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  1. In truth Tempest can stand to be more upset than she was. Maybe it was just to do too… How not shocking this was, it did not faze her at all. She’d be more shocked if nothing happened in fact. So she just rolled her eyes at the shouting as she drifted up and up. Looking down at Glitters the mare's comments got a snort out of the floating mare. At least her… Marefriend was safe and sound on the ground still. “If you want some alone time I hope you have some rope sweetheart as I don’t have wings.” she says, kicking her hooves in the air to show off how useless it was. “But that sounds very tempting otherwise… And I think the rest are fine, plenty of flyers and well… ponyvill.” She said the town's name with a roll of her eyes then looked up as she was about to hit the ceiling. Turning herself around she let her hooves touch the stone and shoved off, drifting downwards she reached out with her for hooves and hooked them around her still gravity obeying marefriend to stay put. “There we go, much better. Let’s hope you don’t start floating as well.” She hummed. Whatever it was, whenever Glitter was around… it was just so much easier to be happy and her boiling anger behaved itself. ~~~~~~~~~~ Nilaavin eyed up all the floating ponies with a snort before having his eyes fall on the blasted worm itself. ‘Discord’ was… Well, the words he’d pick too describe that anathema were just not fit for a wedding. Yet based on all the shouting it was not to blame for this mess but a pony? Leave it too this town too have even a pony that can do this and destroy even the most basic laws of the world. Shaking his head and with a roll of his eyes he speaked. “As you wish Master Blue… And I'd have picked far better music than whatever this… ‘music’ is from the one I shall not name.” with that pulled the doors shut as he pulled himself back outside before looking down at Sutter Shy. “Sorry about that, but it seems they are safe. Mostly. If you see some pony drifting off in to the sky do let me know.” With that he lay down and folded his front paws as he smiled. “Now. about this game? Hrmm, Let's start easy shall we?” He says with a growing grin as he eyed up the small mare. “What can you touch with your right hoof, but never with your left hoof?”
  2. Tempest just looked down at Bloom, her face settling back in to the same cold and jaded look she so often sports. Taking a deep breath she gently pulled the hugged leg away from the young mare. “I…” She held her words a moment, rain racing to give some… context. Something better than the truth. She knew some pony would ask yet she felt lost. “Don’t know. I don’t know the father.” She says shaking her head, part of her wish she didn't know him. He was… Well, just about everything she can ask and yet nothing of the sort. “I have hunches but they will do me no good. All of them are a sea away, maybe dead already. I just had too learn the hard way that bou can in fact nock a mare up.” She added with a shake of her head. “That’s how reindeer are made apparently, only learned about that later after asking around.” With that she leans down, getting eye level with bloom. “And I can tell you think this was some trick, it was not. Foal or not you’d gotten on this ship I bet. Did not even learn about… this until after I got the airship even. You are a crewmate first, but a friend as well and all I ask is you help me as a friend. Yes, no matter what I will treat you with more care but that has nothing too do with this. I just don’t want your sister taking my spine out. You will work, sleep and eat like all the others. Just don’t act shocked if I put my flank in the line of fire to keep you safe.” With that she tapped the young mare on the nose and gave a small and short lived smile. With that she stood up and looked too the door. “And by the way, bou toss some amazing parties. Just don’t party hard as I did with them.”
  3. “No, I’d like too do… this.” Tempest says back, ears flicking as try’d to work out how to say things. She was never good at this. Talking. She never got too do much of it growing up and it showed every time she speaks. Bloom and others had so much flow, life. Her words were flat and cold. She was thankful Glitter saw past the tone but she needed… to work on it. “Bloom… I’m no good at being subtle so I’m going to just tell you. I’m going to be… A…” She trailed off, the word stuck. Try as she wanted her brain was unwilling to say it. “I’m trying. How to do… Things like this. I need to do it now for later.” She took in a sharp breath. “I have two on the way.” With that she looked back at the door as she walked closer to it, hood reaching out and stopping short. “I refuse to let them suffer like I did. My mother was heartless, cold and uncaring. I was just a tool, an item to win her more fame and clut. I don’t want to be that mare. I will not treat you like some foal, but I need some pony to learn with. You are a strong mare, fast of wits and a good soul… You had the family I wish I had. But I can learn and give my two that gift.” She glazed over her back, looking at the young mare with worry in her eyes. She felt like she told too much, and opened up too far.
  4. Tempest just blinked a few times, looking completely lost. And in truth she really was. What in the world was she getting herself in too? She can’t even work out what to do with a young mare. What will she do with two calves? “Uh. ok. What do you like?” She asked, turning to head for her cabin door. “Hope yujor a better cook than me, Glitter is trying to teach me to be better at it but uh…” The older mare stops, cocking her head to one side as she looks back at bloom. “Do you like pancakes? I love pancakes… Makes me think of better times every time I have one.” She pulled a small smile back on to her lips, doing her best to relax as something clicked in her head. She did have one good mother to fall on to as a reference. Mama Stripey, the old servant her family had when she was a filly. That Zebra made some dang good pancakes… She can’t come close to making them that good but she’s gotta start somewhere.
  5. ~~nothing to see here, woops~~
  6. “You learn fast.” Tempest says as she rolled up some maps with her hooves. “Much as I worried about you being part of this… I think you may be cut out for this life. Maybe, it is still early. I’m going too keep testing you, pushing you.” She stopped, looking over at Bloom before letting out a deep breath. “If I go too hard, tell me. I need to learn some things as well.” She slipped the maps into a rack of tubes made just for holding a vast amount of maps. She did need to learn… How to teach. How to hold up a velvet hoof alongside her iron hoof. Sooner than she’d like she’d have to put it to use. Sooner than later every pony is going to know something was wrong. Learn of her biggest mistake. She frowned and looked back at Bloom. This young mare was an unknowing test dummy. A dry run on the horrible idea that was Tempest ever raising some pony… Or bou. She honestly did not think she’d ever make for a good teacher. Let alone a mother. Yet she let Bloom on the ship, told AJ and family she’d keep Blood safe and look after her as if the mare was her own flesh and blood. So now what? She did not know. Spend time with her or something? … This was awkward, how long can she just stand here staring at bloom and say nothing? “I don’t know.” She spoke honestly. She really didn't know. “What do you want to do?” She asked, feeling foolish for doing so. She’s supposed to be in charge and know everything. Yet she kept drawing a blank.
  7. Tempest was hardly paying attention to her surroundings as Glitter snuck up on her. The mare almost got the drop on Tempest but in the last few moments Temtems ears flicked up in alert. She didn't turn around as she stayed put in let the hoof steps close in behind her and a voice she knew all too well spoke in to an ear. Tempest honestly did not think Glitter was coming, so it was something of a shock… Yet she knew it was the real Tempest with one look over her shoulder. Her feelings for the mare were… A mess. Have been for so very long and have not gotten more clear. But whenever that mare was nere she couldn't help but smile and feel as if so much worry was washed away in a flash of that loving smile. “You came?” She asked, her tone hardly reflecting the joy she felt seeing Glitter. Not that it needed to, she showed joy in other ways after all. Turning about she locked her front legs around the mare and hugged her firmly yet gently. She held it for a time, nuzzling in to the mare in a rare moment of public affection before releasing Glitter. “I’m glad you are here, I was about to die from how cute and lovely this dovey was. Was going to puke.” As she talked, a mare sneezed and… Well, things got weird fast. For one her flank refused to stay on the pillow. For two, others seemed to have the same problem. Tempest just frowns as she drifts upwards. “This! This is why we are never moving to ponyville Glitters. Every time, without fail, something like this happens.” She fussed. ~~~~~~~~~~ Nilaavin was still nudging the Shy mare along to play his game when some muffled sneeze. He paid that no worry, the shouting after it was more… alarming. He rubs his face with a paw and groans in frustration. Something was going on. Something was making a mess of the wedding. Of course something was this town was allergic too order! How hard can it be to just have some event happen where every pony got in line, did as told and sat where they were supposed to be? “It seems the game must be held for the moment Butter Shy.” With that he gets up and pushes open the door to peakd inside. … ….. Why were the snacks… er, ponies floating all over? Was it that blasted worm again? “Sir Blueblood! Are you ok?” He shouted in to the building, his voice echoing off the walls with all the authority and power a sphinx’s voice can muster.
  8. Feng’s remark about him and coffee got a good chuckle out of the large mare. “That so? Noted, you take coffee like a young colt does. Someday going too do it just too see you bouncing off the walls Sir.” She says with a grin and shake of the head. Looking over at Yanhua… She still can’t place it, but something about this mare was just off yet… She can’t make heads or tails of why. It was annoying she can’t seem to place why she was feeling this way. All she can do is keep pushing it too the back of her worries, now was not the time at all too dig in to others. “Oh, good timing. Was about too ask for something bigger than the small tea cups. Was going too ask for a mug, but a full size stein sounds even better!” She says with a happy nod of her head and prancing of hooves. When the stein was offered up she liked what she saw, that was a big one! “Oh, yes, this will do. Will only need two refills with this!” She says jokingly. Mostly. Some days it was far from a joke. “Thank you so much for being so… welcoming. I did not think my first day would be like this.” She says puting the stein to the side as put the ground coffee in to filter and nabs some hot water for tea making. Using it she drains the hot water over the ground beans resting in the filter and let's it drip down in to the stein slowly and steady.
  9. Rongyu paid no mind to the friends talking to each other, and was rude to do otherwise. But she wondered about her mates back out… Well, it was home. She’d have to send them letters saying she got in and it was oddly easier than she planned it to be. Looked like some of them won that bet. Hearing the change in sound from the grinder she opened the lid to inspect it. All the beans were gone. With that she pulled out the cup underneath it and inspected the grinds, as she did the cook bounced back over. “Looks good, smells fantastic.” She hums happily, sniffing at the grinds. “Oh goodness. You know when I first took a sip of coffee I hated it… Told them there’s no way I’d love it. Well nowadays I’d roll in a heap of this and be happy.” She looked over at the cook and smiled. “Ok, let’s get hot water on this before I start getting all twitchy.” She added with a soft chuckle. “And I'd like a mug. Coffee cups are too dang small for me. May as well be a shot glass for all the good it does.” She looked over at Feng, be rude to not see if he wanted something. "Wan't me to put some tea on for you? Don't take you as the coffee tipe."
  10. “From what I have seen of the city guards and heard well out in the provinces… Well, I don’t want to speak ill of them but out in the provinces we joke if the empress wants something done she sends us to deal with it. For the papers she sends the city’s guards.” Rongyu says with a small but sharp grin before sniffing the air. Looking at the open can of coffee beans she nodded and walked over. “Happy to do it, I love the smell of fresh ground beans.” She says, grabbing the can of beans she pours some in to the grider and shut the led. Taking the crank in her cloven hoof she starts to spin it. Oh wonderful coffee. Not every pony in the army drinks it, plenty stick to tea. But the cult of coffee was firmly in place and no amount of tea fanfare can dislodge them. Much as Rongyu loved tea she did not crave it, need it, like coffee. Coffee was necessary, tea was welcomed. And soon she'll have her fix again and be ready for whatever the rest of this day was going to toss at her.
  11. “Mint distraction is far too gentle sounding for what happened. More like mint, made me almost vomit, distraction. He’s lucky I kept my least dinner down.” She says shaking her head, glad she did not have to explain away some things such an event may raise. “As for not niping off more of him I can take no such vows, but I shall try to not take off all his hoofs when we train.” she says back with a grin… that soon dropped in confusion as the qilin cook got real up close and sniffy. She did not know how to react to this odd behavior and shot Feng a worried look. What was up with this mare? “Uh…” She had to resist the urge to bite at the muzzle invading her space, the last thing she needed was to make this even more odd for everypony. Thankfully the sniffing ended and coffee was on offer. “Thanks, coffee does wonders to clear up my nose as well. Amongst other things.” She says hoping the grunt level joke will clear up odd tension in the air. “And my sergeant did well in pushing me. She had a fire in her one only gained from the chains of slavery. She helped push me this far and I welcome to see how much farther you will push me Feng.” She added following them both in to the room, having to duck underneath the door frame just to walk in. When the door shut her ears flicked hearing the lock. That was odd, why did it lock?
  12. Rongyu gave Feng an odd look, his reply was confusing to say the last. She was used to clean and dry orders. Blunt and to the point. His was… Well, it sounded like something some old gray muzzle would say at the noodle shop. Confusing and maybe deep but something she just can’t be bucked to think about for long. She hoped he was not like this all the time. “As you say Sir.” Was all she could come up with in response. At least the smell of cooking did wonders to help kick out the last of the mint from her nostrils as she took in a few deep sniffs at passing food items. The cooks did not seem all too thrilled about the giant mare towering over them and sniffing at there work with hungry eyes. Some of that food looked… Maybe a hint to fancy for her own taste. Maybe it was the years of eating army cooking but it looked more like a joke than a real plate of food… She was going too be fed by them now wasn't she? Or were they just for the oh so blessed staff of this place only? She’d have to ask Feng later. If they were to feed her, some pony was going to need too learn how to cook a real serving of food. Looking over at Feng she speeds up to stay on his tail as they move in to far back room of the place, nice and cozy and seemed to be the resting spot of his friend. A friend that… Well. Something about this qilin… Oh what was it? She can’t seem to place a hoof on what was itching in the back of her mind. Something about this qilin seemed off yet she can’t pick up on why. Whatever. “Nice to meet you Mis, and worry not, I'm not so hungry as to try to eat all of Feng today. He needs some more salt and time over the fire I think.” She says with a big grin. “Oh, and do you have coffee?”
  13. She was still somewhat shocked he did not think she failed, this grew in to just full on confusion as he talked more. It sounded like… she passed? Like she was done? “Wah?” She was getting her uniform? How in the… She had to blink a few times watching him walk away. She passed… that was… easy? She honestly was lost for words and just followed him trying to understand how she passed. It didn't feel like she did. There has to be more too this. More tests. Speeding up for a moment she falls in line walking side by side with him. “Sir, do you mean I passed? Or is this uniform for washing the outhouse?” She asked, looking down at the small male. “I feel… I feel unworthy, are there yet more tests? There must be.” She added, looking and around as they walked. It really was pretty out here, if not for what she was doing she’d love to spend some time just enjoying the peace of this place. “I hope the kitchen has coffee. And not some tiny cup of it.” Well if they are going to the kitchen… She may as well get something to perk up and clear the last of this mint out of her nose. Blessed coffee, wonder drink of soldiers the world over.
  14. Róngyù stayed down as she panted, her head was still swimming from the lack of air and it took her a moment to even register what Feng was saying. He seemed… Impressed? She’d prototest that but in the moment lacked the will to fuss. It was only after she got some much needed air back in her lungs and her eyes cleared she even tried to sit up. “My…” She takes a few more deep breaths. “My only wish is to be a hero, kown far and wide. I’d give my life in her place to see her to safety, nothing is more heroic.” She gets out, shaking her head to clear it more. She honestly did not think she’d die, she’d just fake her death or something. Róngyù will go down as a hero and she can go home to her brothers haveing won the bet. But such dreams are far away, but at least… “I did not fail? You beat me. Soundly. The last time I lost this fast was in boot camp. You trashed me Sir.” She pulled herself up now, had more clear but that smell of mint still clung to her nose. It made her gag some more as she blew her nose and snorted, trying to clear the scent out. “But if you think I hold promise I swear to do all I can to meet it. Just like boot camp, no matter how impossible it felt to best my trainer I did. I can do it again. Maybe. You are a cut above army trainers. Never seen a pony come at me like that, most of all just using hooves. I think if I can go even with you I'd call it a victory.” She pulled herself back up on all four legs. “And Sir, I have no clue what anise is. But if it's worse than mint I hope to never smell it in my lifetime… So if some mask can keep me safe I’d be happy to use it.”
  15. The last thing she’d ever think of when swinging a pony about in her jaws was… Mint. She can’t even register where the smell came from as she spat out the hoof and started dry heaving well stumbling back. Mint was awful in ways she can never put in to words, the smell of it made her feel sick. The blast of awful sent shot up her nose was indescribable for how vile and gut wrenching it was. And so she was left wide open, her body shaking as she wheezed and gagged. And just as she was trying to get air back in her lungs free of that disgusting sent two for-legs wrapped around her neck as Feng munted up on her back. She trashred, bucking and leaping about trying to remove him from her back. Every buck and leap got weaker with alarming speed, she didn't have the air or recovered in time frome dry heaving to keep going. Her head felt dizzy. Yet she kept pushing it, trying to bite at his legs, at his face, whatever she could reach with her jaws until she was seeing stars. Falling down she weakly slapped her hoof on the ground a few times, she had to submit. The juggernaut of a mare was down and she hated it. She failed, she lost. If she was not so out of breath she may have started crying then and there. No way they’d keep her after losing in such a humiliating way.
  16. She did not have as much time as she hoped for, he was back at her again in a flash and pushed her back on the defense trying to keep up with his much faster attacks. Strong and big as she was it meant nothing when you were the one being attacked, in fact it made it harder for her defence as his small size gave him the speed to zip around her when he had free run like this. Getting out was the hard part, he was staying on her and it was clearly a front to keep her in this defence. Trying to think of how she can break his assault was no easy feat when blocking his japs and strikes. So much easier when you can club someone with a sword that doesn't care how good they blocked. But she did not have that. So she just make do and trust in her grit and strength and… maybe some luck. And that luck was a jab at her muzzle and a flash of teeth and fang. She felt a flash of pain, a tooth or two must have been knocked out of her maw but she didn't care, not in the moment. She had his hoof firmly in a bite and swung her head hard to the side, pulling the hoof, leg and the pony attached along for the ride.
  17. Tempest was greeted with a swarm of pets as she pushed the door open to the cabin, dogs, cats and others were trying to greet her and see their missing mommy. It made it somewhat hard to get inside but she pushed in and shut the door, rushing to the couch she gently pulled Glitter off and put the mare down. “Stay put ok?” Tempest says as she looked Glitters over one more time, cold faced as the mare was, Glitter can read the worry and fear behind the cold eyes. And Tempest was still scared, has been. Will be. She took in a deep breath and looked over at the fireplace, tossing a few logs in her magic sparked and crackled as the tember was set aflame. “There, some warmth. I will be back as soon as I can. I promise.” With that and one last long look at Glitters she slipped back outside in to the fast coming darkness. She hoped this medic was home, trotting to the city in the dark when it was this cold… Well, she’d pass that line if she had too. She’d pay the price if she had to. First things first was reaching the other cabin down the road. With that she pushed off, moving as swiftly as she could in the deep snow. Why did it feel like it was taking so long? Every moment felt too long. She was going too slow. Her legs felt like they were failing her… But she can’t feel them. That was a bad thing but she didn't care. What did it matter? She didn't matter. Cabin. Door. Cold. A mare greeted her, spoke things but Tempest honestly did not hear much. She just yelled back. Glitter needed help. Hurt badly. Help, help now. The mare insisted she come inside, warm up. She refused, can’t. Not now. Not yet. Then came the rush back up the road, she left before the mare did. So slow. too slow… I'm so tired. --- The bear was back. She ran, ran as fast as her small legs let her. But it was no use. She was never out running it. She was all alone. Helpless. Helpless to stop it. Helpless to stop the jaws closing in around her. Screaming all she can, every pony looked the other way as she heard the crunch. --- She woke up screaming, blind panic making her jolt and flail as if she was in danger. All it did was make her fall off the couch in a heap. At least it woke her up, and the dozen pets running about the room away from her. Where was… “Glitter?” She tries to stand back up and falls down. Her legs felt jelly, her body hurt. “Glitter!?” She wanted to get up yet her body refused. She recognised the room, she was in… the living room of Glitters cabin. Did she make it back? Was glitter ok? Did the doctor make it here? The room was dark, the windows casting nothing but the glow of the moon and stars. It was still night… or was it the next night? She didn't know.
  18. Feng’s speed put her on the back hoof, his training was in many ways better than what she was given and learned in the army. Yet she was far from beaten yet as her woodend blade ran over his scales, contact made she pulled the blade against him, he was hardly more heavy than Bullbraker as she pushed him away to her side with the swing as his hoof clipped her ear. He’d recover fast, faster than she’d have time to act on him being pushed off his path. So she used the opening to leap back and get eyes back on target. He seemed like the aggressive type in combat, so she needed to make him back off and go on the defense. She may not have Bullbraker but she was skilled at overpowering a defense, raw strength and size were her strong points. If she was on the defense his small size and speed played against her.
  19. Rongyu acted fast, jaws snapping for the blade as it was flinged her way as she pushed the bullbraker out of the way. She did not have much time to think as Feng wasted no time too get things going. So she fell back in her training, much as she fussed the instructors were very much truthful. Sometimes you have to act without thinking. So you best train your body what to do when you need too act faster than the brain. And so swung her head and aimed the wooden tip to be in his oncoming path, he’d have to halt his dive, swing it far to the side or smash his flank in to the wooden blade. All can give her an opening to doge, react or push an attack.
  20. It was good she pushed her endurance so hard in training for this day. As it seems he was going too test that heavily, what use was her blade if she was too tired to use it and do her duty? “Thank you, as you wish.” Róngyù says as she starts the countdown in her head. She used the small moment of rest for just that, relaxed her breathing and focused her mind on the task at hoof. A spar. Something she was nervous to do with others. Bullbraker was not a weapon that behaves well with such tasks and use. Even if Feng timed every block flawlessly the mass of her blade may see him hurt. So she’d walk a fine line between puting on her best hoof and keeping to safe sparing techniques. Time’s up. Soon as her clock hits 30 she spins on the spot and heads for the center of the field and the marked out ring. It was not far. Reaching the rim of the ring she looked up at the hovering Longma and adjusted the heavy sword on her shoulder. “I’m ready when you are, but I will voice once my worries of sparing with my sword. She bites hard and heavy, I will not swing with full force, I will not lead a strike that may land. I’d prefer a training sword. That is all.” With that she steps past the line in the sand.
  21. “Very well, lead on!” She says back, rushing after feng… She wished she had wings. Well, maybe she can give herself wings. Can she? Honestly she didn't know and now really was not the time to test that. Focus! Slowing down her run she trots to a stop in the training yard and looks at the targets, a nice line up of them. Some close together as well… And some clearly made to the size and shape of a caribou. Moving for the wood caribou with a big fake axe in its muzzle she leans her head to the side, teeth unlocking the sheath of her blade so it dropped off her body. Without stopping her trot the blade was pulled free as the sheath stayed behind on the ground. With her blade free she pushed in to a fast dash for her target before swinging her blade in a tall arc that came down like a thundering hammer blow on its back. Wood splinters then shatters as the blade bit deep, then passes out the other side as the wooden dummy was ripped in half by the blow. She did not slow down, pulling her blade free she swung at the next target. Three pony shaped dummies side by side. The scale mail on them did nothing to even slow the blade as the small plates shattered, wood broke. The first one was cut in half, the second one crushed from the impact and the last dummy was up rooted but not ‘killed’. That did not last long as she swung the blade around and slammed it down on the dummy's head, crushing its helmet underneath the monster of a blade. Bullbraker was nothing like the blades most think of from her homeland. Nothing about it was swift, subtle or cutting like a razorblade. Every blow hit more like an axe than sword as her targets were as much crushed as they were cut apart. Legs, heads and other parts were sent flying with every swing and crushing blow of her sword. Even for wooden dummies the carnage her weapon inflected was unnerving if one was squeamish. It may be unnerving even for a veteren as the mare smiled like a wolf on the hunt with each swing as a thin trail of fog seems to follow in her wake of dummy destruction. But soon it was over, every dummy laying broken and in pieces all over the training field as she rested the blade over her back, holding it in place with one leg as she rested.
  22. Tempest watched Bloom with an unflinching face. No smiles, no frowning. She did not react at all as the young mare looked over the map and started to piece together a game plan. She didn't want Bloom to have something to judge actions on, no hints to how she felt on what the mare was saying or offering up. And piece by piece Bloom did pull something together, backed it up with reasonably well-informed info and why it may be good too act on it. All in all Tempest was impressed by the young mares' tack for this. She’d go with the proper training and encouragement… And some part of her hoped her own two foals will have the same skill. “You did well Bloom but don’t go tooting your horn so soon. That will get you killed and fast out here.. Or at the very least hated by crew mates. But you made good points, with luck we can loot something of worth from that crash not too tainted by the sea.” She says back looking down at Bloom, she did give the young mare a small smile. “Now take a seat, I'm going too show you how to chart this ship. See the tools over there?” She aimed a hoof at the side of the table and the contents on it. Sextant, astrolabe, compass and more on top of tools to draw out the plotted path on the map were laid down. “I’m going too do the charting for now, but I want you to follow along ok? So first we need to work out where we are on this map…” It took a few hours for the course to be fully plotted as Tempest walked Bloom along how to do so. The young mare was smart, very smart. She picked up on things fast and it made learning how to use all the tools needed for navagent much easier. At least somewhat, it will still be some time before Tempest trusts Bloom to do something like this alone. But for now… Tempest did enjoy teaching the younger mare. It felt… rewarding.
  23. She was glad to see his expression lighten as the tone of things shifted, that was a good sign most of the time. “Heroism and duty go hoof to hoof, to forget or forfeit one's duty is to toss away their honor as well. When I give my vows to uphold such things I can never forget them.” She says looking down at Feng with a small fanged smile. It was the truth, more so than he’d know. If she gave some vows to keep the empress safe then… Well, she needed to be careful in her words. She had no plans to be bound forever as guardian of the Empress. She’d give it a dozen years and see if this was the stepping stone she needed to take and if not… Looking at her sword as Feng talked about it she nodded her head. “It won the name Bullbraker by the troops I was honored to lead. I’d be happy to show you how it won that name… I hope you are ok losing some target dummies. They don’t last more than one swing most of the time.” She says with a bigger fanged smile, easy to see why some gave her the nickname ‘Viper’ with a grin like that. “You will start believing soon as I start swinging.” She lifts a leg and brushes the long sheath of her blade as she speaks. It was for a time nothing more than a burden on her. But now she loved it, it was her mark in this world and when name was spoken far and wide this blade will be spoken with it. Her brothers did not lie about that, with it by her side nothing can claim it was not her.
  24. Tempest took the time for Bloom to her way up to look over the maps, she had no real aim for this trip. It was a shakedown after all. Head someware then head back, see how the ship does and test the crew. So… Her ears flicked at the door opened, she did not even look up as she heard the mare walking over to the table. She just aimed a hoof at the path showing three landed masses down south. “Maretonia, Saddle Arabia and Unyasi. We can easily make the trip to one of them before swinging back north for this shake down, a good long stretch of the wings to test this vessel and her crew.” She says before looking up at Bloom. The young mare was looking much older already, for all her youth she carried herself as well as any mare on this ship. She had the making of something, what that something is… Well, it is up to Bloom. But Tempest knew she’d make a name for herself. More than some farmer, that was for sure. “I want you to pick where to sail. And I want you to tell me why you think it's the best place to go. Can be honest as you want, even if it just sounds cool to go there.”
  25. Róngyù stayed put as stands by the door, pondering if she needed to knock on it… But lucky for her it seems she did ponder long about where the meeting was supposed to be or if she missed it. Her ears aimed at Feng as he took wing and glided down to meet her. Turning about to face him as he landed she stood tall and raised a hoof up before pounding it onto her chest in greeting. She looked every part a soldier as looked down at him. But inside her head… Feng was a lot smaller than she was thinking he was going to be. By a lot. He looked like a colt next to her! But on the other side golden scale buddies! So maybe that will even things out, matching scale buddies was the best after all and, oh, he was talking! “Greetings Feng Yinhaitao, thank you for meeting this day and offering this chance no matter how uncertain it may be.” She says with a bowing, a trate she’s still yet to shake off from her homeland. She took a moment to think about what he asked her. Why was she here at all? It gave her a moment of pause. “Glory and honor sir, for nothing may hold more than serving the Empress and defending Her. Not as some shadow striking in the dark unknown, but seen by all uncompromising in my duty to Her. I can not dismiss some of my desires as selfish, I spoke of them first and will not hide them or dismiss them. Yet I feel they can be found here and tempered as well. A true hero lives not for thareself, but for the better of others. And so I came before you ready to give all I have to earn the glory and honor I crave and most of all… Learn to look past it for something more.” She pulled up from her bow and looked down at Feng, she already felt worried about her words. She was a brave mare and countless times rushed ahead of her troops in to the thick of combat. Bandits, raiders, worse. But so much was resting on this moment. In her words. No training can make this less taxing. Yet she kept eyes focused and body firm. She’d give this all she had, that she knew.
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