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Rarity [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Rarity
Sex: Female
Age: Mare
Species: Unicorn
Eye colour:  Deep, majestic sea blue!
Coat:  The prettiest pearl white!
Mane/Tail:  Her coiffure? Why, the most magnificent shade of violet, with the faintest hint of the night sky! Curled to perfection over her brow and around her neck; her tail is styled in fabulous curls as well, but left to loosely roll out at its tip. Perfection!
Physique:  Incredibly hygienic, for one thing! As clean as clean could be, manicured to perfection, mane kept beautiful at all times, and pelt kept dirt free as often as physically possible. She is slender and sleek, with an absolutely flawless hooficure, hornicure and all over body buff. The only make up she adorns is a bit of mascara and eye shadow. She does occasionally add a smidge of clear lip gloss or fake eyelashes.
Residence:  Carousel Boutique, where every garment is chic, unique and magnifique! (In Ponyville, of course!)
Occupation:  Fashion designer, Shopkeeper, Seamstress, Ponytones soprano singer.
Cutie Mark:  Three gorgeous diamonds precisely aligned upon her flank!
Unique Traits: Unique, innate magical ability to find buried or hidden gems with her magic.


Rarity was born and raised in Ponyville. She was an only child through much of her fillyhood, until later in her tween years she was gifted with her younger sister, Sweetie Belle. At first when Sweetie Belle was born, Rarity felt a short stint of jealousy towards her adored sister, but it quickly faded as the babe grew to crawl and soon to walk.
When Sweetie was a baby—before she would would ever remember—Rarity would adorn her with her newest creations, which were not as beautiful as her current designs, but none the less, filled her parents' albums with adorable pictures of their younger filly.
It was through being an elder sister that Rarity grew into her selflessness, and began offering herself up for volunteer projects. At school, at home, anywhere. She became more sociable and felt incredibly fulfilled by being generous—something that she would find out later in life was part of her true self, the element of generosity. It was through her new found generosity that she became more and more liked and sociable, as well as finding her special talent. For, without having volunteered at school to be the costume designer for the school play, she would never have gotten her cutie mark as she struggled to find the perfect accessory for her (In her mind) sub-par costumes. It was also this generous spirit that often got her into sticky situations, like becoming the lone chaperone for her younger sisters birthday party when she was but a toddler, causing a misunderstanding that wasn't resolved until many years later.
Through hard work and creative tailoring for close friends and family members, Rarity was able to save enough to open her own boutique, where she spends most of her time. She does still occasionally visit her parents in town, but for the most part, her free time is spent with her friends or Sweetie Belle. It was actually on a trip home from her parents home to her own, on a rather rainy night, wherein she of course had a parasol and designer rain boots prepared ahead of time to protect her from the elements—that she happened across a stray kitten, somehow overlooked by the local animal caretakers, stuck in a gutter, sopping wet.
Naturally a giving soul, Rarity could not resist the poor creature, and magicked it out of the trap, cleaned it up, and raised it as her own pet, loving and caring for it generously, adorning it with fine jewels and frilly bows and gave it a proper name—Opalescence. Together, she and her hard working, tolerant cat are an unstoppable fashion duo!
Rarity always strives for new opportunities and new business connections to grow her fashion line, but has learned through numerous events that while it's great to grow your business, to use or abuse your friends—or even those who aren't your friends—is not the right way to do it.
She currently holds one of the seats at Princess Twilight Sparkle's council of friends in her Castle of Friendship, a seat with her own cutie mark upon it, the new symbol of generosity.

Character Personality: 

A fabulous fashion diva and incredibly generous friend. Rarity is all about perfection, but knows and cares much about her friends. Known for her generosity, she is occasionally taken advantage of by being abundantly over generous.
This doesn't impede her kind soul, though, and she is always willing to go the extra mile for anyone—from friend to passerby. She'll defend her friends to the finish and although she may be squeamish when it comes to dirt and foul things, she would trek through mud and muck alike to generously help anypony in need. Be that as it may, it certainly doesn't prevent her from being a drama queen through every moment she has to get her hooves mudied!
Rarity loves her younger sister and values family highly, though she has been known to occasionally prioritize poorly, but learns from her mistakes, and since an unfortunate event at the Sisterhooves Social, has taken note and attempted to be more involved in Sweetie Belle's life. 

Character Summary:

While Rarity cares about her appearance quite a bit, being averse to stepping in mud or risking getting herself messy, she is not above getting her hooves dirty when it comes to helping her friends, family or even creatures in need. Even going so far as to slice off her own tail to assist a water serpent who had been victim to some of Nightmare Moon's evil. She is, at her core, the very essence of Generosity.

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