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[AU: Age of Heroes] Adventivia [Ready]


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Alternate Universe: Age of Heroes


Anti-hero Name: Adventivia


Alias: N/A


Sex: Female


Age: Physically: Mare - Mentally: Filly


Eye Color: Her eyes are bean sprouts. Their color is bean sprout green #96A84E


Coat: A twist of vines with varying shades of green, some even sprouting leaves.


Mane/Tail: Similar to Coat, her mane and tail are made up of twisting vines of different shades of green. However, they appear much more fluid, almost alive in it's own right, compared to the rest of her body, always seeming to change shape to mimic whatever pony she's looking at.


Physique: While her body is malleable, she seems to prefer keeping a slim pony shape of average height.


Residence: Adventia currently resides in the garden of the Sunlight Academy.


Occupation: Hero-in-training.


Cutie Mark: N/A.


Powers: Adventivia's first and foremost ability is her ability to morph and stretch her body, unraveling the vines that make it up. At full length she can reach across a two carriage wide street. This also allows her to slowly break apart strong materials such as brick or concrete so long as she can find a crack to start with, making the cracks larger and larger as she forces her way into the material. Another notable ability is her ability to repair damage or regain lost energy over time, as long as she has exposure to the sun and access to water. She can also suck energy from other organic beings when she comes in contact with them, if she so chooses. However, though hardy as she may be, if she goes without exposure to sunlight or without consuming an adequate amount of water for too long she will begin to wither, severely weakening her abilities. This usually occurs after about two weeks time. If large parts of Adventivia, such as a leg, become separated from her body, they can become new Adventivias if they are properly cared for, albeit without any of her thoughts or memories, effectively making it a blank clone. This process can take weeks, even months, for a new Adventivia to fully develop.


Weaknesses: It should go without saying that one of Adventivia's biggest weaknesses and fears is fire. To her, fire is nothing but destructive, and for good reason: her entire body is flammable. Even the smallest flame is enough to make her keep her distance, even if it wouldn't realistically be able to hurt her. For example, a small candle wouldn't be able to ignite a living plant if it touched it for less than a second, but it would still be enough to deter her.


Another one of her greatest weaknesses is dispel magic, as that can disrupt her entire being. Though the spell that brought Adventivia to life has been active long enough to make itself permanent, it can still be distorted by dispelling magics, scattering the magic power holding her together and causing her body to fall limp into a lifeless pile of vines.


Backstory: Adventivia started out as a harmless weed. She grew slowly, day in and day out in a street gutter in Trottingham. Her whole world consisted of nothing more than that street and the few ponies that traveled along the sidewalk above her. She paid them no mind, and they in turn ignored her. It was a simple life, in a much simpler time. But, what fun would it be if that were all to this story? Yes, this is the part where Adventivia's simple life would take a turn, for better or worse.


It was a day like any other. Adventivia was enjoying the light from the sun, when suddenly there was a shock wave of sound around her. It sounded as though the very earth beneath her was angry, threatening to tear itself asunder. That was when she saw them. Two ponies, flying high above her street, circling the sky as if they were dancing. One pony, a Pegasus, was chasing the other, a Unicorn. The Unicorn would gain some distance, using levitation, and then fire a beam at the Pegasus. The Pegasus, in turn, would dodge the magic and close the distance, attempting to hit the Unicorn with what appeared to be two small thunderclouds attached to it's front hoofs. He would miss, creating lightning strikes with each attempt.


They did this routine above Adventivia for what seemed like an eternity, though she didn't exactly mind. It was a healthy refresher from her average day-to-day. That's when it happened. The Unicorn had flown just above Adventivia, and when the Pegasus came close to attack it dodged straight up into the sky, directly above both the Pegasus and Adventivia. What happened next she still isn't sure of. She saw the Unicorn fire off another beam of magic, and the Pegasus dodged just as had happened countless times before. Though, this time Adventivia was in the beam's direct line of fire.


She screamed as the beam hit, but her screams could not be heard. Her small body became enveloped by the magic, blinding her with it's green light. She could feel the magic seeping into the ground around her, being absorbed into her through her roots. It made her feel sickly, yet more alive than she had since sprouting. As her vision began to return, she looked to the sky in search of the battle she had been watching, but she saw nothing, noyl the green residue that now surrounded her. In the distance, she could hear more thunder, telling her the battle was still far from over. And so again she was left, left to grow, left to live. However, she was far from prepared for what would happen in the morning.


Adventivia woke at the morning's twilight, as she had countless days before, though on this particular morning she noticed something very different from when she went to bed. She was now twice the size of the curb she had once laid beside. As she raised her head she toppled over flat onto the ground. Confused, she looked down at her roots, only to find that she was no longer attached to the ground. Her stalk had broken free from her roots and split, forming two vines. In a fit of panic, she began flailing about, and to her surprise found that branches had become vines, just like her lower half. This did little to calm her, and as she laid there having a mental breakdown she noticed something. It was a pony, going around and putting out the streetlights. She carefully watched how he moved, and realized that the pony too had four appendages.


Not wanting to draw attention, she waited for the pony to pass before attempting to get up on all fours. She slipped a couple of times, but quickly got a grasp of how it worked. In a short while, she was moving. Adventivia had never seen past her street, and what she saw both surprised and horrified her. Ponies. Many, many ponies. She avoided them as best she could, but as the day drew on there became more and more. She began sticking to alleys, and only moving when she was sure nopony was watching her. It was stressful, to say the least. She eventually came upon a small park that had very few ponies, much to her relief. With the sun beginning to set, she decided to sleep close to a bush. With luck, she'd wake up the next day to find out it was all a bad dream................but of course not.


When she woke up, not only was she still under the bush, but she had grown exponentially. Today, she was about the size of a colt or filly, which for her was huge! She could no longer travel the streets relatively hidden, so she decided to stay in the park where it was safe. She noticed she had more vines today too, many more than the four she had started out with. They were jumbled into a big mess, and she was having trouble just sorting out what vine went where. Adventivia flopped around in a pile most of the day, trying to get used to her new body, and trying to think of a way to change herself back, with little success on the later.By the time night approached she had managed to form herself into a crude four-legged animal shape, though she lacked any define edges to her form.


That night, while she rested, she heard a scream. Immediately she perked up, looking around to see if anypony had seen her, but she quickly realized that nopony was in her sight. Peering from her bush, she looked towards the source of the sound and saw a masked pony cornering a mare. Adventivia didn't know what was happening, or what she should do, so she sat silently and watched. She saw the masked pony threaten the mare, demanding money. A short time later, while the mare was digging out coins, another masked pony arrived, seemingly out of nowhere, and began fighting the first masked pony. The second one won hooves down, and Adventivia's beansprout eyes lit up with wonderment. Though the second pony didn't look like the mare, she thanked him and was happy to see him. This was Adventivia's first sight of heroism. The second pony carried the first one away, and she went back to sleep with dreams of her fighting all kinds of weird ponies before being congratulated by large groups of them. She smiled.


On the next day, Adventivia woke to the sound of more calls for help. She immediately jumped up out of the bush, though she was again surprised to find that she had now grown to the size of an adult pony. Her form was still made up of many vines, but it was more rigid now. She found that she had taken on the form of an Earth pony, and mused about whether it was her dream or the pony she had seen last night that had spurred this form. Hearing the scream for help again, she rushed out of the park onto the early morning streets towards the sound. What she came across was an ordinary looking pony running from another dressed in a blue costume. Without a second thought, she leaped into action, tackling the bad guy in blue and saving the poor citizen. But, we both know that's not how things worked out.


With a horrified expression, the pony she had saved ran even faster, as the enemy she had tackled groaned as she felt his energy becoming hers through her hoof. If she hadn't been so focused on the pony running away though, she might've seen the cloaked pony that had been running down the street. By the time she heard the hoofsteps on the cobblestone and turned around to see who it was, it was too late. With a single swing of a sword, the cloaked pony sliced off Adventivia's hoof she had been using to pin the blue pony and dragged her captive away. Scared, she began running back to the park that had been so safe for her, but as she crossed the threshold it was no use. The other pony had caught up to her, and swiftly cut her down. She lay motionless, not for lack of trying. All she could do was think, and wonder why she was treated so differently of the pony the night before. The day drifted by, and to Adventivia it seemed this was the end.


But, what kind of story would this be if the main character died now? No, Adventivia's broken body would rebuild itself, but she would find that there was no longer just her, but many. She had been chopped into 7 pieces, and each one had grown into a new her, though they all seemed as lost and confused as she had been the morning she woke up out of the ground. She recounted for them what had happened. She told them about how the ponies hated them, and about how there was no getting along. She told them that if they wanted to be free, then they would have to fight the ponies. All of them!


Each Adventivia was understandably horrified, but they understood. They all nodded, knowing what must be done, except for one. One Adventivia was unsure. She wanted to give peace another chance, but the others guilted her, reasoned with her, bargained with her, until she, too, was on board. With this small army of Adventivia's, they attacked the town, chasing ponies out of shop and home. Ponies caught were drained of their energy until they lied on the ground helpless. By the time heroes had shown up to face them the Adventivias had grown very powerful, coordinating together to entangle their enemies. It became an unstoppable tide of vines, draining any who were unfortunate enough to stand against it. However, the one Adventivia that had had doubts before paused to talk a look at what lie in their wake, and what she saw moved her. She saw more ponies, some costumed some not, ones she could tell were too weak to fight them head on, and they were helping those that had been drained, whether they were ponies or not.


This moved her, and she knew she could not in her right mind continue to help the others. She sneaked away back to the park where it had all started, making sure to avoid the sight of those helping the others. She was the lucky one. Not long after she left, two powerful beings showed up and quickly put an end to the 6 other Adventisias. As the last Adventisia sat in the park, at odds with herself over what was right or wrong, she saw a pony in an alley nearby, limp and laying on the ground. As she stared, she noticed something moving nearby it. She looked closer, and noticed it was a baby. Adventivia though about it, and came to the conclusion that the limp pony must've been one of the first ponies drained, and that it had gone into the alley to hide her baby. Adventivia knew that if she didn't do something it could be hours before the pony and baby were found, and who knows what could happen in that amount of time.


She was at odds with herself. If she left the park, she was sure to be attacked on sight, but if she stayed those ponies could come to serious harm. Then, she came up with a plan. She ran into the street and shouted as loud as she could, getting the attention of a few nearby heroes. Once they noticed her, she dashed through alley, avoiding the body and baby, and found a hiding spot on the next street over as quickly as she could. She could hear them yelling for help. Some of them sounded angry, some sounded frantic, none sounded happy. She couldn't exactly blame them. She peered from her hiding spot, watching as they looked down the street in search of her before returning to their groups. Safety in numbers, Adventivia figured. Just as she was starting to relax, she heard a deep voice nearby her that made her quiver in fear.


"I saw what you did. It took guts, but you still have a lot to learn. I know a place you could go. I'll put in a good word for you."


Adventivia was shaking. She didn't dare turn around. But, after several minutes of not hearing anything behind her, she mustered up the courage to look. To her surprise, there was no one there. Taped to the wall behind her though was a flyer. It took her a while to figure out what it said since she'd only ever had store signs to read, but she eventually made it out. "Sunlight Academy: a School for Heroes". With little more direction than that, she carefully made her way to Canterlot, fully intent on joining the Sunlight Academy.


Character Summary/General Notability: Adventivia caused havoc for some in Trottingham. While she doesn't really have any notable allies, she doesn't have any that she would consider villains to her either. Any that were there on the day her and her clones attacked have bad memories of her, even though she's since denounced the attack. She struggles with fitting in, though she dreams of being a hero ponies can look up to. She's still trying to figure out what she's capable of, and wants to make amends for the trouble she caused. Quick to act before thinking, she doesn't always do the right thing, just what seems right at the time.


(This ended up being and taking way longer than I'd hoped for it to be. Sorry for the long read! :) )


((In case you're curious, I got her name by slightly modifying the word adventive. Wikipedia: Adventive species))

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Very impressive! Nice to see more Trottingham based characters... and that's an interesting origin story! 


As the runner of Age of Heroes universe, You have my stamp approval!

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