have in her new role.

Twilight has strong ties to both her family and friends. These titles can be interchanged quite easily in Twilight’s mind. She sees her close set of friends, including Spike as family as much as they are her best friends. Her relationships with her family can many times be seen as friendship as well, especially her friendship with Shining Armor. Twilight continues to get used to her role as a Princess and often times when she is with her friends she almost forgets her title. She has no intent to flaunt her position of authority and most times goes around as any other pony. On special occasions she will don her official crown of office and even more seldom are the times she decks out in royal regalia. Twilight is happy to be having fun with her friends and prefers this to any fancy seat of authority in the palace. She takes her role as a Princess seriously when she needs to though she is still getting used to it.


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Here's your RP Prompt at last:


How can you make the character unique, interesting, and expand on them beyond what we've seen in FiM? What happens after the episode ends? That is a question cast players are asked to answer. For your RP prompt, please give us a short example of the character doing what they do best. Be as creative and detailed as possible, and play them how you would in a live, opening roleplay. Be sure to finish your prompt with an opening for another character to realistically reply.


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 The morning sun shone down bright and inviting on Ponyville. Birds chirped in the trees and bees hummed in their hives.  The Pegasi had only left the smallest scattering of clouds on this wonderful spring morning. Dew still clung to the pettles of flowers that were just unfolding for their day.


 All of this beauty was lost for the moment on Princess Twilight Sparkle. Of course there were mornings when Twilight liked nothing better than to sit on one of the open balconies of her castle and admire the morning splendor while sipping a cup of tea. 

"Spike, have you seen my official orration scroll?"  The lavender mare looked this way and that searching out the misplaced scroll. 

 It usually made Twilight a little nervous to officiate events. But today was even more nerve-racking. It was a very special day for the beautiful mare and lucky stallion who were to be wed just a few hours from the present time. And by none other then the Princess of Friendship herself. They had asked the special favor of Twilight many months before and she had been happy to accept. It was only as the time got closer that Twi had gotten nervous.  She had never helped ponies say their wedding vows before. She had seen Celestia and Cadance perform wedding ceremonies before and she hoped she would be as good as they had been.

"Ah, there you are!" Her magic auora enveloped the scroll from where it had been laying next to the door with a small stack of other items she hadn't wanted to forget. The scroll and the items disappeared into her saddle bag one by one. She was carrying a special bag today that also held her crown. This and her other royal regalia she would not wear until she had reached Cantorlot castle. 

"Come on Spike, we need to head out or we'll miss the others!"

Twilight would meet her best friends and they were to travel together by train to Cantorlot from Ponyville. It was sure to be a fun day, and just knowing that her friends would be there made her feel less nervous. The Princess of Friendship took a deep breath and smiled as she pushed the door open. This was going to be a great and memorable day!

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