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Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir (Closed)


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Slash has always wanted to go to school, but his father keeps him under a tight schedule that consists of photo-shoots, chinese classes, and fencing classes, leaving no time for school. He had been home-schooled for his entire life, which meant that he has never had any friends. 


Slash got ready for the morning and went downstairs to have breakfast. Sitting at the table, he turned to his father's assistant and asked if he could stop being home-schooled and start going to an actual school.


"Absolutely not. It is better for you to be where I can keep an eye on you" his father said as he appeared in the doorway. 


"Why not? I've done everything you asked me to! At least let me go to school so that I could meet other kid like me!" Slash said looking at his father with pleading eyes.


"That is enough! You are not like other kids, you are my son. Finish your meal, you have a photo-shoot in 15 minutes" the stallion said before turning away. 


Slash sighed and did as he was told before walking up back to his room. With a sly smile on his face, he pack what he thought was necessary for school and walked back down to the dining hall. He looked around before going into the kitchen and sneaked out of the door that lead to the back alley. "I'll be a little late, but at least I'll be going to school" he said as he started to walk.

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"mmm just a minute papa" said a young mare in her bed 

"FAIRE!" Yelled the large stallion to his daughter 

"eeek! Umm uhh what? .... WHAT!" Faire woke up and looked around she panicked a bit remembering today was back to school. And it was awfully bright out. But she set an alarm ...

her father inspected her alarm and said "you switched am and pm.  It's ok, hurry up though." Faire nodded and bounded out of bed quickly ripping off her pajamas and throwing on some jeans and a t shirt. She ran down stairs where her dad was waiting with a plate of cresents for her and her friends "thanks dad!" She gave him a kiss and ran off.


"great, way to start the new year Faire, late already ... Mmm at least I hopefully won't have to put upswing having clover in a lot of my classes!" She said as she crossed the street 

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Slash finally arrived at school and made sure he wasn't being followed. Just as he was about to enter the building, he spots an elderly stallion on the ground who seemed to have some trouble getting up. "I'll help you sir" he said, quickly rushing to his aid. He helped the stallion up to his hooves and smiled at him before heading back to the school, waving as he did. "I think i'll be able to make it on time" Slash thought as he climbed the stairs to the entrance.

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Fairs quickly crossed the street with a group she was about to run off when she noticed an elderly stallion having a hard time. Faire was already acorss but he was barley halfway.


faire stopped knowing she couldn't leave him there when she noticed the light turn green

"oh no!" She shouted as she ran over and began helping him as a car speed past.

"eeek! Whew ... That was close! You ok?" She asks the elder. 

He smiles warmly "yes I am thanks to you!" 

Faire nods "umm do you need some help getting home?" He shakes his head "no; thank you though"


faire re nods and says "ok well bye now be careful; I need to get to school!" She says running off.


she missed the start of class but only a few minutes. she sat next next to her best friend allya out of breath 

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Slash walked into the classroom, feeling lucky as the teacher had not arrived yet. He looked around to find his seat before he was suddenly approached by a young mare who was dress in expensive and fashionable clothes. "Oh hello Slash, long time no see. Why don't you sit right here next to me?" Chloe asked, pulling at his hoof. "That seat looks like it has been taken by your friend there, so I'll just sit here" Slash said, noticing glares from almost every single pony in the classroom. He took a seat next to a colt with a red cap and glasses. "You're friends with Chloe?!" he colt asked with a surprised look on his face.

"Yea. She's the only friend I've had since I was a kid."

"Then you seriously need new friends. I'm Nino" the colt introduced, sticking his hoof out.

"I'm Slash Claw" he smiled, shaking his hoof.

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Faire rolled her eyes as her arch nemesis Clover made a scene

but wow; that boy she was talking too was really cute ... But since he seemed to know clover it left a bad taste in her mouth. 


Mother teacher came in and the lesson began. Mostly stuff about how the class would go for the year. 


Faire re was paying attention wanting to get some good grades this year

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Slash listened to the teacher as she went through the school rules and other facts about the school. It was his first day so he needs to make a good first impression. "So how do you know Chloe?" Nino asked, leaning towards him. Slash looked around to see if anyone was looking at them before turning back to Nino. Were they even allowed talk in class?

"I've been home-schooled since I was a kid. So when the Mayor visits my father with his daughter, she was the closest thing to a friend I had" Slash whispered, keeping an eye on the teacher. "That's rough bro" Nino whispered back, shaking his head.

"By the way. What's wrong with knowing Chloe?"

"No one really likes her except for Sabrina."

Slash raised an eyebrow and returned to listening to the teacher. If nobody likes Chloe, then his first impression on the class was already in the dirt the moment he talked to her. 

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When the bell rang faire got up with alliea. She was going on about some new comic book she found, but faire couldn't help but steal one last glance at the new boy. Before realizing he was probably just as bad as Chloe and went off.


next class was gym. "Great my favorite!" Faire said with a frown alliea smacked her shoulder "oh come on, you got a good build with a bit of practice you could make a great dancer, or maybe a cyclist!" Faire snarled "yeah if I wasn't such a cultz!" 

They entered the girls locker and changed meanwhile; in the boys locker there was some tense air as the school jock Kim was boasting about how much stronger he got over the summer. "I bet I can finally bench more than even you Ivan!" He said pointing to the largest colt in the room, ivan was indeed the biggest maybe even In the whole school, he paid no attention and set down a note pad in his locker before heading off. 

Kim followed him throwing snide remarks trying to goade him into competition "all right alright, if it will get you to shut up!" 

Kim smiled "I think that's the first time I ever seen you show some kind of emotion! Now I'll get to see you disappointed! He said as he flexed. The boys went into a side weight room, the class still had a few minutes before starting.


faire and alliea came out of the lockers just in time; to see Kim come out disappointed with his shoulders dropping and Ivan come out normal and stone faced like usual. 


Gym class was pretty boring for a first day. They just ran a little and talked about safety. 

The time went up and everyone had a few minutes to change back. In the locker faire got laughed at a little as she tripped trying to put her pants on but fortunately alliea was there to help her "thanks" she said "hey what are bff's for; besides I know you wouldn't last a day without me!" Faire nodded she couldn't  argue. 


Meanwhile in in the boys locker Ivan was changed and left his locker open as he walked across to use the bathroom. Kim looked at the locker and saw a note book "hmmm that must be his workout plan or something!" He said as he sneaked over and read it. 


As as faire and alliea left the locker they saw Ivan run out almost in tears some of the other boys came out trying to chase him but he rounded a corner losing them; the rest came out laughing. Faire went up to Nino. A friend of hers but some pony she never considered herself particularly close to. And asked "hey what happened?" 

Nino Said "Kim read Ivan's diary or something;  it had a love poem in it or something and it just made Ivan freak out!" 


Allea frowned "poor Ivan ... He's always so ... Calm and undercontrol he must be devastated!" 

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Slash heard the bell rang, looking around to see his classmates packing up. He did the same and walked with Nino to the locker room to change for Gym. Slash noticed two colts talking loudly about something. "Don't pay attention to them, they're always like that" Nino said, patting Slash's back. Slash looked back at the colts before shrugging and walking out of the locker room. Later, he noticed the colt wearing a hoodie looking sad and almost angry, but Slash just looked away and kept walking. The lesson was nothing special, as expected on first days from what he has heard. 


After the class, Slash walked to the changing room with Nino to change. He noticed the colt wearing a hoodie from before snooping about the other colt's locker. Before Slash could do anything, the colt with the hoodie read something and began teasing the other. Slash quickly finished changing and tried to stop them, but the colt (called Ivan as Slash learned from the argument) ran off. Slash gritted his teeth and narrowed his eyes at the colt called Kim who got his revenge, but he went out of the locker room to see where Ivan went. Nino was asked about what happened by a filly in their class, saying that Kim read Ivan's diary.


Out of the corner of his eye, Chloe paid no mind to the situation and randomly shoves the filly next to the one Nino was talking to. "Watch out!" Slash yelled as he tries to grab her hoof to help her, only to miss and appear as if he was the one who pushed her. "I-I didn't..." he stuttered, trying to explain what really happened. 

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Faire looked away to ask Nino if there was any way she could help whith when she felt her back get pushed 


she stumbled but was caught from falling by alliea. 


she turned and saw slash. She lost her temper a bit and yelled "HEY! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! Seriously!" she looked at him with his hand out and had enough 

Faire turned away with a "hmmp" and walked off not wanting anything to do with him.


meanwhile Ivan finally found a place he was alone he leaned into a wall and punched it "Ghaa!" He moaned.  All he wanted to do was express his feelings! He made a quick wish that he really didn't have emotions! When suddenly he heard a voice 


it was deep and cool, almost soothing to him, at first he was afraid he was hearing things but then he felt a presence and knew it was real

"hello my poor dear Ivan, I am hawk moth and I am here to help you! I can give you the heart of stone you so crave; but in return you must help me! Do we have a deal?"


ivan couldn't refuse! It was everything he wanted at the moment 

"yes hawk moth, I'll do anything for it!"



the he day finished rather quickly; it was the average first day. Faire let out a soft smile when the final bell rang "whoohoo!" Shouted alliea "first day complete! It's all down hill from here!"

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"No, it's not what you think it is..." Slash started, but the filly was already gone. He sighed as he received a pat on his back from Nino. "Don't sweat it bro, just tell her what really happened tomorrow morning" he said, waving as the last bell rang. Slash waved back and walked down the stairs, immediately met with a black limo and his father's assistant standing on the sidewalk. "Oh dear..." Slash sighed as he walked down and sat in the car. 


Slash did get a scolding from his father when he arrived home and was sent to his room. He sat on the couch in his room turned on the television, noticing a small box in the corner of his eye. "What's this doing here?" Slash said as picked it up and opened it, suddenly blinded by a flash of light. He slowly opened his eyes and saw a black cat-like creature hovering in front of his face. "...Are you a spirit of some sort?" Slash asked as he examined the creature. "Nyaaaaa!..." the creature yawned and stretched. "No way, do I look that dull to you? Plagg, nice to meet you! Ooo, swanky!" 


"Hey, don't touch that! Come back here!" Slash yelled as he chased Plagg away from his stuff. "Ohh! Can you eat this? Bleh, nope! What about this?" Plagg said as he flew around biting everything he saw. Slash quietly crept to it's blind spot and grabbed it tightly around it's body. "I still don't know what you are" Slash said as he looked at the creature. "Look, I'm a Kwami. I grant powers. Yours is the power of destruction, got it?" Plagg explained. Slash shook his head vigorously and looked at the Kwami. "Good. Now got anything to eat? I'm starving!"

"This has to be a joke, someone must be playing a prank on me. I should ask Nino"

"Your friend must never know that I exist, or anyone for that matter!" Plagg warned as he flew out of Slash's grip. 

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Faire walked home she was still a little upset about getting pushed by that volt but she ignored it. When she got home she saw a note saying her parents made a quick delivery and would be back soon. 


She he began munching on a baguette as she went up stairs to her room. When she got up there she set her bag down and was about to relax and listen to some music; but then she saw something. 


Faire saw a tiny box; one that wasn't hers. She rolled over on  her chair and picked it up opening it out of curiosity. To her surprise it was a pair of earrings with ladybug like spots!


"are these mom's?" She said out loud as she tried them on. As she clipped them in she felt a strange feeling and suddenly "hi I'm tiki I'm a kwa" the little creature before her was cut off by Faire screaming and jumping back "whhhhhaaaaa! It's some kind of bug monster ... Thing!" 


Tikki slowly floated forward and said "Faire; I'm not going to hurt you; I'm here to help. You are the chosen one!"

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Slash shook his head, trying to understand the situation he is in. "Okay. So because I have superpowers, that would make me a superhero right?" Slash asked as he watched the Kwami continue to play in his room. "That's right, and it's your duty to defeat villains that try to destroy the city or save people from burning buildings, all that jazz" Plagg said as he played with a ball. "That's great and all, but what good is a superhero who's stuck in his own house?"

"No good. That's why it's all going to change soon, if you're willing to change that is"

Slash took out the horse-shoe nail in the box and pushed it through his hoof. He looked back at the television and saw something even stranger. "What...is that?"

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Ivan was gone and in its place a beast 15 feet tall made entirely of stone and fire. It's chest glows with red energy as well as its eyes and mouth

it roared as it blasted a car with a beam from its chest; and ponies ran

"oh my lord! How is this possible screamed the reporter!"


faire came out of hiding and observed the floating creature; it was clearly friendly and kind of cute.

"ummm ok; I'm faire estoc. And umm well what do you mean I'm chosen?" The kindly creature flew around her and said "I'm what's called a Kwami and when I work with a pony like you! we combine to become a miraculous superhero!"


faire shook her head "oh no no no! You got the wrong pony ... Maybe your thinking of my dad ... he's a hero ... I'm just a normal girl, with a normal life!"

tiki shook her head "trust me faire its you! And don't worry when we work together we will make a great team. You will be faster, stronger, pretty much every aspect of you physically will be improved. And you'll have a magic weapon that will act as pretty much whatever you need at the moment." 


Faire shook her head "I've. Never used a weapon in my life, let alone get in a fight! Oh tiki I'm not sure about this." 


Tiki went up and held faire's cheeks "I trust you faire; and all you need to do is trust yourself!" 

Faire looked to the ground and took a deep breath "o.k how does it work?" 

Tiki nodded and floated around some more " so Long as you wear the earrings I'll always be with you; don't worry about me. When the time comes and we need to help others just will the transformation ... It might help you mentally, if you say a certain phrase every time to help train your brain!" 

Faire nodded "ok sounds simple  enough." Tiki nods "once you transform you will know what to do. But when things get rough and your in trouble you can use the power of lucky charm! This will give you exactly what you need to win the situation!" 

Faire smiled she had to admit that sounded pretty cool. Tikki continued "but once you use it it burns thru your power and you only have minutes before we spit up and back to normal"

faire frowned; that was not cool! But she made a mental note to remember that. She looked to the left only to see her phone lighting up! She went over and checked it asking "so what kind of problems should we deal ...with!" She saw her phone was getting updates and warnings about the monster 

"oh no! My parents are out in town!" Faire felt a strange feeling go about her, she knew now what she had to do. 

"Tikki; we have to do something; are you sure I .. We can handle this?" Tikki smiled "of course we can; you really are the chosen one!"

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"That person has been akumatized" Plagg explained, chewing on a remote controller. "It's your job as a superhero to stop villains like these. To transform, say 'Claws out'. Now i'll explain what to do..." the Kwami was interrupted by Slash raising his hoof and repeating the words. "Plagg, claws out!" he shouted. "Wait, i'm not done explaainingggg" Plagg yelled as he was sucked into the miraculous. In a flash of light, Slash was suddenly wearing a black suit and an black mask. His pony tail and ears were gone, and in it's place were cat-like ears and tail. He pulled out a steel staff that could extend itself to any length which also had some kind of communication device. Slash smiled and opened the window, leaping from building to building as he made his way to the villain. 

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Faire took a deep breath; she was scarred but she knew she had to do something! "Ok! Tikki spots on!" She yelled. 


Almost immediately, her body felt completely difrent, she lifted her leg up feeling how flexible and how balanced she now was. Before slamming her foot down in a strong stance.


"whoah" she said to herself as she looked at herself. She was now clad in a ladybug like suite, it was comfortable like she was almost wearing nothing at all; but she did feel a bit shy about how tight it looked on her. 


But the biggest change was how she now felt. Her body felt light and strong! She stepped forward walking around, feeling difrent, graceful, powerful. This filled her with confidence and cleared her head 

"right we got to stop that thing!" She said. She walked to her window when she felt an item on her hips. She took it off and found it to be a strange yo-yo like device. She played with the string testing the steangth and found that she could now knew how to do all sorts of tricks; as she spun it around perfectly under her control. Almost like it was an extension of her body!

"nice!" She said as she set it back on her hips and opened the window. She climbed up very easily; finding her grip and strength had been massiy improved just as tiki said. It was almost like a video game to her, she just had to think about it and her new body could handle it!


she jumped up testing her new strength and surprised herself going several feet in the air, she flailed her arms and legs at first but then regained control and landed perfectly. She gritted her teeth as she looked to the next rooftop. "Ok let's see if I can do this!" She sprinted forward aiming to jump across the roofs. And right as she was at the ledge she leaped! She looked down and saw the Paris streets below letting out a small "eek!" As she flailed her arms and legs again but then saw the roof and landed smoothly feeling like a graceful ballerina!


she smiles and tried again. Leaping from roof to roof, quickly getting the hang of it and used to flying thru the air. Heading towards the monster.


after landing she looked at her yo-yo and wondered if she could use it to help her move around. By just running and jumping she seemed to be able to outrun the cars on the street but maybe she could go even faster if she could swing!


she ran along the roof and spun the yo-yo overhead and picked a tall chimney; she threw it and just how she imagined; it wrapped snugly around even securing itself with an overhand knot. She gave it a yank to test and jumped off holding the string! She flew threw the air; it was almost like a roller coaster as she flew threw air the wind hitting her face and hair "weee!" She screamed as she swung swiftly (I love alliteration, sorry). 


She felt herself at the top of the swing and pulled the string making it undo around the chimney working like magic. She curled up and flipped in the air multiple times before splatting on a roof top having her hips drive into her nose. 

"Ok still got to watch myself and pay attention on the acrobatics ... Huh that also didn't hurt much at all?" She said as she pushed herself with her arms back onto her hoofs.

"ok ... I'm the miraculous lady bug ... And I can do this!" 

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Slash kept leaping from roof to roof, using his staff as high jump pole to cross bigger gaps. "I'm actually getting the hang of this. I wonder what my super hero name would be. The Black Cat? Cat boy? Oh, Cat Noir!" he said as he finally arrived at the scene, watching the villain go on a rampage. "Erm, what do I do exactly? Plagg, you there?"

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Fairs kept running until she saw the creature on the ground. It had caught up to the reporter who was panicking on the street corner, the rock beast was closing in ready to crush her


"look out!" Fairer yelled as she anchored her yo-yo on a street light and swung in grabbing her getting the reporter out of the way. She pushed with her hips and swung to a roof and set the reporter down. "Your ok now; you can wait here till it's all over!" 

Not wanting to waste anymore time she jumped down in front of the beast and said "I don't know who or what you are! But you don't have to hurt ponies!" She said as gently as possible.


The beast replayed by trying to grab her. Fairs jumped back noticing it kept on fist clenched tightly as if holding something! 


Faire did a spinning back flip and landed away from it saying out loud "I knew trying to use reason probably would've work ... I glad intryed any way." She said grimacing and getting ready to fight!

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Slash noticed another pony swing down to the scene. "She must be another hero by the looks of it" Slash said as he popped down beside her. "Hello milady! Cat Noir here to assist" he said as he spun his staff and aimed it at the rock villain. "What do you suppose we should do? It doesn't look like it could be taken down with a staff and a yoyo" 

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Faire turned to see a strange cat colt next to her now.

she groaned a bit as he called her "my-lady" but nodded glad she wasn't alone. She wasn't going to turn down any help.

"nice to meet you cat; your right it's got to have some weakness ... It's left hand is always clenched. Maybe that's it?" She suggested.


as soon as she finished talking the rock monster fired its chest beam at her. She blinded out of the way taking cover behind a car 


she quickly thought, maybe if she could string up its hand she could get better control and make it open up. But it seemed pretty intent on shooting her.


"cat! Can you distract it for a moment? I have an idea!" 


She he said jumping out of the way as the car was melted by its beam

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"Got it. Leave it to me miss!" Slash smirked as he rolled away and went after the villain. "Hey! Over here!" he shouted, hitting the villain from the back. It swatted at him, making Slash duck and run to another side of it. "I hope she knows what she is doing" Slash said as he looked over at his partner. He jumps onto the villain and ducks every time it swung at him. 

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Faire knew she was a lot stronger now but didn't want to wager if she could over power the rock monster. 

She looked around and figured she could use her yoyo as a pulley and a stone garden box as the anchor.


she jumped up throwing the yo-yp wire around the box and took it again this time aiming at the rock monsters fist. It wrapped around neatly. And ladybug held the word giving it a mighty push!


this caused the beast to be yanked by its hand and by reflex it unclenched it's fist.


for a brief moment both superheroes saw in its hand it held a notebook!


"whaaa? A notebook, why would it have that? Cat! Be carefull but try to grab that book!"

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"A notebook?" Slash said as he looked at the ground. He quickly jumped off of the villain's back and picked up the notebook, delivering it to the girl. "Here. What did you need it for?" Slash asked as he gave it to the girl. The notebook looked familiar to him, he felt that he had seen it before somewhere. "Whatever it is that you want to do, you'd better hurry." he said as the rock monster started to walk towards them. Was it even possible to defeat this rock monster?

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Ladybug jumped up and grabbed the book. She was in awe for a moment that she acually caught it but then shook it off after hearing cat's warning and seeing the monster get up.


the monster roared and fired its chest beam at cat.


ladybug threw the book and it fell into the beam disintegrating! 


And bs suddenly many things happened at once. The book burned up and tonic it came a dark butterfly! Also the stone monster turned into Ivan! Ladybug gasped. Ivan had turned into that thing! But he was back to normal now.


she gave one last look to the ominous butterfly as it flew away. 


Ivan looked around confused "what the? ... Where am I?"

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Slash quickly dodged the beam and hid behind a tree. He looked past his shoulder and saw the girl throw the notebook into the beam. "Wait! What are you..." Slash yelled, stopping when he saw a black butterfly come out of the notebook. He walked over to the girl and put his hands behind his head. "Well, it looks like everything is fine here so i'll be seeing you later miss!" he winked before leaping away from the scene. 


When he arrived home and transformed back to his normal clothes, he was greeted by an unhappy Plagg. "I wasn't done explaining!"

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