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[Caribou] Calder Stormur Carrson [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Roleplay.


Name: Calder Stormur Carrson

Calder (KAHL-der: Harsh and cold waters) Stormur (STORE-mur: storm) Carrson (KAHR-son: son of Carr)


Runic signature: ᚲᛊᚲ


Sex: Male.


Age: Bull.


Species: Caribou.


Eye colour: Forest green.


Coat: Dark gray that fades into a snowy white around his muzzle and legs.


Mane: Darker than the his gray fur, very messy and never seen a brush in its life, runs down too his shoulders. Has two braided ropes of hair that starts behind the ears and hangs down, they are long as his neck and the ends are tied off using rope.


Physique: Has a lean and strong body type. Has a number of scares from blades and accidents do to his lifestyle as a Caribou Raider of clan Allvadr Harr (AKA: viking/pirate). His most prominent injury is his back left leg that’s cut off below the knee from a member of the Imperial Watch from Long Guo.


Piercings and jewelry: Two large fishing hooks in the left ear, used by Caribou of clan Allvadr Harr to represent the fact they survived an encounter with a seamonster.

An anchor with a (fake) skull impaled on it that’s held onto his neck with rope, only veterans of raids that were gravely injured may wear it.

Visual reference:




Residence: Was the ships of his clan, currently homeless.


Occupation: Was a Caribou Raider of clan Allvadr Harr, currently has no occupation.


Flank tattoo: A longship with his Runic signature on it’s sail. A traditional tattoo that’s very common in clan Allvadr Harr.


Unique Traits: Basic and rather crude ninja training. Trained by One Eye, he understands some of the basic combat tricks and skills of ninjas. Though nowhere close to being as skilled as a real one, it does make him act unlike other Caribou in combat, as he will favor sneaking and attacking from blindspots. Along with already having a fondness for cloak and dagger dealings, he is one sneaky and cunning Caribou while having plenty of room to grow his skills.


Clan: Few recognize clan Allvadr Harr as a real clan, as they lack any land or holdings on Whitescar and only exist as a fleet of raiders and pirates. But the Caribou of clan Allvadr Harr swear they are a full clan and demand recognition as such. Hated even by other Caribou for their lack of honor and backstabbing behavior, they are just at home raiding and stealing from other species as they are with stealing from fellow Caribou. As such, many that deal with them view them as untrustworthy liars that care only for gold and will happily betray anything for more.




Forgotten and rejected

Calder was not born in Whitescar, in fact he did not step hoof on land for the first year of his life, as the calf came into this world during a raging winter storm as the first son of Carr Spinebreaker the leader of clan Allvadr Harr. But this did nothing to make his early life easy as his father hated him from the start for being a small runt of a calf. As such his most of his earliest memories of his father are full of insults, being ignored or kicked around and dismissed as a failure, as his mother was disallowed from pampering or helping the runt.


Growing up facing the constant hardships made Calder extremely jaded at a very young age, as he learned the only thing in the world he could trust was himself. Things only got worse when his father had another son, this one was bigger, stronger and even as a young calf was a head taller than the other young Caribou. As such his father took to this calf with joy and love, pampering it and shoving Calder even more to the sidelines as if he was a forgotten scrap of food that dropped on the floor, and like such leftovers was utterly forgotten by his father.


The slow and painful crawl to power

Where many may have faded into the shadows of history, forgotten, beaten and hopeless, Calder did not give in to such a fate. Fueled by a flaming rage for his father and brother, the young bull grew up learning how to make the most of what he had. Lies, sneaking and betraying other young Caribou, Calder started pulling himself up the social ladder as his growing web of contacts grew, bribery and blackmailing took root as he planted himself as the defacto leader of the bottom levels of the clans social structure.


As he grew older, he slowly creeped his way up in power, but being seen as just a calf put a strong limit on where he can go. He had to become a bull, and the only way to do that was to pass his clan's test of bull hood known as the Braking. A grueling test of endurance he had no easy way to cheat, as he must survive a full day and night chained to the front of a ship during a sea storm. So he began to prepare himself, training to hold his breath, resting in the cold and forcing himself to stay up longer, while not falling to the clutches of sleep unless he wanted to. After a year of training Calder declared his willingness to be tested and for the trail of Braking to be done. His father laughed and told all the clan that Calder was too weak to do it and he was going to die, as he personally tied his first son to the bow of his flagship and aimed it headlong into a raging storm.


Wave after wave slammed into Calder, frost grew on his fur as the cold bite deep into his bones, as the raging sea gave him no mercy or pity. The sun sank below the sea and last leg of his test came, as Calder held onto his fading consciousness, while the cold and endless waves pulled him closer to death's door with every freezing blow of the sea. But the sea had worse plans for Calder, as lurking below the cold waves laid a horrific beast. The first shouts of panic were lost to Calder as he faded in and out of darkness, but as a longship to his left disappeared in a splash of water and splitters, he saw the giant sea serpent.


I did not slay the beast.

Chained to the front of his feathers ship, Calder was helpless as he watched more ships disappear below the waves, jaws snapping longships in half and coils pulled others down below the dark sea. All he could do was pray to the gods he was not next. His prayers were not heard as his father's ship was lifted into the sky, the beast surging up from below, before slipping the ship into its jaws. Calder for a moment believed he was free, as the chains loosened and he started to fall with the splitters of the ship, only for his fall to stop. Hanging from the monsters fanged maw the chains were stuck around a tooth, trapping Calder to the beast as it dove back under the waves with him.


Pulled along under the waves alongside the beast Calder found himself next to it’s eye. The two looked at another as Calder relaxed, as he only had one way to solve this. So using his antlers, he slammed the back of his head against its eye. The effect was immediate as the monster trashed and leaped back out of the sea, again and again he swung his head at the monster’s weak spot as it swung its head around violently, until the chains came loose and Calder was tossed down to the sea with what remained of the fleet, as the injured monster dove beneath the waves and disappeared.


Beaten, cold, and shaken, Calder was pulled back onto a longship, as what remained of the clan all gathered and started to chant his name. Much to his disappointment his father did not die. Nor did his younger brother. But even his hateful father knew he could not look the other way from what happened, and declared that Calder was not just a bull now, but a hero of the clan and was to be gifted the honor of wearing the twin hooks of a monster slayer.


I don’t feel like a Caribou

The following years of Calder's life went by in a blurring haze as his father, albeit unwillingly, realized he had to care about his first son again. With all the honer that came with besting a monster the whole clan was looking at him more than ever, and he knew he had to make something out of Calder, and so gave him the best rider in his clan to train the young bull. Calder found the training not to his taste and the growing fan fair, as the small bull was just outmatched from his fellow brothers, and learning to fight like them was showing to be useless. Soon, Calder was feeling the agonizing hate of his father more than ever as he failed raid after raid.


Just when it seemed like all his clan was ready to toss him to the side again he found an unlucky saving grace. A Longma slave named by the crew as “one eye” do to an injury he suffered when captured by the clan in a raid. His approach to Calder was slow at first, just trying to win his favor with gestures of help and in time Calder finally heard him out. The Longma was a soldier, and claimed to be skilled in ways of combat that favors the cunning and stealthy, where one wins the battle before it started. Calder was untrusting at first, but as the years passed he and One Eye grew to be trusted friends of one another, training another in secret as One eye revealed what he wanted in payment for training Calder. Calder was to claim the clan for himself, and in payment, he was to secretly swear his loyalty to the clan One Eye hailed from, and do their bidding in secret. If he played along One Eye promised Calder power, fame, and all the gold his heart can crave. Calder as expected, fully swore on a blood oath to the Longmas ponies clan.


The training was hard and difficult, made all the worse as they had to train without being seen on a fleet of ships, or whenever the fleet made landfall to rest and resupply. But with the guiding care of One Eye, Calder soon found his way as he learned how to handle smaller blades, move unseen and strike from the shadows. Soon, he was able to apply his training on raides to outstanding success, striking from the rear and sneaking deep into towns, while his brothers and sisters smashed headlong into defenses. He was often the first one to reach treasure, and sneak back to the ships with ever larger halls of gold and food.


But the training with One Eye was having side effects he did not predict happening. He felt less and less like a Caribou and more he was meant to be something else. His clan did not understand him, they looked down on his methods, even as he came back with the larger halls of goods many started to resent him. He acted less and less like a Caribou and was even starting to learn how to speak and read like a Longma, as he grew fascinated by the cultures of both the Qilin and Longma, which made him more and more unwilling to raid towns and villages belonging to them.


It all comes crashing down

Finally his hesitation costed Calder. On the largest planned raid yet on Qilin lands, they were to invade a small city and sack it. It was the largest settlement their clan has ever attempted to raid and Calder knew deep down it was going to go bad. This feeling only grew worse when his father appointed him the leader of the attack. He’d have to be on the front line. No sneaking. No creeping out of the battle to loot.


The raid was a disaster in the first moments of the landing. The city knew they were coming and the beach was covered in pit traps, archers were hiding and opening fire on the disembarking Caribou, and things only fell apart more as they pushed inland. Dozens of Qilin soldiers were hiding amongst the sand, bursting out as the horde ran past them and striking out at legs. Not one Caribou made it past the sands of the beach before they in a full on retreat. In the thundering stampede of running Caribou, Calder was left open for the leader of the defenses to single him out. A mare belonging to the Imperial Watch. The clash was short lived as Calder was overwhelmed watching the chaos around him, only snapping out of it as pain washed over him. In one swing of her blade the mare severed his back left leg just below the keen.


He fell and looked up at her, gazing into her eyes as she was ready to finish him off. Yet she did not. She saw something in his eyes and speared him his life, leaving him on the beach as he was finally saved by One Eye, braving the beach to pull Calder back to the ships as they departed the beaches and limped back to sea. Calder can only wish he was killed by that mare, as the rage unleashed from his feather was absolute. Calder was blamed for everything, every death, every loss. Even worse, his younger brother announced he was fully aware of the secret pact Calder made with One Eye, and soon all the clan was convened this failed raid was all planned by Calder to kill them. He was a traitor, liar and unworthy of being called a Caribou.


For two day the clan discussed what to do with him, until it was decided Calder did not deserve to even be killed. The gods will pick his fate as the Bull had rocks tied to his body and was kicked out to sea, with One Eye being sold to a far away land so Calder can never know the fate of his only trusted friend. Driven on by rage, hate and disgust for every member of his clan and most of all his father, Calder did not drown, his rage powering him onwards to the only land close by, Long Guo. With no clan, no friend and nothing to his name he washed ashore on the sandy coastline of Long Guo, with nothing left but a dream to save the only friend he had and to destroy his old clan.


Character Personality: Calder is out for himself, pure and simple. He never feels compelled to keep his word, and is perfectly at home using deception and lies to gain power, wealth and advantages over others. But he is not without some small shreds of honor, for if one manages to unlock his frozen heart, he can be extremely protective of the one he may trust so much as to call friend, and will go to great lengths for them even putting them before himself if he truly holds them close.


He also has deep hatred for fellow Caribou do to years of hardship, being picked on and how fast they happily betrayed him the moment they needed the scapegoat, as he fully believes it was fully planned by his dad to get rid of him.


But many of his personality traits hail from what happened to him, as deep inside there is a very different Bull. One that wishes for friendship and to actually be cared for what he is, not what he did or can do. Along with this he has many uncertainties about himself and what he wants to be.


Character Summary: Runt, liar, betrayer, and full of hate for his fellow Caribou, Calder lived a hard life.  And at the summit of him finally achieving something, had it ripped out from under him. Now without anything to his name he only has one wish, to destroy his old clan and find his friend, wherever he may be. Fully aware he can’t do it alone he will do whatever it takes, however long it takes, to get himself in a place of power to carry out his desire.


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