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Yang [Ready]


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Name: Yángguāng (陽光) (Sunlight)

Nicknames: Yang, The White Ox


Sex: Male


Age: Young Adult


Species: Serpent Dragon


Eye Colour: Pale Turquoise (#AFEEEE)


Scales: Yang’s scales are White throughout, save his belly scales which are a pale grey. The colour comes in from his habit of dying his scales with temporary ‘tattoos’. He has debated over going for actual ones, but finds the interchangeability of the dyes lets him adjust according to his mood or the time of year.


Mane/Tail: Yang’s black hair is of medium length and fluffy from the top of his head to the tip of his tail, he keeps it clean and kept even in the most difficult of fights. Some suggest he enchants it to keep any dirt or grime or...other things that could find its way into it during a knock down drag out brawl. Similar to his scales, Yang often does up his fluff with streaks of colour at a whim. His antlers point out more to the side, akin to a bull’s.


Physique: As a serpent dragon, Yang has a long and mostly slender looking form. Despite that however it’s plain that the dragon has a good deal of muscle and doesn’t hesitate to throw it around when the need arises.


Residence: Long Kong


Occupation: By official standings, Yang is dragon who runs a little noodle shop downtown that gets a great deal of business. Most consider him a bit of a rake and mostly harmless so long as no one harasses him or his customers or friends. Unofficial he works as an enforcer for a Triad based in Long Kong and partner to the Grass Slipper, Yin.


Unique Traits:


Breath Long, Breath Deep: While Yang prefers letting his fists do the talking in fights, he still is a serpent dragon, and as such has a wide array of breath magic at his disposal. His favourite tends to be a cloud of smoke that reflects the shadows of those within, making it appear as there’s more creatures there than there are. Combined with one that alters the appearance of shadows, Yang can have some great fun.


Fist of the Dragon: Most think of the Long as peaceful masters of meditation and the magical arts. While this is true, most don’t expect there to be many proficient in martial arts or any more fit than your average sage or sorcerer. Yang has had years of practice to master several forms of fighting, which he usually just combines into a mishmash of his own. Often to great effect for him, and broken bones for his enemies.


Sick The Sickles: If something calls for a weapon, Yang has long since chosen his favoured. Whenever he needs to brandish a weapon, either for intimidation or actual use, the dragon’s go to is a pair of ornate looking handheld sickles bound by a chain. He’s quite capable of brandishing these without cutting so much as a hair off himself, or others if he wants to show off.


Heart of...Gold?: While some see it as a cliche in the big guy, Yang’s not a merciless or cold blooded fighter. He has a soft spot for kids, especially those that have no homes or family of their own. He also holds any friends he happens to make in high regard, and so long as they’re loyal to him, he’ll remain the same and defend them to his last breath.


Pasta of the Gods: Yang is passionate about many things. Mostly beating the snot out of anyone that steps out of bounds or hurts his friends or the ones he calls family. But another great passion, sparked during a stay in a seaside village in Long Guo, is that of noodles. Whenever Yang finds something he feels strongly about, he pours himself into it wholeheartedly. And after being shown the art and tasting the results, the dragon spent a great deal of time learning everything he could becoming a master in his own right. Once he was well settled in Long Kong, Yang’s first order of business was setting up a noodle shop as his front. Simply named Sunlight Noodles.


History: Yángguāng was born in Longri La, one of the many hatchlings raised under the kind and watchful eye of the Matron. It was a peaceful and relaxing sort of life, filled with quiet days, meditation, and magical study. It was wonderfully, beautifully….dull. It was absolutely dull. Yang was one of the more rambunctious little dragons that hatched during that time. He was often finding ways of getting into trouble or ‘play’ fighting with the others. The caretakers usually had their claws full with the troublemaker.


They sincerely hoped that meditation and introspection and fervent study would soothe his aggressive and fiery attitude. But if anything all of that caused him to act out more. Sneaking out of the Hatchery at every chance he could only to be rallied back in after being caught disorganizing the libraries or sneaking extra food, just generally being a downright hassle. It constantly felt like there was no fun allowed here and trying to find it would just get him less and less freedom.


As the years went by he remained his troublesome self, but much to the relief of all caretakers involved, he sat himself about his studies. Particularly he was very interested in scrying spells and watching the world at large. It was something he enjoyed that didn’t seem to make the caretakers want to pull their hair out, so they encouraged him to study further and perhaps other magics as well. Mostly they hoped that it would keep him busy and out of trouble. Which it did for a time! He learned a great deal of magic but he also learned a great deal about the world at large.


The world wasn’t as peaceful (or boring) as Longri La, there was strife and fighting and cruelty. And what were the Serpent Council doing about it? He didn’t simply leave this a thought in his mind, no he walked right up to the Long of the Council and questioned this. With all their talk of peace and enlightenment, and how much they ‘helped’ the citizens of Long Guo with words and wisdom, why couldn’t they actually help with the sort of power they held? But the Council assured that interfering would cause more trouble than good and that the young ones must learn to find balance without them holding their hands forever. Which hardly was a convincing answer for Yang, nor a satisfying one. The young serpent was so incensed by what he saw as flippant disregard and lack of action that he challenged The Steward to combat to prove his point. While Yang was able to hold his own for a surprising amount of time, the Elder eventually came out on top.


The council had hoped that this defeat would humble him. The Steward had barely opened their mouth to speak a lesson to the other serpent when Yang angrily began to spit out how the fight had done nothing but prove his point. The Council had the strength to make a difference and yet they sat idly by spouting koans and sentimental philosophy when the world could use their might. Yang struck The Steward once more before fleeing Longri La.


For years after his departure from the city in the sky, Yang dwelled alone in the mountains, venting his frustration and honing his skills. Maybe the council wasn’t willing to do anything to change things, but he was by any means necessary. He trained for countless hours, even meditated something that he had long found dull and useless now kept his focus clear and his wits sharp. But all that time spent alone, hunting for his own meals and without any of the finery he once had grew more dull than his time spent in Longri La


Venturing down out of his seclusion, Yang began to dole out what many would call vigilante justice. It started out simply enough, beating the tar out of creeps that bothered simple folks. But it moved on to him flushing out small time gangs from town. Many times those he helped rewarded him for his aid often with bits, but more importantly food or treasure! Which brought a thought to the brawling dragon’s mind. If they rewarded him for protecting them, it would just be easier if he was paid to protect them.


But without anyone to protect them from other than the occasional bandit or thug, the flow of money and treasure slowed to nothing in time. It was then that yet another idea struck him. Seeking out the bandits and gangs and thugs that he had once driven out, he gave them a deal. They would come in, harass the citizens, then he’d swoop in and ‘beat’ them out of town again and he would split whatever rewards he got with them, eighty-twenty. The wiser ones of them agreed. Sure it was a little underhanded, but it was an easy way to keep himself fed and well off while still keeping the criminal element and the suffering in check.


Over time though the criminal element would give up on the deal and move on to boring lives and thus the town was safe at last. And so he would move on to the next, then the next, then the next. By the time that Yang had found himself in Long Kong, he had gotten quite the name for himself. His presence in the city drew looks of both admiration and fear from innocent and criminal alike. Many had heard the tale of the dragon known as The White Ox, a name that Yang hadn’t heard himself, but quite liked. Those who knew of him knew full well the fury he showed to his enemies, and the murmurings of the number of criminals that he seemed to have in his pocket at one time or another.


This reputation preceded Yang by leaps and bounds, and in the matter of a few short weeks. And a few long nights of beating unruly upstarts that thought they could get the drop on him. The dragon was approached by the leader of one of the local Triads. This boss had many connections and eyes everywhere. He knew about Yang, he knew about the lies and back alley dealings. He didn’t goad or chastise him for it though, no, in fact he praised it and thanked him. Going on to explain that Yang had practically done his job for him. The Triad boss had stake in a great deal of businesses all around Long Guo, not just in Long Kong. Every two-bit crook or dimwitted group of thugs that Yang had scrubbed out meant one less hassle for him and his.


It was this efficiency and forward thinking that meant that Yang would be a great addition to his organization. While the dragon may be impulsive and have an independent streak, he was no fool. If he wasn’t a friend he’d eventually be seen as an enemy. Plus, the offered pay was good, he’d have a chance of keeping crime in check even if it meant getting his owns hand dirty (something the Council never seemed to understand), and he’d be set for life. And so he agreed.


Shortly after joining the gang Yang soon found himself paired up with a partner named Yin. There was clearly no shortage on a sense of humour within this ‘family’ as the boss had put it. His new partner seemed lazy and listless, not to mention full of hilari...er. Awful puns. Hardly something that Yang would have expected from the proxy of the Head Dragon. But despite a somewhat rocky start to their partnership, Yang found himself growing attached to the jokester. Her sense of humour, while not always well timed, was infectious to say the least.


Over time, Yang soon started to feel like he actually belonged somewhere, like it really was some weird sort of family. Sure he was told what to do, but it’s things that felt useful. Not just sitting in a cloud pagoda meditating all day or whatever nonsense he’d have to deal with at Longri La. It may not have been the life he had envisioned when he left home. And though he was far from a good guy, hey. At least he keeps the worse guys in check with a few broken bones.


Character Summary: Yang is the temperamental, quick to action, bone breakingest, head crackingest, noodle cookingest enforcer for his family, a Triad located in Long Kong. The serpent dragon, while technically being a criminal himself, has a strong sense of justice and has no qualms about taking law into his own claws if the need arises. He becomes especially protective of children or those he comes to call his friends, and especially his family in the Triad.

His job often entails going along with his partner Yin, the Grass Slipper for the Triad, as muscle in case something goes south. Really he hopes every time that it does, because nothing is quite as fun watching his enemies scurry. Except maybe fixing up a great bowl of udon.


Text Colour: (#2D2F65)


Poison Joke Reaction: TBD

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