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Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir (Closed)


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Fairer gulped and stood dumbstruck for a moment

"did I just really become a superhero and save the day from a monster?" She said to her self.

she watched to cat as he made his exit; she hoped she could talk to him a bit but figured it wouldn't be the last time they meet.


as she stood there reporters and people quickly surrounded her hounding her with questions and praise 

"whoah well glad to help but I got to bug out!" She said as she grappled her yo-yo to a roof top and leaped away


"bug out; I should make that a catch phrase" she took a few minutes to actually enjoy her powers flipping and flying they the air was something she found amazing!


eventually she made her way back to the bakery and willed to turn back. As she did tikki came out and immediately asked "did you capture the akuma?"

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Faire nodded 

"yeah it turned into a little butterfly and flew off!" She said flapping her hands. 


She he was exited and her heart was still racing from the rush! Tiki moaned a little "uhh oh!" Faire turned to her and said "uhh oh? What do you mean uh oh?" 

Tikki flew around her and said "I should of explained a little better. You see when you destroy and object the akuma is hiding in you need to capture that butterfly in your yo-yo. Otherwise it will return and probably multiply." 


Faire re gasped and her heart literally dropped from her chest. She could barley breath and tears began to form in her eyes! She fell into a chair with her hands in her face. 


Tiki flew around her "Faire! It's ok! You did great!" 

Faire moaned "no it's not, I screwed up like I always do! You can't trust me, neither can Paris or cat noir!" She said as she ripped the earrings off putting them in a box and hiding them in a drawer.


faire sunk her head into her arms crying 

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"Did you see what I did there just now? We pounded that villain!" Slash grinned as he punched the air. "We?" Plagg asked. "Yea, me and a girl who was wearing a red suit with black spots on it. Kinda looks like a human ladybug" Slash explained, scratching his head. "Where was I, oh yea! When we destroyed it's book a black butterfly came out of it and the villain was actually Ivan..."

"Hold up, you said there was a black butterfly. Did the girl with the ladybug miraculous de-evilize it"

"De-evil what?"

"Did she cleans it so that it changed from black to light blue?!" 


Plagg put his stubby limb on his forehead and sighed. "If you don't de-evilize the akuma, it will multiply and turn other people into villains like that!" he yelled as he pointed at the tv. On the screen showed different areas where people have turned into a rock monster like Ivan did. "They aren't moving though" Slash said as he stroked his chin.

"They will once Ivan becomes filled with negative feelings again..."

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The next few hours were hectic for faire she saw what was all over the news and her parents concern. She locked herself in her room claiming she was going to sleep early.


yet she only starred at her ceiling tears occasionally running down her cheeks

"I'm such a screw up! And I always will be!" She would say in her head 

"maybe alliea? She knows everything about superheros? Dad? Give him the miraculous and a machine gun and I'm sure nothing could stop him? Anypony other than me!"


faire finally fell asleep early in the morning only gettin an hour or 2 of good rest.

She took a long shower and applied some heavy make up to hide her puffy eyes. 


She she took the box with the miraculous in it thinking she would most likely give it to alliea as soon as possible. 


"I screwed up; like always but I'll do the best I can. Maybe I can help Ivan and do my part preventing something like this from happening again she thought."


She he nodded and tryed to sneak downstairs and out the door; but her father caught her 

"faire? Why are you wearing so much make up?" He said noting her unusual behavior. He was covered in flour and made an air hug so she too wouldn't get covered 

"oh I just uhh ... Wanted to try a new look; I'll wash it off at school." 


Her father shrugged "mares and there fashion styles; I'll never understand." He leaned over and gave her a kiss on top of her scalp 

"be carful and have a great day;my miraculas little girl" 


She nodded and walked towards the school. Her father's words filled her with shame. She almost wanted to scream to him to not call her that; that she wasn't good enough for his love and effection but she ignored it and headed out.


"ok firsts things first! Try to talk to Ivan! Then find the right one for tikki!"

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"This is bad...who would do this?" Slash thought, furrowing his eyebrows. "Anyways it's getting late, I should go to bed. Today has already been crazy enough with school and this hero stuff". He got ready for bed and shut his eyes, still thinking about what happened earlier that day and what could come tomorrow. 


Slash woke up to another bright day, remembering the danger the city was still in. He got up and got ready for his second day for school, carefully sneaking out from his window. "Umm I think you forgot breakfast" Plagg said, following Slash closely behind his head. "Breakfast is the least of our problems. Right now we need to keep Ivan happy until we find the akuma" Slash whispered as he walked. He still needs to clear up the misunderstanding with the girl as leaving things as it is doesn't seem like a good idea. He didn't want to be considered as a bully for the rest of the year because of that, it's just not worth it. 

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Faire made it to the school grounds early and scanned around for Ivan.


she found him on a bench hunched over. After taking a deep breath she went over "hey Ivan what's wrong?"  She said slowly approaching 

"hey faire" Ivan said without looking up. 

She came a bit closer "Ivan, come on now  a guy like you shouldn't have anything to worry about. What happened yesterday was because Kim wanted to be like you! Your really strong, smart and handsome! You just need to think positive!"


ivan looked up at first he was looking at her like she was some weirdo, but Faire smiled. And it seemed to infect Ivan and he slowly smiled back."thanks Faire; we should uhh get to class. I got history."


faire almost gasped "I got chemistry! Which is halfway across the campus! Just remember Ivan think positive happy thoughts!" She said as he enters a class and she dashed off trying to make the bell.


faire barely makes it on time and sits down. She smiles thinking things are finally going well!


suddenly near the end of class an alarm rings for an evacuation! Everyone checks the window and sure enough Ivan/stone heart is walking tru the school! And now he has 2 students in his stone fists! Faire can't get a good look and is swept up in the evacuation getting out of the school caught in a crowd!

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Slash arrived in class and looked at the girl who arrived shortly after him. He tried to get her attention but the alarm suddenly rang, making students swarm out of the classrooms and out of the school. "Plagg, we've got trouble. Ivan must have negative feelings inside of him again" Slash said as he squeezed out of the crowd and leaned over the rails of the 1st floor. Sure enough, Ivan had turned back into the stone monster and went on a rampage with two hostages. Slash's eyes widened as he quickly ran to a bathroom stall and locked himself in it. "Plagg, claws out!" Slash yelled, transforming into Cat Noir. "Let's hope the Ladybug gal is close"


(I'm baaack)

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faire watches "oh no! No! No!" Her teeth chatter and her heart is frantic as she feels it's her fault. Fortunately her panick is hidden amongst the crowd and she along with the rest of her class escaped safely.


Mage runs back to her home to see her father comfortingly holding her mother steadily as they watch tv. Faire's mom runs up and grabs her in a hug glad her daughter is safe. 


Stone heart has the two girls in his clutch. The monster roars as he runs down the street. Nothing can stop him! A few brave police officers take pot shots at him with there puny pistols but one blast from his chest lazer forces them retreat. 


It it seems like he is heading towards the Eiffel tower


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Slash jumped out of the stall and went out of the window, climbing up the wall to get to the roof. He looked around and spotted Ivan heading towards the Eiffel tower, hostages still in his stone hand. Slash clenched his teeth and followed after the villain, leaping from roof to roof and using his staff to help him over larger gaps. He arrived at the bottom of the tower, looking up at the stone villain who had begun climbing the tower. "Where is that Ladybug?!" Slash asked as he climbed up the tower and whacked the villain with his staff. No effect, plus it grew bigger as if it had gained more power from his attack. "So physical attacks don't work?" he said to himself as he avoided getting smacked by the villain.

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/noir (like what I did there?) would recognize the 2 hostages in stone hearts hands. One was of course chloie and the other was one of the girls he met in school yesterday named mylene. Chloie was of course moaning and groaning about things not really relevant like the fact that she was missing her time to talk to slash. And mylene was in a bit of a panick closing here eyes and screaming. 


When he got hit and grew bigger he made a swipe at the super hero and roared! He looked around and sprinted down an alley in an attempt to evade chat. The alley was a dead end but this didn't stop him the beast! Stone heart head butted a brick wall smashing it and ran straight thru the building!


meanwhile Faire watched bits of the rampage on tv. All the reporters and interviews asked the same question "where is ladybug?" The whole thing made her pale and not feel good. Her father put a hand on her shoulder and said "don't worry she will come." Faire looked to her father and softly asked "how do you know?"  Her father grunted and simply said "when I was in the legion ... There were times where you just knew what you had to do. Has to to be you. I'm sure ms. Ladybug knows that right now. " 


something about out those simple words struck Faire. They were pretty much exactly what she needed to hear. "Has to be you ... Just like tiki said ..." After thinking for a moment she looked to her father and knew what she had to do!

she jumped up and ran to the stair case "mom, dad I'll be in my room and uhh uhh. No I'll be in the bathroom trying to relax with a long loong bubble bath and I'll be listening to my headphones so don't worry if I don't respond; ok bye!" She said as she ran up the stairs. She noted that if she was going to do this she would have to learn better exuses. She went to her room and looked to the box.

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Slash gritted his teeth as he dodged another swipe from the villain who suddenly ran down an alley and ran right through the building. "My my, looks like we are in a bind. It would be nice if Ladybug dropped in right about now" Slash sighed as he followed after villain. He continued to follow the villain, watching the ground just in case it dropped the two hostages. "Who is controlling Ivan anyways and why are they doing this? If they are planning to take over Maris I won't let them!" 

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Stone heart moved his head while he ran; he seemed to slow down when he couldn't find chat noir, he slowed down considerably and roared at the 2 girls in his hand.


fair starred at the box. She had never been so afraid, never had she to take a responsibilitie like this. She took a deep breath and opened the box. She held the little earrings in her hand. So much power, in such a little thing.


she out the earrings on and out popped tiki! "I knew you would come back!" Faire smiled "you bet! Ready tiki?" Tiki nodded "let's do it lady bug!". Faire took another deep breath "tiki! Spots on!" Within moments Faire felt the power. She spun around and stretched out her leg. 


Faire looked down at her suit.  Checking out the spots. She looked in the mirror and nodded to herself, before leaping out the window.


ladybug climbed on to the dulet chapel and was able to see the path stone heart was taking. She raced to the scene

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Slash noticed the villain slow down and ran faster, jumping onto it and holding tightly onto it's head. It was a reckless thing to do, but Slash had run out of options. He leaned forward and kept his body close to the villain's head so that he wouldn't get swatted away. He looked around and made sure that everypony around him was far enough that the wouldn't get hurt. "Hang on! I'll come get you!" Slash yelled to the girls that were trapped in the villain's grip. At this point, he really had no idea how to save the girls let alone stop the villain. 

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(Sorry I forgot about this and it got buryed but I'm back now!)


ladybug closed sets in sprinting across the roofs. Fairs internally noted how fast she could run and it didn't even wind her! 


Stone re heart stopped moving and Tryed to swat chat with his hands full of the girls. 

Just as he was about to make a swipe at him ladybug landed throwing her yoyo to bind around a building the string stopped him from hitting chat making it bounce from where it was hit. 


Ladybug saw saw that she now had cholie in his hand as well as myline! As much as she would enjoy seeing clolie get roughed up by a monster she knew she had to save her. But how .... Swing chat noir on top of him gave her an idea 

"hey chat it's me! We got to lure him to a place where he will want to climb and let got of the girls and his alums!" 

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Slash looked back and saw Ladybug, still gripping onto the villain. "We should bring him back to the Eiffel Tower and then we can save the girls and get rid of his akuma" he yelled, holding on tight as he smiled at Ladybug. "I knew you would come" Slash grinned. He was about to give up, Ladybug was the only one who can cleanse akumas and Slash didn't know what he would do if she didn't come. 

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"Good kitty!" She said as she jumped in front of stone heart. The monster stopped trying to grab her partner; and for a moment they stared eachother down! Ladybug then ran forward;  Figuring out her plan!


stone heart  aimed and fired with his chest beam; but as ladybug she was able to keep running forward; dodging left and right! She ran forward and jumping up and landing behind him! 


"Ok chat! One of us has to stay in his sight at all times! Keep moving backwards towards the tower!" She yelled


she felt confident, strong. And with a little help from the cat! She knew she could do this!

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