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Spike [Ready]

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Name: Spike aka Spikey Wikey to his dear friend Rarity 
Sex: Male
Age: Baby
Species: Dragon
Eye color: Various shades of bright green
Body Color: Spike has light purple scales making up the majority of his body coloring. His underbelly traveling from his lower jaw to the tip of the underside of his tail is a shade of very light green.
Mane/Tail: Spike had a ridge of dark green scales that starts at the top of his head and continues down to the end of his tail. There is a break in the row in the middle of his back His tail is topped with a dark green spade shaped scale.
Physique: Spike is on the pudgy side. This is likely do to the fact that he is still a baby dragon. He has short, stocky limbs and isn't very strong. 
Residence: Ponyville, in the same residence as Princess Twilight Sparkle the Castle of Friendship
Occupation: Princess Twilight's number one assistant, Dragon Lord for a few seconds
Cutie Mark: NA

Unique Traits:

Spike can be a very useful assistant, when he remembers to wake up on time. It really isn't his fault if he goes to bed early and wakes up late as he is a baby dragon. One of the traits that Twilight often calls for is his ability to send messages to Princess Celestia via fire mail. He simply belches out a plume of green fire and the scroll with the message appears before Celestia. This trait also works in reverse. Celestia can send messages back through Spike. He belches fire and a scroll magically appears right after!

This little guy just loves gems! Sure, they're pretty and shiny but Spike is more interested in their taste! He has been found munching and crunching down bowls of turquoise like popcorn. He snacks on gems that some would have set into the finest of jewelry. He has even worked on aging fine ruby as a special treat for himself. Of course that gem ended up with somepony other than himself.

Spike had a long standing crush on Rarity. It's really no secret as he tends to wear his emotions on his sleeve. On the rare occasion that she might give him a little kiss on the cheek, Spike will literally melt into a puddle.


Dragons are good at dealing with fire. Often it is no issue at all. They live among flowing lava and rocky outcrops. They do however, on occasion have problems with water. This was the case for Spike's mother. She had nested near a sea cliff. The view was nice and she could easily fly out from the cliff location to gather supplies for her brood. She was not expected a rather large wave. It came up out of season with hardly a warning. Perhaps a shift in the ocean floor caused it to begin. The surge gained power and height as it rolled across the ocean. The huge wave crashed into the cliffs near the dragon's nest. She was able to keep all of her eggs shielded, except one.

Spikes egg floated out across the tide, carried by the receding wave. It was eventually found by ponies and brought to Princess Celestia. The wise leader gave the egg to those in the highest positions in her school of magic. Perhaps they could rear a dragon to grow up good and kind? Perhaps by magic, perhaps by example? Of course the first step would be hatching the egg.

As it happened, the purple and green spotted egg ended up in a cart in front of the filly Twilight Sparkle. She tried with all her might, with a fizzling result. Then a sonic rainboom occurred! Such a burst of color and power rippling across the sky caused Twilight's magic to increase! The still unhatched Spike could feel something happening!


The egg shattered and out came a little baby dragon! Another burst of magic made him surge in size, towering over the castle in Canterlot! After Princess Celestia came onto the scene she quickly reversed the aging spell and Spike settled on his newborn size!

As Twilight was the one to hatch the baby, she was allowed to care for him. Spike quickly took to Twilight, giving her an almost motherly role in his life. The hatchling grew in the care of Twilight, soon coming of age to speak. He learned at the hooves of Twilight the sense of right and wrong and how to be a friend. It was soon after this that he took on the role of being an assistant to Twilight.

Since becoming Twilight's number one assistant, Spike has grown up in many ways. He has learned about jealousy, mostly when Twilight took on an owl as another assistant. He has learned about young love, mostly through his friendship with Rarity. He has learned about striking out on his own and standing up for himself. This mostly when he answered the Dragon Lord's call and ended up becoming the Dragon Lord himself! He has taught others the meaning of friendship, through his interactions with the current Dragon Lord Ember!

Spike has been through a lot in his young years and he has a whole life of living and learning before him!

Character Personality

Spike is quite the precocious young dragon. He has wit and a healthy dose of sarcasm in his personality. Overall he is friendly and overly willing to help others especially if there is some sort of reward in it for him. Of course this is a proper motivation for such a young dragon. Nothing will get him going like the promise of a big bowl of gems later on!

He has had time to grow up some over the past few years. After working through all the normal things a young one needs to learn, he is now ready for bigger lessons. In his recent trip to Dragon Isle Spike was faced with one of his biggest challenges yet! Not only was he sent on an epic journey to try to find the scepter of the Dragon Lord but he was pitted against many other dragons all bigger and stronger than himself. Though Twilight and Rarity were there to help him on his way, Spike was able to do things his own way! He befriended the daughter of the old Dragon Lord! Only did he help Ember become the new Lord, he was able to teacher her the meaning of Friendship! This time period has certainly added to his personality. It helped him to take a major step in growing up!

Character Summary:

Spike is a solid friend and trusted companion. He is loyal and always finds a way to make his friends laugh! He is still growing up and learning new lessons every day. He has dreams of being bigger and stronger than he is, and those dreams will come to fruition in their own time in their own way. For now Spike is a jovial and happy young dragon, with big dreams for his future!




"The whole day to ourselves! What do you think about that huh?" Spike chucked the owl lightly on the wing.


"Who do you think Owlowiscios ? Me and you!" Spike laughed lightly.


"Me...and...you!" Spike huffed a breath though his nostrils in frustration.


"M-..." Spike let his claws fall to his side and bit his tongue. "Oh, I get it." He trotted over and picked up his bag. "Come on! Let's go!"

It had taken some time but Spike had become firm friends with the owl that served as a second assistant to Twilight.

"I've got some fun stuff planned for us! In fact, I think Applejack should be out in the park with Winona by now." He glanced outside. It was past morning and just the right time to play outside. All of the recent grown up stuff that had come along with his visit to the dragon lands had got Spike looking forward to just relaxing.

"Come on!" He held the door open while Owlowiscios winged outside. "So, first we'll stop by Sugar Cube Corner. Pinkie Pie should be there and she promised me a sapphire cupcake for helping her bake the other day!" He licked his lips. "Yum! Can't wait for some cupcakes!"

As they made their way down the street he speculated more on their day. "After Sugarcube Corner we'll go see if AJ's around to play in the park. Then maybe catch up with Rainbow Dash and hear how things went at the flight derby the other day." He smiled. "Wow, today is going to be a ton of fun!"

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