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Lore Writing Tips and Guidelines: Lore Have Mercy


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Hello everypony! Friendly neighborhood Dubstep here! As you know, the doors of Lore have been thrown open! Carefully as to not fling them off the hinges though. So players like YOU, yes YOU! Can write your own Lore!


Now you may be asking, Dub, what’s the difference between the Lore written here, and the Lore you can find elsewhere on the site? Official Sanctioned Lore affects the site as a whole, things that appear on the map, such as Equestria, Aquellia, and Long Guo for example. These are things that are consistent through all RPs (Unless an AU shows otherwise). The Lore created here is on a by choice basis, if you like something another user has written, feel free to incorporate it into your own RP! You’re not bound nor forced to use any of the Lore found herein.


To help you along the path to Lore Enlightenment, I’m here to give you a few tips, tricks, and guidelines on how to best make your own addition to the ever growing World of Equestria!


  • First and foremost, your lore should NOT contradict established Official Sanctioned Lore or Show Canonical Lore, unless it is explicitly stated that it is for use in an Alternate Universe (AU) setting or for Free For All (FFA).

  • With that in mind, be sure to not try to skirt around the edge of what’s ‘acceptable’. If you’re concerned if your Lore might contradict something, then feel free to bring your questions to us!

  • Your Lore should be presented in a style that is both pleasing to look at and gets the point across. Make something that catches someone’s eye! Something that someone will say ‘Hey, I like this, I want to use this in my OWN RPs!’ And while there’s no hard fast rule for how you make your Lore entry look, there are ways to spruce them up!

    • Having the title of your Lore in large font and centered at the top of the document.

    • Proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, and paragraphing.

    • Quote attribution as seen in Official Sanctioned Lore is also an option.


If you’re considering making some Lore, or have already made some Lore in your own threads and want to have it down in more detailed writing, you’ve come to the right place! Or should I say, the WRITE place! Ahem.


If you’re not sure, however, where to get started, or if your Lore is good enough, ask yourself some helpful questions.

  • Is this something that could fit in WoE? An AU? FFA?

  • Is this something that others would be interested in?

    • Do not let this question be your roadblock, just because you may not think someone else would find it interesting, you would be surprised to find how many may like it!

  • Does this enrich the environment for which I have written it and does it make for interesting RP?

  • If a Magical Artefact

    • Is it overpowered? If overpowered, does it have a fair trade off for its use?

    • Is it one of a kind, or are there possibly more out there?

    • Who made it and why? Could somepony else make it if they tried?

    • What sort of things can it do? Are there uses for it beyond the obvious?

    • Where is it found? In a museum? Lost in a jungle? The attic of an eccentric collector?

  • If a Location

    • Is this town/city/village/etc. already done? Is there one similar to it elsewhere?

    • If there’s a location similar to it, what does this location bring to the table that makes it unique from the other?

    • Does it make sense for it to be where it is?

    • Who founded the location, and for what purpose?

    • What are some of the amenities found here?

    • What is the general look and layout of the location?

    • What can make somepony interested in visiting this location?

  • If a Tribe

    • Where does this tribe live?

    • Where did the tribe come from, did they splinter from another tribe? Have they been around since ‘ancient’ times?

    • What are some of the tribe’s beliefs and rituals? Are they primitive in nature? Are they more advance?

  • If a Group or Organization

    • Where do they operate? Do they have more than one base?

    • Why was the group founded?

    • Are they secretive or open?

    • Do they take any members freely, or is there a test involved?

    • What does the group do?

    • What is the hierarchy of the group? Is it ruled by a leader? Is it democratic in nature?


There are many more questions that you can ask yourself as you go through this writing process! But remember, you’re not alone, you have a wealth of help from your fellow users on the site, as well as the staff. Should you need assistance, just yelp for help!

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