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Fanfcition Ideas?


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So I was thinking about writing a new fanfiction. However I was unsure what idea to use...so I thought perhaps you guys could help me out? This is an example of my writing I copied from a current story, my English grammar still needs work, I know.


Lunar Relic was walking back to his shop with some quills, ink and scrolls in tow. It was early and he didn’t open shop for another hour or so. During this time he went and grabbed some supplies he was low on. As he reached the front door he saw Prince Blueblood standing there. A little surprised he approaches the pony. “To what do I owe the honor Prince Blueblood?” he asks in a clear and firm tone.

                “Oh are you the owner of this shop?” the white pony asks, Lunar nods in response. “Well I need something fixed. A vase that was broken during a dinner party.”

                “I see.” Lunar nods opening the door. “Come in then.” The maroon unicorn walks in behind a counter and sets his bag down as Blueblood puts the shards of the vase on the counter. Lunar examines them for a minute. “Hmm… alright for a midsized vase the cost is 25 bits for a full restoration.”

                “25? For something like this? But this vase is worth easily 10 times that!” Blueblood says surprised. Handing the unicorn the money.

                “I can tell.” Lunar agrees “But my rates are firm and cheap so anypony can make use of my service. Now then.” He looks at the shards of the vase and they glow before reshaping the vase and with a flash the vase was good as new. “There you go. Good as new.”

                “Wow thank you sir.” Blueblood says “I don’t believe I got your name.”

                “It’s Lunar Relic.” The unicorn answers with a dip of his head.

                “Thank you Lunar Relic.” Blueblood repeats this time with his name.

                “Glad I could be of service.” Lunar Relic smiles as Blueblood turns and leaves. Lunar then puts the bits where he keeps the rest of his stores income as he takes a rag and stars cleaning the counter top.

Anyways these are the 3 ideas I have:


1: A shipping story (Any couple at this point)

2: Rarity bringing back some strange gem that begins to cause strange things around Ponyville.

3: A story including Lunar Relic, probably a slice of life or action/adventure


Any input would be great!

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If you go with #1, perhaps FlutterHugger? It's my personal face ship, and one I would like to see more of. The two work well together, and are just adorable (though most ships with Flutter are).

Though #2 has potential.

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