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Tàiyáng Máo (Ready)


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria

Name: Tàiyáng Máo (Sun Spear)

Sex: Female

Age: Mare

Species: Qilin

Eye Color: Vibrant purple and aqua blue

Physique: Lithe and sinuous she is built for leading a fast pace march for days on end with hardly any rest.

Coat: Sky blue changing to darker shades of black as the fur goes down her legs. Here and there body plates of golden yellow can be seen.

Mane/Tail/Tuft/Horns: Her mane is kept mostly in a long braid that is plaited down her crest. Her forelocks are long and drape down over her face. She has tuft on her tail starting about a third of the way down and continuing to the end. Though it would be long and flowing she keeps it clipped to a reasonable length for battle. Her mane and tail tuft are both dark blue streaked with vibrant yellow and orange. Taiyang has deer antler like horns that sweep back past her ears. Each horn is three pronged and they are stream lined along her head. 

Occupation: Royal War Adviser to “Her Imperial Majesty the Empress of the Great Féng Dynasty, Heavenly Daughter of Dragons, Sovereign of Ten Thousand Years”. General of the Imperial Forces of the Rising Sun of Long Guo.

Imperial Attire: When she is preforming under the mantle of her most honored position of Royal War Adviser she wears the uniform that was bestowed on her by the Empress herself. A black diyi emblazoned with serpent dragons and crossed spears. Under this she wears a breastplate and other protective gear that all those in the service of Imperial Forces of Long Guo wear.

Cutie Mark: Crossed long Long Guo long spears over a plume of fire.


Taiyang was born to loving parents in the mountain district of Long Guo. It was in a remote village that the Qilin learned the early lessons of life. Her mother and father both imparted their gifting upon her, teaching her all they knew of their trades. Her father had served in the Forces of Long Guo and Taiyang always looked up to him. He was her hero and also her closest friend.


Her parents knew from her early days that Taiyang would grow to be a warrior. She thirsted for knowledge and was exceedingly quick at picking up whatever subject was brought before her. Along with this she was gifted in the arts. This thrilled her mother who was a musician. Taiyang learned the flute, a traditional form of the instrument played by many in her village. 


She would never forget the day her father first introduced her to the weapons of his trade. He opened the chest that held all of his equipment from his time in service. Taiyang gasped at the beautifully kept clothing and weapons. His uniform was perfect. Bright crimson and emblazoned with the mark of Long Guo. She felt so proud of her father and even more proud when he held the breastplate up to her. It didn't fit yet, but someday it would! Her taught he little by little in the honorable ways. Eventually she could weld the short sword and her skills at fire breath was fast improving. 


Many were impressed with her skills with weapons and with words. She was one of the most well spoken Qilin in her village before long. Still in her youth, she let her head swell with pride and became a bit brash. Often she would show others up, humiliating them in front of others. One day her father overheard her showing up another young Qilin. He gracefully drew her aside. Instead of telling her he was ashamed, he spoke to her of a higher way. She was angered by this at first. Why couldn't she show off her skills? She had worked hard to make them what they were!


Her father explained to her that her gifts had been imparted to her from himself and her mother and it was not right to use them for anything that made others feel bad or brought more wrong into the world. Taiyang stormed off, not understanding in her youth.


A few seasons later she was practicing her fire breath in a small valley she often went to to practice. She didn't notice her parents had walked up to watch her for a while. She had been practicing her use of the long spear alongside her fire breath. The results were devastating and very accurate. She was able her gifts perfectly, thinking no one was watching. Her grace as natural fluidity combined with her gift in fire breath made her a formidable force. She turned and then noticed her parents. For the first time she felt no pride in herself but in those who had raised her. 


As she was walking towards her parents to tell them she was going to join the Forces of Long Guo, her cutie mark appeared! She would use her formidable skills as needed, but for the protection of others. The large fire was crossed with the protection of the twin spears. 






When her youth was at an end, Taiyang entered the army of Long Gou, the Imperial Force. It was an easy decision for her to make as the way of the warrior was obviously in her blood. Though her parents knew they would miss her and worry for her, they sent her off with their love and support. 


Her first season of training was by far the most difficult. Building the endurance and skill the army of Long Gou required took time, hard work, dedication, and of deadening of the body to pain.She grit her teeth and dug in, surpassing many other students in her class. She graduated the basic training after two years and was requested to take a position of some authority in the force soon after. She proudly accepted this honor and soon found herself at the head of her unit.


It was soon after her appointment to office that Taiyang was assigned to active duty in a skirmish taking place on an island not far from Neighpon. It was a power struggle that had recently fledged into battle between Long Guo and Neighpon. Long Guo had long since fought against Neighpon for control of the land for trade use. Taiyang found herself sending her troops into battle and as she did so, she found it cam naturally to her. As the battle wore on she could see strategies and use tactics that were revolutionary. Her foresight on the battle field won the land back for Long Guo. 


It was not long after this that she was moved up in rank and given a medal of great honor for her leadership skills. She wore the medal proudly on the front of her armor where it gleamed and flashed for all around her to see! Taiyang's prestige grew until soldiers began requesting to join her contingent. As she continued to grow in honor she was promoted again and again. After a few years in the service she was granted the position of General by the Emperor himself!


The day was glorious, bringing much pride to her family. Taiyang was given the articles of the General to wear in her new position. Though she still saw time on the battle field, much of her work became more administrative in nature. She had a mind for business as well has battle field and so took to the position perfectly. She served the Emperor proudly, taking her position in the Imperial Secretariat as the War Advisor in stride. She oversaw many campeigns from this position, dutifully serving the lands of Long Guo. She was loyal to the Emperor and when his successor came into power. It was an internal struggle for the Qilin to see the Emperor's daughter come into power. She had not proven herself in any way other than blood right. To this end, Taiyang still questions if the Empress can rule as her father once did. 


She stands at the right hoof of the Empress these days. Still the general of the Imperial Forces and also War Adviser to her nation. 


Character Personality:


When on duty Taiyang is business like yet at the same time witty and given to trough in a comment or two to lighten the mood. She didn't earn her position of rank for nothing. A big part of her leadership skills involve being able to put others at ease in what would be a tense situation. Though she is no spring chicken she carries herself like one half her age. Few would be able to tell the accurate age of this Qilin. She not light hearted in any sense of the word, tending to be sarcastic and somewhat blunt. 


This demeanor carries into her personal life as well and some find her ways off putting. She has  certain charm about her that some have come to enjoy, though those of weaker tendencies would find her rough around the edges. She can be lady like if she wants to be, but she would rather play rough. This shape of her personality comes mostly from her time serving in the forces. She had seen things and done things that keep her well grounded in reality. She will try to joke her way out of situations that become too heavy. Taiyang has never been one to deal well with problems in relationships. This has cost her more than once and at the moment she has no intentions of form romantic ties with anyone. This being said, she can still be a tremendous flirt if the mood takes her...and it often does. 


Unique Traits:


Fire Breath:


Taiyang has always been gifted with the use of fire breath. Even as a young one she would often singe her bedding or her mother's laundry when she sneezed. Though no where near as powerful as a dragon's breath, as far as Qilin are concerned she is able to harness fire breath with the best of them. This comes in two forms.


Fire Plume: She has learned to blow a plume of fire from her mouth with great intensity lasting a few yards in front of her.

Fire Blast: She can also let loose short puffs of fire that she can launch a great distance from her. When the puffs of fire hit, they tend to explode into a smoldering spot for a few seconds. This technique has proven itself quite useful in battle and also...to show off.


Short Spear:


From her early days Taiyang found the short spear to fit naturally to hoof. So much so that she trained herself to wield two of the weapons at once. She prefers the style of her native village, wherein the spears are rotated around the body in a graceful fluid motion. Though it looks serine, the effects of the art are quite dangerous. When combined with her fire breath Taiyang is a force to be reckoned with! Her spears are fire resistant and she has been known to launch her orbs of fire great distance by combining a swing of her spear with a fire blast. 


Character Summary:


Taiyang has a personality that combines wisdom with sarcastic levity. This is partially what has gained her the rank she holds as War Advisor. Anyone can see that she takes her role seriously, but she is able to make light of things just enough to help other think clearly in tense situations. She is honored and respected as the General of the Forces of Long Guo and has made many decisions that have effected the outcomes of important battles and wars. She is honorable, responsible, and totally loyal to her nation. Though she does not completely trust the ruling of the Empress, she stands as an Adviser to the royal family. 

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