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Miss Cheerilee [Ready]


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Role Play Type: WoE

Name: Cheerilee, Miss Cheerilee to her students

Sex: Female

Age: Mare

Species: Earth pony

Eye Color: Varying shades of emerald green

Character Color: Plum

Mane and Tail:
Cheerilee's mane and tail are styled nicely. They are fluffy and end in bunches of lightly teased curls. Her forelocks brush ust above her eyes. The colors of her locks are dark pink split through the middle with lighter pink. 

She takes care of herself but isn't fit by any means. She does have a sturdy enough build from her job teaching the little ponies of Ponyville. Her legs are strong, and her patience stronger. 

Though her little students may believe she sleeps in her school house, this is of course not the case. Cheerilee has a cottage in Ponyville that she retires to each evening. She has a small flower garden out front that she loves to tend to after a hard day of teaching. Her cottage is neatly kept for the most part with everything in it's place. 

She is the renowned teacher of Ponyville elementary. This is your traditional one room school house where she teaches all the little foals and fillies at the same time. She always would be a full time teacher, ever since she was very young.

Cutie Mark:
Cheerilee has a cutie mark that fits in perfectly with her name. So much cheer! Three flowers adorned with light pink petals surrounding a yellow center with a bright smiling face!


Her cutie mark was gained one special day when she was quite young. Cheerilee had gathered a bunch of her friends to play at her house. All the little fillies were prancing about having a wonderful time. At one point Cheerilee found a ladybug and called her friends over. They found themselves captivated by the way the little plum colored filly explained the lady bug and how a lady bug lived its life. Her friends all exclaimed that they had never heard anypony explain something the way Cheerille did! Of course her friends were extra supportive but they were right! Cheerilee was excellent at giving detail and explaining facts. She was also patient and kind! It was then that her flanks began to tingle and before long her cutie mark had appeared!


She didn't know right away what the mark stood for. Over time she was able to unlock the mysteries of her mark! She loved teaching and soon learned that the way she taught not only helped others feel good but also helped them to grow. The three smiling flowers represented her students blooming and flourishing happily under her tutelage!   

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Unique Traits:
During her college days Cheerilee was an excellent cheer leader! She helped lead her team and spent all of her time with the friends she made there! She still loves cheerleading and is quick to don the mini skirt and pom pom whenever duty calls!


Cheerilee was born to a loving couple in Canterlot. She was raised in the charming way that has come to be expected from the lands of the ponies. She had love poured on her and grew up learning and experiencing all the nice things that make a little pony grow up into a sweet caring adult pony. Her mother was a pegasus and she loved to share as many experiences with her little daughter as she could. Many days little Cheerilee could be found between her mothers wings, strapped in place so she wouldn't be able to fall. Her mother would carry her up up up! The young earth pony's eyes opened wide with wonder as her mother showed her the lands of Equestria from above. Her father was an earth pony. Where her mother was exuberant and boisterous, her father was studious and practical. It has been said time and again that opposites attract and this situation was no different!


The plum pony's parents were as different as can be, but they share din common the desire to help their little pony learn and experience the nice things of life. Her father was a professor at an academy in Canterlot. Often Cheerilee would go with him to work and soak in her father's words as he taught. Of course she couldn't understand many of the things he taught but she still enjoyed listening to his calm voice and watching all the college ponies gain wisdom from her father.


When she was a bit older the couple decided to move to Ponyville. Though it wasn't glamorous her father decided he had had enough of the bustling life in Canterlot. He wanted a quiet place and so moved with his wife and filly to the small town. Cheerilee was dismayed! She had loved the sights and sounds of the big city! She soon grew accustomed to life in Ponyville and made her way to class at Ponyville Elementary as soon as she was old enough. She went through her grade school days with little problems, eventually gaining her cutie mark on the very grounds that she would one day call her professional home!


Cheerilee went away to Canterlot to a private high school and here she discovered her athletic love! Cheer leading! Though her parents had named her after her nature, her name couldn't fit another activity better! She went out for the high school cheer team. Though she was always a bit awkward and nerdy, something changed with she took up her pom poms! She took to it like a duck to water! Nopony could get a crowd rolling like Cheerilee!


She continued to cheer all the way through college. She went to college in Canterlot, majoring in liberal arts. While she studied to be a teacher she discovered her true talent. Her love for cheering others on worked in perfectly with the teaching profession. She loved nothing more than seeing pupils bloom happily under the tutelage of a good instructor. As soon as with preliminary classes she began student teaching in of all places...Ponyville Elementary! Her mentor teacher was the same teacher she had had when she was a filly. 


As fortunes had it, Cheerilee finished her education and was officially credentialed to teach the same year that her old teacher retired! The torch was passed and Cheerilee became the new teacher in Ponyville. She continues to teach there, brightening the faces and minds of the future of Equestria one filly or colt at a time!

Character Personality:

Cherrilee is sweet, kind, and above all patient. One has to possess these qualities to be the kind of teacher Cheerilee is! There is hardly a pony around that would say anything negative about this bright and happy pony. She always tried to look at the bight side of things, even when life throws her a curve ball. This is also the only side of herself she would ever show to her students.


Outside of teaching, Cheerliee can have a bit of a deeper side. Though she is still cheery and friendly, she is also a bit more clam and reserved. When choosing her close friends Cheerilee takes her time, making sure she really knows a pony before taking them into her confidence. 


It is well known around Ponyville that the attractive school teacher is also single! Cheerilee certainly has a soft side and is on the lookout for the very special somepony to complete her other half. 

Character Summary:

Sweet, kind, caring, intelligent, calming, comforting, patient, and the biggest cheerleader outside of Pinkie Pie anypony could ever find. Cherrilee fits her cutie mark and name sake perfectly. In choosing a friend, Cheerilee would score any pony an A+!


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