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Þrír [Ready]


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Name: Þrír



Sex: Male


Age: Young Adult


Species: Deer


Eye Colour: Malachite Green (#0BDA51) eyes.


Coat: Light Brown (#B5651D) fur across most of his body, with a white underbelly and tail.


Mane/Antlers: Þrír’s mane is white, short, and shaggy, covering his eyes most of the time. His antlers are often kept broken off, though when they’re grown out they come to twelve points.


Physique: Even for a thin and lithe species like deer, Þrír looks skinny, even malnourished some would say. But despite that he has reserves of strength and stamina that surprise even him at times.


Residence: Hidzume, Stottinsberg Islands, Polyneighsia


Occupation: Slave


Cutie Mark: Being a deer, Þrír has no cutie mark, instead branded on both his flanks is ᚦ.


Unique Traits:


Big Friendly ‘Giant’: Not being of the deer native to Polyneighsia, Þrír stands a great deal taller than his pygmy cousins. Despite this comparatively great height, he doesn’t stand quite as tall as their caribou masters. This works as both an advantage and disadvantage for the deer. On the one hoof it lets him reach things that would be difficult for others, on the other it makes him stand out more, thus gaining him no ends of trouble. When something goes wrong, the masters tend to blame him.


Hope Springs Eternal: Þrír was born a slave, as were his parents, and their parents, and their parents before them. It’s all he’s ever known, and some say it’s all he ever will know. But even still he hopes and dreams of a better life for himself, his family, and the whole of the Stottinsberg Islands since his brothers’ escape. Someday...someday.


Bundle ‘o Dynamite: Despite his scrawny and frail looking physique, the life that Þrír has been forced to live has given him a great deal of strength and stamina. Another double edged sword for the deer. He can help his brethren, but when something doesn’t go right, he’s the first to be pushed into long days of labor.


History: Most of the time when somepony thinks of deer, they think of the free spirited deer and perytons that roam the Whitetail Wood, or the secretive and mysterious ones that hide deep within the Everfree Forest. Most, however, don’t think of the deer of Polyneighsia. For many years these deer have been shackled under Caribou oppression. One such deer is Þrír.


Þrír’s family originally hailed from somewhere in Equestria, many many years ago. A tribe of several families of deer known for their nomadic ways set out across the waters to find a new home. Eventually their aimless sailing across the ocean found them on the beautiful island of Hidzume, one of two Islands inhabited by the Polyneighsian Deer. This fertile and bountiful land was a perfect place to call home, and after some talks with the native deer, they did just that! For a time things were fine, peaceful, and quiet. Though it was only a brief respite. Soon the Viking Caribou sat their eyes on the Islands to call them their own. The deer of Stottinsberg fought hard, but ultimately were ill prepared for the tide of the Northsdeer. Broken and subjugated, made to till and toil, day in and day out, what was once a beautiful new home was now more a cage.


Today this is still the case. Þrír, the third son of his parents, was born into this life. From the time he was old enough to walk on his own, he’s worked the fields and built the buildings that he’s been told. As a young deer, he didn’t quite understand the depth of what was happening. It’s just how things are, his parents told him. And that was a good enough answer for him. Because if that was just how things were, that surely meant this was the case everywhere, right? Stottinsberg surely wasn’t the only place in the world that was like this. If it was like this here, it was probably like this everywhere!


And so, during the day he would work and slave away as he was told. At night, he and his brothers Ein and Tveir, would pretend that they were warriors too like their masters, draw in the dirt of their hut, or play made up games with sticks and stones before finally going to bed. It was the same day after day, work, ‘play’, sleep. At times they weren’t allowed to play when the guards were cranky, and if someone fell behind in their work, sometimes they weren’t allowed to sleep that night. But that’s just how things were. But a question that hadn’t crossed Þrír’s mind was brought up in the still of night by Ein one quiet summer evening. “Just because this is how things are...does that mean it has to be”? It was a jarring sort of question. If it’s how things are, how could it be any other way? He wondered.


This question would stew around in their heads as the days when by. The fields they toiled, why couldn’t their masters do it? The buildings they toiled away on, weren’t their masters strong enough to do it? What made the caribou that different from the deer?...Aside from height...and strength...and intimidating presence. Just why were the deer made to do their dirty work? They seemed to be vicious warriors so clearly they weren’t afraid of getting their hooves dirty. Just what were the deer to them?


Ein and Tveir however grew less and less content with ‘how things are’ as they all grew. The two, like their brother, took after their father a non-native deer. But unlike their brother were not so easily swayed back to their work or to fall in line. Something that often got all three of them punished. It wasn’t until a few years later, however, that these stubborn streaks finally hit a fever pitch. One quiet summer evening just like the last time, Ein and Tveir convinced their brother and a handful of other slaves rise up and fight back against the slavers. Having taken them by surprise, they were able to make a break for it from the camp. Þrír was among them when they began to flee, and Þrír was the first to see their masters catching back up with them. Ein and Tveir attempted to stop him, but he begged them to keep going and not look back.


Rather than risk his friends and brothers’ chance at their possible escape, Þrír broke off from the group to face their pursuers. While the skinny deer was much stronger than he appeared, he was still no match for the caribou and was easily dragged back to the camp for punishment. Even as the hot brands jabbed into his flanks, Þrír was content in the knowledge that, at the very least, he had bought the others some time. Even if it meant giving up his own chance at freedom.


Weeks turned to months turned to years, not a single one of the escaped slaves returned. While most of those still in the camps feared the worst, Þrír knew in his heart they made it to relative safety. And that maybe someday, so would he. Perhaps someday the whole island would as well! For now though, he would wait, he would work. He would smile and hope through the yelling and the lashes. Spirits were never very high in the camp, a dull dreary existence for most all of the deer there, but Þrír would do all he could to keep the flames in their hearts burning until the day they could finally be free.


Character Summary: Þrír is a quiet deer for the most part, trained to only speak when spoken to, and even then to keep it short. The only times he truly feels he can speak freely is when around other slaves or deer. Those that know him, know him to be a sweet and friendly buck who tries his best to keep smiles on their faces and hope in their hearts even in a place like Hidzume.


In what little free time he has, Þrír likes to draw. Often pictures of his neighbors or of the heroic deeds he’s sure that his brothers are doing now that they’re free from the yokes of the Caribou. Occasionally even drawing himself alongside them as he knows he will be, someday!


Text Colour: (#B5651D)


Poison Joke Reaction: TBD




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