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Name: Jade
Sex: Female
Age: Mare
Species: Horse
Eye Color: Various shades of deep green
Coat:  Solid flat black
Mane/Tail: Both mane and tail are cropped short though she keeps her forelocks long to frame her face. Her locks are coal black with a few wisps of deep green around the tips.
Physique: She is fit and well muscled, ready for action at a moment’s notice. She works hard to keep herself in tip top shape. She balances her strength with flexibility to create a lithe body structure overall.
Residence: Formerly an encampment on the outskirts of the Petite Desert near Wakr. She now holds a small and quite secretive residence in Seaddle.
Occupation: Go between for a smuggling trade between Equestria and Saddle Arabia. Leader of a ring of gem smugglers. Works for WRAITH as a spy when the pay is right.
Cutie Mark: NA
Unique Traits: Jade is a master of camouflage and spy tactics. These were enforced through years of dedicated training. She can move undetected through even the most scrutinized fields by adopting the techniques that were instilled through her life learned art form. These skills have been put to the test in the field as a lead in many smuggling operations. She is also skilled in short range combat and is able to dispatch an enemy silently and swiftly with lock techniques as well as skills with her blades.


They say that fortune favors the brave, but this was not the case with the father of the small black foal. Though he had been in the confidence of the Ring Leader, to the point of fathering a child with her, he could not be trusted with his secrets. Ibis, Keeper of Gems, ordered the dispatch of her mate as if on a whim. The mare was never one to be trifled with. He had asked for too much, seen too much, it had been his time to leave. Though he had been the key to many a successful raid and had added much power to the smuggling ring known as ENIGMA, it was over all too quickly.

Ibis raised her young filly to look after herself. Someday Jade would take over ENIGMA as the Keeper of Gems. She would lead with the same prowess that her mother did. Ibis made all the arrangements. Jade was tutored by some of the brightest minds in Saddle Arabia. she was sent to Saddlelon to be instructed in the arts of philosophy and wisdom. The young filly gained knowledge in leaps and bounds during these early days. She was never without a longing in her heart for her mother and father, though she was not to know either intimately. As time went on she hardened her heart to these thoughts, steeling herself to a life of self preservation above all else.

Ibis allowed her daughter to come to her own conclusions on her training. She would need not only the ability to out think opponents but also to be calculating in dealing with those that might oppose her. Jade traveled form the desert encampment to compound in the mountain ranges of the Petite Deserts. She would stay in this compound for many years, learning at the hooves of a master marital artist. The master of the compound, instructed Jade until she entered her mare years. By this time she had discovered many secrets of the art form including camouflage, stealth, and short range combat. Jade specialized in stealth, mastering each lesson brought before her. When the time was right she was awarded with the weapon she had trained with for many years.

Jade returned to her mother’s secret encampment, determined to take the position of leadership she had been honed for. Ibis was pleased with the way her daughter had turned out, but was unwilling to give up her seat of authority. Jade took a cold edge to her mother. She had been brought up away from home, away from a caring mother. It was as if all Ibis wanted was to manufacture the perfect mare to take over ENIGMA. Now she had what she had wanted and she was not willing to give up her position? Jade began to conspire against her mother soon after.

It took several months but it was not long before Jade had unseated her mother and taken her place of power. She began to amass a wealth of her own. Along with her new found wealth she gained prestige in greater Saddle Arabia as a mare of power and position. She also held a notorious reputation in the smuggling world. Over time these worlds began to collide. After a particularly close event, Jade's true identity as the Keeper of Gems was close to being revealed.  The mare left her second in command in charge of the Saddle Arabian ring of ENIGMA and moved to Equestria.

The Emerald of Equestria seemed the perfect fit for the leader of a smuggling ring. There was much to be gained from the commerce of Seaddle and Jade would have her share! She quickly set up headquarters for herself in a small warehouse deep in the downtown district of the city. From here she commenced setting up a new ring. As her dealings with the underbelly of society increased it did not take long for her to catch wind of WRAITH. The organization fit the bill perfectly. She could run her ring and come under the protection of a larger organization that could provide her with allies. Working for WRAITH would allow her to make new ties and strengthen relationships that could someday become very useful to her pursuits.

Character Summary:

Jade is a mare with a calculating mind and a cut throat mentality. She appears as a mare full of grace and poise to the public eye, often gracing events with her presence as a community service. She is quite skilled in leading a double life, especially since making a mistake in the past that almost cost her everything. She is a smooth talker and often leaves stallions fumbling for words. Because of her fortunes she is able to quickly make a name for herself as a public figure which she uses to her advantage. However, her beauty is only skin deep. Jade is a mare out for herself in all matters. She will do whatever is necessary to create personal gain and keep herself from harm's way. She can become aggressive when driven to it and will not allow another to wrong her without recompense. Jade, like her mother, is not a mare to be trifled with.

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