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Moving Day [EQG AU - OPEN]


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Early in the morning, the week following the Friendship Games

"Oooh...maybe this was a mistake.  What if they don't like me?  Maybe I was too quick in choosing to suddenly change schools.  UGH!"  The young Twilight Sparkle was having some...issues.  She was supposed to be loading up a moving crate to move her equipment from Crystal Prep over to Canterlot High.  Even though she was switching schools, it didn't mean she had to give up on her studies.  They'd just be going at a somewhat slower pace.  "Did I remember to pack the microscope?  Or what about the spectral anomaly detector?  Or what about the..."  It would take several hours of her looking all around her lab to confirm to herself that she did not, in fact, forget anything, and it was time for her and Spike to leave Crystal Prep, possibly for good.  "...Well then.  I guess this is it.  One final step out of Crystal Prep, and one..."

"small step into Canterlot High."  She was...for most part, a nervous wreck.  She even came into the school early to have time to set up her new lab that was picked out for her.  But that was all in vain, since she tried to come in early also to avoid other students.  She had to have time to adjust to her new life with friends...did not help at all that there were several sports teams running through the halls as part of normal training.  On TOP of that, most of these students seemed to...recognize our poor intelligent girl, yet she had no idea why.  "Come on Spike, let's get your new bed set up in the lab before classes start."  Once she got started on setting up her lab, putting bits and pieces on several large desks brought over from Crystal Prep, as well as hanging up her cork board, she didn't stop until she finished...which happened to be when the lunch bell rang.  "Well, that beginning bell sure took time...to...ring?"  


The young girl booked it down the hall,realizing she missed over half of her classes due to being so pre-occupied with setting up her new lab.  Luckily, she didn't have any classes scheduled for today anyway.  She was given today just to get accustomed to Canterlot High, and to finalize any moving issues that may have come up.  So...lunch time was quick to begin, and Twilight thought it was best to try and get to know some of her new classmates.  "I mean, having your best friends is good and all, but how can you learn anything if you only have the same group for days on end?  ...I should really look into stop talking to myself."  She sat down at a table that seemed to not have many students around, possibly hoping that no one would actually come up and talk to the new girl.  

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If he hadn't been busy trying to cram as many crackers into his mouth as humanly possible, he might have noticed her straight away.


As it was, he was busy doing Very Important Things, super important, such as trying to cram as many crackers into his mouth as humanly possible, and mostly for the benefit of showing up Sharp Zing, who was equally invested in Very Important Things along the likes of his own. There were a few others crowded around, guys jeering and cheering in equal parts out of sheer boredom for a depressingly familiar lunch period, and really, with so many Very Important Things happening around him, was it any wonder that not one of them noticed earlier?


Zephyr was the first to notice, though...and from there, it was a simple domino effect.


"Cripes," Inkbrand sputtered and coughed around messily chewed crackers, irritably wiping his mouth to send a glare towards the boy in question, who had - quite unhelpfully, might he add - vigorously punched his back in an effort to get his attention and subsequently succeeded in causing him to choke on his crackers. "Crimes," the blue-haired student reiterated, scowl now on his face as he swung around in his seat to take a look at whatever the guys were now gawping at, "what the rot are you all - " 








That...would explain it.


The sudden silence, the sudden staring, the hushed whispers and sidelong glances. All of it really, and Inkbrand was no better, staring unabashedly at the purple-haired girl that had sat down at the far end of their table. She appeared to be muttering to herself - really helping her image, there - but was otherwise avoiding eye contact with just about everyone else. Which...no surprises, really. The student easily recognizable as Twilight Sparkle had been similarly caught up in the same magical weirdness that had taken up Sunset Shimmer...except, the student body had found out, it hadn't been exactly the same. Apparently there was a twin sister thrown around somewhere, the first of which had been involved in some shenanigans last year, the second of which had only been involved in the Friendship Games.


It was plainly clear which one this Sparkle was, though. Unlike her twin, who Inkbrand remembered from a distance as being friendly and outgoing and generally affable, this twin was pretty much the opposite. Everything about her fairly screamed nerd, from the up-do she was sporting to the way she sat by herself and made absolutely no effort to get to know anyone else. 


And did he mention the muttering? Did this girl not know that talking to oneself at a not-quiet-enough volume was a sure-fire way to make it to the top of the freak list?


He wasn't the only one thinking it. Zing was giving Sparkle a side-glare, as if he expected her to spontaneously combust into glitter and rainbows, and Zephyr was still standing there, mouth agape and showing no signs of closing anytime soon. A lot of the other students had noticed her too, but Inkbrand was too far behind the grapevine to know exactly what was being said. Last he'd heard, Twilight Sparkle had taken her magical weirdness elsewhere - he hadn't heard anything about a freakin' transfer. Maybe she was only here on, like...a study program? Attending a couple weeks before high-tailing it back to Crystal Prep?


...Only one way to find out, really.


With all the subtly of a train wreck, Inkbrand exchanged glances with his friends, before casually sliding his way down the bench, his backpack and lunch tray following along for the ride. Faux whistling sealed the deal, and with her knew it, the blue-haired student was within arm's reach of Sparkle, like the champ he was. Inkbrand had no idea if the introverted girl even knew he existed yet, though.


Given the way she had been muttering to herself earlier, he sincerely doubted it. 


"So I've got this problem," Inkbrand said aloud, head propped up on one hand and turned towards the purple student, so there could be absolutely no mistake who he was talking to. "My friends over there," a jerk over one shoulder towards his buddies, where the distinct sound of hurried shuffling made it clear how closely they were eaves-dropping. Whatever, they'd get bored soon enough. "They say your name is Twilight. I said it was Sparkle." Inkbrand never moved from his relaxed and almost bored pose, though his lips split into a toothy and slightly mischievous grin. "Help me settle a bet?" 



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Lunchtime, and Sunset was in the middle of devouring a particularly delicious sammich when she noted the entrance of one Twilight Sparkle, freshly enrolled and looking a little lost in the cafeteria crowd...and given the circumstances, she wasn't about to miss out on this worlds Twilights integration with the school. Considering that she'd been part of one of the largest magically-saving friendship experiences of anyone else Sunset had known save for herself, it was kind of a big deal that she didn't simply skip out on being around to give her friend a warm welcome to CHS properly.

This time, without any of the flashy unpredictable magic that had accompanied things during the friendship games - that had kinda spoiled the mood.


Well, she hoped so at least...there was no real way of knowing how that would turn out.


Still, today was about making sure that Twilight felt the same as she had when she'd left the school a couple of days ago - surrounded by those who knew she was a good person and that she was somebody who could pretty much do whatever she wanted from this point on...even if that something she wanted was mostly just to hang around her own personal labspace and research life, the universe and everything. Sunset had a brief pang of relatability to that particular feeling, as a part of her still loved and enjoyed the pursuit of knowledge, albeit she could safely bet that her pursuit was a little more in the ways of the magical arts than Twilights was. Whilst she didn't want Twi to feel overly crowded, she figured it might help her ease in to school life at CHS if there was a familiar face there to assist in the knowing about all things CHS...and since Pinkie didn't seem to be around to engage in the endeavours of friendly bantering, it seemed that the task of casual assisting guide fell upon the shoulders of one Sunset Shimmer to undertake!



" Twili-... " Sunset opened her mouth to speak, but noticed that there was somebody who'd entered the fray whilst she had distracted herself with the task of packing her bag - the one known as Inkbrand. " Shoulda known somebody like him would get there first." She chuckles to herself as she continues her approach anyway, not particularly swayed by the turn of events...was all just a part of the task at hand, right? 


" I see you're already getting acquainted with some of the other folks here, Twi'... " She comments with a wry glance at Inkbrand.

" Don't mind him...Inks harmless enough, although he does have his moments! " It was a playful jab, and one she was fairly sure he'd brush off pretty easily. 

if he wasn't made of stronger stuff then that was probably his own thing to work on...right now, however, Twilight was the one who likely needed the assist.

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"[Oh good job Twilight, your little muttering fit drew so much attention to you...great.]"  Twilight wasn't one for TRYING to draw attention to herself, but there she was, a whole rather large group of students staring at her and the boy talking to her.  


"Um, actually, it's both.  My name's Twilight Sparkle.  But I'm honestly pretty sure you would've known that from that weird other girl who came through the portal from the different world...heh.  It sounds rather silly when I say it out loud.  She was getting rather embarassed, and it was quite obvious, given that she had a noticable blush on her face.  However, thankfully her savior came, when Sunset made her way over to her.  "Sunset!  Hi!  So...your name is Inkbrand?  Nice to meet you."  Twilight gulped down the good majority of her food, a large sandwich and an arrangement of apple slices, all gone, a small little talent picked up from needing to eat quick to get back to research and reports.  "I'm sorry for causing a scene.  Is there something you wanted to talk about, Sunset?"  


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Oh, great. Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle in the same room together? 


Best get prepared for some magical weirdness to go down.


"Ai, 'course I'm harmless," Inkbrand protested in mock offense, snatching a stray fry off of his plate and tossing it at the red-and-orange haired girl. It bounced ineffectively off her backpack, but that didn't stop the junior from grabbing another fry in preparation for retaliation. "Everyone knows good 'ol Inkbrand's as tame as a puppy, right." The wink tossed at Sunset Shimmer was careless and blithe, a shared joke considering that the last thing anyone would ever compare him to would be a harmless puppy...though he supposed, better a harmless puppy than a rabid pitfall, the other end of that comparison spectrum. 


And one he liked to toe, from time to time. 


But that later, magic weird girls now, and Inkbrand shifted his focus back onto Sparkle, not bothering to hide the surprise that flitted over his face at the purple girl's words. "Oh rot, that really true?" the blue-haired student muttered, more to himself than asking a serious question. There had been rumors and speculations, of course - it was difficult to miss hearing about this "other world" that somehow kept being accessed by, ahem, certain magical weird girls who liked to grow ears and tails, but those rumors had been exactly that - rumors. He'd thought the other Twilight Sparkle was a twin living in the city near Canterlot High, was all.


...Oh wait, that was this twin. And the other was...somewhere else? In the magical other word?


First week of classes, and magical weirdness was good to go. Awesome. 


Inkbrand didn't voice any of these thoughts aloud however, instead choosing to throws his legs over the bench in order to recline his back against the table, elbows propped up behind him. His eyebrows crept along his forehead at Sparkle's inquiry, his own eyes finding their way to Sunset's even as a grin splayed wide over his face. Was there something she wanted to talk to Sparkle about? Save her from the big bad Inkbrand? Probs. Either or, said big bad was content to listen, hands locking themselves behind his head and looking for all the word like he was about to settle in for a nice long nap. 



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Sunset couldn't help but find herself amused by the pair - Twilight, who was still getting used to actually trying in social situations - and that much was easy to see by the awkward way she held up when it came to a casual but unexpected conversation...and Inkbrand, who was definitely no slouch in the socializing side of things as a whole. Ordinarily, this wouldn't really be a problem...but this situation was far from ordinary as far as Twilight went, seeing as she was not exactly familiar with the 'rogue' charms of the mischievous male currently relaxing calmly within earshot. Sunset had no true quarrels with him, of course, but when it came to the inexperienced Twi Sparkle, she wasn't really certain that her current level of 'experience' around others in a more direct capacity would keep her from getting into something she hadn't originally intended.


But no, she wasn't here to make any big social rescue, but to simply provide a familiar face for a while if she needed any.


" It's fine, Twi - I just wanted to come by and hang for a bit... " she states with a small nod. " The others are a little busy right now and I figured that you might appreciate a little assist if you needed any...plus lunch is always a little better with a friend around to kill time with, it's not nearly as enjoyable on your own. Heck, if Inkbrand wanted to join, he's more than welcome to if he's got nothing better going on! " 


Sure she was mostly having a little fun with Ink on that, but Sunset didn't really mind, and she was fairly sure that Twilight could decide for herself if she wanted anyone around her at all right now. It was, for the most part, just Sunsets attempt to give Twi' an option to have people around at lunch for casual school exploration, conversation, and whatever else might well come with it!

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Life in the new school had been... actually normal for Watermelon Gush. So she still felt like she was a bit lost in school like a textbook without an owner, but she felt it was only a matter of time before the Freshman found her place and purpose. Today was like any other as the teen made her way down the halls while trying to carry a haphazardly stacked pile of books and school supplies. She was about to make her way to class when she noticed a few semi-familiar faces. One was Inkbrand whom she met at the Meet and Greet party in the gym. The other was Sunset Shimmer who was in the process of getting to know. The third one was a girl that she saw at Crystal Prep Academy but didn't have the opportunity to meet. Frankly the lavender teen didn't seem like she wanted to get to know others, always carrying books on science and muttering something incoherent while avoiding eye contact with others. The teen was about to keep moving when she heard something... odd. 


But I'm honestly pretty sure you would've known that from that weird other girl who came through the portal from the different world...heh.  It sounds rather silly when I say it out loud."


"Wait... what?" was all the teen could get out as she stopped, just as another student suddenly sideswiped her pile of books, causing them to tumble to the ground!


"Oh great..." she said, "There you go again Watermelon, dropping things. Sheesh, when did I get so clutzy?" 


It was then that she noticed a book had slid next to the three students, not just any book, The Book. So it wasn't really an important book for a project, but anyone who picked it up could learn something about the girl with the red pigtails, specifically her particular interest: Plants and Possible Potentials for Potent Potions.


"Um...can one of you help me by grabbing that book near you. Just...promise not to laugh at its title, ok?" 



Wanted to add a little magic to Watermelon Gush. Sure she isn't going to "Pony Up" or anything like that, but I figured she'd find an interest in a little Botany and Potions.





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Twilight was a bit anxious of all the attention she was getting, but noticed the book slide towards her.  "Oh, here you go!"  She picked it up and held it out towards the green-skinned girl.  "Well, I would enjoy the company for lunch Sunset, thank you.  You're welcome to stay too Ink...sorry for the cold shoulder."  Twilight quickly went back to eating some more of her lunch, noticing that time was standing still.  

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Really, now?


The lazy smile didn't leave Inkbrand's face, but he couldn't help the slight raising of one eyebrow as he eyed the pair. It sort of sounded like Sunset Shimmer was actively looking out for the purple student, making it clear she was ready to stick by her side through thin and thick. Him, personally? He liked taking the oblivious route. Most of his buddies - and him, too - hated being called out on any weaknesses or insecurities they might be feeling, made 'em feel stupid. If it were up to him, he most likely would have ignored or made light of Sparkle's apparent social awkwardness rather than coddle and baby her with reassurances that she had friends. 


But he supposed that's why he wasn't friends with this chick. Coddling had never been his strong suite, after all.


Before Inkbrand could do much more than open his mouth to respond to Shimmer, however, a familiar sight suddenly made itself known in...an entirely familiar way. Inkbrand's hand shot out instinctively, but he was too far away to do much of anything as the girl's textbooks came tumbling to the ground in a cascade of color and hard edges. Luckily, the girl herself escaped with only a blow to her dignity rather than her noggin, and Inkbrand didn't bother refraining from an eye roll as the freshman set about collecting her books. 


Because this gal was turning out clumsier by the day.


"Laugh, us?" Inkbrand drawled, still seated reversely on the cafeteria bench, elbows resting on the table at his back. "Why Watermelon, would we ever?" A dramatic slap of one hand over his heart cemented the effect, but Inkbrand patted the bench next to him to invite the green-skinned girl over anyways. Though, she didn't seem to have any food on her, only books, a sad fact that quickly needed to be remedied. 


Though, that would have to wait until later as Inkbrand turned his attention back onto Sparkle, one eyebrow raising again at her statement. "Eh, don't sweat it," the blue-haired student shrugged, running one hand through his messy locks, before turning a sharp grin onto the purple girl. "You can just make it up to me later." What exactly a..."making up" actually entailed didn't really matter, but he was content to let the girl possibly sweat it out as he turned his rot-eating grin back onto Sunset Shimmer, as if daring her to challenge his remark. 



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...Okay. He was officially bored.


And a bored Inkbrand was never a good thing.


Luckily, Canterlot High wasn't one of those stick-in-the-mud schools that enforced a lunch period on their students in the cafeteria. In fact, there were several places outside that specifically to the more adventurous lunch-goers. All on school grounds, of course, but still. It certainly helped to have places like that when all the tables were booked up...or, some people were being really weird and not amusing in the slightest.


"Whelp," Inkbrand drawled with obvious emphasis on the word, standing up from his seat to stretch out his back a little, "I'm off. Don't exactly want to be wasting a lunch period, 'ya know?" They probably didn't know, but whatever. With a lazy wave of his hand over one shoulder, the blue haired student swept up his haphazardly tossed backpack over one shoulder, sending a more familiarized farewell to the guys he'd been sitting with earlier, before sauntering out of the cafeteria doors, whistling as he went.


Yeah...no use wasting a lunch period, not when those cheerleaders were probably still taking their lunch under the big oak. One could never waste an opportunity to ogle cheerleaders, no sir.


[[ Exit ]]


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