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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria
Name: Zap Apple
Sex: Male
Age: Newborn
Species: Pegasus
Eye colour: Green
Coat: Burnt Sienna
Mane/Tail: Medium short, straight, layered and slightly messy.  Orange with yellow stripe; underdeveloped.
Physique: Average small foal
Residence: Sweet Apple Acres
Occupation: Infant
Cutie Mark: None
Unique Traits: Overly curious, reactionary and careless.  As are most foals, very egocentric
History: He was born to mare Applejack.  Sire/mare Rainbow Dash.
Character Personality and Summary: Fussy.  Cries about significant issues.  Cries about insignificant issues.  Cries about there not being an issue.  And poops.  Oh, and cries about poop.  Though he is only an infant, small clues of his eagerness side are already showing.  More than the average foal, he ventures out of his comfort zone, as if on some quest of discover of life's musings.  He lacks conviction and will fail to learn easy lessons repeatedly before he understands how ponies should act.  Regardless, he is always in good spirits and provided he hasn't bruised his hooves yet, will laugh and giggle unintelligable foal noises to those around him.  He is constantly surrounded by family and is very comfortable with all of them.  If he meets new ponies he does not recognize he will be curious about who they are but many times will treat them like family all the same.





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