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Àilóng [Ready]


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Name: Ao Àilóng


Sex: Male


Age: ‘Teen’


Species: Serpent Dragon


Eye Colour: Carnation Pink (#FFA6C9)


Scales: Light Blue-Grey (#A2A2D0) scales with a flecks of Blue-Grey (#6699CC) scattered across his back and underbelly.


Hair: Àilóng’s hair is long and wavy, trailing from the top of his head to the tip of it tail where it flairs out into a small curtain of fur. The majority of his hair is Cyan (#00FFFF) though throughout the length of it are stripes of Pink (#FFDAE9) and Lemon Chiffon (#FFFACD) that fade together. His antlers are white in colour and similar to that of a deer’s.


Physique: Long and spindly, Àilóng isn’t a very imposing looking figure, though he does have a fair amount of toned muscle.


Residence: Longri-La.


Occupation: His Most Heavenly Serpent King, Sovereign Ruler of the Long.


Unique Traits:
Magical Skill: As Serpent King, Àilóng has practiced and meditated on many topics over the years. His sometimes childlike nature and serenity belays his honed skills in various types of magics, some ancient that have been passed down through the Long for generations.


Peaceful Aura: A gift from the council upon his ascension to Serpent King, Àilóng was given a silver and gold crown with a shimmering blue pearl set in it. The pearl is enchanted to help sooth those around the wearer in different ways. Such a gentle breeze that passes by them from nowhere, a sound or a smell coming to them the reminds them of happy moments, etc.


History: Long Guo has seen many Emperors and Empresses come and go since the First Empire many moons ago. But for nearly as long, there had been only one Serpent King. Ao Shenlong.


In his centuries, Shenlong foresaw many things in his times of meditation. Both things he understood and things he could not. He saw the moon hitch in the sky, he saw the heroes who would unite the Long Sun, he saw the birth of his child, and he saw his end. And though this vision may bring fear and worry to most, Shenlong’s years of meditation and study brought him an inner peace that was unrivaled to this day.


Instead of wallowing and lamenting his future fate, Shenlong faced each day with pride and a smile. He watched the sun rise once more, he helped set in motion the Empire of Long Guo, he found his mate. He knew that some day he would leave this world though he knew not when. It was with this thought in mind and peace and love in his heart he named his son Àilóng.


As Àilóng grew, his father taught him many things. Magic, meditation, how to fly, how to swim. He showed him the wonders of Long Guo and the land of Neighpon. He studied alongside him as he mentored under each elder serpent of the Council though he knew it all already. He taught him of the Imperial Family and how they came to be. Everything he knew, everything that he was, everything that the Long were, he taught to Àilóng. But the greatest thing he taught his son was to love.


To love each day for it brings new opportunities to learn, to grow, to spread peace and joy to those around you. To love each night for it gives us the quiet and solitude to look inside ourselves and grow. To love your friends, enemies, and all creatures great and small.


Àilóng took every lesson his father taught him to heart, he studied them intently and meditated on them every night. When his father would travel away for his deep meditation Àilóng would study under the Council, learning things such as pearl crafting, enchantment, botany, alchemy. Anything that the elders would teach him, the young Long had a desire to learn.


Occasionally, the young dragon would travel to Lake Huahuo with his father or one of the council members when they were called upon for advice. There he would pick up on diplomacy and body language. Most travelers were honest and genuine, but sometimes they were only there for their own gain, rather than enlightenment. Àilóng would often test the visitors, questioning them about their journey, their purpose here, posing kōan to them, all in an attempt to draw out their true nature. The dishonest amongst them revealed themselves all too easily.


Over the years Àilóng grew, as did his wisdom and skills. His father was certain that he’d make a fine King himself someday. His heart was true and he understood the responsibility it took to be in the position. The day would come when Àilóng would be crowned, but Shenlong knew not when. When, however, would be sooner than he would expect.


From the far east of Longri-La, a great storm had brewed. No one was sure of the where or why it came, but the roaring thunder and torrential rain it was bringing was fierce and threatened to tear the cloud city apart should it arrive. Many serpents tried to quell the storm, but even their combined magics weren’t enough to stabilize it. As the storm drew closer, Ao Shenlong recalled once more his vision and knew what had to be done.


Surrounding himself in magic, the King sped headlong into the heart of the storm. The thunder grew louder and the rain grew heavier, but the advance had stopped. Held in place the storm swelled and swelled, until in a great burst of lightning that struck the mountainsides, it vanished. But so too had the King.


For days they searched for the King, days to weeks, and weeks to months. But they could find no signs of him and the city was in mourning, even in Huangjing a moment of silence was taken for the loss of a great ally and kind serpent. Àilóng took it probably the hardest of all. His father, who had always been there, who guided those in need, was gone in the blink of an eye.


But his mourning could not last forever, a letter his father had left in the care of the Matron, , would set him on his path as the new Serpent King. For years his father taught him, and it was only now reading this letter that he truly knew why. All along Shenlong had planned for Àilóng to take up his mantle, all along he knew that one day he would be gone. As much as the young dragon wanted to mourn and hide himself from the truth, the Council and Longri-La needed him.


And so his training renewed, long meditations, sleepless nights of study and practice. Months he spent honing himself, finding himself and peace once more. When the Council felt him finally ready, when his grief and doubt finally subsided, Àilóng was crowned the new Serpent King in a grand and joyous ceremony, just as his father wanted.


Years have gone by since that day, and Àilóng has fallen into the role of King quite well. Those that call upon him are met with the same quizzical and somewhat mischievous dragon he was when he was younger, tempered with the years of wisdom and experience that he lacked before. When away from the city and council, Àilóng will often mingle among those who do not know his face or position, to see just what the land thinks of the council, the king, and the Long as a whole.


And with the recent crowning of a new Empress in Long Guo? Àilóng is more curious than ever to see just what kind of ruler she will become. Perhaps in time he will bring her to Longri-La to test her mettle and inner self. For now, the Serpent King waits and watches, ever smiling just like the King before him.


Character Summary/Personality: Àilóng is the “recently” crowned Serpent King of the Long, the harmonious ruler of Longri-La and despite his youthful appearance, he’s a greatly practiced wielder of magics and a wise and kind King.


Between meetings with those who beseech him and his free time, Àilóng’s personality doesn’t change much. He’s inquisitive, playful, and sweet. Though sometimes he will test the patience of those around him, just to see how they react and see if their intentions are true. Even to those who have proven to be less than upstanding, Àilóng holds true to his father’s teaching of love. Love is not about ignoring the faults of the people, but teaching them the right path, and crimes do not go unpunished, thus he and the council dole out punishments when appropriate, while still allowing the guilty to plead their case.


Text Colour: (#6699CC)


Poison Joke Reaction: Finds himself only able to speak in practically useless kōan.


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