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Starfall: The Frozen North (OOC)


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There once were four Princesses.
Each had the magic of a unicorn, the flight of a pegasus, and the strength of an earth pony.
Celestia brought the dawn, Luna raised the moon, Cadance sparked love in everypony's heart, and Twilight spread friendship.
Together, these wise and powerful ponies ruled Equestria in golden years of peace and prosperity, protecting it from any who would bring harm.
But one day, it all changed.
One day, the stars fell.
Destruction rained throughout Equestria and beyond. It was beyond what anypony had seen before.
The four princesses would not let their ponies suffer any longer. Together, they cast a massive shield over the land.
The stars hit the shield, and flashed harmlessly into nothing.
Their ponies had been saved, but at a cost.
The four princesses gave their lives defending Equestria, and their souls ascended into the heavens.
But they never stopped watching over us. 
Once Princesses, they are now Goddesses.
To this day, Celestia still brings the sun, Luna still brings the moon, Cadance still brings love, and Twilight still brings friendship.


Equestria has long since been gone, in its place four nations to honor the sacrifice of their gods: Celestia's Solar Empire, Luna's Lunar Republic, Cadance's Crystal Empire, and Twilight's New Equestria. Civilization has recovered from that dark day, and now thrives; Technology has slowly improved since the Pony-Griffon War roughly 600 years ago. Enchanted gemstones are becoming more complex, with new techniques in layering magic have been discovered, resulting in more complex magic being readily available to any who can afford it. The wealthy no longer require fire to heat their homes, using magic-based heaters instead. Automatic carriages are commonplace. A telegraph system has been put in place across Equestria. Weaponry is also more advanced; Magic Muskets are capable of numerous shots before reloading, and can hold multiple gems.
Relations with the Griffons has been improving, as are with the Changelings. The former are now friendly rivals, the latter's nation has been formally recognized and a small amount of trade has opened up.
But old habits die hard. There are still numerous ponies with distrust, and sometimes outward hatred, towards non-ponies. Changelings are only allowed in Equestria with special permits, and even then cannot become citizens.
A new future is on the horizon, but it may be some time until it is fully realized.


One thousand and twenty years have based since Starfall. The cold north of Whitescar is now prime for repopulation, as the large island had not been protected by the Princesses' last effort. All preliminary reports from scouting have pronounced the area uninhabited. A new colony, named "New Hope" by committee, is formed. Ponies seeking a new life, escaping their old life, or whom simply want to see the new land first hoof migrate to the land, settling in the first mainland town of Carbonite.

Things went well for the first 21 years. The town grew in size rapidly, and smaller villages have popped up around it. The southern coast of the island has been populated, and with supplies from the mainland Equestrian government, New Hope thrives. Ancient towns, devoid of residents and in ruin from a millenia of harsh winters, have been repaired and refurbished, given new life in housing the settlers.

But not all is well. Disappearances and rumors of "ice ponies" settle in unease for the settlers, and when an injured pony that they had vanished a week before stumbles into Red Mound, the village is on alert.

Especially when the pony begins talking about invasion...


This RP takes place in the Starfall universe. All necessary information is in the spoiler, and if you have any further questions about it feel free to shoot me a PM or post in this OOC.

In any case, here's the bio you'll need.





Physical Description:

Cutie Mark:


Small Bio:


Here's a map of the area. New Hope takes up the area south of the blue line. The red dot, of course, is Red Mound.




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Sure. He could be something of a spy for the United Hives, mainly just to keep an eye on the colony and aiding in its protection should it come under attack.

Though in the end his role is up to you. You know him better than I do.


Quick note, if he is under disguise, the option of artificial love (a product developed by the Changelings and is the catalyst for the hives' unification) will be trickier to utilize. He'll have to get it hidden in care packages from his "family" in that case, and hide it in the floorboards under his closet or something.


And I'm rambling again. Short answer is yes.

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I'll throw Agile into this again.  He was on a mission nearby when his Captain decided to split of the crew to investigate Whitescar.


If you don't want Agile (just because he's in the other rp as well), I can throw Centaurion in here.

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That's fine. You should be good to post in the next round. I suggest finding a way to meet with Lyiph's character. That way, we can have all of us converge on Red Mound roughly at the same time.

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4 hours ago, FiniteZero said:

That's fine. You should be good to post in the next round. I suggest finding a way to meet with Lyiph's character. That way, we can have all of us converge on Red Mound roughly at the same time.

I'm thinking to have him stumble into your group.



On the other hand, it's Lyi. :) 

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Just now, FiniteZero said:

Of course not. You're a log.

Were you around when I put that joke up?  


XD  I did actually make an entire joke profile pic of me being a log 



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