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Alternate Universe Guidelines: The Multiverse and You!


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Hello everypony! Friendly neighborhood Dubstep here once again to elucidate the matter of our wonderful new section here, the Multiverse! Now some of you may be familiar with the concept of Alternate Universes and that’s great! But for those of you who don’t know, or need a refresher, let me explain a little bit!


Alternate Universes, also know as AUs or sometimes Alternate Timelines, are exactly what they sound like on the tin! They are a version of any given universe where something is different! A good example of AUs would be the various different Earths in Marvel or DC comics! Be it something as simple as everyone is green, or something as major as everyone’s a giant! Every difference is an example of an AU.


In this forum, you too can create your own AUs for players to enjoy! Have you ever wanted to make a universe where Celestia was banished instead? How about one where the Elements of Harmony took the form of giant robots instead of magical necklaces? Now you can!


The first thing you should always do, as with anything creatively on the site, is to make sure you follow our general rules and guidelines! Just because some things are different here, doesn’t mean that the other rules aren’t in effect! If you have a question or concern, as always we are here to help!


If you’re interested in making an AU, there are some questions you should ask yourself first!


  • Is this really an AU or is it a Crossover? Sometimes the lines aren’t so clear between these two. The general rule of thumb is, Concepts taken from a series without involving things such as Names, Places, or Characters is an AU. If your AU involves these things, it is a Crossover instead and should be placed into the Crossover section of FFA instead. For all intents and purposes, Past and Future timelines are considered AUs.

  • What’s the big difference that makes it interesting? Sure, you could make a universe where everyone is purple, speaks Spanish, and dances the hula. But is it interesting? Would someone really want to play there? Make your universe interesting, fresh! Introduce new concepts, new characters that don’t exist in the main timelines! Spice things up a bit! You don’t have to make things super complicated if you don’t want, you don’t have to make things too simple if you don’t want, the choices are endless!

  • What are the rules for the AU? As author of your AU, you are more than welcome to set up guidelines and rules for your Universe! Want OC Alicorns or Draconequui (Yep, you can have those in your AU!)? Make a note of it in your opening post! Want there to be a limit on how many of a certain race are around? Make a note of it! As Captain Planet says, the power is yours! With this in mind though, be respectful! It may be your universe, but it’s everyone’s forum. If someone wants to bring in a character that doesn’t fit, politely explain to them why. They’re more than welcome to create their own universe that’s similar if they really want to.


Once you’re ready to dip your hooves (or claws, or paws, or other appendages) into the pool of Universecraft, you can make a thread here with the name of your Universe! This will be the OOC area for your AU. The Opening Post should be clear on what makes this universe different from the Main Timeline, as well as any rules that you want. As a personal recommendation, I would have a handful of sections in your opening post, such as but not limited to:

  • Name of the Universe.

  • A summary of the Universe

  • A list of notable characters that are new or are different from their mainline counterparts.

  • A section for updates as roleplay within the universe continues.

  • A list of suggested ‘roles’ that someone might play to best fit in.

  • In the title, note if the AU is Open for anyone to play or Closed. If an AU is open, keep in mind that people may deviate from your original design. This is perfectly fine, universes are never static. But if something truly bothers you, be civil and discuss your concerns with the user.

With these things in mind, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble building great universes filled with even greater stories and amazing characters!


As an example opening post. This won’t be the most detailed example, but should be enough to give you a general idea! And feel free to put your opening post in your own style!


Equestria Girls [Open]

The Equestria Girls universe is set in a world where your usual pony characters are human, though with skin tint that matches their pony counterpart’s pelts. The greatest differences is the lack of most magic. The general setting focuses on the slice of life antics of high school!


Notable Characters

Principal Celestia: Instead of being a Princess, the Celestia here is Principal of Canterlot High!
Vice Principal Luna: By Principal Celestia’s side is her sister, Vice Principal Luna!


Important Updates

Date/Goes/Here - A new student has arrived! Her name is Twilight Sparkle!

Date/Goes/Here - Twilight Sparkle wins the crown!


Rules - Please Read

No Ponies! If you’re playing here you’ve got to be human! Even if somehow your pony self from Equestria found a weird mirror or something! That goes for griffons, diamond dogs, or others too!

Low Magic! Try to keep magical items to a bare minimum, it’s best to have those the focus of a large group event!

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