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Diamond Tiara [ready]

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Name: Diamond Tiara

Sex: Female

Age: Filly

Species: Earth pony

Eye color: Various shades of blue

Coat: She has a sparkling clean pinkish plum colored coat

Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are two-toned, white streaked with bands of lavender. Her forelocks are swept back behind her ear and her mane falls in a styled curl over her neck. Her tail is ground length but is kept up off the floor by its wavy curls.

Physique: Certainly not skinny but also does not carry extra weight. She is pretty much average for a filly her age.

Residence: One of the fanciest villas in the district of Ponyville.

Occupation: Student intent on discovering who she is really meant to be.

Cutie Mark: 

Diamond’s cutie mark, which she displays quite proudly, is a light blue tiara with five spheres surmounting the top. At first she believed this mark recognized her entitlement to living a rich pony’s life and her pride. She has recently discovered it means much more.


Diamond was born in Ponyville and grew up wanting nothing. Her parents Filthy Rich and Spoiled Rich did everything they could to raise their only filly with the best of the best. As often happens when a pony is given everything they could ever want, they quickly grow entitled to such treatment. The young filly had only to point at a toy or a treat and it was hers before she could blink! Of course there were limits to this as their money comes only from a fairly successful business, but if they couldn’t get her exactly what she wanted they would always find something close.

It was during one of these encounters that the filly earned her cutie mark. A symbol that she could get any pony to do what she desires. On a trip to a gem shop in Caterlot, Diamond’s eyes alighted on a particular sparkling rainbow gem set in a breast collar. It was absolutely stunning but the cost was far more than her parents could afford. The filly took on an air of indifference to her parents for a long spell, hoping her behavior would cause them to go out and buy the jewelry for her. In the end, Diamond’s father was able to purchase a smaller rainbow gem elsewhere and had it set into a breast collar for his daughter. Diamond was pleased with the present and as her father fastened it around her neck her cutie mark appeared!

When her parents enrolled her in public school she was introduced to the fact that she would not always get her way or what she wanted and she did not take to it well. She soon whittled a domineering role for herself at school, pushing various ponies around to get herself exactly where she wanted to be socially. She considered herself better than every filly and colt at school and only one pony was really worthy to be her “friend”. Silver Spoon was initially drawn to the powerful social position of Diamond Tiara however she quickly learned that Diamond’s definition of “friends” was not quite what she was hoping for. Diamond often used Silver to her advantage. As she continued to grow up Diamond only became more domineering.

Diamond was often the ring leader when it came to mocking and belittling “blank flanks” at their school. Though Miss Cheerilee and others tried to keep her from doing so. There was no filly or colt without a mark that had not tasted the lash of Diamond’s harsh remarks. Things continued to escalate as the years went by until Diamond had turned every single other pony at school away from her. During the student body president elections even Silver Spoon had had enough of Diamond’s ways. Diamond had considered herself a shoo-in for president. Nopony would dare vote for somepony else! She had it locked up…as she had the secrets of others locked up and was willing to spill them as needed.

There was something else that had began to spill inside of the young filly. Though she had been raised to push for her desires and to make others do what she wanted, it didn’t really feel right to her. She saw other ponies, markedly the Cutie Mark Crusaders, enjoying the one thing she really longed for but had never really had. Friends. Something she couldn’t buy, and something her current behavior could not win her. This longing became more and more intense especially after Silver Spoon turned her back on her. Diamond sunk to an all time low, knowing that what she really wanted was the one thing she had pushed away her entire life.

Then everything changed when the Cutie Mark Crusaders stepped in! Though she pretended at first that they had not affected her, the Crusaders showed her friendship when it was the last thing she deserved. The same three ponies that she had mocked a ridiculed for years not only invited her to hang out, but pushed her to make a decision that would change her life. Instead of trying to unseat the currently voted in student body president, Diamond stood up to her mother, protected the reputation of her new found friends, and had a message delivered to her father that would help Pip keep his presidential role!

By making this decision she was not only able to secure a friendship with the Cutie Mark Crusaders, but the encounter gave the Crusaders the moment they had always longed for! They earned their marks and she found the true meaning behind hers! She could make other ponies do what she wanted. Instead of using that fact to her advantage, she would use it to help other ponies! It was the direction her heart had always longed for!

Diamond Tiara has a very strong personality. She is abrasive and doesn’t always say what would make another feel great. She is however, working on this. She has discovered who she really wants to be and she has never felt so whole! 

Character Summary:

Though she has much more noble aspirations than she once had, it takes a long time to teach a pony new ways. She is still very much self absorbed and often speaks out without thinking. She can become very temperamental and quite callous when the mood takes her. She spent a large portion of her life getting everything she wanted and so when she does not have things go her way she tends to simmer in ill feelings. It will take the help of the new friends she has acquired to help her move past these behaviors so that she can continue to grow into the pony she wants to be.

Any pony who does become of friend of Diamond must have thick skin. She is still learning and often resorts to her former nature. She is teachable however and though she is extremely bad at apologizing a friend can see when she is trying to apologize through her actions if not her words. She tried hard to not be manipulative now and will also pause to listen to others where she once would talk over every pony else. She is a conflicted filly and very much needs friends to help her know which path to walk down.

Overall, she has a sense of freedom about her that she never experienced until recent events. The desire to be a good friend was lock deep within her all along, just aching to get out! Now that she has shown she has a softer side, she also feels vulnerable. This is the one feeling she has tried to keep at bay. She needs to learn that being a friend means balancing being strong and being vulnerable at the right time and in balance in her life.

Diamond Tiara is extremely passionate. When she sets her mind to something she will give all she has to reach her goals. She is either all in or completely adverse when she lives her life day to day. If she thinks something is a good idea she will endorse it to the end of her means. She has also learned that she can quell bullying and fighting as well as she was once able to start it. Other ponies listen to her and do what she says, which helps when trying to convince ponies of the idea of friendship instead of malice. She is proud of her abilities to influence others and desires to train herself to use her special talents for the good of herself and others.

Diamond Tiara has a long way to go and she will make many more mistakes, but she is defiantly on the track to becoming the pony she wants to be!




"Uh!" Diamond Tiara glared about the Cutie Mark Crusader's tree house. "Where are they?" She paced back and forth in the dimly lit room.

Her insides were churning. It still felt weird to be hanging out with other fillies, especially the Cutie Mark Crusaders. She had earned back Silver Spoon, thank Celestia! She really didn't know what she would have done if her best friend in the world hadn't forgiven her. When she really thought about it, Silver Spoon really was a true friend. Diamond had been awful to her for years and yet, they were still friends.

"There must really be something magical to this friendship thing..." She clamped her muzzle shut, worried that somepony might have heard her.

This was all just so new. Sure, she felt absolutely great now. She was free to be who she really wanted to be. Her parents had changed their tune towards her. All she had to do was tell them what she wanted and they complied. It was easy with her parents. She knew they would respond that way but...could it really be that she had that kind of influence on other ponies too? She still had a hard time believing that. If it was true, that was a lot of power to place on one earth pony. She would have to learn to handle it so she could make the right choices. Thus, her friendship with the CMC.

Well, that and the fact that she was starting to think the three of them were actually kind of cool. They still did lame stuff sure, but well, they had a friendship between each other that she dearly yearned for. She would learn to be that kind of friend with Silver Spoon and then who knew!

Today was going to be a day of spending time with the Crusaders and Silver Spoon. She was sure the CMC were viewing it as a time to share more of the ideas of friendship with her. She knew she would probably say mean stuff a few times but she was working on it.

"Geez, there's a lot more to this than I thought..." She contemplated the day for a moment. She didn't even know what was planned. It was then that she heard voices and hoof beats coming towards the tree house.

"Ok Diamond, you can do this!" She tried to relax. This was supposed to be fun!

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