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Miraculous! (Sign-up/OOC discussion)


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(Some knowledge of the series is recommended for this roleplay.)



The world of Equestria is in danger! Hawk Moth, the owner of the butterfly miraculous, is using his power for evil in-order to take over the world! The Great Guardian is on the hunt for two young teenagers in Paris, France (I couldn't think of a MLP city/country pun for this one XD) who are worthy of having a miraculous so that they could stop the evil doings of Hawk Moth and protect the city!




Augercorn and I are looking for someone to play Ladybug in this roleplay. We have already discussed how we are going to run the roleplay, but if we encounter some problems along the way, adjustments will be made to help simplify things. 


The Guardian only appears at the very beginning, so it is not an available role :/ But, you can bring in some of your OCs as friends of the protangonists...who will be victims of Hawk Moth, so please bare with the itsy bitsy case of god modding here (Hawk Moth only gives commands, but you can still decide if your OC would follow his orders or concentrate on getting your revenge...is that even considered as god modding?)




App form:









My app:


(For the purpose of making the character work, Slash Claw would be an earth pony)

Name: Slash Claw (Cat Noir)

Gender: Male

Species: Earth Pony

Appearance: Slash's mane is brown and messy, even though he combs it. His eyes are bright orange and his coat is a darker shade of orange. When he transforms, his ears and tail are replaced with a cat's ears and tail and has a black eyemask and suit.

Personality: Slash is a mischevious, aloof, and an unpredictable sort of pony when he is in public, but to his friends he is kind, friendly, and energetic. Away from the public eye, Slash is actually very talkative and at times stupid.



Things are not set in stone yet so feel free to suggest some ideas before we start the roleplay!




Cat Noir: Slash Claw (Symphonic Fire)


Hawk Moth: Papillon (Augercorn)

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Awesome start 


Name; papillon/ hawk moth


gender; male


specis; unknown he wears a mask hat and coat that would conceal wings and a horn 


appearance; a tall intimidating pony; we only see hawk moth when using his powers for evil. He Reflective steel mask like that of a plague docor. His jacket has some stylish slight purple trim to it. His tie is purple with some butterfly designs on it



personality; hawk moth is a dangerous tricky fellow his greed and desire to take the power of the miraculous is what started this journey. 


However hawkmoth is also a powerful manipulator and usually makes it seem like he is helping his akuma's before manipulation them. They charm and persuasion and the promise of whatever they desire most at the moment; once he speaks to you; no one can resist an akuma

lastly he is very prideful and hates to lose. Easily losing his temper when he fails going into a growling rage. 


He he seems hateful of the general population and seems to have the power of mass empathy feeling all the emotions of prance at once. And he seems to care little for them 


background; ? 

To be discovered in game

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Name; Faire estoc/ lady bug


specis; pegasis


physical; Faire is a short mare and very slim. Her mane is blue and short in front; but usually in a bun in the back. Her tail is long and well kept though. Her fur color is a very light orange. 

She has large blue eyes; and usually wears simple but tasteful clothes.


personality; Faire is a young; creative and loving girl. She loves to create things and is very passionate about designing clothes. (Looks up to rarity). Faire was raised to always be kind and polite. 


Faire always works hard to be nice because she fears she is a naturally jealous, something she does not want to be and struggles with. 


Faire is a bit clumsy and shy, but she never lets that stop her. However she is usually not a very physical person, not good at sports and such. This is offset by actually being a quick thinker, while she knows how to react to certain situwations her body usually can't follow thru


she also so has a very tomboyish side loving metal music and video games.


faire lives with her mother and father in a bakery. Her father is a retired member of the French foreign legion (or the pony equivalent) 






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