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Three Fictional Characters

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Rules for this thread are simple. Share 3 fictional characters that best describe you at the moment.

Mine? Let's seeee...


First we've got Toriel.




I consider myself the Goatmom of this fair community. Prove to me you are strong enough to survive...





She's a little pink kitsune that don't care. I like how she takes life face-first. Win in my book!


Finally, this charming mare:




You think she went away? Life's a party!


(Coincidentally 2 of the 3 are bakers!)



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Hmm... three characters...




Ever since I started watching MLP, I always gravitated towards Twilight Sparkle. My personality is very similar to hers as is how I try solving problems. And yes, I do get those "Fretting Twilight" moments as well as those nerding out moments. She also represents my creative aspects. 



So, watching Steven Universe was a recent thing for me, but I think Steven represents my childlike innocence. Steven is always trying to help others and protect his friends, even if it means sacrificing his own safety or happiness. I guess he also represents my heart. 




No, you're seeing this correctly. Unikitty represents my overwhelming optimism. Like her, sometimes I tend to be naive and sometimes gullible. But I try to hold fast to my positivity even when bad things are happening. 

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Well this doesn't feel expository at all. Let's see what I can come up with.





Yeah, I knew Tomoko had to be on this list. (It was pretty hard to find a halfway decent picture of her.) For me, watching Watamote was an exercise in empathetic cringe as I saw my younger self mirrored in Tomoko in so many ways. Sure, a lot of her story is comedically exaggerated, but you can tell that the author knows what they were talking about when writing the character. She's that part of me that sometimes would rather just stay inside and do nothing all day rather then try and fail. I like to think that knowing that's not a good thing helps a little. :D




I emphasize with Pearl a lot, since the early episodes. Drawn in by her neurotic behavior, going into her themes of fighting for a love that might not be shared by the target of her affection, and her attitude to fight for what is right, even when faced with a injustice and a corrupt system. That's me on my good days.




Who is that even, Davroth? Yeah, that's a not very famous youtuber I have been following off and on again named Captain Disillusion, and his videos are about debunking youtube videos of supposedly supernatural origins, or impossible stunts. Much like this fictional character, I have a certain obsession with truth, and cutting through deception and tricks, especially as it relates to attempts to actually trick people rather then just entertain (As a side note, I love show magic with a passion). There's something freeing about the pursuit of truth. But what also resonates with me is the words he uses to close all of his videos. "Love with your heart, use your head for everything else."

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