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  1. I like your characters!

  2. My busted hdd has finally been replaced by a shiny new one! I'll finally have my computer back this weekend once the cinnamon roll is done doing the thing with it. (:

  3. That doki life is still out of reach!
  4. You'll certainly feel blue...
  5. It was getting crowded now and Bunny realized she had caused quite a stir. “Sorry everypony,” she said loudly enough so they could all hear her, “I nod off a lot thanks to my narcolepsy.” Bunny smiled up at Berry then with a slight flush on her cheeks, getting back to business, “I’ll have to send Pinchy a surprise in the mail,” she said bashfully, then began rubbing the back of her head while her blush turned a shade deeper at Applejack’s words. “I’m so glad to hear that. Maybe I can send your sister a print as well, if that’s okay,” she answered sheepishly, then shut her eyes and grew still while she thought of who her own favourite character might be...hmm, well that wasn’t very difficult was it? She opened her eyes and looked dreamily out the window, “Olympos is my favourite...um, or Tuxedo Mustang you might know him as. He was...I wrote him...he’s inspired by somepony I knew years ago.” It’d be impossible to miss the fact that the flush on Bunny’s cheeks intensified so much she was practically glowing, not to mention that romantic gaze...yup! She was a pony in love. In love with what she imagined somepony she knew had grown into, maybe, but in love nonetheless. The small mare smiled over at the peryton and offered him a little nod and spoke up, her voice back to its usual boring, flat tone, “Thanks for worrying about me and offering to help. That’s a very kind thing to do for a stranger.” Bunny was almost immediately put off by the smell of cigarette smoke as somepony new stepped into the shop. She narrowed her eyes a little as they watered and was almost about to turn seriously grumpy until Raff spoke up again. Everything he did was...well, it was unreasonably, unspeakably adorable. The mangaka’s heart was just about to burst as he held his Chunga forward for her, it was enough for her to completely forget about the awful smell clinging to the newcomer. “Raff,” she said flatly, shuffling towards him with wide and shining eyes, “You are a perfectly delightful and wonderful individual. You and Chunga both.” And just like that she shuffled away from him again to get a good vantage point for her drawing! It looked like everypony was on board, except for the kirin, who seemed a little embarrassed about her hair and...oh wait! A kirin! Bunny had a sneaking suspicion she knew what this stranger needed aside from a good cup of tea. Her parents, after all, had grown up in Neighpon! During her foalhood, she had made many trips there and gotten to know plenty of kirin and ryuma. And one thing she knew for certain: they ate fish, food that is much harder to get one's hooves on in Equestria. “Ah,” she piped up, tilting her head at Rua, “Hanari Rua-san? Ohayo! I have plenty of ryokucha at home...matcha, sencha, genmaicha, gyukuro...I could package some up for you later if you’d like. For now, Berry has plenty of fantastic juices to revitalize you...trust me. Her juice has me this energized after pulling an all-nighter, it’s really spectacular. And ah, I know a few spots not far from town where you could catch plenty of fish...I can help you with that if you’d like. I just finished my latest chapter, so I have a whole day to myself for once… And um, ah, about your appearance? I’m not taking a photo, just drawing...I can make sure you look immaculate, if you don’t mind...but I can leave you out too if that’s what you’d prefer.” So that just left the newcomer, “Um, sir?” she called out, looking in his direction, “Would you like to be in my drawing as well?” In any case, she could start drawing everypony else! Bunny whipped out her drawing supplies and set to work with her ink brush while she held up her sketchbook. She’d make Silverglade sparkle, and she’d light up Berry like a ray of sunshine. She hoped she could capture Applejack’s charisma, and knew she’d have to have the bad-guy-shooting gryphon look very heroic. Raff she made look as kind as she could manage, and Chunga at his side looked very handsome, if bashful! So all that was left was- “zzZZzzZZzzZzz” Bunny had fallen asleep once again, her face falling straight into her drawing.
  6. Whoa! The weather in Canterlot was heating up much more quickly than Frostlace could have imagined. The Stallian Countess was in town to purchase property in order for one of her family-owned cheese shops from Stalliongrad to open up a location here in the city where the highest of high-brow ponies of Equestria called home. After all, who loves fancy cheeses more than fancy ponies? In truth, Frostlace had mixed feelings about Canterlot. The culture here was...suffocating, almost as much as the heat and humidity were. Though she was born into a life of culture and privilege, Frost rarely felt comfortable amongst the “elite” ponies she was technically one of. Give her loud folk songs belted out to the beat set by slamming a tankard of beer on a table, or a rowdy game of cards with the ponies from her shipyards. Give her cheap beer and unrestrained laughter and fun - then she’ll be in her element. But structured conversations, political games, creating this illusion of perfection that every “elite” aimed for: all these things put Frostlace seriously ill at ease. Which was why, as the stars began to dot the darkening sky, the white mare found herself briskly trotting further away from the city and its stuffy citizens, to the quiet of a large and gloriously empty park. The moment the cobblestones gave way to soft, plush grass, the tension that had been holding the unicorn taught all night finally gave way. She stopped for a moment and shifted her weight, enjoying the soft feel of moist earth and grass beneath her hooves. The smell was intoxicating too: fresh, green, and full of the perfume of blossoming flowers. Spring was certainly in the air! With a toss of her long, luxurious mane, the white mare began walking further into the park, and eventually broke into a run. There was nopony around, so she was free to be, well, Frostlace! Grinning, she dashed and pranced across the field and up a hill until- Oh. Frostlace stopped in her tracks and tilted her head curiously to one side. Looks like there was somepony else here! And a familiar one at that! “Blue!” the Stallian mare called out, almost laughing, before she bounded towards the mare and swept her up into a friendly embrace, whirling her around and around, “How good it is to be seeing you!” It had been some time since the two had met! Frostlace hadn’t changed much, admittedly, but she was sporting her stylish and lovely new tattoo from her varg, Inkbrand. And Blue, though she looked the same, seemed...a little different. Something Frostlace couldn’t quite put her hoof on...
  7. Yup, this Jade chick was pretty alright in Lucy’s books. The peryton shrugged and happily followed her out of the courtyard, keeping herself uncharacteristically quiet as the dragon-y mare found one of the fancy hostess’ servers and gracefully charmed her way into getting them a secluded, private room so Lucy could pierce her ear. The room they were brought to was a large, lavish bathroom in Frostlace’s personal quarters. Though her chambers were, technically, off-limits, bringing them here meant they could remain undisturbed. Hopefully the server wouldn’t get in trouble for this... And hey, this place was cleaner than Lucy knew a room could be, sparkling and shiny and more expensive than anything she had ever personally set eyes on. The ceilings and the windows were all huge, everything was made with marble or polished fine metals...yowza. At least it was a good place to set up shop. And the unicorn stallion who brought them here lit it up with a pretty, mood-setting swathe of magelights hovering up in the ceiling. Lucy offered the server stallion a smirk and a nod, then swept inside after the princess and popped her beat-up old guitar case open on the edge of the huge bathtub. It seemed like an odd place to bring them, but the stallion had been right about one thing - this was definitely the cleanest room, and the lack of carpets and pillows and blankets meant a lot less dust. It was actually ideal! The peryton let out a loud, long whistle, “Wouldja lookit this, Jadey?” she asked, basically spinning as she took in the site of the room, “I ain’t never seen anything this expensive before. Dang!” The doe cast her gaze back and offered Feng a little wink, “Someone as pretty as yourself must feel at home in a place like this though, huh? It suits ya. Fancy and gorgeous.” After a bit of rifling in her guitar case, Lucy fished out a little wooden box full of her piercing supplies and set to work. “I’ll take a minute to get everythin’ ready. You two go ahead and get cozy.” Lucy turned back to her work sporting a vicious grin, leaving the two to their own devices while she set to putting her masterpiece together. She had the fine silver chains, the silver fish, silver stud, and silver lotus flower. Plus a couple of gems. A concentrated wrinkle of her nose and a narrowing of her eyes, and Lucy fished out a pink sapphire so she could get to work. She wiped off one of the sparkling marble steps that lead to the large bathtub, dropped the sapphire on it, and crushed it with her hoof. While the pieces of the gem scattered on the step, the magelight began reflecting off of them, casting dancing pink reflections of light on the ceiling and...hmmm… Lucy smirked and shuffled her position a little to the side, causing the pink light to reflect across the room where Yue and Feng were instead of just on her and the ceiling and the far wall. What a lovely romantic mood was filling this room as Lucy was clearly too focused on her work to join in the conversation… Go for it, Feng, the doe willed as she stared hard at work, smiling on the inside as she projected the image of complete focus and obliviousness towards the outside world.
  8. It was a tough evening to be Sugar Star, but at least as she began swimming towards the far door, the feathers of her feather-fan wings began to fall off one by one until eventually her wings were back to normal. She still felt fuzzy, she still had to pee, but at least she had her wings back! Although she supposed this was her first lesson in not taking the easy route out of these...challenges? Desperate to use the washroom, Sugar paddled a little harder than the others to make her way to the door. She had to admit, though, that the Stallian pegasus’ high spirits were infectious. The pretty little mare finally cracked a smile and realized she felt almost...floaty. Wait. Oh, no, yes...she was actually floating. Up and up, every time she moved forwards, she was pulled up! When she looked behind herself, the others were there as well…And then she looked up. Up was not a good place to look. Up was where there was a mouth opening in the ceiling. A weird, toothy grin that opened more and more the closer they got, until they were all suspended and stuck facing this giant, creepy smile in the ceiling. But nothing was happening… “Uhhh,” she said smartly, “A-any ideas?” A quiet, creepy laughing echoed throughout the room, bouncing off the walls. -------- Such sullen faces surround you...except for the wide mouth opening in a grin on the ceiling. It beckons you, demanding something of you, but will not say what it desires.
  9. The moment the curtain was drawn, Higanbana’s eyes grew wide and sparkled like the rising sun. Wow! She all but wiggled in spot as she took in the elegant site of Rarity’s designs...and these were just bases? No wonder her name was snowballing its way through every Equestrian design magazine! There was no doubt in the pop idol’s mind that she had made the right choice in going with Rarity… There was, however, that small nagging voice in the back of her head. These designs were very Rarity...but where was the Higanbana of it all? She did, after all, have a signature style...but that’s exactly what this meeting was about. Seeing what Rarity had to offer, and presenting her own ideas to see how they could bring them together. “Ooo, Rarity-san!” she piped up, grabbing Chi-chan off her head and hugging him tightly, causing him to let out a bizarre, robotic crooning sound, “These are more than I could have anticipated...so glamourous and sparkly!” Rarity called out for her helper then, and although curious, Higanbana was too ensorcelled by the mare’s designs to even bother looking to see when the other pony entered the room. Instead, she drew closer to the dresses before her and inspected each of them as closely as possible. The stitching, the glimmer - she had not been prepared for this! The excitement of Rarity’s work had completely banished whatever foul mood the train ride to Ponyville had left the kirin with, and the moment the fashionista reached out for what Higanbana had brought, the mare puffed up her chest proudly and all but hopped towards the glamourous unicorn. She tossed Chi-chan back on her head and began fishing in her suitcase before pulling out a file folder. Within were piles of images she had compiled while building up some concepts! “Fashion Monster is the name of the show!” she answered happily, before spreading her concept image across the floor. Countless images of eyeballs and monsters were found within - though not her usual eyeballs. Typically her costumes sported colourful, round, and highly cartoonish eyes. The ones she had within her file folder, however, were much more spooky...shadows with glowing red gazes poking out, slitted snake eyes, and more! “Ban-chan is looking for a more elevated kind of spooky for this show! So the usual macabre style, but less cartoony. More...couture! Which is why I wanted your help so badly, Rarity-san! Your couture is the best!” She peered over at the design full of gemstones and tilted her adorable little head to one side. “Gems are a good way to make it work!” she said cheerfully, “Eyeballs within the gemstones maybe? Very spooky! And all of the youkai in these pictures...there isn’t need to be literal, hai? Maybe we could interpret something monster-like in sculptural bodices, or overcoats!” And then cue the intense blushing, “That is, if you think it would be good, Rarity-san! You are the designer, not Ban-chan!”
  10. And she'll drown Merlot in that ocean if he comes near her. Baedalus princess would be prettier. Thaaaaanks.
  11. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Biru Chahaya Sex: Female Age: Young mare Species: Longma Eye colour: Ice blue Coat: Biru’s coat is soft and reddish-brown in colour, dotted with shining, sea-blue scales. The underside of her wings are lined with feathers of the same iridescent colour, though her wings are capped with scales in a much lighter blue hue. Mane/Tail: Biru’s mane and tail almost look like giant, lively waves rolling in from the ocean. In various shades of ocean blues, her curly mane and tail are almost a physical manifestation of the sea that surrounds Wingapore. When duty demands it, she will style her mane in a manner worthy of Wingapore royalty, but Biru typically prefers to let it stay wild and free. Almost as striking as her mane and tail are Biru’s horns. They are as elaborate as any Wingapore crown, and are as equally bright and warm a gold as one. Physique: Although she’s considerably shorter than most Longma, this Wingapore princess still has a long and fit body. She’s also more fit than one would typically expect of a pampered princess, thanks to her insatiable thirst for flight and adventure. Residence: The Sovereign Pagoda in the Golden City of Wingapore. Where else would the Princess reside? Occupation: Ruling Princess of Wingapore. Cutie Mark: Biru Chahaya was born with a fiery and unmanageable personality. Her father could barely control her during her youth, and even had to create a new position within his household staff lovingly titled “Princess Wrangler” for his daughter. This position had one requirement: Keep. The Princess. Under control. It was no easy task. Biru longed for two things and two things alone: the open skies and the open seas. From the moment she could run? She was running to the water. And from the moment she could fly? Well, she would fly there! It almost became sport amongst the serving staff of the Sovereign Pagoda to chase the princess every day. Eventually, much to the ruling Prince’s chagrin, they even began placing bets on when the princess would take off and how long it would take to catch her! Biru was a perfectly exasperating pain in her father’s royal rump. And do you think she would sit still for her lessons? If you guessed no, then you’re right! She was insufferable, and no matter what it seemed like nothing was getting through to her. She cared only for herself and her dreams and her visions, until one day...one very dark day in her past. Storm clouds had rolled in off the sea, heavy and black and full of despair. Biru had never seen anything like it! She was excited to see the storm up close. There was something enchanting about the idea of seeing something so ominous and all-powerful up close and personal. So, once more, she escaped! Out into the heavy skies she flew, away from the Pagoda and towards certain danger. This one time, she wasn’t chased by the Princess Wrangler, but by her father. By the time he had caught up with her however, the winds of the storm had swept them both up and flung them far away, to a distant and uninhabited island. Her father was wounded in the process, with a broken wing and a head injury. Biru had no idea where they were or what to do, and while the heavy winds persisted she could do little more than try to tend to her father. They were the most fearful days of her life. Three whole days of uncertainty, heavy winds, and not knowing what nightfall would bring… Biru had little to keep her calm, with one exception: tucked in a little crack in a cliff-face with her father, the longma filly had an elegant blue koi fish for company. The fish lived in a pond near the tiny cave, and seemed content to swim in endless circles, round and around, while the storm raged on. The tranquil sight soothed the filly, and helped her keep her fear under control. After Biru and her father were rescued, she faced a lot of scorn from her tutors. She had risked her own life, the life of her father the ruling Prince, and consequently she had jeopardized the entire Royal Line of Wingapore. And for once, she listened. She sat still while they scolded and punished her, she quietly attended her lessons, not from a sense of defeat, but from a new sense of purpose. She would do right by her father from now on, and make herself into a Princess he could be proud of! When fear or restlessness or her ridiculous thirst for adventure threatened to take over, she would think of the blue koi. Endlessly swimming, endlessly calm: content with its life in its shallow pond. She knew to think like the koi, to accept her lot in life and remain tranquil. After all, she could still venture beyond her pond, she simply had to accept the role she was required to fulfill within it. Just weeks after her incident, the blue koi fish sprung to life upon her flank, and Biru Chahaya witnessed one of the greatest celebrations to take over the Pagoda: the celebration of her coming into her own as a filly and a Princess! Unique Traits: Water breath. With her magical Longma breath, Biru is able to summon tendrils of water into existence and control them. Though Longma are not typically inclined towards the magical arts, as a Princess, Biru received a top-quality education. As one who was always inclined towards the waves of the sea, it only made sense that she would have a natural talent for water magic! History: After receiving her cutie mark, Biru dedicated her life to becoming the best Princess she could be. She went to her lessons, learned to walk with books balanced upon her head, studied the endless histories of the countries of the world, learned to sing and dance and entertain. She became a vision, the vision her parents had always dreamed she would become. Her father was proud to a fault, doting openly and frequently. Though she did always carry one fatal flaw as a ruler: Biru tends to wear her heart on her sleeve. Feelings regarding Neighpon have always been a little heated in Wingapore. Since becoming independent, Wingapore itself has undergone something of a cultural revolution, with its traditions and styles and culture being revived passionately by its citizens the past couple of generations. Lingering remnants of Neighpon remain, both within and outside of Neighpon Town. You’ll find traces of Neighpon in the food, fashion, and magitech of Wingapore...which can be a problem for Biru. Despite generations of peace between her beloved city state and Neighpon, Biru can’t help being suspicious of the shogunate that once kept her citizens held beneath its hoof. She sees nothing but a threat in Neighpon. After all, despite Wingapore’s “independence,” trade is still woefully favourable for Neighpon, moreso than for her people. They are still being held by a leash and she does not trust the nearby country not to try to rule over them again. At least, that is how she sees things. Biru’s hotheadedness and open disdain for Neighpon has become quite a topic of conversation amongst the royals of Polyneighsia, Long Guo, and Neighpon itself. She is not shy regarding her opinions, and it has created quite a few hurdles for her during her recent step into power. Many doubt her abilities as a ruler because of her open disdain for the shogunate, and her opinions have created some strain on trade relations as well. Where her father ruled with tranquility and wisdom, Biru struggles to keep her temper under control. She rules with a fierce dedication towards the citizens of Wingapore, and that heated personality of hers, well...let’s just say she really needs to learn how to embrace the wisdom of her cutie mark a little more. Currently, her retired father is still living nearby in the Sovereign Pagoda as an advisor to his daughter, for he fears her fiery temper could cause many issues for herself and for Wingapore. Character Personality: Biru Chahaya is passionate, fiery, and short-tempered. She loves Wingapore and its citizens, she loves the ocean, and she loves the open skies. For a princess, she has a bit of a poorly-contained wild side. Pirate stories, adventures, lost treasures - these all call out to her and beckon her away from duty, though she only gets to attend to these...extended constitutionals on occasion. As a Princess, she is capable. She rules with kindness and intelligence, she listens to the woes of her people and she serves them loyally. For her people and her home, Biru can keep her temper under control. But for strangers, well...it’s ill advised to insult her, her family, or her home. And it is decidedly ill-advised to discuss Neighpon. Her fiery personality, however, is a large part of the reason she is as beloved as she is in Wingapore. All of that fire and fierceness is typically channeled into working for her people. She has revived old festivals, spearheaded new cultural events that have garnered the attention of nations across the globe, and even earned her the endearing title of the Palmtop Tiger Princess. (Some of the aforementioned cultural events include a Polyneighsia fashion week, Wingapore cooking throwdown, and a globally-renowned Water Festival.) Character Summary: Biru Chahaya is both a popular and controversial up-and-coming princess. She had a fiery personality, a strong love for her people, and strong suspicions towards her foes. She is passionate, caring, and a little wild and unpredictable, but ultimately keeps her temper in check by committing herself to the idea of tranquility as much as she is able. It doesn’t always come easy to her, but she does her best in order to become the leader the citizens of Wingapore deserve. She accepts failure, so long as it sets her on the right path.
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