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Babs Seed [Ready]

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Role Play Type: WoE

Name: Babs Seed

Sex: Female

Age:  Filly

Species: Earth pony

Eye Color: Varying shades of light apple green

Character Color: Deep tan

Mane and Tail: Vibrant pink. In keeping with her calling this filly's locks are trimmed to be edgy and fashionable. Her mane is cropped short with more hair being kept in her forelocks. These sweep down one side of her face, partially covering her eye. Her tail is kept very short and cut into jagged ends. 

Physique:Babs can easily be classified in the pudgy section. It is apparent that she doesn't get out to trot too often. 

Residence:  She resides in a high level apartment in the bustling city of Manehatten with her mother and father. In the home she has her own room since she is an only filly.  

Honorary member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. She is now chasing her dreams of becoming a well known mane and tail stylist!


Cutie Mark:

A pair of mane and tail shears with the handle being in the shape of a red apple!


Babs received her Cutie Mark not long after a fateful trip to visit her now favorite cousin in Ponyville. Before she went to visit Apple Bloom, Babs had hardened herself to the point where no pony was able to reach her. This was mostly due to the way she had been treated in school.  After much ridicule the little filly decided she wasn't going to let anypony hurt her anymore. Her demeanor focused so inwardly that she was not able to see her dreams clearly. Once she learned a few quite valuable lessons about how to treat others and how to properly care for herself she returned to Manehatten a changed pony!


She learned over the next few months that each pony had their own unique qualities that made them who they were. Now that she wasn't so guarded the young mare started to see ponies differently. She enjoyed the fact that every pony was different and that didn't need to be changed. In fact, as far as she could see she now wanted to help ponies celebrate their qualities that made them special and unique!


Babs had an interest in mane styling and saw that how a pony wore their mane and tail showed a lot about who they were! A couple visits to an up and coming salon in Manehatten and she was hooked. Every day after school she would trot to "The Mane Event", a new salon in the area and watch as professionals dyed, cut, and styled manes ans tails. Soon she had made friends with a few of the stylists and thy began to share their knowledge of the trade! It was right before closing time, when she was helping to sweep up the salon that one of her new friends pointed to her flank! Her cutie mark had appeared at some point during her day at the salon!


Babs was thrilled to have found her calling and could not wait to get in touch with Apple Bloom to share the amazing news!

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Unique Traits:
She speaks with a thick Manehatten accent and isn't afraid to let others know what she's thinking.

Babs has a strong attachment to family, particularly one cousin in Apple country.

She has a natural talent when it comes to styling manes and tails.

Babs is an honorary member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders and takes her role quite seriously!


Babs was born to loving parents in Manehatten. She grew up wanting for very little outside of what most young fillies fantasize about. Her parents raised her with support and care, making sure to instill all the qualities they wanted in their precious little one. Babs was plucky and sweet as a young one and carried this demeanor into school when she was old enough to attend. 


It was in school where Babs quickly learned that everything was not always sunshine and daisies. When she reached her junior high years especially Babs was picked on because of her sweet nature. She slowly hardened herself when she was picked on until her parents noticed a change in their sweet little filly. She became surely and gruff, often time speaking rudely at home and being sent to her room for her efforts. This only perpetuated the problem until Babs become something of a bully at her school. She decided that instead of being picked on she would do the picking. The problem was that deep down in her heart, the sweet filly still lived. She didn't like the feeling being mean gave her, though she pretended everything was fine. 


One day her parents decided it would be beneficial to send Babs to visit her cousins at Sweet Apple Acres. Babs was thrilled for the chance to escape! She trotted onto Sweet Apple Acres, intending to be the pony she really was! The problem was that being rude and rough tended to be addicting. As soon as she got the chance Babs found herself putting her cousin and her friends on the bottom so that she could take the top seat with some local bullies!


However, the power and magic of friendship prevailed and Babs saw the error in her ways. She left Ponyville with three new friends and a new outlook on life! Instead of bringing ponies down to elevate herself she would help other ponies feel good about themselves and what they could do. Then everyone would feel better and happier! How to go about accomplishing this wasn't too far out of reach.


A new mane and tail salon, "The Mane Event", opened on the ground level or the apartments where Babs lived! One day when she was trotting by she noticed how happy the stylists seemed to be and happy even more happy the clients were when they left with their own unique styles! Babs went inside and soon found herself sitting and watching the stylists at their work. Since she didn't cause any trouble and helped by cleaning up it wasn't long before one of the stylists took Babs under his wing!


A pegasus named Wafting Breeze was more than happy to have Babs as his assistant and before long Babs was learning how to work at what she knew would one day be her profession! Her dream is to open her own salon in Manehatten and help ponies work on their own unique styles!

Character Personality:

Though she has softened lately, Babs still maintains a fairly rough and gruff nature. She's not afraid to tell it like it is. This often leads to her putting her hoof in her mouth and sometimes even hurting others. She has been working on toning this brutal honesty down but these things take time.


Aside from her sometimes gruff nature Babs is also a fun friend once one gets to know her. She often gets up to hi-jinks and mischief. She is still a young mare and finds pleasure in simple activities. She also very much likes to spend lots of time with ponies she likes. Once a pony is her friend she is loyal to a fault. This was not always the case but is now since she has learned many lessons when it comes to how she views others.

Character Summary:
Babs has always been what most ponies would call "rough around the edges" an that isn't changing any time soon. She is, however, a loyal friend and always ready for a fun time!



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