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Lore Forum Guide

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Welcome to the new and improved Lore forum here at Canterlot.com! This is your one stop guide on how to use this forum and will also contain many handy links.


There are two types of lore found here on Canterlot.com. The first is Official Lore. This is lore that is official across the World of Equestria Roleplay. These are nations, organizations, places, species, and histories that are the accepted canon of our official roleplay settings. They cannot be contradicted by your own lore. Official Lore is the responsibility of Roleplay Staff- at this time, users may not submit lore to become Official Lore.


Unofficial Lore is the second main type of lore, and it is lore created by you- the userbase! Whether it is something you are passionate for or simply small additions to enhance your experience, Unofficial Lore can be anything you desire as long as it adheres to some simple rules. Unofficial Lore may not conflict with Official Lore, nor may it conflict with the intent and spirit of the World of Equestria setting. Unofficial Lore can be adopted by anyone for any purpose, but it doesn't have to be accepted by anyone. Unofficial Lore may be towns, relics, histories, theories, etc. that excite you! If you have questions, feel free to contact Staff, but Staff are not required for you to make or use Unofficial Lore as long as it adheres to the basic rules.


Lore topics, Official and Unofficial alike in their subforums, may not be posted in. Instead, all discussion must be left here, in the main forum. Official and Unofficial Lore will be in their own subforums. Discussion threads may be for purposes of asking questions of lore or trying to hash out a piece of unofficial lore with like-minded players. Wanna know something about Maretonia and it isn't mentioned? Ask, and a friendly staff member will be there to ask! Wanna build your own little hamlet near Stalliongrad? Talk it over with your friends!

Helpful Links:
Hints and Tips- Some general guidelines and friendly tips for the aspiring lore writer written by Dubstep.
World of Equestria Locations- A list of locations- towns, cities, geographical features, and nations- that are part of official lore.
World of Equestra Species and Extended Species Application Discussion- A list of playable official species for WoE and what others may or may not be allowed(though you can create lore either way).


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