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[AU: Age of Heroes] Rabble Rouser (Ready)


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Hero Name: Rabble Rouser


Powers: Entropy Magic

Rubble’s power’s manifested at a young age when she was a filly. A rare and potentially volatile magic that can control, manipulate, and be empowered by entropic energy. A constant side effect of this power is that the energy will constantly be building inside her until it is released  through some way, if not voluntarily she will eventually do so involuntarily in ways she prefers not to describe in pleasant company: In mild level a burp, in more severe cases, a more severe method. When she was with her family she dealt with this by letting off the ‘pressure’ in an unused bunker beneath their hideout. Nowadays she uses a special device, provided by the academy to more easily regulate it and provide a more pleasant way for her to ease the burden.


The method that she vents her excess energy is in fact her primary mode of attack and defense. Her magic in a fight can be used to enhance her speed to impressive levels only slightly above peak equine condition and even passively now she has used it to grant her an astonishing degree of raw physical strength. Her prefered method of fighting would be the short range blasts of magic that fire from her hooves. These blasts allow her to easily and quickly break down, cut through, rapidly decay or in some cases completely disintegrate whatever is caught in their line of fire. Luckily for many, her magic only works on inorganic matter as well as sustained magical forces: such as shields or illusions or other things.


Alias: Rubble Rose, mare attending the hero academy through the blessing of the Moonlit Knight’s Reformed to heroes program.




Originally born into a small time family of criminals, Rubble Rose was just the youngest child among them, yet through luck or fate was granted a very useful power that the family decided could be used to allow them easy access to banks and the money there in. The family pulled a multitude of jobs across the Fet loch region with their new muscle at their beck and call in order to serve as a distraction and easily break through vaults.


The series of heists went on for a long time with several amateur heroes losing out to the pony being called the “Demolition Mare” or “Demo-mare”. The damages to property (but no loss of life) eventually resulted in the arrival of none other than the Equestrian. The fight went a little bit longer than expected but eventually Rose was left defeated and her family were apprehended.


Her, being the youngest, was given lighter sentencing and sent to live in a secure facility for empowered individuals where her powers were to be suppressed. She spent a year there before being released for good behavior and being a model prisoner. While she was there she would watch the news fanatically and see all the heroes on the magi-view broadcasts. Seeing all the citizens who were so happy to see great heroes who risked their lives… it was inspiring, and a stark contrast to how ponies looked when she arrived on the scene with her family.


When she was finally released, she had learned that thanks to her behavior in the facility she was eligible to apply for the reforming villains effort! She accepted immediately, but at the request of the United Equestrian Government she was given a special horseshoe that keeps track of her location and in case she ever goes rogue can be used to incapacitate her if necessary.


Now she seeks to try her very best to become the kind of hero who can help ponies and put everyone at ease, and put her past behind her.




Rose has yet to make any friends or join any leagues, but she does tend to write the equestrian often, even if she doesn’t get a reply back very much. Mostly the letters detail how grateful she is to her for saving her from her old life. One day she hopes to be able to openly aid the Equestrian someday too…


While she is old enough to be on her own now, Rubble has been ordered to spend some time with a family in canterlot. Those in it are actually in charge of informing the gov’t how she is behaving, if she looks like she might return to any criminal behaviors etc. Currently Rose is unsure how to really approach them, but values them greatly and tried her best not to cause them any trouble.


Enemies: Has none as of yet but is somewhat afraid of tabloids in case they reveal info about her past which she hasn’t taken any measures to hide.


Notability: Having only started out as a hero and still training in the academy she is still one of the lesser known heroes attending.

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