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Princess Luna[Ready]


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Name: Luna
Sex: Female
Age: Ageless
Species: Alicorn
Eye Color: Crystalline sky blue
Coat: Dark navy blue
Mane/Tail: Her mane always seems to flow in the air around her, held up by her own innate magic. Both mane and mane have a translucent quality to them. Her magical locks are azure blue, surrounded by lilac at the outer edges. As her namesake and duties surround the night sky, so do her features. Luna's mane and tail both sparkle with starlight throughout. 
Physique: Luna is quite tall and slender. Her midsection is tucked up under her more than most ponies. She has a stature that is only outdone by her sister. Her legs are long and have a light weight almost deer like quality to them. She also has a small rump that tapers quickly towards her tail. All in all she is strong though her strength is found in agility, not muscle build. 
Residence: The Princess of the Moon has her own private turret in Canterlot Castle. It is situated with windows in such as way that she always has a pristine view of the night sky. The top room of the turret has an enchanted top that allows one to look right through towards the sky. 
Occupation: Since her release from imprisonment in the moon, Luna has been reinstated to her place of raising the moon. The night sky is her responsibility. From the time of twilight to the crack of dawn, the Princess of the night over sees all. Her role extends far beyond the reaches of the sky. She is able to look into the minds of ponies via their dreams. She is the Princess or the dream state and freely walks through the realms of slumber.  From her she helps to watch over the ponies under her protection, teaching them as they dream. She also works to protect those in Equestria from the ravages of any creatures that spawn in the hours of night.

Cutie Mark: Luna's cutie mark is a bit different from most ponies. This is because it extends beyond a set of symbols that are just on her flank as most ponies have. Her mark cloaks most of her hindquarters, moving down towards her hocks. Her mark is a blanket of midnight black, unbroken until the edges of the mark. The edges let off into a few blotches of black further down her flanks. The center piece of her mark, is a white crescent moon.


There are no records of where, when, or how Luna was able to attain her cutie mark. Since many legends point to the Princesses of Equestria not actually being born Luna may have come into existence with her mark in place. This mark is the truest identity Luna has. The night and the moon encompass her being. The things she is best at all relate to the night! There truly is no better fitting mark of the Princess of the Night!

Unique Traits:



Dream Scaping:  is one of her fortes. She is able to fabricate situations in the dreams of ponies. This is usually done to help a pony out or to teach them a valuable life lesson.


Dream Walking: Luna is able to make her way through into the dreams of whoever she wishes. From this position she can find out many things about those in who's dreams she is walking. She often appears to ponies in their dreams in times of need. 


Sleep Casting: She is able to cast various spells over ponies while they sleep. Usually this would be to deepen the sleep of somepony, causing them to fall into unnaturally heavy and long sleep. She can also conjure dreams in ponies while they slumber.


Power Burst: She wields extremely powerful magic from her horn. A blast of energy can issue from her horn on command to help dispatch or slow down a foe. 


Fighting Skills:


Though she is mild mannered normally, Luna can become a force to reckon with! In her times as Nightmare Moon she was able to fight with her magic. This skills has not diminished with time or with returning to the Princess of the Night. In fact, her magic and fighting prowess have only become stronger since returning to her rightful role. 




While serving in Canterlot Castle she wears the regalia of royalty. She has a coronet between her ears that is black, rimmed in dark blue. She also wears a breastplate with the same image of the moon as her cutie mark. Her hooves are shod with silver shoes that cover the front of her hooves. When not in the vision of the general population she usually sheds the fancy regalia in exchange for a comfy draw string hoodie. 




Luna was not born so to speak. So long ago did her and her sister Celestia come into being that nopony knows their true origin. Luna has a many fold history. For a thousand years Luna stood alongside her sister, raising her namesake celestial body. When Celestia did not have the sun in the sky it was Luna;s responsibility to raise the moon. For year upon year the sisters completed their task while watching over the lands of Equestria.


Eventually it came to pass that Luna noticed the behavior of the ponies she watched over. Though they played and frolicked during the day, they only slept at night. So much longed for the ponies of lands to enjoy the night as they enjoyed the day. She wished to see them smile, to ask her to join in their games. She wished to speak with others and enjoy the fun of conversation and friendship. In her role of watching over the night she didn't get to have the interaction with others that her sister had.


This went on for such a long time that eventually Luna became jealous of Celestia. She only wished to be with others and to enjoy company. She wished the ponies would love the wonderful moon as much as they loved the sun! Eventually her jealousy became so great that Luna decided the only way to get what she wanted was to challenge Celestia for control! An epic battle ensued.


It wasn't that she had lost love completely for Celestia, she was blinded by jealousy. As such she challenged Celestia and was defeated by the power oft he Elements of Harmony. Celestia banished her sister to the moon where she was locked for a thousand years. She was imprisoned, only able to glimpse the lands of Equestria from her vantage as the Mare in the Moon. 


As the years went by the legend of the Mare in the Moon turned into a myth, with few holding any real regard for the Princess of the Moon. During this time Celestia ruled over all, raising both the sun and the moon. It was a tazing job but nowhere near as difficult with living everyday knowing she had banished her beloved sister to eternal imprisonment. 


It was many years but eventually the moon aligned and a chance to escape from her prison took shape. So much time being trapped had warped Luna's mind. She had become something of a nightmare, and became Nightmare Moon! The legend became reality the fateful night. It is wasn't for Twilight Sparkle and the power of the Elements of Harmony Nightmare Moon might have taken control! Equestria would have been altered forever!


Luna was freed from Nightmare Moon by the Elements of Harmony, however it would take time for her to adjust to life off the moon. At first ponies were terrified of her and she still fit the role of Nightmare from time to time. She was loud, overbearing, and had little in the way of social skills. Though it took her lots of time and effort, she has overcome Nightmare Moon and now reveals in her role as the Princess of the Night!



Character Summary:

Luna's social skills are a bit different from most ponies. Her way of speaking is slightly different, as well as the cadence of her speaking. This is mostly due to the thousand years she had to spend on her own trapped in the moon. She also retains some of the old words in her speech as she has not been able to keep up with changes the way her sister has.  


She sometimes misunderstands other ponies but she has learned to ask for help when she needs it. This requires a great deal of humility, something else she had to learn over time. 


Ponies have learned to love Princess Luna. She is kind and incredibly wise. She is able to add useful guidance into her conversations with others, and help even those who don't take advice very well. 


She is powerful and wise and holds a commanding position as an immortal ruler of Equestria. She is able to balance this power with kindness making her  a being that is not only respected but also dearly loved. 



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