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[Unofficial Lore] The Historian's Guild


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The Historian's Guild

The Historian’s Guild was founded some two hundred and fifty years ago by then Duke of Stalliongrad, Lorewalker. Lorewalker was a scholar of some renown, and founded the guild with two main goals in mind.


The first, being the preservation of not just Stalliongrad’s rich history, but that of the whole of the world. As time goes on, tomes can be lost or destroyed. To help prevent this, the guild seeks to create copies of rare works as well as to keep the originals safe and on display for the masses. This front of the guild is known to anypony who would ask. Often they can be likened to extreme librarians.


The second, however, is not known to the general populace, or even some members the guild. The Historian’s Guild’s true purpose is to find and contain and dangerous knowledge or artefacts and keep them safe from falling into the wrong hooves.


The list of non-members who know of this side of the guild are far and few between. Princess Celestia was told during the founding of Lorewalker’s intent with the guild. Princess Luna was told not long after her return, when the guild felt that she indeed was trustworthy enough. Princess Cadance was told after the events that lead to the defeat of King Sombra, though Shining Armor has yet to be told himself. Since her rise to Princesshood, Princess Twilight and her friends are being watched to determine if they are ready to learn of the guild’s presence yet or not.


Although founded in Stalliongrad, The Historian’s Guild acts as an autonomous entity, taking sides with no one nation exclusively in its pursuit for knowledge and defense of the world at large. Their main headquarters is situated in Stalliongrad, with six other smaller headquarters located in Canterlot, Germaney, Itaily, Caspain, Shireland, and Prance. Talks of founding other headquarters in places such as Whitescar, The Crystal Empire, Saddle Arabia, and Long Guo are on the table, though Whitescar is low priority until the civil unrest in the country is resolved.


The hierarchy of the guild is simple, though do keep in mind that above the Overseer, the Duke or Duchess descended from Lorewalker holds more sway. The Overseer is the head of the guild as a whole, they hand out orders to the Camerlenghi, the leaders of the six sub-headquarters and travel to each guild in a monthly cycle to see if the guilds need aid, more supplies, or have anything to report. Should the need arise, the Overseer will negotiate with the leader of the city or town for supplies or assistance, though in most cases the acting leader is able to handle this.


Beneath the Overseer are the 6 leaders of the different branches of the Historian's Guild, known as the Camerlenghi. These leaders have command over their particular branch, so long as their orders don't contradict that of the Overseer, though in emergency situations exceptions can be made. They also have secondary command over each other's members, with the same stipulations as before, with the additions of not contradicting the leader of that branch. Emergencies can create exceptions for this rule as well.


Each of the Camerlenghi have an apprentice beneath them as well, who are being trained as replacements for the Camerlengo should the need arise, or should they wish to retire.


From here I will go into detail about the purpose of each of the 6 sects of the Camerlenghi.


The Oculus is the ‘all seeing eye’ of the Camerlenghi. Their job is to keep tabs on the goings on of political figures around the world, as well as keep track of any magical anomalies that may arise. The students that follow the path of The Oculus are trained in espionage and subterfuge, gaining information while remaining unseen. To a member of this group, no knowledge will remain hidden forever. Their main base is situated in Canterlot, Equestria.


The Manus is the ‘hands’ of the Camerlenghi. Their job is to recover any magical artefacts that the Guild deem fit, as well as to be a combat force should the need arise. The students that follow the path of The Manus are trained as classical adventurers and fighters, being able to spot traps and hold their own against any beasts that would get in their way. The members of this group are often called Combat Scholars. Their main base is situated in Hoofenheim, Germaney.


The Vox is the ‘voice’ or ‘mouth’ of the Camerlenghi. Their job is to act as the figureheads of the guild, and often are negotiators for parties that need a neutral faction to intervene. The students that follow the path of The Vox are trained to be silver tongued and diplomatic. The members of this group have the largest age variation. Their main base is situated in Roam, Itaily.


The Animus is the ‘heart’ of the Camerlenghi. Their job is to marry old magics with new, studying and creating new magics and artefacts to help benefit society. The students that follow the path of The Animus are trained in lost and esoteric arts of magic and relic crafting. The members of this group are the most racially diverse. Their main base is situated in Mardrid, Caspain


The Scribus are the ‘pen’ of the Camerlenghi. Their job is to catalogue the varying histories of the world and sort out facts from misinformation, and to deliver messages between the other sects of the Guild. The students that follow the path of The Scribus are often seen as fastidious and precise- sticklers for details. The members of this group are primarily winged races. Their main base is situated in Maris, Prance.


The Voluntas are the ‘will’ of the Camerlenghi. Their job is to act as guardians for the various sects of the guild. Where The Manus are trained as adventurers, The Voluntas are trained as stalwart knights, defenders of the guild’s secrets. The students that follow the path of The Voluntas are unwavering defenders of peace and justice. The members of this group are the smallest in number. Their main base is situated in Docklin, Shireland.


The Students of each of the six sects are sorted into four categories. Those who have just exited their Adherent phase and have joined a sect proper are simply known as Seekers. Next, those who have been a member of their sect for four years or longer are called the Initiated. Those who choose to learn from other sects after their four years are done are dubbed Itinerants. The last category belongs to the Apprentices of the sect leaders.


Adherents are those who are freshly brought into the Guild, and have yet to choose a sect to follow. Should they choose, they may stay as an Adherent. The jobs of the Adherents are usually more menial work, lacking in any true action that a member of a sect would partake in. But offer the benefit of being able to aid the Guild more close to their home.


Joining the Guild at face value is a simple matter, one must needs show an interest in the preservation of History and a healthy thirst for knowledge. Members of the Historian’s Guild who join at this level are referred to as Applicants by the higher Guild members, and are not yet affiliated with the deeper secrets of the Guild.


Should a particular Applicant show great ambition, tempered with reason, they will be added to a watch list by the local Camerlengo. Should the Applicant’s character be in line with what the Guild needs, the Applicant will be considered for Adherent status, and brought before the Camerlengo for an interview. These interviews are often done in bulk, with groups of five to ten Applicants at a time. The interview in and of itself is a test, and the interviewees are given a set of puzzles or riddles to take home. Should they be able to solve this test, they are brought in once again to learn of what the Guild truly is about. However should they fail, they are simply given a raise for their hard work, regardless.

(At some point I will be likely be adding more to this, as well as making Unofficial Lore for areas listed in this document that don't exist in the Official Lore)

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The Oculus - 'Seeing the truth takes more than just eyes.'

As mentioned, The Oculus acts as the guild's eyes. Often well connected and subtle, members of the sect are the first to be called upon when information is needed, they're usually the first to find out about any abnormal magical goings on or any untoward business practices local nobility or politicians have decided to dabble in. Quiet, efficient, unseen, each member of the Oculus' field team must be a master of stealth, a healthy knowledge of illusion magic in the case of magic users is smiled upon as well.

Despite their job as the 'spies' of the Guild, Oculus members aren't just unseen specters running about gathering information from dangerous situations, some are bartenders getting the latest scoop from loose lipped patrons, others are waitresses who get their tips in bits and information, while others still work in the libraries and gather their information from knowledge already within their grasp.

Guild members often join this sect if they enjoy the idea of gathering information that's usually out of reach of the normal citizen, tracking the magical anomalies that may threaten Equestria or beyond, or simply want one of the more detail oriented jobs in the guild.

Oculus Camerlengo:

Oculus Apprentice:

Members of The Oculus:
(To Be Updated As People Join)

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The Manus - 'Dangerous temple? Ancient traps? Possibly cursed idol? Count me in!'

Adventurers, when the word first comes to mind you probably think of those thrill seekers such as Daring Do who travel the world in search of ancient ruins and mysterious artefacts. Well, you'd be right. The Manus are the closest thing to 'field researchers' that the Guild has. The members of this sect are first on the front when it comes to recovery of ancient and dangerous artefacts, ones that are far too dangerous to be left in the world where just anypony can grab it.

While you won't find a member of The Manus sitting behind a desk for hours on end or waiting tables hardly, you're more than likely to run into one if you're out and about in nature! Especially if that nature might house hidden ruins from ancient civilizations. Some you may even find out in the open seas or sailing the skies, appearing to some as corsairs or sky pirates due to their adventurous and free wheeling attitudes.

Guild members often come to join the Manus if they want a life of daring and adventure, while still working to protect the world from itself. Traveling far and wide across the world to quell the magical anomalies found by the Oculus or to recover artefacts the Guild deems too dangerous.

Manus Camerlengo:

Manus Apprentice:

Members of The Manus:
(To Be Updated As People Join)

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The Vox - 'Silver tongues can cut more than red tape.'

The Vox are quite likely the greatest gathering of diplomatic and charismatic members of the guild. The Vox act as the go between for the parties aware of the Guild's intent, mainly the Princesses of Equestria. This isn't all that the Vox take care of however. Whereas The Oculus work in the shadows and The Manus take to the field, The Vox work more closely at their homes. Sometimes more targeted artefacts or tomes crop up in the hold of someone who has no idea what they have. Those who don't require stealth and skullduggery, nor avoiding ancient traps and bandits.

It is in these cases that The Vox can step in, using wealth, affluence, or honeyed words to work their way into the door and negotiate prices on these valuable 'antiques'. So too might they be found at auctions across their country where on more than one occasion a piece deemed too dangerous for the public had to be snatched up before anyone unsavoury would be able to.

Members who join The Vox often do so out of the desire for one of the 'safer' jobs in the Guild. While more safe than field jobs, The Vox is not without its own dangers. Some politicians and nobles aren't too keen on being 'cheated' out of their valuables and so they must walk very fine tightropes. Of course, if push comes to shove, an Oculus member will more than likely have their back, be it with information or a heist in the cover of night.

Vox Camerlengo:

Vox Apprentice:

Members of The Vox:
(To Be Updated As People Join)

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The Animus - 'That's how it's usually done...Now how else can we use it?'

Magic, much like the world we live in, rarely stays still. It wants to breathe, to move, to grow. The old stays tried and true but it needs to grow. The Animus are, in a way, shepherds of this growth. With the wealth of knowledge at their disposal of old and forgotten magic crafting, the members of The Animus take the ancient and fuse it with the new. Not only creating new magics but new ways to use old magics. They are the magi-tech scientist and the old robed wizards rolled into one. Their meshing of magic doesn't stop with old and new, however, but mixing unicorn and qilin, or the alchemy of zebras with the aquatic related magics of the sirens. Not always with expected effect, magic is a fickle science.

With this meshing of different cultural magics, it's no wonder that The Animus is the most diverse sect in the Guild racially. Even personality wise its members are a hodgepodge of countercultures. You may see an older pony dressed in a clean sterile lab coat setting off a spell that unleashes a tidal wave of colours in one room, while a young rebel like fellow is studying over an ancient rune brought in by a member of The Manus in another.

Those that join The Animus do so out of a love of magic, the thirst for knowledge, and the desire to help make the world a better place even if it's done so behind closed doors. Often the gadgets that Field Operatives carry onto the field have been created and tested by Animus members with...varying degrees of success.

Animus Camerlengo:

Animus Apprentice:

Members of The Animus:
(To Be Updated As People Join)

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The Scribus - 'Without knowledge, the world is nothing. Without understanding, knowledge is nothing, Without love, we are nothing.'

Members of The Scribus are about as close to your average Schollars, Historians, and Couriers that you'll find in the more inner workings of the Historian's Guild. While the members of The Animus study and learn from lost and esoteric knowledge, The Scribus are the ones preserving it for them and for future generations to come. More often than not you'll find one of these authors buried neck deep in ancient and archaic texts and tomes, translating them into a myriad number of languages be it for preservation in the vault or at the behest of another member of the guild. Aside from preserving and storing knowledge for the guild, some members of The Scribus act as messengers, taking letters to and from various Guild headquarters or members on the field.

Scribus members aren't all about quill and parchment though. Some preserve knowledge in other ways, such as that of bards or skalds, or even in painting and sculpture. Many members of The Scribus are excellent artists and more often that not know a great deal about their chosen field and are just as equally passionate. Show interest in their work and you'll likely learn more than you ever thought you wanted to know about it.

Like The Animus, members often join this sect of the guild out of a thirst for knowledge and desire to better the future. The difference being that the Scribus work to preserve knowledge that could be lost where The Animus work to make new knowledge for all to enjoy. Alongside The Vox, the Scribus is one of the 'safer' options available in the Guild.

Scribus Camerlengo:

Scribus Apprentice:

Members of The Scribus:
(To Be Updated As People Join)

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The Voluntas - 'We are the defenders of the weak. Shields of iron, carried by hearts of gold.'

As it was said, where The Manus are your spunky adventurers, The Voluntas are the knights. They train just as hard as any member of the REA or the defense forces of other nations. They study just as hard as any student in the Academy. They are the soldiers, the warriors, the protectors of the Guild. But not just of the Guild alone, often times when Manus or Vox members are going to more dangerous areas a member or two of The Voluntas are sent along with them. Sometimes, at the request of a Princess or other affluential individuals, one of The Voluntas will travel alone to keep the peace and civility for more mundane situations, such as rallies or festivals.

Some members of The Voluntas take their role as 'knights' rather seriously, wearing heavy suits of magically resistant armour and carrying heavy weapons just in case. Though others are quite fine with just the fur on their backs and the weapons they were born with. Few of The Voluntas really come across as your dark and brooding warrior who only lives for the fight, most are jovial and friendly, always eager to lend help to those in need.

Joining The Voluntas is not a choice to take lightly. Those who do must understand that it can be difficult and grueling work. But most who join are aware of this and long for the chance to aid their fellows, be it on the streets or on the field.

Voluntas Camerlengo:

Voluntas Apprentice:

Members of The Voluntas:
(To Be Updated As People Join)

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