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Sparkles [Ready]


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Name: Sparkles


Sex: Male


Age: Young Adult


Species: Diamond Dog (Toy Poodle).


Eye Colour: Big, bright, Lemon Yellow (#FFF700)


Coat: Being based off a toy poodle, Sparkles has shorter fur for the most of their body, while their wrists, ankles, neck/chest, and ears are exceedingly fluffy. The flatter parts of Sparks’ fur is a smooth and silky Lavender (#E6E6FA), while the fluffy, soft, curly portions are Pink (#FCBFD7)


Hair: Much like the fluff on their ears, the hair atop their head is puffy, soft, and Pink (#FCBFD7)


Physique: Sparkles is a rather short, tiny sort of Diamond Dog, but has a toned and muscular body beneath all that fluff.


Accessories: Sparkles tends to wear a lot of jewels and jewelery, often gold and bright sparkling Orange (#FF9865) gems, bands, and rings.


Residence: Roundbottom Hills, nearer to Ponyville.


Occupation: Pack Alpha, Master Artificer, Owner of Diamond in the Ruff in Canterlot.


Unique Traits:


Artful Artifice: Sparks has worked on creating magical objects for a good portion of his life. Being a Diamond Dog and having no direct way of manipulating magic means that he, and other diamond dog artificers, work with magic crystals such as Thaumite to create and enchant various magical items, such as wands or necklaces that contain certain spells. Most wouldn’t think Diamond Dogs could be artistic, but some of the creations Sparkles has made have been worn by the highbrow of Canterlot due to their beauty...or ability to enhance their OWN beauty.


Bark or Bite?: Sparkles is a rather small Diamond Dog, often called a ‘toy’ Diamond Dog. This, as one would expect, has given him a bit of a chip on his shoulder and gives him a sassy sort of attitude towards any who point out his vertically challenged nature. His words however are backed up with muscle packed in a tiny package. Not to mention any temporary strength increasing objects he may have on him at any given moment.


Part Picker: As an artificer and lover of magical artefacts of all kinds, Sparkles often travels out in search of such objects. On one such occasion, the dog bit off more than he could chew when he came across a cursed bracelet. The curse laid upon the bracelet took hold and acts as a double edged sword for the dog. On one paw, it lets him magically pop apart others, taking their limbs or what have you with no harm. The affected can even still feel and move said part if it’s not too far away. On the other paw, the same can be done to them if someone tried hard enough. These detached parts can actually be attached in the wrong spot or on others altogether. Since being laid with the curse he has managed to use it to his advantage to keep rowdier members of his pack in line.


History: Born as the only pup to his parents, Sparkles was what most would call a spoiled child. While his family nor the pack they were part of were particularly lavish by any means, his mother and father doted on him greatly and the dog never wanted for a thing. This was due in part to his small size. Born a size that diamond dogs called ‘toy’ thanks to his great great grandfather on his mother’s size, Sparkles quite the tiny diamond dog when he was born. His parents were always concerned with his safety or health because of this.

Sparkles however didn’t remotely let his size be a hindrance. Growing up, he had his fair share of bullies and teasing, but he also had the confidence and attitude of a dog at least ten times his size...and he backed it up too. More often than not when a bully got violent with him there’d be a whirling blur of a scuffle and when the dust settled, Sparkles would be standing atop the beaten foe with a smug look on his face. This earned him quite a reputation and the bullying didn’t last too much longer.

Growing up, Sparkles showed a great interest and affinity for not only crafting beautiful and luxurious looking jewelry, but also for enchanting said jewelry. The artificers of the pack were far and few between, but the few that it did have were more than happy to teach Sparkles the trade after classes. Like anything that Sparkles did, he tackled it with great aplomb beyond his years and size. Convincing his parents to get him books on the topic when they traveled out, he soon broadened his artificing horizons beyond what even those of the pack knew. His work had form and function. Everything from simple glamours, to spells that kept your coat clean no matter what got on it, to endurance enhancement!

This of course was all well and good. But there wasn’t much call for any of these in the pack. They already really had what they needed, and most of the times function outweighed the want or need of form. There was one place that Sparkles knew, however, that craved form! And it was only a stone’s throw away. Packing up a small wagon with his wares and gear, Sparkles sat off for a trip to Canterlot! His first day was hardly a success. More often than not it seemed the ritzy ponies of the city passed on by without so much as a second glance. A Diamond Dog in Canterlot? Surely up to no good, best to not acknowledge him. But Sparkles refused to give up. So what if some of the ponies were clearly blind to the quality of her merchandise? Eventually someone would come along with sense!

It wasn’t until a week of trying later that someone did finally take notice. Though it wasn’t exactly what the dog had expected. Apparently a ‘concerned’ citizen asked a guard to check in on this mysterious stranger. After a long and somewhat heated discussion (at least on Sparkles’ part), the guard came to understand that nothing was actually amiss. Even going so far as to purchase one of his pieces, a bracelet. When put on the bracelet gave the guard a rather attractive sort of glamour, their coat looked pristine and their mane beneath the helmet was immaculate. Sparkles explained his work in artificing and asked the guard if they would pass the word around about their work. The guard happily agreed and sat back to their work for the day.

Another week would pass before Sparkles would see any sign of change, but before he knew it, more and more customers were lining up to his cart, inquiring on just who made the beautiful jewelry and who he asked to enchant it! Near everyone who came was shocked to find out that he himself was the one. But they found it easier to swallow their pride and fork over their bits for quality accessories with such helpful glamours! In a manner of days, Sparkles had sold out and made at least triple the bits he was expecting, and they were still demanding more! With cash in tow, the dog rushed back to his pack. If he wanted supply to meet demand, he’d need more than just himself.

Back home, Sparkles explained to the rest of the pack what had transpired. The promise of bits and steady work convinced near all of them to take up helping Sparkles with his work. Which was a far harder task than any of them anticipated. The tiny Diamond Dog was a stickler for details, for near perfection. Every piece he made was as flawless as he could make it, and any that they made would have to meet this same standard of quality...Of course none of them really did, but were close enough to be tolerable. He'd sell his own paw made things for more anyway. Time and again Sparkles would repeat this process, taking the merchandise to town, making a killing, return, repeat. Sometimes it seemed like those ponies had more money than sense, but who was he to look a gift horse in the mouth?

With such success and prosperity brought to not just himself, but the pack as well, it was little wonder that eventually they elected him as the new alpha. A position that Sparkles accepted humbly. And by humbly, he wondered what took them so long. With him holding the reigns, the pack and their cavern home evolved from just any other Diamond Dog territory, to one of the prettiest, cleanest, most fabulous that you could find. And why shouldn’t it? The pack should match the kind of alpha they have, right? The upgrades to home and pack wasn’t all that Sparkles spent bits on however, no. A cart full of goods just couldn’t keep up with how much demand there was for his work. A full fledged shop was in order! And so Diamond in the Ruff was born. With that sat up, Sparkles could focus more on creating the jewelry and running the pack...as well as get back to his own hobby of hunting for artifacts long lost or hidden!

When young, Sparkles would sometimes set out as deep into the mines as his parents would allow, so not very far. Sometimes he’d find lost rings or necklaces from dogs that had gone there before, but nothing ever worthwhile. Now that he was his own dog however, it was much easier to go as deep as he’d like! And that’s exactly what he did. A four day trek into the deep and forgotten parts of the tunnels, stretching far past even Canterlot. As expected, Sparkles found some lost trinkets here and there. Some still with the faintest hint that they once held some sort of magic, but nothing of real interest. Eventually though, he stumbled upon a stone wrought door. It was obvious there was once writing on it, but however many years of erosion wore away at it.

Whatever it once said though didn’t much matter. Surely there was something beyond that door that was worthwhile! It took hours of pushing, pulling, tugging, and temper tantrums before Sparkles managed to find the hidden switch that slid the door open. Beyond the door sat a simple wooden lockbox. The chains once around it having rusted away and the lock left on the ground. Within the box was an etched golden bracelet covered in a multitude of jewels and runes. Even someone magically inept would be able to tell it thrummed with thaumic energy. Now this. THIS was exactly the kind of thing that he was looking for! Without so much as a second though, Sparkles slipped the bracelet on his wrist.

Immediately an odd tingling sensation shot through his body. Looking himself over though nothing appeared wrong. He didn’t feel sick, nothing looked different, no voices in his head other than his own. Probably just made to look magic or something. With his trip considered a success, Sparkle returned home to his pack. Having been gone for so many days, a good number of his packmates eagerly welcomed him upon his return. Some were so excited and proud over the work they had done they tugged the dog along to and fro to show him despite his protests. Back and forth, to and fro, so many were vying for his attention! Eventually a pair of twins argued over what he should come and see next. Each of them grabbing an arm. Pull, tug, left, right…POP! To everyone’s surprise, the forceful tugging removed Sparkle’s arms!

There was a moment of silent confusion before it evolved to confused panic! The twins quickly rushed to try to re-attach the arms and...it worked. They popped back into place like nothing was wrong! Sparkles was more confused than the lot of them. Rather than stick around and listen to the nervous and panicked apologies, Sparkles dismissed them and went to his chambers for some sleep. There was a lot he needed to figure out. First thing when he woke up, the Diamond Dog sat back out for Canterlot. This time however his destination was the Historian’s Guild Library. They had all sorts of old books there. Surely there’d be something that could tell him about the bracelet he had found and just what was going on with him.

As (bad) luck would have it, it seemed that Sparkles had stumbled upon an old cursed artefact from long ago. Far back in Diamond Dog history, there was a rebellion against an old king. A number of treasures that were meant to be given to the king were laid with curses in an attempt to overthrow him. But the king’s sons and their followers helped to dispose of him and many of the artefacts were never used but rather locked away in hopes they’d stay there. The bracelet would slip its curse on whoever wore it in the disguise of a blessing. It would let them pull and pop off parts from whoever they wished...but so too could the same be done to them! The plan was to trick the king and spread his body across Equestria. But the plan never came to fruition.

And now it seemed that Sparkles himself had stumbled upon it. Many expletives were had, followed by setting out into the city to try to find someone, anyone, who could break the curse. But with something so old, not even some of the best scholars in the city knew what to do. Removing the bracelet itself did no good either! Refusing to let something like that change anything, Sparkles sat off back home. So what if he was cursed, he could live with it. And being able to steal the head of anyone causing problems or being lazy was great! Curse shmurse, he’d show the curse what for!

So it goes that Sparkles continues on as he always had. With pride, a bigger-than-he-is attitude, determination...and only minimal loss of parts. Weekly he sets out to run his shop in Canterlot in place of his workers, and now and then even manages to attend conventions or parties for the rich and famous. After all, his work is the talk of Canterlot. Good look going somewhere without seeing something that he or his pack has made!


Character Summary: Sparkles is a Diamond Dog in charge of his own pack out in Roundbottom Hills. He has a flamboyant and rather sassy personality despite his diminutive size. A master at jewelcrafting and artificing, Sparkles has his own shop sat up in Canterlot named Diamond in the Ruff where he sells beautiful and functional jewelry that he or his pack (mostly him) have made. Due to curse placed on him by an ancient piece of jewelry found deep underground, Sparkles’ body parts can be popped off and replaced, though care should be taken when trying to do that, as he too can do the same to others!


Text Colour: (#FCBFD7)


Poison Joke Reaction: Poison Joke likes to ‘play nice’ with Sparkles’ curse and cause their body parts to just pop off at random inopportune times.

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