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[Age of Heroes] Lucky Charm [Ready]


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"Villain" name: Lucky Charm


Powers: The ability to bring himself good luck and others bad luck, often allowing for him to escape. For example, a previously unnoticed banana peel may appear on the floor, or the fastenings of a tapestry may come loose and fall, or a window may just happen to be open right when he needs it. Also short teleportation bursts that seem to come and go, but always at a lucky moment.

He can only give himself good luck 7 times, or give somepony else bad luck 13 times, before his powers reverse themselves on him. They'll only switch back if he give himself bad luck 7 times in a row or somepony else good luck 13 times in a row to balance out why he has done.


Alias: Silver Bead. He lives with his older sister, Beadabell, above their small craft store. He does his best to hide his "nightly shenanigans" from her, but she knows something is up. She just lets him continue it, trusting that whatever he is doing, he is staying out of trouble. And besides, he wouldn't want someone to drag her into his business and hurt her.


Backstory: Silver Bead and his sister were orphaned after a fire swept through their tiny town. He was barely out of diapers at the time, and doesn't remember anything before the flames. The pair were taken to an orphanage, where a kind unicorn cared for them. They were never adopted, but they didn't mind. The orphanage was fun and lively with a dozen other little ponies at any given time to play with, and the unicorn that looked out for them was a very kind individual. But he and Beadabell knew they couldn't stay forever, so they left once Silver had reached young stallionhood to make their own way in the world. He had found back in the orphanage that he could manipulate luck, but as he and his sister found it harder and harder to get work, he started learning to really fine-tune his ability. Carefully, subtly, he messed with things. While they were applying for a job, two of the ponies working there had "accidents" almost at the same time. Nothing life-ruining, just a couple of broken legs, but enough that they couldn't work for a while. When the siblings tried to find an apartment, one tenant happened to run out screaming about rats. Of course, none could be found, but he wasn't coming back and his lease had been paid. He told the siblings to "keep it" when they asked him. And on and on it went, with luck seeming to chase the siblings until Beadabell was finally able to open her own shop, like she had always wanted.

But what Silver didn't tell her was how he got the extra bits. He had taken up petty thievery to pay for these things. Luck was getting them in the door, but luck wasn't going to pay their bills. At night, he would go out and find somewhere new to scout out, always planning and thinking for weeks at a time until he was ready. Then he would take what he needed to fence off to pay for their latest debt  and go. But he came to found that he liked the rush, and started going for bigger and bigger targets. The slow build made things easier for him, and he got better and better with each run. Not to mention honing his luck ability. No longer a petty thief, but a notorious one, he stole just for kicks, then sent the money along to somepony who needed it. Not so much out of altruism, mind you. But simply because he didn't need it, nor did he need the suspicion to fall his way.


Notable Allies: None. He prefers to work alone anyway


Notable Personal Villains: Police Chief Amber Trap, who has been trying to track down and capture the thief for years, ever since he started to get bigger.


General Notability: Heroes tend to look at him as a nuisance, someone who taunts them and runs away just as he's about to be caught. Some of them don't even bother to respond anymore, considering it a waste of their time. Villains, on the other hand, consider him a joke. They don't consider him to be serious enough to be truly considered a villain, especially not when he gives to charity so often. At best, he's neutral, only serving his own interests, and there are some villains who wouldn't mind the chance to kill the smear on the villain title once and for all. As for civilians, those he helps are grateful to him and have offered him a place to rest, should he need it. And he is quite the mare's stallion, leaving a trail of charmed ponies in his wake with broken hearts or interesting stories to tell their friends. All in all, reactions to him are a huge mixed bag, and it varies from pony to pony.

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Sorry I took so long with this, Pecan! So far he looks like a fun characters x3 I would suggest you give his luck powers a bit of a drawback though. Perhaps  like there's a time when if he's on the job and using his luck powers too much he experiences a period of bad luck afterwards?

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