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Yun He [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria


Name: Yun He


Sex: Female


Age: Young mare.


Species: Longma


Eye colour: Pale rose, ringed with gold around the pupils.


Coat: White, soft, and silky. Very well conditioned. Throughout her coat are shimmering scales of varying pastel colours that shine with opalescence in the light.

Mane/Tail: Yun He’s mane is silky, light, and long, easily swept into a breeze and impossible to tame. It’s quite healthy, and its colour is a delicate ombré. She rarely bothers to style it, or do anything beyond brush and treat it, as she’s a little vain and appreciates the waves of colours flowing behind her as she flies. Her tail, however, she likes to keep tied with a pink ribbon made of shimmersilk. The ribbon was a gift, so she uses it for purely sentimental reasons.

Physique: Long, lithe, and graceful. Yun He may be a longma, but she is perhaps not quite as fit as most of her kind tend to be. This comes from a passion for studying the magic contained within her breath, rather than a passion for flight. Still, despite not being as strong as one would expect of a Longma, she is quite fond of her feminine features.


Residence: Yun He was born and raised in Lake Huahuo. She spent most of her adolescent years in Huangjing and now lives as a vagabond scholar of sorts.


Occupation: Magical scholar, poet.


Cutie Mark: A lotus blossom formed of pale, multi-coloured petals.

Yun He’s life was spent surrounded by scrolls, pens, and pots of ink. Her parents, two learned and spiritual longma, were students of history and philosophy. They instilled in her a passion for learning, for arming oneself with knowledge and education. She took to their teachings with fervour, so much that she was convinced her cutie mark would be of the same nature as her parents’: some form of scroll or bound book. Each day she learned something new, and each day her flank remained bare. Even as she delved deeper into magical studies than her parents had ever bothered with, her mark stayed out of her reach. Each day, week, and month that passed without her cutie mark were agony for her. Learning old things, learning new things - nothing was helping her gain that darned mark!

So one day she did something entirely out of character for her: she walked away from her studies. Quietly and shyly, she made her way through the village of Serpent Dragons, watching with wonder as they weaved through the sky like great, brightly-coloured rivers. The longma filly was awed by what she saw in the community as she watched the Dragons go about their daily lives: harmony. It warmed her rather cold heart a great deal, until she was standing right on the shore of Lake Huahuo. Looking down at the deep, still waters, Yun He only saw one thing out of place...herself. She had lived near the lake her entire life, and never had she really tried to become a part of the community, a part of the harmonious lifestyle the Serpent Dragons enjoyed there. It made her sad, until she realized that she had the power to change that fact…

And just like that, her flank shone and her multicoloured lotus mark bloomed into existence. In that moment, Yun He made a decision that she would shape her entire life. She would still pursue knowledge and aim to be a scholar, but more importantly: she would dedicate herself to being a student of life itself and to one day do her best to walk the Harmonious Path. That way, she could become one with not only the community she was a part of, but with the world itself.


Unique Traits: Yun He is a longma without much of a passion or talent for flying. Influenced by her parents’ scholarly lifestyle, she decided she was more eager to develop her magical skills than her flight skills. To her, magic was much more of a challenge to learn than flying, and much more fulfilling! So she immersed herself in its learning, and eventually developed quite a talent for illusory breath magic. Her breath is opalescent in colour, and she can use it for creating illusions that interact with the world around them, or planting minor illusions into one’s perceptions. She can also lift small, lighter objects with her magic breath.

But even more remarkable than her magic is her glare. There’s something almost magical about it, if only because a glare delivered by Yun He could quite literally chill you to the bone. If one angers her enough, her glare gains a bizarre potency that sends chills through them when their gazes meet. It can’t do anything as real as freezing anyone, as a sharp glare isn’t real magic, but it certainly scares its victims enough that they feel cold.


History: Yun He was born, oddly enough, in the remote dragon serpent village by Lake Huahuo. Her eccentric parents had gone there as part of a personal pilgrimage a while her mother was pregnant (despite the warnings of much more sane longma), and wound up staying a little longer than anticipated. Due to health complications, because they were foolish enough to make a dangerous journey while Yun He’s mother was pregnant. During their rest in Lake Huahuo Yun He was born, and though her parents had always said they would make their way home to Huangjing once their daughter became strong enough to fly, well...instead Lake Huahuo became their new home. The Serpent Dragons were divided on their reception to this news, but didn’t have the heart to say no to the mildly kooky scholars, and eventually the longma became a beloved part of the community.

And Yun He couldn’t be more pleased. She always, secretly, harboured the insecurity that her life would be listless and empty if not for the enlightenment given to her on the shore of Lake Huahuo - that she may not have ever even gained her cutie mark. The lake felt like it had played an important role in her life, even though she knew that, logically, any lake and village could have done the same thing for her.

Learning from her parents, her scrolls, her books, and her neighbours the Serpent Dragons, Yun He became quite the bright little longma. Eventually, as she grew older, she left Lake Huahuo (with the help of a Serpent Dragon, considering her weak flying skills), and furthered her education in Huangjing, studying magic under a Qilin Master.

In truth, most of her life was spent as a typical student. She went to her lessons, did her homework, and fell into routine. Due to her rather...cold personality she never made many friends within the capital of Long Guo, and as such didn’t do much outside of her learning. Only the occasional, thoughtful walk through the city shook up her routine, and she always took that as an opportunity to write her poetry. It is only now that her drive to stay true to her cutie mark has taken over that real excitement has entered her life.


Yun He, after unexpectedly hugging her Qilin Master and thanking him for teaching her so very much, decided to finally try to walk the Harmonious Path. But she would not sequester herself away in meditation as a monk, especially considering she had spent the majority of her life neatly tucked away with her scrolls. No, she needed to step outside her comfort zone to learn true harmony, and so she decided to travel the world. This way, she could learn as much as she could about the Aspects and the roles they played for everyone and everything in this world. This way way, she could understand which role she would play in this world.

The only concern with this plan is that Yun He really, really didn’t get along with...well…anyone outside of her family, village, and Master.


Character Personality: Cold, reserved, and pointedly unfriendly. Yun He’s dearest friends are her books and scrolls, and it’s pretty obvious in how she carries herself and talks to others. Because she doesn’t really talk to others at all. She never mastered the art of “getting along,” and has only really formed relationships with anyone who has been a part of her life for, well, years. Because that’s about how long it takes for her to really warm up to anybody.


She is also quite sensitive and easy to anger, which makes it even more difficult to make friends. While she is capable of keeping her anger and insecurities in check when any sort of decorum is expected of her, if she is pushed far enough she unleashes her glare on her aggravator. This is much easier to do in casual, purely social interactions where there is little expectation for any sort of decorum.

After all, Yun He is quite a passionate individual. If not, she could have never made a name for herself, a longma, as a talented user of illusory breath magic - strong magic came naturally to qilin, not longma. Nor could she have published a volume of poetic observations of Huangjing. Any time her Master used to see the juxtaposing sides of her surfacing at once, he used to sigh and mutter “Fire and ice.” Eventually, he took to fondly calling her Huo Bing.


Character Summary: Yun He is a poet and magical scholar spurred on by her passion and drive for knowledge. But she’s also a cold, angry individual who is very difficult to get along with, let alone befriend. Years of surrounding herself solely with educational texts left her socially inept and quite sensitive, which causes her to protect herself with a woefully icy personality. She may sometimes come across as arrogant, but she doesn’t look down on others, she doesn’t like them. Despite this, she wishes to become a harmonious individual, and as such has decided to walk the Harmonious Path by exploring the world and all its wonders

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