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  1. Pipp gave the mare a rather concerned look. “Ooook, what did you do Sunny?” She asked with a soft huff, less one of anger and more the sound of one coming too terms with the fact her night far from over it seems. When the topic moved too showing off some pony… Well. That made her mind wonder. Just what DID sunny do? Well, less do and find. This mare had an insane talent for finding things. For good and bad. Mostly good! But the amount of nonsense that followed was hard too ignore. But Pipp was stuck in it now wasn't she? Some part of her brain told she can shut the door and be free of whatever was about too happen. But she can’t do that. So she just took a soft breath and mentally prepared herself whatever nonsense was bound to happen and opened the door fully, following the mare out. “I can keep calm.” She muttered. Allegro? What an odd name. It made her brain tickle a little, she heard that term before… Oh! It was one of the honestly too many names for a tempo beat. Her trainers are rolling in their sleep knowing she can’t list them all off the top of her head. Anyways, she liked to go off vibes not old pre-built nomenclature for how her music was structured… She blinked a few times, eyes moving up and down Allegro’s body. Hooves to ears. Nose to tail… “ah.” Her muzzle scrunched as she took a step back. “Oh… Ok…” She switched too mouth breathing too keep that horrible smell out of her nose. WHAT did sunny drag out of the sea? “You!” She aimed a hoof at Allegro. “Are getting a bath. Now. I can't even focus. Did you sleep in a fishing trawler's hold? Over here this way.” She trotted more outside and shut the door, then moved down the alleyway a little ways and stopped by a hose mounted to the wall of the shop. A drain was close by. “Stand over that. Sunny, grab soap and some brushes. And shame on you. You have a perfectly fine shower but let him wonder around looking like this?"
  2. “Roll out the red carpet 'cause the queen is here! And bow down before me and be of good cheer! Have my bath ready, and my food prepared! So mirror mirror on the wall, who's the prettiest of them all?” With a kick of a hoof the closet door shut with a hard snap as golden hooves glided along the floor to a beat only in her head. “Me! Me! Me! I'm the queen of them all! I will rise, never fall! I'm forever standing tall!” Her voice sang alone to the clop of her hooves as she trotted across the tile flooring. Closing the shop alone was only as much a drag as one let it be… Even if it was a task underneath her. You gotta do what you got to do sometimes and letting the serfs off early to party was such. It kept them happy and let her enjoy some R&R after a busy day. Maybe she will grab a ride back to the palace and crash at home? She can use the hot tub. Her daydreaming of sinking into a hot tub bigger than some houses was disrupted by some frantic knocking. It almost made her leap out of her own hide, but thankfully she was alone so no one saw that. Taking a deep breath she perked her ears and took a moment to work out it was Sunny yelling for her. “Oh, what has she done now…” She rushed for the door, only stopping at a mirror to give herself a pass over and swift touch up, then reached the lock to flip it over and push the door open as she peeked her muzzle out. “Sunny? What are you doing banging the door down this late?” She fussed softly. “If you need me to buy something for you again, you don’t have to put on a show you know.”
  3. --Time skip! Evening.-- Lord, soon too be Tyr, Niilaavin laid out over a dozen large pillows watching two servants all but lose their minds. North and Quill were no longer even discussing finances and seemed more keen on trying too murder each other. Honestly it was a welcome break from hearing numbers vomited forth for the better part of an hour. He was well aware of how grim his finances looked just founding a kingdom, a few more muzzles too feed hardly seemed noteworthy. It seemed he was wrong… No wonder his kind took over kingdoms. But such was fate and here was to pick up the pieces. “North, no biting.” He muttered, watching his Huntsmarshal trying to maul his Steward. This was hardly the first time. You’d think Quill will have learned by now not to bring up Norths… Dressing habits on her off time. He was about to break it up properly when a servient rang a bell. It was just about the only way to be heard over the ongoing shouting match. He waved her over and dropped his head low, leaning an ear close to the mare as she spoke up. After a moment he nodded and raised with a yawning stretch and nuzzled at Jizara he muttered into her ear. A few moments later both cats slipped away, leaving Quill and North behind… He had to blink a few times as he adjusted to the sun outside. He never did like being up in the day, yet everything happened in the day. But with his eyes adjusting he looked around and found the pink mare enjoying the evening air. She wanted too take him and Jizara on a tour of the city. Something he wanted and gave him time too speak with her outside some formal meeting. He was, honestly, planning to not pay her much mind before today. But she impressed him at the meeting. The kitten had some fangs and was willing to flash them. She had more backbone than he was expecting and that was a good thing. She may be worth working with closer. Time will see. So he made his way over. “Greetings Princes, I hope the sands bring you on good tides?” He said with a half-bow before her, then looked around the city and up at the sky. “Well, there is a lack of stands blowing for such. But the air is nicer for it I think. I have yet to miss grooming out a few pounds of it every evening.” He chuckled softly and looked back down at her. “But soon I will replace tides of sand with drifts of snow… Time will see what is worse.”
  4. North seemed too ponder something a moment, as if she wanted to speak up. But seemed to let the moment pass with the talks about desserts. In truth she wanted to say something, but felt it may be taken as rude. Niil will of course eat it and enjoy it… But as the cooks well know with how, he rather lacked a sweet tooth. In fact, he can’t seem too taste sweetness at all! A rather well known pink mare put that too the test. But North can’t think of a way to bring it up without sounding rude about making something that must mean much to the ponies here. So, she’d play along like she knew her Tyr will. He was used to ponies and sweet food. But it did make her think she’d need too try and change her own tests more… She needed too eat more spicy food, he loved spicy food and she will to. “Well, if that wraps up this day’s meeting we can move onto more pleasant and fun matters. Cadance, if you want to have your head of staff meet with me I’m welcome to help plan events, food and so on. I have years worth of time under this belt pandering to my Tyr, I know just how much food…” She trailed off, looking into nothing for a moment. Blinked and focused on Cadance. “You… Insured that the fruit of their love will be bountiful…” She blinked, thinking deeply for a few moments. “Oh, by the All Mother I need too start preparing. How many will she even have? How much food? Toys fit for a kitten!?” She spins on the spot and trots for the door, her voice booming with command the moment she pushes them open. “WHERE IS QUILL SWIFT? GET HIM!” She barked at the first servant she saw. “YOU! Head too my room, get the log books! You three! You will be on help duty for Quill! And you! Change outfits for long flying and grab a nap. You will head out before sundown with priority mail.” With a herd of servants rushing away she took a breath and looked back at Blueblood. “Prince, do you need me for anything more?” She asked, staying by the doorway with a wary smile on her muzzle. “As I may be… Very busy soon with just two sphinxs to look after. And must prepare for the litter. You know well the logistics of feeding one sphinx. Half dozen…”
  5. North was not shocked by the oncoming storm, she was more shocked at how in the grand scheme of things gentle the winds were. Some deep part of her wanted to see the princess get more enraged and slip the deck. But still, she got some enjoyment knowing she at least flustered the Princess of pony-kind by not rolling over like some trained dog. North may have been trained and lived a life of duty, but she was her own mare now and she’d not slip an inch on that rope. So she let the winds blow over while still sitting tall, that trained smile on her lips and made no movement to show agreement or disagreement. She simply let the other side get it all as she peeked apart the words in her mind what she wanted to hear. The mare was not wrong on some things. Things have gone better than reasonably expected by some extremes without counting the changing of Jizara. That alone will be a burden she knows Niil will work well and hard to repay. Along with every other act of generosity given like coins to beggars. The sooner it was repaid the swifter one was free from the favors implied by the act. She did have too choke down a scoff at the remarks of the ‘gift’ for becoming a Sphinx. Becoming one at what cost? Did Twilight forget her own words? ‘My final permission.’ That was not even a dagger in the sheath, but one placed on the table. She had no regrets rejecting the offer and found herself feeling more justified by the moment in doing so. She didn't need Twilight to become one. Niil himself told her Jizara was a Sphinx by soul. She will become the same and even if her body stays the same, her heart will not… And then an epiphany struck her. Sharp, strong and like ice under a hoof. What WAS a Hyatrian? Nothing. Not at the moment. Other than herself. She was the first Hyatrian wasn't she? The first given a title. The first to bow at the Tyr. The first to trot into a new court, new kingdom, new culture… It made all the world around her seem to muffle out into the background. She was the first and the one prime of place to lead this new culture. She may not be a Sphinx, but she was a Hyatrian. She didn't even know where to start with such a journey. But it lit a blazing fire in her chest that filled her with new found purposes in life. It was euphoric and made the loss of one dream easier to stomach. She was Hyatrian, and proud to be such. Even if it took lifetimes, Hyatria will stand tall and proud. Rising from nothing much like her Tyr, it will open its wings and embrace the sun with its evident place in the world. But everything starts with the first unsteady steps. Even her Tyr nursed and fell about on his perfect paws before he mastered them. His fangs were once dull nubs. Claws harmless tools of a kitten. He had to make do, lay low and weather the storms. So she will as well. For now she was a kitten and lacked the grace she so wished to hold. She overstepped and was given a swift slap on the muzzle. Nothing grave, or lasting. But something to learn from. What if she messed up more? What will her Tyr think? She was the first Hyatrian, she MUST conduct herself in a way befitting his glory. As such she found it unfitting to drag out what was done anymore than it has been. The offer was rejected, let the next act start and a new deck snuffled. She nodded over at Blueblood. “I think that is a good idea, most find him rather alarming until they speak with Lord Niilaavin. You must see the lines of foals that cue up on Nightmare Night to ride on his back, or pose around his claws and fangs. If he can win over the trust of a motherly mare to place her foals in his very jaw, well. A speech to your subjects will do wonders, and give him a space to make clear how open he is with how they feel. If they wish to leave he will not stop them. Hearing that from his own muzzle may win much in the way of goodwill and trust.” She added with a soft nod of the head. “And I’d like to add that maybe Cadance will take part in the speech as well. Not before, not after. Together with Lord Niilaavin to help show some unity between both?”
  6. ‘At the moment, I do not believe it is wise to change you in full to become a Sphinx.’ North knew well this was going too be the outcome. It hurt regardless to see that such a thing was possible, truly and openly achievable, and outside her reach. To spend years following some dream was one thing. You make peace with a dream and know it to be such. Wanted but intangible… But what came changed the dull pain of knowing something was out of reach into the sharp pain of dagger between the ribs. She stared blankly at the dark purple gemstone and found her teeth grinding and wings fluttering gently, hardly kept in palace by her side. Did Twilight fail to understand how this looked? How this felt? She didn't did she. She was like all the ponies here. Soft, cuddled and born into a world that hands them everything on a silver plate. Blissfully unaware of what the world was like outside the garden walls. This. This was not a gift. This was a bribe sitting on a hook. ‘My final permission’ was spoken so softly and kindly, as if the words were not a threat. Did Twilight truly think so low of her? Or maybe Twilight was so blinded by years of being the saver of this land to not think past her own muzzle. So used to being the hero she never ever wondered how her words sound to another that doesn't worship the ground she trots on? Twilight was not even in charge of this land when North first stepped off that old ship, ponies packed together like fish in a hold. Where was Twilight when North felt a whip crack on her back. Where were the ‘elements of harmony’ as her own mother sold her into slavery as a filly. And here she was, sitting across the table from the mare that can with a wave of her horn change her life forever. And the mare did nothing but rub that power into her face. She felt enraged, eyes looking across the table at Twilight as her hoof kicked out and slapped the gemstone across the table back to its maker. She felt words swelling into her muzzle to dismiss the offer and flat out retract asking to be changed. But the slamming of hooves on the table knocked her focus and the words out of her muzzle as she looked over at Blueblood. She looked over at him, seeing the glint in his eyes… And felt ashamed at her oncoming outburst. What will Niil think? She let out warm breath and sat down as Blue spoke with more grace than she’d muster in the moment. When he was done speaking she felt more balanced as the outburst passed and she had a moment to gather her thoughts. “With all respect Princess, I can not in good faith take the… Gift.” She forced a smile on her lips. She didn't’ feel anything of the sort. Just bile. “With how it is offered as it will break my own oaths given unto my Lord, soon to be Tyr, and my duty unto him.” She kept it short and sweet. Blue gave all the context needed and spoke it better than she’d be able to in the moment. She hoped Twilight would see the way the wind was blowing and simply retracted the offer and let them all move on.
  7. North nodded her head along as Twilight spoke until it was implied he ruled with only fear. Maybe she was reading too deep into that remark, looking between lines to see something not found. But she still felt herself puff up a little, but kept mind to not display that anger and toned herself down. “I can tell you he will do no such… Unwarranted aggression against the ponies found in the land he so wishes to claim. He merely demands they submit too him as a unifying force with authority over the land within the borders discussed. He will adjust or advance such borders without consultation of his fellow rulers bordering him. As for Leota, the borders discussed do impede on them as far as I’m aware but neither me or my Tyr know in detail what they claim. If you own such maps, we’d make good use of them when we reach out…” She shifted in her seat, wanting to toss in a tangent that he already is a leader worthy of love and respect. But bit her lip on that one. How can one not find him worthy? He was majestic. Powerful. Big…. She snapped her mind back to the moment at hoof and not dreams of fantasy. She was glad to see all sides with her own remakes about the river, and the use it can play for the capital. And Blueblood did bring forth some positive aspects she didn't think about. Far as she can recall, no tribe, clan, or whatever other petty power block in the lands claims that spot. The fort was not on any maps and was truly old. The only ones that may fuss about a city being built on it were some archaeologists. It did strike her as odd no one moved in. The land was warm most of the year and even took the winters well. It had a lot of hot springs that fed more heat into the valley… But it did not make it any less wet. Maybe that is why? Or maybe it was just so remote no one bothered. Don’t help how thick the temperate rainforest was. But it's why she felt it will make for good farm land when you cut it back some. She flicked her ears as Blueblood spoke of Clan Breen and let out a short nayying chuckle. “That is planned, yes. Niil has been trying to hire a caribou without much luck to help him do just that. And before you worry Cadance,” She flashed the mar a warm smile. She found it increasingly easy to chat with all of them. “The trade preference is still here. Your traders will get first dibs on things coming out, and will be favored when practical when buying. Niil told me such when discussing reaching out to Whitescar. He just views them as worthy friends to be, something I don't think anyone here will find fault in. Friendship is magic after all.” She smiled at everyone around the table, chuffed with herself on such a charming remark. This really was not that much different from speaking to her staff. What took her out of that thinking was being asked something simple. ‘What should I do with you and why should I do it?’ It took her a moment to even understand what was being asked of her. As it can only be one thing. What her Tyr asked of Twilight. Too change her into something so glorious. So… Perfect. She’d have magic! Sit on a horn and spin dad… Well, if she got changed. Even when he told her so long ago about the deal… It was a long shot. A dream in reality. She heard it in his voice. He did not believe it was possible. But he hoped. So did she. Some filly dream of not being… This. She loved cats. She even liked drawing herself as one for bucking sake. She even owned an outfit to… “I want it. More than anything. I hate what I am. I hate my hooves. My blunt teeth. My clunky movement. When I look at him, I see something so perfect and prideful. When I first saw him when blueblood came back from that trip I was the first to offer up to help! Blue can say so. Well most were scared I was the first to greet Niil. Even slept outside to keep him company and help teach him words. Well Prince Blueblood may be a brother, Jizare his love, I’m his friend and will stay by his side.” Maybe just a friend was underselling the bond, plenty of maids will speak in shadow of other things she’s done for the cat. But she was a trusted friend to him and she knew more about him than most, maybe even more than Blueblood. “I can not, will not beg. I can not offer some deal or under the table pact. My mind and heart follow him foremost.” She added, feeling as if fired a bolt into her own wings doing so. But so be it. She’d take no deal that may betray what she had.
  8. North has seen some stuff in her time on this muddy orb. Some of it rather haunting yet somehow, this felt worse. She was too used to paperwork. She did plenty and took pride in the detailed loggers inked by her own quill. Still. This must be some level of tartarus as Twilight assaulted her with more details about geography than North even knew existed. When it reached the topic of mineralogical record she pulled out the liquor flask and gulped down a hefty swig. What sin did she- Never mind, she can name plenty. But by the powers that be this was unfair! And yet it just kept going. It felt like a lifetime of keeping her head up, eyes focused as her mind screamed in some odd mix of rage and despair. So when Blueblood jested for her flask she passed it over without fuss, he'd find it was full of spicy rum. Both of them were in this war together it seemed. “The west’s only problem is the birds. Cut the line up to where they don't scream too much, we will deal with the rest.” She put in after Blues comments. She felt selfish for speaking up but she was the huntsmarshal now. She had a title! Even if she did not fully know what he implied with that. Was she the head of the army now? Hunting? His games? Still, she knew marshal was a flashy title and meant she had some swing in her words. Maybe. She'd be more giddy about that power if she was not being mentally attacked by the single most boring meeting she’s ever been in. “As for the tribes, he’s going to make them bow and call him Tyr. Outside of that they go about more or less unchanged. I don’t think he is planning too tax them until he can even take a real register of what they can even offer. Despite his worries the infrastructure help is needed. The land has as many roads that are usable as I got legs, and these legs will rather fly than walk them. The fact you get gems in at all from that mine is a saint's blessing in the works. Don’t start me on the north coast he wants. That fort is a rotting husk, don’t know what reports you have but it can’t stop a calf with a rusted spoon from breaking in. Southwest is an older fort in better shape run by bandits than that joke. Don’t worry, we cleared them out all ready. One of the more fun outings we had together. And do any of you know where he wants his capital? It has no roads at all leading too it. Not a hard trot in summer but come winter that valley will be cut off without some proper road work.” She added, finding herself going on a tangent longer than she was planning. “Most easy fix is a proper network down south linking the river. It's a good river, you can move river boats up and down it all the way to here. Making logistics for the new capital much easier than if you hoofed it all the way over land.” She added, learning her head to the side with a flick of the ears. “Come think of it, a town by the river will be a good trade hub. Maybe sit my flank down on that one. Get them docks up, push a road north. Not shabby. Anyways.” She gestured at a map with her hoof, marking where the castle will be. “Safe from the worst of the winter. But a long walk for every pony not blessed with wings if you live on the other side of them peaks. Clear the woods and I bet it makes good farmland. Better than the tundra to the east.” With that she looked over at them. Did she say too much? She felt like she did. But no one stopped her so it must be ok. And hay, spoke on his behalf plenty of times and he did not say she can't here so why not?
  9. North Wind was not the sort of pony that first comes too mind as a ‘servant’ given she cut the look of a pegasus officer, not some cute maid cleaning a home. Yet that look and personality did wonders for the job, her staff were a well oiled machine thanks to her. And she did enjoy her work… More so she enjoyed working for her Lord. More so than most know or needed too know. And not for the reasons many may think. They were platonic, simple as that, even if some maids did not think so. Or maybe Jizara… Oh she’d need to talk to Niil about that one… And Jizara as well to clear some things up. She understood the look in the cat's eyes. Yes she wanted to be a sphinx as well! But not whatever Jizara feared. She flicked her Dapple gray ears, doing her best to keep a clean unflinching smile as the two big cats left the room. Then let out a breath she didn't know she was holding. It was still shocking. His freedom. Jizara… All in short order. She knew her lord would be overjoyed and so was she. She knew the bite of iron around the neck and the song of chains. Nothing in life compares too losing them. She looked over at the others in the room, and noticed she was being addressed. It took a moment longer to really think about it. She was being asked to sit… Why? She had no part in this. But she was not one to snub the mare her Lord will have to deal with so often now. “As you wish.” She replayed and walked over and took a seat next to Blueblood. “Plenty to eat and drink' on the table Princess Cadance.” She says back in an accent, if one was sharp, hailing from Maretonia. If the ears were even more sharp one can tell she was form Hippostion. Eyeing the table up before nudging a plate of fish over. She eyed it for a moment. Long ago she’d gag at eating meat. Oh, how times change. She leaned in and bit off some of the tender flesh and swallowed. She liked too pretend she was big as her Lord, hunting down a meal. At least when she was alone. She liked to pretend even more to help him get his meal. Was she insane? Maybe. What pony enjoys helping hunters? Speaking of the others, her muzzle slipped under a gray and white wing before coming back out with a liquor flask before Blue was even done speaking. Of course this left her blinking a few times mid-pass as he added that he was not in fact drinking. She slipped it back under a wing with a nervous chuckle.
  10. Sphinxian mental granite was a fitting term for the unflinching self belief found within the species. Rare is it to see a species so self assured and unflinching in its unfaltering ego then the sphinx mindset. But such stones can not flex. And when they did it lacked the flex and rebounding of steel or iron, only shattering. Niilaavin came close many times in his life, all of it after his capture. The strain cracking and breaking the granite in places. But never shattered it. And in time the cracks and gaps were filled in with something new. He simply did not think as his siblings, his mother, father or himself once did. The strain of his life demanded change and where most of his kind may have shattered like a wall of stone. He served. He prospered. And now he was free. Free. Such a simple remark made all the more funny given how ‘trapped’ he was under Blue. He was in all ways free long before this. But how free is one when they know anything can touch one item and cast him back into that pits of slavery? None of that mattered now. Nore did his fears of being alone. He was not truly alone, no. But he was the end of something. End of the sphinx story and the last call of his kind. That was its own misery atop others. Laying in the sun knowing you very well may be the last to do so. It pulled him to breaking point a few times just to be pulled out by founding kinship in the ponies. He’d never forget that or go back on it. They were family. Part of his pride and saw them as such. But kinship no matter how strong will not, can not, save him from being the last. And just as simply as the golden bonds being removed that was over as well. He still can’t believe it, much as the magic chains of slavery. It seemed silly and just preposterous in how unbelievable it was. Two things that seemed as permanent as the coming and going of the rains, rise and fall of the sun. It simply WAS, until it was not. It made him feel… He did not know. He found himself awash and adrift on a raging river of feelings and confusion. Yet in the roar of this river one sound sang over all. Happiness. He was happy. A roaring youthful happiness that took him back to days long lost. A kitten rushing out to his mother with a fresh kill. Her warmth, her love. How big she was compared to him and yet how that made him feel nothing but hopeful. Anything was possible. He found himself more aware of himself after that. He pulled his muzzle away from a thick mane of fur and blinked water from his eyes and looked at the wet fur. He found his breath as his heart slowed and relaxed as he gained his paws back under himself. That sphinxian mind pulled itself back together with the grace only cats may know as he looked around the room with a firm, yet hopeful smile to his face that can not be kept contained. Thankfully it seemed Twilight was willing to contain herself until he was more alert, a fact he was thankful for as he still strangled his emotions back into palace. A task more easily hoped for then achieved but he was managing. He was unsure what to even say, how to thank her. Them… All of it. How does one even do so? How does one express how monumentally… Life changing this all was. He wanted to fly. To roar into the skies and tell the world all was not yet lost… More so he wanted something else. Something putting and cuffing so sweetly under his big frame. If he was not a sphinx he may have felt abashed being in a room with others staring down at Jizara the way he did. She was perfect. Her ears, her fangs and claws. He almost forgot what it felt like seeing his own kind. Her voice struck him, along with the sharpness of her eyes. She always reminded him of mother as a pony but now… All she missed was the proper fur color of his mother. It took him a moment to register he was being spoken to. “Jnk-ḥsj’ laudi, ṯmt ḫmtw-” He stopped speaking, blinking a few times then let out a short and genuine crack of laughter before nuzzling Jizara for a moment to relax. “I sing the praises of glory onto you there, for you have done more than I can say. I lack the words and mind to thank you properly at this moment. But thank you, truly, with all the glory the All Mother can give onto her cubs. I accept the potions too help deal with the wounds, and I humbly ask that later I be presented with a pony able to work my claws. I wish for silver gilding… I also wish to meet with a silversmith able to produce new jewelry fitting me. I will pay them in… Gold.” He says flicking his ears, one claw poking at a giant golden earring. He then looked down at Jizara and in reflex, bit down at the back of her neck again and let out a deep and strong purring rumble, before letting go and licking the back of her head a few times. “Be warned, that fresh hide will not stay so. You sing of fang and claw and shall know both.” His tone was playful, bordering on romantic even. At least to sphinx ears as he pulled himself up and off her… Even if he hesitated a moment. Looking over at Blue he paced over and leaned his head down, his nose almost alone looming larger than the pony as he smiled… Then he looked over at North Wing. His servant was standing proper, but he can tell she was… Upset. And he knew why. If something was found, no matter how slim… She was to test it. An oath he made long before befriending a town mayor. And one given to a pony that Blue can vouch for with her unfaltering duty and loyalty onto himself. His tail swings once then he turns too face Twilight. “I stand on no ground to ask for anything. You have given me… More than I can truly begin to make tally of at this moment. But I ask this. And do ask in all that it means for you to change North Wind. She has severed me fully. Unflinching in duty and needs. And… A few years ago… By the All Mother has it been so long already? I told her her faith in me will be repaid as she’d test first anyway that may bless a pony to be as grand as my, or Jizaras, self. I can not offer you anything fair for such a pierce. Just me and my litters will never forget such. You saved not me. But my kind. And gave Jizara the body befitting her soul. I ask the same for North Wind, and know well you may not do so. I will not hold it against you.” With that he looked down at North Wing. “You will be repaid, one way or another, for all you have done… HuntsMarshal North Wind.” That got something out of her, wings fluttered as she looked up at him with a thankful smile. But that is all he can do for now. Looking back at the others he bowed his head gently. “I shall take leave and spend the evening unless asked otherwise, alone with Jizara. She has much to learn about herself. And well I know her soul is where it belonged all along I think she’d enjoy some help… Exploring it.” He fluttered his wings up, making himself look bigger as he eyed the female up with a hunter's gaze before taking his leave. “North Wing, that goes for you as well and all staff. You will be called for if needed.” He added, moving swiftly for the large doors and pushing them open on his own and swiftly departing view from the grand hall.
  11. As Niil and his soon be mate shared their moment, North Wind glanced over at Cadance and was a little startled the princess was even speaking too her. But she held herself and spoke matter of factually, standing stiff as a guard on show. “I am, as in all things, happy for my lord and lady Jizara.” She replayed, it was not her place to discuss things outside of that. She knew her lord would make up for this in some way. He’s never failed her on his word yet. And this was out of his paws anyways so she can’t feel mad, just envy that Spilled got blessed first. But the blessing was real, that pipe dream of her lord… And herself was real. He’d see it happen… Her eyes went wide with shock as the first golden band fell off a leg. “Wha-wha-” Niilaavin was overwhelmed, truly. His mind was a train rushing down a hill still shoveling coal. Words failed as mumbled, purred and chuffed like some feral cat as he nuzzled and groomed Jizara. This seemed impassable. Did he dream of such? Yes! But deep down he knew it was folly, the hopes and dreams of one sitting at the end of some story wishing it would go on. He made peace with that fact. He’d live his life as best he can and when the time came he’d go into history with respect and his kind known, not forgotten. It took him well over a year of struggling to come to terms with this fact, and a few more years of coming to terms. And all of that was just… Ripped out from under his paws in the best way possible. Yet it seems unbelievable but here it was regardless of his own mind's struggles. Another of his kind born from the soul he knew fitted it. The rest chatted, talked and spoke as if nothing much happened. Yet he found himself just staring down at her, gripped in his paws as if she’d just slip away as some figment of his mind. But she was real. This was no spell, no trick on his own mind. She was as real as he. And for what? Nothing? How can one do something this grand and want nothing. Speaking of nation-builders as nothing changed. As if they did change the very story of life and remove the last footnote for books to be. Niilaavin, endling of his kind. It was just so much… And yet it was not the last world changing event. He did not even notice at first his mind was so hyper focused on Jizara. But notice he did as a leg was moved to remove a band. He stared, unblinking at that leg. Where the band once snuggle gripped his leg was patches of missing fur and skin tender to the feeling of air. He stared at it and timidly moved a paw to touch the tender flesh and patchy fur only to stop as the largest band, the one around his neck, slipped open and was removed. A ring of patchy fur and tender skin was opened to the world. Wounds born from wearing what can not be removed for so very long. He almost choked on his own breath as a paw reached up and brushed his neck, eyes following the golden bands as were placed on the table with a heavy thump. His neck band alone made the table bow under his mass. Each one was heavy but the neck alone was almost a ton of enchanted gold. It’s placement on the table let out a thundering thump that echoed in the room. Niilaavin just stayed frozen for a time, one paw on his neck. Feeling the tender skin. Feeling the missing fur. Then he let out a choked gasp as water welled up under his eyes. He was shaking, paw wavering as kept feeling his own neck. Then his legs. Slavery was never painless for any race. But for a sphinx it was unimaginable. So hard wired to see themselves Infallible to be ‘owned’ by another was almost mind shattering. It was worse than death and was the only saving grace for Niil and his loneliness. His own mother will have killed him, same for his siblings, before seeing him a slave for a moment. And he’d welcome it. At least, back with his first master. But maybe in a way, the chains did something for him. With a mind taken too place unknown to his kind he was forced to think and see the world in new ways. It changed him in ways he’d never fully understand. His eyes fell on the table, looking at the gold. He hated gold. He hated it so much. But he used gold earrings, and had his claws done in gold. All to blend the bands in with the rest to hide them. Hide the chains of his slavery. He wanted it all off. Every last scrap of that demand gold. He’d never wear gold again. He never wanted it in his room. His den. He was shaking, breaths short as water ripped down his muzzle from the spring underneath his eyes. He wanted to speak but only choked out a yowling cry as he plunged into Jizara’s mane and sobbed. It was all too much at once and the giant truly was overwhelmed. For the first time in all Blue has known the cat, as well Jizara, He was truly sobbing with rampant emotions and lacked any words to speak. He was truly free and that was worth more then anything.
  12. Niilaavin gave Cadance a perplexed look, only to have any remakes cut short as took in a breath and shut his eyes preparing for the teleport. North Wind dashed over, flinging herself atop a paw as the count down hit… Now. He felt his insides move in ways most unpleasing as his body struggled to work out where it was for a moment. At least he felt less sick this time. He kept his eyes shut, pulling in a breath as he relaxed… Just to pick up a new scent. No, not new. But… The giant almost hit the ceiling of the grand hall as he leapt up and back, lips pulled up into a snarling display of fang as claws screeched over the floor. Both wings shut out, wide and open to make himself look even bigger as a deep hissing sound left his muzzle only to choke out moments later. He froze in place, eyes going wide as looking across the room at the other sphinx. His snarling lips dropped as he just stared with a look of raw confused bewilderment. Soon after his claws sheathed and he took a timid step closer. Then others as he stalked up to the other sphinx and sniffed at her. His eyes dated over to Twilight, staring with focused will for a few passing moments. But he did not say anything, he did not need to. It was easy to tell he’d be enraged if this was some trick. Soon he broke that look and looked at Jizara. Head to tail his eyes moved as he crept closer, wings still held out. When they reached each other he leaned his nose close to her own and sniffed some more. “Jizara?” He asked, his tone confused as his eyes. Yet full of something deeper. Despite her new found size she was still smaller than him, leaner and more elegant than his bulky frame. He cuffed three times in a row and soon as she spoke he rushed her in tackle as jaws found themselves along the back of her neck. Yet, Jizara will find the act painless. Oddly, it made her body relaxed to the point where standing was hard. Even speaking seemed too fizzler out as Niilaavin held her scruff, paws held onto her, nose flaring as he kept firm grip around her. He held her like for some time, not responding to anything or anyone. Just, staring down at her. Finly whatever was going on with his mind settled down as he let go of her scruff and began to lick her, gently and warmly as he purred. “How… And what pierce.” He asked, to Jizara or Twilight. Maybe both. North Wind, for her part, was staring as well with a mix of wonder and barely controlled envy.
  13. He followed what she was saying as he kept looking around the mine. It was modest and he’s seen much bigger. But it seemed to have a rich vein with steady flow output. Why it was not expanded he can’t fathom, but he’d see to that. It was no gold mine but gemstones never made you poor. Looking over at the pink mare he pounded her magic some. “That is powerful, when I walk unseen I… Make it so one wishes to simply not see me. An overriding need too just ‘not see it’ as it were. For most it works well, only very well trained guards can overcome that trick. But for most… I can walk down a street, every pony in it moves out of my way and never reacts, or remember even seeing me move out of the way. But this is much more grand than my school of magic… But, your kind were blessed with flexibility in such.” He remarked. The topic moved onto his own, and watched her keenly as she spoke. It was, as ponies tend to be, a charming reply and maybe too good willed. But he’d lie if did not enjoy it. “I hope it is just so, and I am all her heart can want all ready. Yet I know I can do more and will do so. Some things come less easy, some even more so. It takes some care too not just roll her about with a nuzzle. Or soak her with a single lick. But such troubles are worth feeling less alone in this world. Not to be dramatic, but I think your kind can never grasp what it is to be alone. Friends? Oh yes. Blue has been nothing but good. But to sit down grasp in claws the fact you it. The end song. The fact she helps me push that away and feel as if something understands me, truly, as another of my kind. No pierce can put on that feeling.” He says, eyes wandering around the mine to take in the glitter of gemstones. The shiny was distracting. He flicked his ears when told it may be time too head back. “So soon? I feel like we only just started. Or is the magic drain of such a spell? If so, no need to drain it on this trip. Your city is grand and pretty, I’d be content walking its streets with you and seeing all it has too offer.” He replayed with a respectful bow of his head. Well she was an odd mare, he found her pleasant. A good thing as with the deals being offered he’d have to keep in contact with her.
  14. “I… Never teleported before, and heard it is no less easy on others the first time.” Niilaavin says back, if nothing else than to cover for his own reenactment to being teleported. He still felt rather queasy but swallowed it down. “A first time for everyone, after all.” He added and followed her into the mine. North Wind just grunted some, doing her best to wipe her muzzle clean and look presentable again before dashing after them to stay behind her master. He looked around the mine, getting low, almost on his belly, to follow the mare without fuss. His eyes danced around the place, looking at the working ponies… Then waved a pay next to a few. “Ah, no wonder they are not reacting. They can’t see us can they? Or are we even truly here? I’d notice something… Large as myself, cloaked or not.” He hummed in thought before moving deeper with the pink mare. He was putting together where they must be, seeing as she did not feel like telling him. “Are we at… Or well, now in the Crystal Caverns?” He asked, lowering his muzzle down to watch the filly work for a moment. Then he flicked his ears when asked what mark he may give Jizara. That was… Not easy to answer, he felt. He did not think of it at all in fact until now. They wanted him to do that? By the bells, Jizara wanted him too didn't she. He glazed down at a paw and popped one claw staring at it a moment. He’d… Need to practice inking fur on a pony. He’d hate to make a mess of her fur. He looked over at Cadance. “Something… Related to the moon I think. A crescent… Yes, that will fit. A time of change, the end of one and the start of another. I think it's thematic for her to leave her old life and join mine.” He chuckled softly, almost sober thinking about that. “I can’t believe it sometimes. I don’t know what she can see in me. I can offer her so little, yet she looks at me…” He cuffed, shaking his head. “I feel so much shame speaking of this, yet you are the princesses of love. So you must enjoy hearing such. For my kind it's… We do not have love like you do. Mates come and go and a male is judged by the size of his land and the number of females kept. He hardly spends much time with them. They court, he wins them to his land. Mate… And then his duty is to keep the land safe from others. That’s it. I saw my father once, flying overhead. That was it. And mother hardly spoke about him. He was a far lord and had good land. That is all I know about him. Then he was killed and a new pride-king came. That was that. She liked the new one less and was going to leave when all departed… All of this is to say, this is all uncharted for me. Her, This kingdom, everything. I’m walking a new trail for my kind. And I’m so thankful she is here to help me. I don’t feel so alone with her by my side. And I hope I can repay that. I truly do. I hope to be whatever she views in me.” He spoke, rambling in a way about this. But he felt Cadance may be his best outlet for this. At least he hoped she’d keep all this just between rulers. They were soon to be neighbors after all, so maybe it was good to open up and let her see his more soft side.
  15. Niilaavin waved back and forth on unsteady legs, a moment looking dazed. That was the first time he’s ever been teleported and it took his mind a few moments to even register what happened as he looked around himself in soft daze and his stomach did a flip. Oh that was unpleasant. Not painful, just… unpleasantly disorienting. He shook his head a few times and made rather crude sounds as shook it off and looked around with more focused eyes. “Next time please offer me a warning, oh that was… Something.” He mutters, his mind clearing as his body settles down. He took in his surroundings swiftly and noted he was no longer in the city… And honestly he had no clue where he even was now. The sound of a pony losing her lunch pulled his gaze down to North Wind. The poor mare was retching. With respect he looked away and acted as if saw nothing and looked at Cadance. “Oh, that’s new.” He says leaning his head down to inspect the now very shiny pony. She looked… Well, not very real. Like some work of art, not a thing of flesh and blood. He then pawed her to see if she felt as hard as she looked now. As soon as he did it, he scolded himself mentally, but some things were very hard to repress. She was just so… Shiny! He wanted to bap her. “Ah, sorry. You are just… Hrm, you are shiny. It's hard to stop myself sometimes with such.“ He admitted with a passing smile before he waved a paw at the land around them. Thick woods, towering mountain peaks. He knew vaguely where they were by that alone. “Where are we?” He asked before remembering what was asked of him before the teleport. “And keep this between us, but it has no symbolism. Few do, we just make up something that looks cool. I came up with this in… Oh, a few moments with mud and a shiny pool of water with the help of Jizara." He paused for a moment, he regretted adding the last part. "But I say it means I am born to rise above others, such that the long line rises over the dots.” He added after a moment to move on. “But it just looks cool. But for us, it does matter without symbolism. Every single one of us has markings found just on us. In a way, that is the symbolism. Areself. We will mark land with it, clawing it onto things alongside scent.” He added, giving more context for it.
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