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Prima Donna [Ready]


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Name: Prima Donna


Royal Title: Her Most Serene Enchantress, Grand Songstress Prima Donna of Melodia


Sex: Female


Age: Young Mare


Species: Siren


Eye Colour: Blue (#0078BF) and soulful, with long white eyelashes.


Coat: Prima’s coat starts off a snowy white but starts to fade into a shade of Blue (#0083C8) near her lower midsection where her fishlike tail begins, though on her left cheek, just below the lower left side of her eye, is a little Pink (#EBA9B2) heart shaped birthmark. The plate-like scales that run along her underbelly are Pink (#EBA9B2) throughout.


Mane/Tail: Prima’s ‘mane’ is a Light Blue (#81CDDE) in colouration. The front part of the fin on her head is long and flowing, draping to the side of her head, while the rest that trails down from the top of her head down her back stands up in a slightly wavy look. Where the fin meets her tail, it fades to white. The fins on the back of her hooves are Pink (#EBA9B2) in colouration.

Gemstone: The gem that rests in the center of Prima’s chest is Pink (#EBA9B2) and resembles a heart shaped diamond.


Physique: Long, slender, and alluring. Prima keeps her body in tip-top condition.


Residence: Melodia


Occupation: Grand Songstress of Melodia


Unique Traits:


The Curse of Curves: Being wealthy and attractive often garners attention from potential suitors. Being the ruler of Melodia doubles that. It’s a double-edged sword for Prima, on the one hand she very much appreciates the attention, adoration, and gifts. On the other hand some suitors grow obnoxious or clingy, but most tend to respect her well enough to behave.

Lips of an Angel: While Grand Songstress is the Royal Title of Melodia, so too is it an accurate description of those who have held the title. Prima ranking highly amongst them, thanks to her Perfect Pitch and incredible range, letting her hit each and every note flawlessly...Baring some blue flowered exceptions...


The Spirit of Radio: Not content with simply being good at singing, Prima is actually well practiced in a variety of musical talents. Singer, songwriter, musician. Her mother, the Grand Songstress before her, taught her everything she knows. From writing her own music, to conducting concertos, to playing many kinds of instruments.


History:Perfection isn’t easy. Nor is the perception of perfection that others see in someone else. Few in Melodia know this better than the Grand Songstresses. The Royal Line of Melodia, while perhaps not a true royal bloodline, is still treated as such in the beautiful underwater city. Tracing its roots back to the founding of Melodia, when the first Siren settlers decided on a leader to unite their — at the time — small town, though at the time there was no title to go along with it.


It wasn’t until a few decades later when the child of the then leader managed to mesmerize and soothe a number of enraged sea beasts from rampaging through their burgeoning city that the title first came to be. Since then the title has passed from parent to child, and while times have changed and the town has grown to a city, the Grand Songstress still stands proudly as their leader.

Prima Donna, daughter of the much beloved and now retired Grand Songstress Marina, has long lived a very cushy and uncomplicated life for the most part. As a youth Prima had yet to come into her own, she was far from ugly, but rather plain. But being born into the ruling family of Melodia meant that as a child she never wanted for a thing. Beautiful clothes, jewelry, art, the finest foods. The newest trends were always right at her hooftips. Sadly, as with many children born into a rich and ritzy life, her peers weren’t all too fond of her. Despite her attempts she was often seen as snobby or snooty, even though she did her best to act to the contrary.


Much of her time was spent alone, which only reinforced the stereotype of her being an aloof and unapproachable noble. Her time at home was spent singing and practicing music and the arts that she much adored. The only real times that she had much company was on the rare occasions where she would travel to the shore side town on the edge of Melodia, where the land ponies lived. Prima found that the children there were much more welcoming and willing to spend time with her. Due in large part, she assumed, because none knew she was the daughter of the Grand Songstress.


This isolation from her peers continued up until the start of her teenage years, when her beauty began to blossom. Prima wasn’t ‘that snobby rich girl’ anymore, she was ‘that pretty noble’ with the ‘gorgeous fins’ or the ‘resplendent eyes’. And temporarily, this made Prima one of the happiest Sirens ever. For so long all she really wanted was to be able to have friends in the city, as her the times she was able to visit land were infrequent at best and now she had them! She had friends who brought her gifts, and showered her with compliments, and seemed willing to do anything for her! But it all felt so...hollow. Because deep down she knew it was. They were her ‘friends’ but not her friends. They saw her not for the Siren that she was, but for the beauty she had, the money she had, and the fame that could come from being around her.


For a while Prima had submersed herself in this empty affection hoping that at some point perhaps it would turn into something real. Her mind though drifted to the friends she had made on land. Those willing to spend time with her without so much as a second thought. It had been too long since she had last seen them, but would they still act the same? Or would they too just start seeing her for what she was on the outside?

One day, after managing to slip away from her ‘entourage’, Prima made a nervous trip to land. Not much had changed about the town, though it wasn’t as though it had been that long since she visited. After a bit of hunting around, and some confused conversations, Prima managed to find her friends and reconnect with them. Despite some compliments on her looks, her friends treated her no different now than they had the last, even when she mentioned that she was the daughter of the Grand Songstress...something the had apparently known from day one. Certainly a pleasant surprise. That day was the first day in some time that she actually got to play, rather than just sit around surrounded by echos and fawning. It was this that showed her what real friendship was...and that it was time to finally say something that had been on her mind for a while. And she knew just the venue to do it.


When Prima’s next birthday finally came around, the Siren requested that the party be held on the shore, so both her friends and ‘friends’ could attend. It was a grand affair with cake and music and food galore. Everyone involved seemed to be having a blast, though Prima was a nervous wreck beneath the mask of still waters she wore. Before it was finally time to open gifts, Prima took to the stage to make a speech. It was one she had thought long and hard about. She had expressed her thanks to all who attended and to her friends of both land and sea. From there she went on to her true reason for her speech. How in the past few years some had miraculously took an interest in her, after she became prettier. How they showered with attention, affection, and gifts.


She spoke about how others though, had been her friend from the start. Treating her no differently. To them it didn’t matter if she was pretty, or rich, or had the best things. To them it mattered who she was on the inside. She is more than a pretty face, she’s more than a beautiful voice or the money of her family. She’s not just ‘the Grand Songstress’’ daughter. She’s her own Siren. The speech was met with both hearty rounds of applause and the awkward realizations of her hangers-on.


The speech wasn’t over yet though, as she politely motioned for silence. The presents that sat at the table waiting to be opened — she explained — were not just for her. There were presents at the table for both her friends on land...and the ones at sea as well. This confused, well, everyone really. Prima went on to explain that while they hadn’t gotten to know her, she had done her best to get to know them. That each had their own loves and hates, their own quirks and habits. She expressed her hope that despite the past, they could all still become friends. Real friends. This time the applause were undivided.


With her speech finished, Prima departed the stage to speak with her friends. The land bound ones congratulating her on the courage it took to do that, and her aquatic ones profusely apologizing for how they were. All parties involved however were willing to put the past behind them and move forward. Prima’s speech had the desired effect, and her friendship with her peers came to be much like that of those in the shore town. Honest.


As years went on, Prima’s studies and free time were divided. She knew that in time she’d be taking up the mantle of Grand Songstress herself, and so studied into the history of Melodia, etiquette, politics, and other things much more boring than music. Thankfully she had her friends to help keep her wits sharp and her sanity in check. All work and no play makes Prima a sad Siren, after all.


All the while, Marina watched her daughter grow and blossom, knowing that she was putting her all into everything she did, even if it was dreadfully boring at times. A couple of summers later, Marina surprised not only her daughter, but Melodia by announcing her retirement, and thus the passing of her title to Prima. While Prima was more than a touch overwhelmed by this, Marina was certain that with her passion, love, and her friends behind her, she would be more than up to the task.


And up to it she was. It’s no easy feat, and Prima still has to deal with some less than genuine affection based solely upon her beauty or status, the Siren is proving to be a capable and loved leader of Melodia.


Character Summary: Prima Donna is the beautiful and talented leader of the underwater city of Melodia. Kind and genial, Prima is an approachable leader who does enjoy meeting with her people or visitors to the fair city. Her attractiveness and power however lead her to be somewhat skeptical of others intentions at times, having had to deal with a bout of hollow friendships in the past. Despite that however she remains polite and sincere, even in the face of insincerity, in hopes that once someone really gets to know her it won’t be insincere for long.


As a natural born performer the attention, even when simply to get attention themselves, does bring a measure of pride and happiness to her heart. Grand Songstress isn’t merely a title for her, as she adores to sing for any and all who are willing to listen. She doesn’t limit herself to just one musical or even just one artistic endeavor though, having practiced many as she was growing up. Sometimes this does, however, leave her a bit spread thin.


Text Colour: (#EBA9B2)


Poison Joke Reaction: Becomes unable to carry a note in a bucket!

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