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Shan Pui [Ready]


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Name: He Shan Pui

Sex: Male

Age: Teenage


Species: Serpent Dragon


Eye colour: Black pupil, dark yellow iris, light yellow sclera.

Character colour: Dark green-ish blue with a golden belly.

Hair/Tail/Other: He has white hair, beard, and tail that is not short but not long either. He also has black bird-like claws and golden horns.


Physique: Shorter in length than the average teenage Serpent Dragon.

Residence: Long Kong, Shan Pui river.

Occupation: Guardian of the Shan Pui river.


History: Shan Pui was born in Long Kong, but raised in Huangjing. His parents moved to Huangjing so that he would be able to attend the Imperial Academy. While at the Academy, he noticed how quick of a learner he is when it comes to magic, though he is not as successful when it comes to his social life. Shan Pui was able to talk to other dragons if he had to, but he had always felt more comfortable staying quiet. But even though he is talented, Shan Pui was very competitive and always felt the need to be the best. He became obsessed, prioritizing his success over anything else, which affected his health and his relationships with family and friends. 

After hundreds of years, he graduated from the Academy and mastered magic, though he was spiritually broken. Shan Pui returned to his parents and asked for advice, believing that they had the answer he needed. The dragon was told to return to his place of birth and meditate, which he agreed to without hesitation. He returned to the small river in Long Kong he was named after and settled there, meditating for hours every day as he guards the river.


Character Summary: Shan Pui is a serious yet expressive dragon who enjoys peace and isolation. He meditates for 5 hours starting at day break. He goes to the forest and mountains in the afternoon to pick herbs and roots that he uses for herbal soups and medicine, which he trades for pouches of small gems. Although he prefers to live in peace, he doesn't mind an occasional visit from a traveler, an old friend or somepony throwing garbage into his river.




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