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Princess Celestia[Ready]

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Name: Celestia aka Princess Celestia, Ruler of Equestria

Sex: Female

Age: Ageless adult

Species: Alicorn

Coat Color: Her coat is very nearly white, though it retains a very light pink pearl like sheen

Mane/Tail Color & Style: Tia's mane and tail are composed of four colors; aquamarine, sea green, light blue, and light periwinkle. Her locks are kept aloft by her innate magic and they lightly swirl about as if blown by a soft breeze.

Eye Color: A light amethyst

Cutie Mark: Her cutie mark is a stylized sun that has been taken as the emblem of Equestria.

Physique: Tia is almost twice as tall as most ponies. Her legs are long and add to her flowing grace. Though she is graceful she is also well toned and agile.

Residence: She resides in Canterlot Castle, specifically her living quarters are in one of the tallest towers of the castle.

Occupation: Ruler of Equestria, she watches over all from the raising of the sun to her loyal subjects.


Unique Traits

Though she has the ability and power to rule with might and an iron hoof, Celestia has learned through years uncounted that this behavior would end in unhappiness and ruin. As she is nigh ageless the alicorn has had time to observe life  in a way that gives her a unique perspective. She has grown deeply wise as the years have passed by allowing her to read others easily and give advice that is trustworthy and often without fault. Though she could enforce rules and regulations with her magic and strength, she chooses instead to gently press her students towards understanding.


There has not in written or remembered history been one like the ruler of the sun. Though she speaks softly and has a light sense of humor, this should not be mistaken as weakness. Celestia has held the Elements of Harmony and used them to defeat the great foe Nightmare Moon, along with many others who have threatened the tranquility of her lands. She is truly a terrible force to behold when she stands in the vanguard of armies. Though she has not taken this role for a millennia, she is battle hardened and wise in the ways of war.


She is rarely seen without her royal regalia. This includes her golden crown and breastplate that her set with precious purple stones and her golden decorated shoes.



It is generally agreed upon by Equestrian scholars that the sisters Celestia and Luna came to be before the rest of the world. They were not born as most of ponykind is, instead they were manifest at the beginning. This event is shrouded in mystery and may well always be. Upon becoming manifest she was an adult and had a golden sun emblazoned on her flanks. Her duty to the lands and ponies she ruled was to raise the sun for the day and bring it down in the evening. Only somepony with the might of magic vested in Celestia could manage such a task daily and with ease.


It was after multiple generation of ruling side by side that her younger sister became jealous of the love given to her sister by their subjects. One of the great battles took place not long after when Celestia took on the mantle of defending her authority and the world from her sister. Though it pained her greatly, Celestia gave a punishment to fit the crime of what Luna had attempted. It was after she had banished her sister that Celestia first felt remorse. She hated what she had done, though it had been imperative. Her glimmer of hope was that instead of outright destroying her sister, she had chosen a method that spared her life. She deeply longed to have her sister by her side. There was so much between then that only they could understand. She had to bide her time for a thousand years before taking on Twilight Sparkle as a student.


She knew a pony like Twilight would come along and so she waited. The day the purple unicorn's magic outburst flickered into the throne room, Celestia's heart jumped! This would be the one to lead the charge in bringing Luna back! She taught Twilight in the ways of magic, molding her heart and mind into a faithful student and future princess. After giving Twilight and her friends the Elements of Harmony, they were eventually able to reunite the sisters. It is said now that this was Celestia's plan since the day she first imprisoned her sister.


Celestia rules from Canterlot Castle. Her role now is to maintain the balance of peace and harmony in her lands. She is also working at extending the ties between Equestria and the other lands outside Equestrian borders. Though she could step into a dictator role, she would never do so. She enjoys having those in her confidence represent her in matters of diplomacy, foreign relations, and general upkeep of her lands. If the time comes when another tries to disturb the harmony of her lands, Celestia would not hesitate to wield her power to defend what she loves.


Character Summary

At first glance one might see Celestia for the mighty ruler she is. She stands tall, with an air of nobility about her. Her words wise and fairly much faultless in reasoning. If she were to take up her war helm and stand before her army, most enemies would tremble at her hooves. She maintains an air of terrible power while at the same time soft and caring. She commands respect, not by words but by the way she carries herself. This is a balance that only one with thousands of years of experience could maintain.


For those who stand before her in the throne room, her mere presence would make one fall to their knees. However, once taken into confidence she is easily approachable as a friend. Twilight and her friends enjoy that relationship with the princess though even they no better than to get out of line with the mighty ruler. Celestia has a bell like laugh and often finds time to be merry with her friends. She loves a good joke and a nice walk with friends. She is no stranger to relaxing and though she doesn't always have time to do so, she loves to spend days hanging out with her sister and the other alicorn princesses.


She is quite concerned with those she protects. On numerous occasions she leaves the castle to be with the ponies of her lands. She frequents the streets of Canterlot, Ponyville, and other cities and towns in her realm. She has a soft smile for her subjects and is always willing to listen to those that need her ear. She commands respect when she is out in her lands and has had the chance to meet many ponies during her visits.


Her extremely long life span has seen Celestia in all states of mind. There are some times when she feels a bit melancholy about life. Year after year go by and though she continually gets wiser, she sometimes longs for a normal life. This however, was not what was given to her and she bares the weight of her role with stalwart determination. In more recent years she has had a lift in her mind and attitude. She affords this mostly to getting Luna back and to her times with Twilight Sparkle. Her pride in her once pupil and now fellow princess has allowed her heart to bloom in ways it had not before. Though she has said they are equals, she will always retain motherly feelings towards the purple alicorn princess.


She often finds herself wondering what will come next. She has seen so much in her lifespan she often wonders if there is anything she has not seen. Of course, life has a way of keeping things interesting and she eagerly awaits the ages to come.





Celestia stepped down from the platform in the sastle from which she raised the sun. Her eyes sparkled for one moment as she looked over her work. The bright rays of morning sun flooded the fields and valleys below. It was a scene she had watched countless times and yet it still held the same truth to her. It gave her strength to continue on in her role as ruler of Equestria.


The Princess turned and smiled as she made her way down the steps that lead to the meeting hall. Today was going to be such a fun day! She had made sure to finish up royal business the day before so that this day would be freed up. She was going to have a day out with Luna and Cadance! They would have time to laugh and talk. Time to go about like any other mares, instead ot the high rulers of their lands.


Though she loved and felt dutiful towards her role, she sometimes craved a chance to act more like the mares she saw in the towns and cities around her castle. They would gossip, laugh, have some treats. She might even have a chance to take a turn with baby Flurry Heart! It wasn't every day one of the princesses of Equestria had a little foal! She just adored the little filly and she couldn't wait to spend some time with her!


And as a cherry on the top, Twilight was coming along too! She knew the newest princess was still getting used to her role but nothing would help her feel more comfortable than hanging out with the other princesses! She hoped that today she could help Twilight loosen up around the other princesses. They all had their parts to play and getting into those roles could take a long time. Twilight would come into her won a little at a time.


The high ruler of Equestria stepped into the meeting hall. She had a saddle bag with beach supplies, and a pair of sunglasses perched right below her horn instead of her crown. Today was a day to be with her friends and relax! A much needed reprieve from daily life!


"Why hello everyone! I'm so excited for today!"


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